I Survived 500 Days Of Hardcore Minecraft, In an Ocean Only World.

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    This 100 days of hardcore minecraft was a ton of fun to film, other than the power outage.... But we got a lot done, and still have a lot of things to do. So drop a like on this video if you want a 600 day video!
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    Credit to @Luke TheNotable for the original 100 day idea
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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Nikoloz Mgaloblishvili

      dose this guy likes circles

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    4. Matthew Edelman

      Paul you should make a kelp farm it gives you sooo much xp

    5. matthew benedict

      New subscriber!

    6. luke jensen

      Yess 600 days

    7. ThePixelGamingX_YT

      its funny his world got corrupted

    8. nishixa _

      If you wanna make the cobble farm even more automatic then you should put buttons on a line of blocks on the same level on where the cobble generates and but hoppers underneath the buttons and once the cobble touches the buttons it should break just like the enderdragon egg (if this doesn’t work I am not responsible for you insurance xD)

    9. Pedro Madeira

      600 days... we're waiting

    10. BSLG2802

      Wait you should try make an enderman farm in the over world because from what I know I think some endermen spawn with grass blocks

    11. Omid Jahanbakhsh


    12. Aaron Del Bosque

      Make a part 6 or 7

    13. Petar Pavlovic

      cand you bild a roller coaster

    14. Iulian Zureanu

      You need to temeate lama for dosen't desepon

    15. Doller

      Just get a Silk touch shovel and Go to a Island that haver grass

    16. L megahed

      If you put a dirt under another dirt it will be grass

    17. Tbug

      Can’t you use milk to remove effects? That would be good to remove mining fatigue if you can find a cow

    18. SimSim SimSim

      I think you must remember the cordenets of your home so that next time if you get lose you can get back!

    19. Shaq U

      600 days

      1. Shaq U


    20. you suck

      8:15 that's like 2 slices dont get greedy🙄✋

    21. Kian the Trainspotter

      1:00 get a grass block

    22. Nerd 404


    23. Hi my name is Ray

      He has efficiency 4

    24. Lately

      Does anybody know the song from the b-roll footage?

    25. Emwik

      I was feeling really down today, but this video cheered me up really fast

    26. Marcos Alexandre

      The fish name could be butter joga, please

    27. Marcos Alexandre

      I'm 27.4% 😁😁

    28. Jin Lu

      Ur hilarious

    29. ทีฆทักข์ สิทธิสม

      u should find spruce sappring and plant it 2x2 to get alot porsol

    30. Danielle Alsept

      Red red red red red

    31. Thor The god

      You should name it Leslie!!!!

    32. EightatHeart

      Ayeee minecraft playing Alex Ernst is back!

    33. Bennett Ward

      paulgg: makes an edit lokking like its breacking me:WHATS HAPPING TO MY PC PAUL? HUH?

    34. Thomas Clouting

      You can't force people to subscribe people have to like your videos and then its there chose to subscribe

    35. Umair Greenwood

      Bro sub to this 2 mil people washed this and did not sub

    36. Pandy Bambus

      Yes pls day 600

    37. Julian Jimenez

      Green piz I like👍👍

    38. bagietek 1

    39. Michal Deér

      600 days wil be brutal cool

    40. The market Puma puente alto

      me countingthe times he messed up his vocabulary 😂

    41. Evan Barker


    42. yaseen araki

      مكنه حرررم🌚❤

    43. Hayden Askren

      I can’t believe I fell down this rabbit hole by accidentally clicking on 100 days😂🤣

    44. F9

      I love 100 hard cord survive

    45. Ilyas De

      Paul to turn your dirt into podzol you need to plant a 2 by 2 spruce sapling and then let it grow and you can mine the spruce wood and place down whichever sapling you want

    46. Thegamingwater 101

      Paul hits villager says ohhh he’ll walk it off LOL AND MAKE WINDOWS

    47. Josie Tanedo

      Finally ive been waiting

    48. fortnite user name is woglem

      Dude can u make a bamboo forest to try spawn panda's

    49. Xin Long

      Bro u forgot to enchant ur sheild

    50. gingerboss shorts

      Epic vid

    51. Real Wealzle


    52. Arkhamj81

      Wait why was that pizza floating?

    53. Gachacookie

      Should’ve named the llama Joshua so ever time u walked by it u could say ✨HeY jOsHuA~✨

    54. AtlxsJaded

      Hey I’m a new USfilmr and i love ur content bro

    55. Joe Kechichian

      Shoot im late dammmm it

    56. Therique McPherson

      Make 600 days

    57. Andrew Fisher

      If you want more podzol, take 4 spruce saplings and then bone meal it until it grows. Then you will get a huge tree surrounded by podzol.

    58. Langino

      600 days

    59. Jordan Santiago

      600 days

    60. Collin Keith

      DO 600 DAYSSS

    61. MaxandIan2020

      You have to tame the lama to make not despawn

    62. Caleb Davis

      Yes y s yes 600 600 600 600 600 plssssssssßssssssssßsssssssssssssssss

    63. EmbraerForLife

      i just do a thingy that reminds me i was a subscriber way before 1m subs bye

    64. Aiden Akery

      Isn’t this just subnactica

    65. Bue Bunny

      Pls pls make a 600

    66. Manchild0_0

      Welcome to spending 8 Quintillion days in hardcore hardcore. Today we will continue building our 15000 x 4 x 23000 island.

    67. Ori Lisaey

      Pls do 600 days minecraft hardcore in an only ocean world

    68. Gustavo gustavo


    69. David

      i love Ocean World series

    70. minkrafte 2012

      grin is mi fefrit kolere

    71. minkrafte 2012



      Who’s watching this while playing minecraft??????

    73. festus ewere

      Good one

    74. Karis The Unicorn

      600 DAYS

    75. GD God

      It’s mining fatigue not minors fatigue

    76. pro2winners

      Pls do 600 days

    77. Crafter Mukunth


    78. Andrew West

      I'd love a 600 day

    79. Lucy Brown

      600 days pleeeaaase!!?

    80. Aditya Hiremath

      600 days EXCITED

    81. 16kTxrsh

      day 600 with cookie?

    82. Mark Fry

      I really love this series and I would like it if you would make more :)

    83. Helen Grace Lozano

      Bring Chickpea TO Ur home plzz I miss him

    84. benji dumaswiebe

      Or cookie

    85. benji dumaswiebe

      Hey Paul do u think ur gonna hit 1 mil first

    86. Luis

      Eu não entendi nada que ele disse o vídeo inteiro, mas eu gostei muito dos vídeos dessa série!

    87. Ninx Gamez

      We need clapping cheeks

    88. ClashKing L

      Who else thought there device screwed up at 1:58 or was that just me 😂😅🤣

    89. Kleoh Tomocon

      Why do you call the mining fatigue miner's fatigue

    90. bsharpmajorscale

      You know, one great way to grow a channel is with a collab! I hear WadZee is big into Hardcore challenges!

    91. Teddy the Bear


    92. ZeekerOfWebs

      RENAME THE LAMA KARL p.s. i dont know how to spell lama

    93. Timothy _Gamer28

      Hey Paul, Did you know if you smelt all those golden Sword into a Blast Furnace that attached to a hooper, You can get some Golden Nugget in return though it seems like a bad offer, It still helps with the storage problem

    94. ZeekerOfWebs

      i never seen the other hundred days but i know he uses ships for wood because that is the only would source in the ocean but he may be able to find oak saplings in the chests

    95. Nate Wong

      Make a tree farm it would make so many emeralds.

    96. Elgin Giron

      Do 10000000000

    97. Yasin Khan

      Make a part 6

    98. Diego


    99. Deiyana Mak

      Me just enjoying the end Paul: ANYWAYS HOPE U GUYS ENJOYED