Horse Girl Award | Ep. 20 | Minecraft X Life SMP


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    X Life is a 1.14.4 modded survival multiplayer server (SMP) with youtuber friends. Every player starts with 10 lives but only 1 heart. Every time you lose a life, you gain a heart on your health bar.
    Today I'm building a giant crazy horse race course for my friends to participate in a multiplayer horse race!
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    1. StrawBeary

      People making Wacky Races references during this is amazing.

    2. bonnie sebastian

      Hi I love you

    3. Kieran Dullaghan

      She is my favorite USfilmr

    4. Evan Gallagher

      Lizzie makes horse bubble elevator Me flashbacks to death of bonè

    5. Feranca Sabella

      A tree grew = 1:19

    6. Alie Gizmo


    7. Pari tochhawng

      Wow plss do it again 🥰🥰🥰👍👍🙂

    8. Maria Clara Coutinho Souza

      Liziie voce fala enpostugens

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    10. Lucci Brasco

      Leave a like pls

    11. Tomsk's The Cat's Twitch Clips

      Ik I am watching this late but I so far I have very enjoyed watching this series!

    12. Lisbeth del Rosario

      Your horse dose sink but when it gets deep then I SUDENLY dismount it

    13. Pankaj Tyagi

      Great commentary, Lizzie 👏👏👏👏

    14. broodie tan


    15. Rose Perry

      Who ever who or looked suspicious cheated

    16. Paul Moon sun

      Moon sun moon moon

    17. Neesha Santoo


    18. Neko UwU

      Did anyone else see oli say ‘uwu’ XDDDD

    19. Mianke Strydom


    20. Hailey Find


    21. Kate Wilson

      As an actual horseback rider, I rlly like it! I like how you made it look cute but use actual horse racing courses like the rainbow jumps!

    22. hayden


    23. •Chaotic Kermit•

      Scott gets to be the dragon king in cute craft so Lizzie gets to be the challenge queen

    24. Terence ZHAO

      omg i love how lizzy just suddenly changed her voice when she said " the mines...... " it made it sound so dramatic and made me laugh 😂

    25. Mustang Playz

      You should give them a break to switch horses before they start the jumps

    26. Cake The L

      Which means... I got bingo!

    27. Gamer Corge

      I love your video’s

    28. xibentoboxed.lexila uwo

      Nobody: Ollie: uwu ( 11:12)

    29. xibentoboxed.lexila uwo

      Thank god you didn’t come up in an alpine biome *Intense kingdom craft flashbakcs**

    30. stacki

      Lizzie: Im gonna make a water elevator for the horses!! Me: *flashbacks to kingdomcraft*

    31. Ronnie Snowflake

      Forse ur freinds to race 😂

    32. Athena Bea

      Gud job cpk

    33. Christina Jackson

      Lol 😂 This video is so funny

    34. jenruby mandunini

      "now we're going to make it cute, to hide the deadliness" -lizzie 2021

    35. Eve! Plays!

      What texture pack is this

    36. Turty the Amazing


    37. Alpha Stout

      When Lizzie was building this and I was part of the horse thing I would’ve just watched her video so I could cheat... AND WIN

    38. Reese Llabres

      Lizzie : Somebody cheats Chat: JOEYGRACCEFFA has left the game

    39. rea sanka

      Can I compete with the horse race PLSS I LOVE HORSES AN YOUR VIDEO S

    40. Lena B

      Jimmy has the slowish horse

    41. Sam Buckley

      *CaN yOu HiT sOmEoNeS hOrSeY?* Demon Scott.

    42. tianamavriqi.

      Does anyone know what the mod is called for the pastel trees?

    43. Christian Aquino

      I love this series ( kid just using my dad’s account)

    44. MichaYamuna

      Me happy then he Kills the horse then becomes sad straight away 🖤💔💔😿🙀🥺😢😭 Horses are magnificent even if they are slow

    45. Ruvarashe Liliana Maguma

      play adopt me on roblox freind request me lillyanaxo24

    46. Ruvarashe Liliana Maguma

      Please please make a huge house build

    47. Daddylilmonster 7287

      What mode is this

    48. Xx Scarlett xX

      I wish I could have won horse girl of the year -v- :3

    49. ꧁Mikan tsumiki꧂

      I love you! Been here since shadowcraft 1

    50. Melody Henry

      Me: looks at her level Also me: my highest level was 22🙄

    51. iLoveFries ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

      12:28 I love the amount of people that jumped to rescue Joel 😂

    52. Owen Foy

      Omg lol oli said uwu

    53. Nick Chester

      I love horses soon much and your such a good USfilmr and I wish I was you BFF and could play with you

    54. Shayna Kool

      what is your texture pack called?

    55. Black The fox

      :D i don’t know what to comment

    56. J

      That bubble elevator gave me kingdom craft flashbacks.

    57. Heidi and Mae

      Love horses 🐎💕

    58. HARIFI

      Whats you texture pack?

    59. Edna Devera Honrade

      DID YOU KNOW ld shadow lady is the definition of cute?


      why is cpeak waering a dress that soo funny

    61. Michelle Adamo

      oh crap. i just binged all 20 episodes like a sitcom... now what???

    62. romapie jr

      It is now 11:53 pm, and I believe I can finish watching this series tonight.

    63. Ranenlindsay Lirio

      I want to join the race to my horace's name you're done you're gone

    64. Daisy Ede

      The bit where you said Ollie has the horse with the legs really got me 🤣🤣😂😂😂🥲🥲🥲

    65. Alicia Martinez

      i know that you are probably not going to see this but i used to watch a lot of your videos when i was younger and recently i’ve been feeling really down and saw one of your videos pop up and so i started watching your videos again and doing that has really been making me smile and laugh so i just want to say thank you

    66. Evelyn Simpson

      Scot=Animal abuse:(

    67. Melissa Arteaga

      Lizzie:makes a bubble elevator to get back to the surface Me: has a flashback of what happened to Mr. Boneigh during KingdomCraft (rip Mr.Boneigh)

    68. Kim Fisher

      Plz shout out my comment,

    69. Kim Fisher

      What mod is that called?!?!

    70. Kim Fisher

      Why do you sound British???

    71. Brona McKnight

      hi there

    72. ahHH potato

      why does it seem like lizzie has been the serial killer of xlife-

    73. Hope Bingham

      LDSHADOWLADY: you should play a big game on the server a big game of hide and seek

    74. Viraj Singh

      I am your biggest fan

    75. Alexis Chipman

      I was just watching the conversation in the chat the entire time😂 Also Rest In Peace test run horse✌️

    76. terri price

      jimmy really taking slow and steady wins the race to literally XD

    77. Laney Tokarczyk

      I put capshions on and- and- it said "Hey guys whats up ld charlotte here". Like what-?

    78. Dwpe

      4:30 uhh

    79. [Ice_ Cream Gurl]

      OrionSound: imagine not coming top 3 :s Me: Ikr 😜✌️✨

    80. Julianna V

      not me wondering what would happen if you put the lasso joel was in with him init

    81. Hannah Samaco

      Lizzie is so good at making challenge

    82. mcyt

      I’m almost finished with x life and I love it so I’m kinda sad

    83. Cammy Mallari

      4:08 Fall Guys Vibes

    84. Remy Kaprielian

      I love her energy and how she always tries to get everyone together with a challenge!

    85. Winterwolf2012 !

      Lizzie: it looks so cute also lizze: cute squeel

    86. Kallee Baxter

      I just wanna say if I made a horse racing thing I would just put 5 horse jumping things.and then I’m done.But she is so extra she’s just like well let’s do ice and rainbow and underground and some pits. Me just like :o ummm how .and she makes it all pretty me Il’l put 2 oak trees and maybe horses on a leash.

    87. IDK Y/N

      When Lizzy test out if their horse is safe to go up the bubble elevator Me: I remember the last time she did that and it did not work out well * Cough * kingdom series * cough *

    88. Silverfish_ Productions

      i want to go to sleep.😭

    89. Elizabeth afton

      4:48 aww she sound like a cat

    90. Salina Yusof

      I saw fwip cheat he was in the hole in the start then put his buffalo up the ride it so did get the bingo😊😉

    91. Kat

      Is this a coincidence or what I like horses and this was posted on my birthday how did this happen?

    92. pc wewe


    93. DC RG // Green Sheep

      Everyone's doing SMPs

    94. Kyle Andrew Baguio

      What about adding falling debris like sand or gravel

    95. noel finch

      Please keep making this sires 😭😭😭 I LOVE IT

    96. Mint Daisy

      Life history: 🧡🧡🧡🧡 Ended by: Something 💗💗💗💗💗 Ended by: Something Jack = Something

    97. I am gay

      i love ur videos!!!!

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      You should catch some exotic animals to tame

    99. Psychic Mage God

      I think the “somebody cheats” one was referring to Joey, but I’m no scientist or anything....

    100. SolidSnakeSister 16

      I saw the water elevator with the horse and I had deja vu (is that how you spell it)and flashbacks