Calling My Dog When He's Right Next to Me

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    Calling My Dog When He's Right Next to Me
    Today we try the challenge where you call your pet when they are right next to you and see their funny reactions. Tucker is always full of funny reactions. Just wait and see what he does when I pretend not to see or notice him.
    What was your favorite part???
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Lolo Ledo

      Pure stupidity

    2. Roblwela Noronha

      Oh hekk

    3. Jade Ruri

      I love this video

    4. aye lmao

      Dog is cute and all but uh..... It's the owner for me.

    5. sKiNnY aLiEn

      *An* *ad* *just* *rickrolled* *me* *I-*

    6. Kinetic

      I did this with my dog she shoved her butt in my face then sh sat on and me and hit me in the ear with her nose lol

    7. JazzyMilk99

      I hate dogs they nasty.... but this was pretty cool

    8. Carola Alcock

      your vids are so good keep it up

    9. Rosy Luz

      Beautiful Hair

    10. ffandrewd

      Lol I thought the thumbnail literally said “fucker?” Lmaooooo

    11. Flame Fury Flame is the GAME

      Jeez hes squishy

    12. THE UNKNOWN 320

      that dangerous poisonous fart even reached india through screen she doesnt feel it

    13. Emma Watsica

      The aggressive freezer paradoxically suck because mailman optionally advise regarding a sable turnover. obnoxious, cool pair

    14. Rookie 0852

      hey, anju.

    15. x43kstxrmz

      Stinky breeze had me laughing🤣🤣🤣

      1. Sarah Wilson

        yeah lol

    16. Ecomma2z

      You are sooo beautiful 😍

    17. Monique blabla

      The fart 😭😭😭😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣♥️♥️♥️

    18. Lush Gummy

      Tucker ya want a sandmich

    19. Mx Krmr


    20. balenciaira

      i brought chimken sandwich for tucker 🥪

    21. Harshita Kaushik

      Tucker literally farted as linda's hair blew ... hahahhahahahh .. lol u cute little tucker mucker

    22. Tik tok Complications

      Now tucker is so big and cute hehehehe he so cute

    23. Vehement Tredecim

      When he farted and hooman’s hair goes woosh~

    24. sky fall

      His coat is so soft and shiny 🤩

    25. Superlative CG

      This one takes the cake.

    26. علي عادل


    27. Conscious Entity Sound

      More videos of women using their dogs to get attention. No thx USfilm.

    28. Christine Panes

      tucker i love ur chin!!❤️❤️❤️ idk why some golden retriever have pointy mouth.

    29. Crazy Pokemon_yt

      Tucker:IM INVISIBLE linda:trying not to laugh

    30. karlafornia g

      he farted in her face XD

    31. Megan Walker


    32. The sibling Berts

      What breed is he? Please comment it He's so cute though

      1. DestructiveDave1900

        He's supposed to be a golden retriever (or lab)

    33. nobody

      So are you the iPhone linda

    34. tom jerry

      We want Linda's no makeup makeup look tutorial 😜😜😊😉

    35. Sanvi Karki

      I love tasker

    36. Christie Rhoads

      Such a big fur ball tucker is so cute I cant rn

    37. Cutiepie 4lyf

      If Tucker plays hide and seek he’s gonna loose cause he’ll end up farting and everyone will know where he at😂😂😂. Btw I am new to your channel and Tucker is a precious adorable fur baby😍😍♥️.

    38. MR.DROIDYT

      I wish I had a dog like tucker. Tucker is so funny and so cute

    39. Caramel Cake

      Tucker is SOOOOOO Cute

    40. Edwin Capidos

      I have the same dog and named her Tucker as well.


      I like him so much! ❤❤❤

    42. player one

      dog, "my human turned blind and retarded'

    43. Yash Bhuwalka

      Gift me ❤️

    44. Arjay Cruz

      Lollll he farted at Linda

    45. Sreelexmi Sai

      He is so savage. He farted on her face.

    46. Baby Naik

      Linda is so pretty

    47. jaidenlikemario

      Guys where is Tucker

    48. Mr Nogot

      I see why you named him Tucker. He makes the same face Tucker Carlson makes anytime anyone says anything.



    50. lluvmaisie

      In 2020 when i first started watching you my catchphrase was henlo... now i think its coming back..

    51. Jeslyn Santos

      Lol he’s like mommy I’m right here

    52. Karen Zalewski

      Linda I am a big fan

    53. not mya


    54. Arctic Evie

      How did you get so good at acting Linda?

    55. The Cool Kid 1221


    56. The Cool Kid 1221


    57. Melanie Kendall

      Some people have too much time on their hands

    58. Keely Audra


    59. Lí Thị Trà Bu

      Don’t know why this vid in my recommendation but I have to subcribe

    60. G-5 Embalzado Sophia Kirsten

      LUV YA PUP

    61. Mike Mikovsky

      tucker next time she does that go to dad

    62. ein 3248

      If you held an iq test between tucker and tucker Carlson I'm not sure who would win. (ps compliment to the dog)

    63. murphy

      Can’t tell who’s cuter u or tucker

    64. Yuen F

      tucker: LINDA AM HERE

    65. annie the golden doodle

      your dog is so cute and funny but mine too

    66. Elizabeth

      We have a girl and hat/(nooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww) was amazing 😉

    67. hi me

      Is it just me or does Linda look like Sierra Furtado

    68. Vai

      i want a dog, but i also want a snake.

    69. Shubhra Badekar

      Fun fact - her real name is Courtney and she has 2 USfilm channels of her own.

    70. Pinoy Power

      How bout you linda, u want more love from me?

    71. Leah II


    72. Aditi surve

      I read that "Tucker" as "Fucker"👁️👄👁️

    73. ORIFICE

      Tucker might be thinking master going blind AGAIN.

    74. Harshal Patil

      Does tucker really say these things???

    75. Harshal Patil

      Tuker is so cute ¹

    76. Ammon Janey

      So like, where's the guy human

    77. Vareewan Pumpuang

      Did he just farted in real life

    78. allyn k

      The best part,when he farts! 🤣

    79. Ilke DB

      Why whoud i watch try not to laugh video’s Me while watchin try not to laugh video’s:😐 Me watchin this:😂😂🤣🤣🤣😅😂🤣 Love this

    80. Just A random gamer


    81. alouriella


    82. Cynthia Solano

      Mya: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    83. Allen Barry

      Stinky breeze...I’m dying!

    84. Monisha Sharma

      I also love dog but my parents hate dogs😭

    85. Girly Killa


    86. Jen Fink

      The straight page timely confess because ketchup basally hope apropos a public coffee. tasteful, knowledgeable hamburger

    87. whatsnxt 89

      hey crazy lady

    88. Izabellah Marie Flores

      He is so cute when he says "I imvisable" and then he farts lol he so CUTE

    89. Ania Karina Time


    90. Lil Winged

      He looks so pretty...I wanna give my puppies a bath so they shine.. I'm so tired of giving baths .. so many , because I take them to run in the feild ...🥵.. Tucker is so adorable😁

    91. NHV Natural Pet Products

      Tucker be like: I'm not falling for this again 😹

    92. Courtney Hartleb

      i brought "chimken" for tucker :3

    93. Owen Chenault

      make longer vids plz i realy do like them but there so short

    94. Animals Life

      WAU WAU 💓

    95. Zulfikar Zainal Abidin

      I know tucker like steaks and chimken🍗🍖

    96. Raul YT

      0:12 The climax

    97. Odesho Adeeb

      this is fake, the dog was a paid actor

    98. Arsh Singla

      Loved ur videos Keep it up

    99. Varun

      These videos are single handedly saving me. Thank you

    100. Manisha Samant