Minecraft, But Your Inventory Multiplies Every Time You Take Damage...


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    Minecraft, But Your Inventory Multiplies Every Time You Take Damage... This was interesting.
    Thanks for Watching! :D I appreciate all feedback and support :L!
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    1. Andy Zhou

      17:21 the piglin is completely unnecessarily stacked to the brim

    2. Chonky Melon

      This video should be renamed “the benefits of masochism”

    3. •Mafle Maffy•

      TapL: it's maxed out to 127... WAT

    4. Pauline Mamboleo


    5. Kazi LiMON


    6. Avneesh Vijan

      Alt title: Tapl attempts suicide 1M times

    7. Yusuf Kayra Bucak

      Can I ask for this mod or command or code please

    8. md yani lam

      There so much wood just take stack of woof just take one

    9. md yani lam

      Take out some wood

    10. md yani lam




    12. Wixhu GG

      Use /kill @e[type=item] item near you will gone

    13. CreepingCreepYT 2021


    14. Bernadette Agulan

      hahaha someone said "i have math classes help"hahhaha

      1. Bernadette Agulan

        wait u forgot netherit.sorry i dont know what spell is it

    15. void_quix

      can u gives us the link for the mod?

    16. GLaDOS

      is that a mod i want it lol

    17. Freddy Fazbear

      This is not minecraft, IT'S CURSEDCRAFT

    18. Kerby HOUSTON

      I would have infinite nether rite and diamonds buy getting one

    19. Ghxst


    20. Belly Fart

      Can you go back to uhc?

    21. Tayo Bus

      is it a mod

    22. Raccoon Bae

      who else is kinda pissed that he didn't use any chest or burn the extras

    23. Andrew Mobsby

      It’s crazy how this can be a good and bad thing

    24. Laurie Mohaupt

      Tapl: “you have clay next to you house are you a dunce” Mason has clay inside his house

    25. TTVToxicDrPotato

      How do you get these type of mods

    26. lilLyyy JH

      12:31 when you eat taco bell

    27. Nacho Cano

      2:08 the pig: mom?

    28. Barros Materiais de Construção

      Bgggghybnjgfvjv Hgb Hnmbvb! Nbnnnhnbnn? MN nnmjmmjnmmnnhnbgbg

    29. Xs gamer Kevin

      I love your videos

    30. Cyrus Al Bayaa

      i love yo tapl

    31. Coral Clan

      Bro ur so underrated you should have like 10 million subs


      When u add the book and diamonds ik what is it and im a girl😓

    33. Jouni Törrönen

      Curst immentory: 0:13


      how to download these mods ??????????

    35. Foxy Foxy

      Good God

    36. Mysterious Gamer

      (Begining of video)Every fat kid: "you took my only food now im going to starve" ~Patrick

    37. Dev Yogesh Dhamele

      The strongest thing in the world is TapL's PC

    38. Dark Shadow

      u could of had neatherite armor

    39. крутой_максим

      Кто от [CakaMaster] Nikita2017

    40. jocao jocao

      The busy pound directly regret because detective immunophenotypically jog except a tested vest. utopian, quiet war

    41. Dylan Wright

      How did he manage to work that mod in! I want it to mess around with😂


      speed bridge time AAAAAAAAAAAAA

    43. Ketchup

      I hate how he doesn't burn his stuff when they drop

    44. Ice27Meter


    45. Matthew Rosado

      We gonna ignore the fact he needed clay at 7:18 and 4 blocks of clay were right next to him

    46. Mateo Villatoro


    47. Jmasterchief 301

      15:03 *Bro his impression of the dream speedrun music* 😂

    48. Amigo Caser - gaming and roleplay

      So when there are stacks of armor and tools, would they be stronger or stay the same Idea: whatever is in your hand or off hand is unlimited

    49. Puppet Show

      many of you are subscribe so unsubscribe

    50. Jodi Childress

      Get get armor diamond armor or Island take damage turn all your armor

    51. Paul Corpin

      2:08 He kills a mother of 2😂😭

    52. Luigi Di Cristofano

      normal people: Get hurt..Bleed out blood Tapl: Get hurt...Bleed out inventory NOOOOOOO

    53. Howar Plays

      Like it works with like flame books and like fortune infinity power punch knock back sharp and like anything

    54. Wayne Gooch

      its alreadt been a min and youve already got bassicly inf wood

    55. Ciber Quaza

      whats the mod can someone give me the mod??

    56. b.arun kumar

      Can you make more Modes videos pls

    57. Joseph Caldwell

      Should of got netherite

      1. Sydrum Games

        You dont have to have netherite to beat the game

      2. Sydrum Games

        Netherite is hard to get

    58. Joseph Gibbard

      TapL: omg we have this much stuff and it’s only been about 30 minutes Dream: you know it’s alright I only killed the ender dragon and the wither in 20 mins it’s alright Btw this is a joke TapL you make amazing content keep it up and don’t stop

    59. Silimar Jin

      I thought he would get more inventory slots lol

    60. Crisaimon Delos Santos

      Nice USfilm 👌.

    61. Fadzki Codz

      Creepypasta the wooden blood player

    62. Fransiscus Henry Salim

      i have creativ in minecraft update to 1.17

    63. gulia

      Dude there was clay in the villagers house


      pls give link to the datapack

    65. A Singh Roblox

      17:28 thank me later and look at the time


      It’s funny how he only does challenges that makes the game easier for him

    67. Daniel Joaquin Salacup

      You made my favorite wood duplicate... I SUBBED TO YOU!!!

    68. TNG rxche

      i like men

    69. Pato Duck

      Anyone else get so triggered when the unstackable items stack

    70. Crystal Phillips

      The historical tub intermittently decay because exhaust clinicopathologically prevent like a forgetful jumper. permissible, hulking bill

    71. john helm


    72. THIC GANG

      You: finds ancient debris, jumps in lava. Stonks

    73. uan.

      /kill @e[type=item]

    74. Brandon Hsia

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    75. Carlita Grice

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    76. Andre Lei

      please for the love of pete burn some unused items

    77. ShancerYT

      If he duplicate his Armour and wear a Armour of 127.. And one breaks.. Would break all 127 or just one and the amount Chance to 126..

    78. Pedro Dutra da silva

      plugin free?

    79. Dekin Gaming

      How is he get 127 stack

    80. SuperDiamondHD12

      The chickens that you killed at the start were Chad‘s children

    81. serguen edouard

      Minecraft but eggs are bombs

    82. BabyBoba Mocha-0-

      HI USfilm

    83. Hong Nguyen

      127 bits

    84. li baoqiang

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    87. Jossue Portillo

      Woah, never knew 15fps was so smooth! Im usually playing around 7

    88. darshak savalia

      What mod is this?

    89. Elias Kersnowski

      this video made me subscribe. you are amazing, keep doing what you are doing

    90. oOo_Êřŕøŕ_Úh_oOo

      Bro you have some serious madness xD

    91. Seamus Harper

      He didn't go for _Enchanted Golden Apples_ Reeeeeeee!

      1. Sydrum Games

        It would probaly take too long

    92. Syed Azfar Ali Jalali ACSG8

      "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." And TapL.... This guy is stronger than Notch at this point. Heck, he is stronger than creative mode. Can a guy in creative mode wear 127 layers of diamond armor? Thought so.

    93. Gamefrog 51

      69 logs!?! I think I did a pretty nice job there...

    94. Corazon Atienza

      128 armor = unbraking8999222921

    95. Mazuin Khamis

      i am new

    96. Mazuin Khamis


    97. japkaran singh

      I dont know which mod do u use in which everything stack on 127 items and have armour in stacks too 🤔🤔

    98. Iron Chicken

      I died when i said " its so laggy its powerpoint simulator"

      1. Melissa Spinney


    99. Robin lmnop

      Can you change your “pause” to “za warudo” in one episode pls

      1. Ndukaa Alexe