We Played AMONG US In REAL LIFE Challenge!


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    Published on Month ago


    1. Nevaeh Alvarez

      It orange

    2. Nevaeh Alvarez

      Lol I it's green

    3. Jeffery Winkelmann

      hi im a fan

    4. Mia Marie Kosel

      The impostors are white and yellow

    5. Ammu A

      Unspeakeable;ammu a won 10000000000$

    6. Chloe Davis

      sus sus sus sus

    7. kyleigh bear

      Is Gabe and James brother

    8. Rebecca Thomas

      I'm actually pretty

    9. Rebecca Thomas

      IHeart unspeakable

    10. Codi Slama


    11. Joel Sallee

      Thank you for all the days you hsve made bright

    12. Isha Miah

      How to get chores done:

    13. Finnley Van

      Green orange

    14. Krista Pelley

      Nathan: amongg us Me: IT'S AMONG US😡😡😡

    15. maydelis nunez

      Z White is the imposter

    16. Liam Rosso

      I did the like to get you 351k likes

    17. K P

      I'm not gonna sub because I wana be imposter

    18. Logan Gibson

      HALL. YA

    19. Vijay Singh

      Mood and shark are a saveg

    20. Vijay Singh

      Green and Oren is a good term 😀

    21. waad almarzooqi

      White is he imposter

    22. Shuraim Ali

      R the app is

    23. The Horgans

      i have subscibed

    24. angelsgjjs

      Moose Inposter and shark Inposter

    25. angelsgjjs


    26. Afaq Wahla

      Omg wow ......😱😱

    27. Hassan Ali

      I subscribed and like and turned on bell

    28. shamini selva

      I like being the imposter 👌

    29. Rebecca Folkard


    30. Jaylyn Macalintal

      I always wanted to be imposter I'm like crewmate 16898543 times

    31. Naheema Rijas

      Red is the imposter

    32. karen Tondro

      10:58 i couldn’t stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That air horn 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    33. Tori Sharpe

      I LOVE YOU

    34. JAF Official Channel

      Like or I will vote you out

    35. Phyllis Weissig

      I'm not a imposter ok I'm just a kid ok I'm your biggest biggest biggest fan in the world 😀😃

    36. Ethan Coronel

      play among us 3d

    37. Christmas star


    38. Aress Wilson IV


      1. Aress Wilson IV

        Use to go home now I’m home I’m just going home now and get to my home get some food I’m trying get to home now I’m home I do have my own app to

    39. Templeton 5


    40. Lesly Abril

      dnajggvghhhvbh gh

    41. Dung Huyñh

      Good my sis and bud love you

    42. Irma Avina


    43. Lenore Greene

      Sorry but I am an alien species from another World so am I gonna subscribe

    44. Liam Dorey

      i like being a imposter

    45. Reese Tham

      Yay I like this so much

    46. Kim Dewey

      Hit that subscribe to kill a person

    47. Çloudįe Pickles

      9.27M are not imposters

    48. Anzi and Eve

      I enjoy being a imposter

    49. Ashley Hutchison

      Then don’t subscribe

    50. Nicole Hensiek

      I love unspeakable

    51. Violet's little projects

      The pastor is white

    52. Oliver Wolfers

      Red sus

    53. mariah hardy

      White the impostor

    54. Chihiro Fujisaki

      ive been subscribed before unspeakble was popular sooooo im a og losers

    55. Oren Dubordt

      Among us is the best ❤️

    56. Damian Jagers


    57. Paul Whitaker

      I'm am bad at amongus

    58. Paul Whitaker

      I my name is scarlett 8 would to meat you

    59. Paul Whitaker

      A very big fan

    60. Paul Whitaker

      I m a very dig can and I'm seven years old

    61. Jacob McClanahan

      Who was the imposter

    62. Lil Pup

      I played among u in real life

    63. Johana Barahona

      This looks more like chores

    64. Tanner Myers

      It’s yellow

    65. Rose Saunders

      I love your videos

    66. Evan Batley

      never played amung us but real life among us looks better

    67. Booyah Boogie

      this is the one time I will watch you. Do I regret it? Check back when I’m done watching

    68. ITB Skull

      I want to be a imposter lol

    69. Helve Luik

      pls to more among us videos

    70. Adam Propp

      Unspeakable I like and sun to ever vid

    71. P4C11 FU TING FAI


    72. Linda Pretorius

      i don't no how to join unspeakable

    73. I Love Cats

      It is not real life among us they just turned RTX on

    74. Randy bautista

      unspeakable: hit that subscribe button to not be an impostor. me: not hitting it to be an impostor

      1. nur baktiar

        Ya me too

      2. Ashley Chew

        Me too I always want to be the imposter but is always a crewmate

    75. Ashley Elias

      Already Sescribed

    76. Stephanie Stephanson

      If there’s 2 imposter and 2 crewmate imposters win instantly

      1. Itz_alex The_sharkløver_123

        Copier someone said that alreeady

    77. Marissa Verrone

      What the.........

    78. Erika Richards

      this boy really hightlight "imposter" sus right

    79. Ben Moriarty


    80. Ayden Schroeder

      Preston I want Preston now

    81. Ayden Schroeder

      Where is Preston he's supposed to be in the video

    82. BlUe sAnd YT

      Ive watched Unspeakable since he had 2.7k subs anyone else

    83. Nicole Eames

      i love you unspeakable 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

    84. Earth To Andrew

      I am the impostor because I didnt sub *I already subbed 2 years ago*

    85. Claire Haworth

      Omg I love you 😍

    86. Jimmy Saliangnak

      My name is Jordan

    87. Susan Dewet


    88. Maisie Rogness

      you sed click the subscribe button to not be an impasta/imposter but what if i want to be an impasta ???

    89. Matthew Nolan


    90. briana frederick

      everyone is sus!!

    91. Jaso Mayu

      I love amongus and maybe he is a music it's just Alexa we just got an Alexa today

    92. Alfredo Rodriguez

      I have a among us game and I was a imposter

    93. Tina Bergman

      sark and moos are the imposters

    94. mike may

      its yellow

      1. mike may


    95. Wendy Cowher

      Text me. Say hi

    96. Malachi

      Yo who misses the old trio with shark and moose and unspeakable

    97. Renato dj-dj

      Why would i not want to be an imposter hehe