Protecting a random duo in Warzone

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    Sallyisadog tells the story of saving a random AFK duo in Call of Duty Warzone. Originally from TikTok with over 2.5 million views. #Shorts

    Published on 28 days ago


    1. Sally Is a Dog

      stream every weekday on Twitch ( beeteedubs.

      1. D reynoso

        @Caleb Pahlke i never got one on solos

      2. Alj Elmanaseer

        Lol that’s me I’ll acsept your friend request

      3. Mr. Minero

        Hehe. That’s all it takes to get a friend request from you!?

      4. kane

        @D reynoso ahh

      5. D reynoso

        @kane i was talking about @sallyisadog but you guys too

    2. Quion

      Jesus Christ Loves

    3. Kieran Baker


    4. Kuro no tensai

      “Le sigh”

    5. Lil YouTubee

      *Wishing that was me*

    6. Codie Fitzsimmons-marsters


    7. Thomas Marchese

      He definitely went afk. Never saw your name and then sees the friend request as some random person and is oblivious

    8. kimthedope

      What's your username I wana play warzone with you

    9. Aly Bhamani

      I never got a real player either an afk player or someone with no mic

    10. im chillen bro

      That's why people afk drop

    11. GaBoiGregG

      LongLong is afk in life 🤣

    12. GaBoiGregG

      I actually try in games and LongLong gets a friend inv 🤣

    13. More GHOST VOID

      I think he left due to being Idle too long

    14. Callum Alvey

      Were you and Stodeh separated at birth?

    15. Christian Glasenapp

      Hey I'm long log Your super toxic I'd hate to play with you

    16. Roblox Noob

      Long long sounds like a name my asian parents would give to my cousin

    17. YT Blueshadow2003

      I will play

    18. Jessica Vermillion

      Is sally your dog

    19. codysml

      I'm longlog

    20. TTGY0shi21 Ty

      Long long wifi rn : 😈😈

    21. Psychosocial 611

      RIP Longlogg

    22. Joseph Caraveo

      idk why people get into matches just to be afk the whole game i think it's stupid honestly

    23. shush man

      Hey its me longlog can you add me again please??

    24. LongDongD423

      So close to being me... but not

    25. Nerk Durgen

      LITERALLY carried him

    26. booburner

      Dude was probably taking a dump during that game

    27. bodoti qwiu

      All it takes is to be AFK? Damn, time to hop in a game and go make me a Nutella sandwich

    28. Brandon Wilson

      WTF IS HE DOING!?!? accept the mans request lmao

    29. FroZzTBiTz

      I remember when I play a game with you and I didn’t know who he was and I looked you up blew my mind and ever since I’ve been following your page incredible you change my experience

    30. Kade Coleman

      I’m comment number #420 let’s go babyyyyyy

    31. Jace Creates

      A true bro

    32. Dunkbros 3327

      That’s my brother

    33. Gatsby The Dog

      Hi it’s actually long long I’m new to the game and I don’t know how to accept friend request

    34. Jiraiya Sensei

      Long long in my language = stupid just saying

    35. Heated Reaper Games

      LongLog is pretty much "Long Time No Login"

    36. Hiro Code 016

      Hey uh it’s me from cod long log but uh it didn’t let me accept your freind request 😢

    37. Liam Richardson

      He still probably is crying after how much you gave him a friend request

      1. bodoti qwiu

        Hey sally keep up the great content ❤️

    38. Cooper Hanson

      I tried to accept it but I can't

    39. fouoii gyhh

      All it takes is to be AFK? Damn, time to hop in a game and go make me a Nutella sandwich

    40. Justin Marmorato

      I am longlog I accepted ur friend request

    41. Ace Wonder

      Longlog is a god he just simply chooses to be afk because his power level is to high

    42. Alexander Stoynev

      The plannnn is simple

    43. Stealth _Bod

      Bro this is longlog and i accepted it :)

    44. Joanna

      Its really not cute! What happen to the people who actually Whats that game/match/fren request from you

    45. Alfonso Mendez

      A minute of silence please 🥺😞😔

    46. Amit Rathod

      Why long long.. why not me I I atleast help to loot the hpuse

    47. Plaqs YT

      No way that was me I had to go to the store and I dint have a mic

    48. Lazlo Gets

      LongLogg doesnt give a fuck

    49. GodlyOtakuSoul

      That backflip though

    50. Ben Payne

      Has he accepted it yet ??

    51. rester97

      Long long was gone gone that was so wrong wrong

    52. Daily Done

      I know for a fact a lot of us are jealous

    53. Plutango

      Okay I'll expect it 😊

    54. Matthew Koehn

      Wait, so he never came back and you let him die?

    55. Hadi Hamawi

      Once I got into a rebirth Duo match, my teammate was AFK all game (didn't get kicked cz he was redeploying), I still cant believe I won that game Solo Duo against the sweaties ppl ever

    56. misuyy fong

      All it takes is to be AFK? Damn, time to hop in a game and go make me a Nutella sandwich

    57. Adam Marron

      He left tha lobby or runaway ? Bc u there’s a map

    58. shani yan

      Yester day I was playing war zone proceeds to say that it’s been two days since the incident

    59. Casey Clemens

      When ur username is dope

    60. Taisakuu

      i heard this same story happen so many times now that its just boring

    61. Yodel Guy

      Literally nothing happened shutup

    62. Regdu Geht

      So beautiful 😢

    63. Mr. Sparrow

      This is kinda creepy.

    64. Tashriba

      All it takes is to be AFK? Damn, time to hop in a game and go make me a Nutella sandwich

    65. alexis bautista

      Wow mans sat through the game whilst i get kicked out for being inactive for just 30 seconds. Whats the secret? 🤔

    66. Isaiah Wood

      Only ogs know this is a repost

    67. Grodey -_-

      I love how he friends a random afk that didn’t even talk but if I join and actually talk he ain’t never friending me ? Like wtf how does that make sense but it’s lot just him it’s like every USfilm like this

    68. reRimuru

      Did the dude just die IRL

    69. Dennis

      He probably uninstalled when he realized what game he had just downloaded :D

    70. zuygj bnsv

      Must be nice to go afk and get matched with chill streamers for once

    71. Th3 Nutty

      K I’m jump on

    72. vertix

      Pov: you looking for long log comment

    73. Spider

      I think he died

    74. Eclipse

      I thought it was longlong

    75. Charles W

      I know Longlog in real life and he died while waiting for a game of Warzone

      1. Atolyc


    76. Rain Micro

      “We were such a duo” Bruh ... that’s literally the equivalent of a tier 3 sub thinking they have a chance with Pokimane

      1. Confused Caveman


    77. RayVen Streams

      Lets play i promise to be better than long long

    78. itsyemmi

      what if he died during the gameplay and nobody is living with him omg

      1. ccd ccd

        What? You're like 12 aren't you. At least you think like one

    79. BAD News

      Play with long long plz 🙂

    80. vliduu zeeb

      Yester day I was playing war zone proceeds to say that it’s been two days since the incident

    81. Kenny Tran

      Dude said long long ☠️

    82. first name

      I could care less about this game now sadly. Everyrime I stop to check the map for a bit and figure out where thw circle is going I gwt clicked for inactivity... several different times.. this shitty game somehow got even more shitty. Longlong isn't missing much.

    83. nonya business

      Leave the man alone he was tryna reverse boost by being afk 🤦

    84. Rat

      Little do you know LongLog was afk because he dropped dead while playing warzone

    85. Leo Tav

      the man wants longlong

    86. bruh bruh

      Or it could be a bot

    87. zherean

      how mom brings me in the grocery store

    88. Johnathan Borrego

      I have one that’s 6’5 with 80 dri dunk 80 3p 80 ball handle and yes 1 defensive badge 😂

    89. SoaL Vizz

      He was just afk farming for exp my guy

    90. ICDedPepl / Gabby

      He died in the loading screen

    91. Evan Knight


    92. Lupinz

      You would make a good rocket league player

    93. Sage illusions

      Don’t queue for games if you’re not gonna play people 😐

    94. Ernesto Lopez

      Bro this guy looks like this emoji🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸🥸

    95. the box

      My friend's name is loglog I'm not capping it actually is


      This is gay

    97. TH3 FR1DG3

      Come on longlog!!!!

    98. Giorno Giovanna

      Girls: men will be men Men:

    99. laskin riubn

      So beautiful 😢