Rich The Kid & YoungBoy Never Broke Again ft. Rod Wave - Sorry Momma (Visualizer)

Rich The Kid

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    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Chicago Sports. Guy

      Million dis

    2. yasio bolo


    3. F1_Mythic

      been here when it was called “my brother”

    4. Como Ave

      Bro this is yb album ain't t no way this rich the kid album

    5. OmarionTv

      If yb or Rod posted it I would of been past 1mill

      1. yasio bolo

        I swear that scar on nba's forehead resemble the LV OR IVERSON SYMBOL.

    6. Badbro Melo

      Been waiting for this collab 🔥🔥💯🇹🇹

    7. Kikigocrazy

      I’ve been waiting on Yb and Rod to drop a song together 🤝💕😭

    8. MyWorldStarAccount


    9. Demetrius Waters

      Bout time yb and Rod wave made a song

    10. Jean Paul

      No one can beat the swag of Rich The Kid, He is not like other trappers who are going viral by using *A U T H E N T I C V I E W S COM* to get the views up. Thumbs up who agrees

    11. Jaleel Stewart

      Why rich the kid here

    12. D.R. R

      Damn I missed that old YB flow. You can tell this was recorded probably 2019

      1. Iggy15

        Was thinking late 2018 early 2019. This that valuable pain, not wrong now, era.

    13. Tyrell Preston


    14. splash god Nino

      Yb and rod wave should have just had this song💯💯

    15. C.I.A Squad

      I pray who ever reads this becomes successful

    16. Keke Nicole

      4kt ✅💚

    17. Mlk Savage

      Sound like a Nocap Instrumental

    18. DatBoy Chris

      Yb ft Rodwave ? Never clicked so fast 🔥😭

    19. bcvbb hyui


    20. Kendrick Burch

      I swear that scar on nba's forehead resemble the LV OR IVERSON SYMBOL.

    21. Michael Campbell

      This music video looks like a memorial

      1. Michael Campbell

        @bcvbb hyui at least. His stuff gets views.

      2. bcvbb hyui

        if yb uploaded this it would’ve been at a mill😭

    22. Will Epling

      Thank God for music 🙏🙏

    23. Shaquees


    24. Shaquees


    25. Shaquees


    26. Shaquees


    27. D Rodriguez

      I need a full album of yb rod wave and Da baby👀

    28. Trimeca Reese

      Rod & Yb need an album together

    29. PranshuPathakVlogs

      get a music video on dis rn

    30. datboi.devin

      rich the kid suck

    31. Dawn Wright

      I understand it’s rich the kid song but can somebody update this song without him 🙂

    32. Naomii Renee

      Love it 🤍.

    33. Yourboy Shaydii


    34. Air Stef


    35. Ism Skinner

      I been waiting for dat Yb Nd Rod Wave

    36. Zunifox14

      if yb uploaded this it would’ve been at a mill😭

    37. dcoog anml

      Yb on this whole album

    38. ChaseTheBagD4

      Whene the music video

    39. ChaseTheBagD4

      Can’t believe yb and rod wave made a song together

    40. christopher wilcher

      It's mighty 🌟

    41. YRT TRUKID

      Rich the kid fucced up his own song by being a part of this

    42. Pumkin Bell

      Who else felt that when rod wave said yeah

    43. chelsea Grupee

      I am gonna go cry now 2 of my favorite rappers on one track

    44. atmjayar

      Rich ruined the song

    45. Cashkardi 00

    46. Felicia McCoy

      My friend poppa killed his poppa for a could grams

    47. Felicia McCoy

      My bradda i wish u could see everything i accomplished

    48. abdalle ahmed

      Great trio

    49. Wigeusz


    50. maleek batten

      RTK falling , it’s depressing

    51. Adrian Bardwell

      rod wave yb a rich should had just did the whole album

    52. Jace Garrett

      Rod Wave When I Die ft. Nba Youngboy

    53. Adrian Bardwell

      all i gotta say is i kept this on replay no cap

    54. Michael Goad

      Rich the kid so ass 🤣🤣🤣 why is he even on this song

    55. CD

      rod wave and yb should collab more

    56. Kalid Mahamed

      Real fans know this was leaked as “my brother” long time ago 💯

    57. C4Entertainments

      NBA YoungBoy - Fireman Ft Chief Keef.. NOW ON SOUNDCLOUD‼️‼️

    58. C4Entertainments

      NBA YoungBoy - PLAN... NOW ON SOUNDCLOUD ‼️‼️

    59. Joshua Ham

      real ones been knew this song

    60. floyd lol

      only real yb fans here before 1mill

    61. KellDaGreat

      They need to just cut rich the kid part out Nd this would be #1 on Apple Music

    62. AgentkillzDaGreat

      Rod wave bodied this track

    63. ACG Santana

      Shit hit different when u feel & been thru what they sayin 💔😢

    64. gassed X

      This song makes me wanna text my momma sorry 🥺🕊

    65. 1twinn

      Claim Your "Here Before A Million Views" Ticket Here

    66. seeni gzty

      Rod wave doing his thing

    67. Kaiis Te’liani


    68. Deandre Bates


    69. Dalton Fulgham

      I was waiting for it to happen i was always waiting since the music video he made its called uncharted love

      1. seeni gzty


    70. 1yungdemonchild 🎲🔥

    71. Ex Tee

      Why rod sound like he recording through a walmart mic??

      1. Ex Tee

        @djdkdfkdkxj Yeah I feel you - but dat still dont clear out da fact that rod got millions and he coulda used a better mic

      2. djdkdfkdkxj

        I think is was a last min decision to put him on the track Rich Yb already provided their versus most likely in the same studio and rod had to send it

    72. Unknown User

      This was yb song called my brother

    73. Unknown User


    74. Mike Dubb

      Real fans know all the song except rod wave part

    75. ACEE DaBoss

      Sometimes i wish I could come home so you can save a nigga 🎯

    76. GGT Gang

      Rich get off the track and let rod wave and young boy be great

    77. Joacoaven

      honestly exepected a bit more singing from rod wa ve but im fine w those barss

    78. Thereal JB


    79. Karl Gordon

      This dope 🔥🔥💯👌💯

    80. Jaydah Hayden

      Stop hatin on rich tf, y’all weird. He still doin his thang and he held his own on dis album

    81. Rowland Jointz

      Lmao nobody cares about rich the kid verse😂🤷‍♂️

    82. jujusolit jujusolit

      In god dis shi hit like if true

    83. Riich Meexhh

      Lowkey Underrated🐐

    84. ZAY MUGGA


    85. Yana 23


    86. Jeffreythathug

      My brudddaa rich the kids 😂

    87. Benjamin Crosby

      Whhhaaat? Im here for yb and wave! Been waiting on this !

    88. Kevin Gray


    89. Oklahoma Brickhouse405

      Rich definitely a goat

    90. ttv.sickox


    91. Oftidi tidi

      This hard as

    92. Erica Grace

      2:30 ~ rod wave 🌊

    93. Manu Lopez

      Yo this one hit different

    94. Samaya Jones


    95. Lor Chucky

      Dis nigga rich fukked up da whole song

    96. die aller echte Banane


    97. 313Young Boo

      I Wish I was this big as them but know one notice my music 🎶

    98. Jusiah Mason

      Rich the kid gotta banger here

    99. vlonesteppaa

      anotha banger

    100. Ninnna 8

      I hate when ppl say Yb a mumble rapper🤦🏽‍♀️he raps clearly💯