YUNGBLUD, Machine Gun Kelly - acting like that (Official Music Video)


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    Who’s that knocking at 4 in the morning
    Cause it don’t rain but tonight its pourin
    You like it more when I ignore it (you like it yeah)
    And since I left, LA got boring (Since I’ve been gone)
    I’m back on my bull shit
    You’re a libra I’m a Taurus
    Heard you hooked back up with your ex
    And now you’re asleep on my doorstep
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I don’t want to talk right now
    You’re asleep outside my house
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I heard it today you got on a plane to another state
    I think im ok
    Never gonna change my mind
    Never gonna change my mind
    And I don’t think today is the last time that the bright lights hit the dark side
    I can see that look in your eyes
    I can see that look in your eyes
    Now I can’t sleep I’m all alone
    And what we reaped is what we’ve sown
    So can we meet somewhere in the middle
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I don’t want to talk right now
    You’re asleep outside my house
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I’m goin out my head
    I fell in love again
    And I know that you’ll forget me in the morning
    when you are gonna again
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    I don’t want to talk right now
    You’re asleep outside my house
    You’re way too hot to be actin like that
    Actin like that
    Actin like that
    Executive Producer: Ross Anderson
    Directors: Dominic Harrison, Gavin Gottlich & Ross Anderson
    UK Producer: Samin Saadat
    Production Company: FEUD Creative, a Mr Anderson Limited Company
    US Producer: Mike Dones
    #Yungblud #MachineGunKelly #ActingLikeThat

    Published on Month ago


    1. Lorella Veronesi


    2. TVBnine

      MGK: You're a libra and I'm a Taurus Me, a Libra: I feel personally attacked by this

    3. Jose Jesus Martinez

      Será un sonido diferente al que estoy acostumbrado a escuchar pero esa mezcla de Hip Hop con un poco de pop rock la verdad quedó espectacular

    4. T-R-K

      4:04 nooooo (in scottish) LMAO

    5. Ava Price

      “youre a libra im a taurus” cries in pisces 😭

    6. JohnnyLuv Songwriter

      Is the same ear a wit blink? You know, the talent programs his beats, they give him credit, then they just think no one know loops when they hear em! Lol

    7. Akko Master

      this is so good wtf yessss popped offfffffffffffff

    8. Zabiello

      pure fireeeeeeee

    9. DeadDylan


    10. Mein Kampf

      Спасибо, пошла поставила реплей, блять!🐾🐾🐾🐾


      Yungblud legit gives me baby Eddie Izzard vibes...

    12. Liam BAINES

      i am only watching this the fifth time because of the holy fook at this point

    13. abrarxaziz

      Mgk has the Gen Z PASS

    14. Justin Overstreet

      I guess Metro Station is old enough that it's okay to rip them off now? 🤔

    15. Meghan Sapp

      i’m itching to get the behind the scenes of this!!!

    16. Jay W

      Best of the subtitles: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (in scottish) 4:05

    17. LittleTea


    18. Naruto’s Waifu

      Dom is so attractive omfg

    19. Andrea Carabelas

      That's rrrrrrrrrright BABY

    20. Hayden Hoover

      my inspiration

    21. Hayden Hoover

      this is what punk rock needed bro I'm amazed rn

    22. Anna Claudia

      Blink 182 tá diferente

    23. Aimee Palaniuk

      I need more of dom saying "have a good night" lol

    24. taeseuphoria

      *they made me smile wtf* 💖

    25. Hunter Brady

      First listen was in 1.25 speed and loved it 1.0 speed feels way too slow now

      1. Devin

        Why would u listen to the song at the wrong speed

    26. TongueTied Girl

      tbh if I was Dom I would go with zombie Abby too XD

    27. Nadine


    28. Tony Kohl

      I need to check the phone box sorry man🤣🤣xd

    29. Tony Kohl

      Best song

    30. HoshiMiddayDelusion

      Me checking out MGK because of Corpse: "meh not my thing" Clicks on this song, Dom starts singing. Me: proceeds to listen to Dom's music on repeat for the next 3000 years.

    31. Francesca Scataglini

      I fooking love this

    32. Ajay The best

      Let's get this video to 5, 555, 555 USfilm views by end of this week!!!!

    33. Ajay The best

      Do fans on hear know that MGK played, Tommy Lee in, The Dirt - the Motley Crue movie!!!! Twats!!!!

    34. Ajay The best

      Why doesn't anyone ever "like", my comments??!! You all shouldn't be acting like that!!!!

    35. Ajay The best

      Yungblud shouldn't be acting like that!!!!!

    36. Minus anonym

      Machun Gun Kelly destoyed by Eminem!! Change my minde

      1. Devin

        1. Learn how to type lmaoo 2. Wow you're ignorant! Obviously, you can hate mgk or think he's an awful musician, but u can't deny that he just got a number one album and his movie got 16 Million views opening weekend. Is that destroyed to you? If that counts as destroyed, I guess in your mind there are pretty much no relevant artists 🤷

    37. Billy Hatton

      Yung blud. You suck

    38. Golden Diploma

      Reminds me of Metro Station:

    39. Yung Ismael

      I love u ❤

    40. Дмитрий Бычков

      4 426 527 Zombies want have eat brain

    41. Lillian Walker

      Who else wants blackbear to be in this

    42. Loony

      maze runner?

    43. Salty vx

      YUNGBLUD and Ashnikko next please 😂

    44. Stephen Friedberg

      These three together - 😱 whoaaaaaaa.... extraterrestrial 💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫💫

    45. Ozone

      This beat goes hard when the vocals are turned off. Good song tho

    46. Wendy Avalos Ventura


    47. Wendy Avalos Ventura

      Abby my wife

    48. Wendy Avalos Ventura

      Te amo te amo te amo

    49. K. De.



      Mgk Halsey and Yung blood should form a band

    51. Kayleigh Cull

      Anyone else think of Rodrick from Diary of a Wimpy Kid? 😂 love him!

    52. ALİ

      Iki deli bir araya gelmemeliydik

    53. star wars stuff

      Ngl this is my 11th account I subbed to yungblud on

    54. Melon

      dont mind me having a crush on every single person in the music video

    55. Tamara Z

      This is summer music!

    56. Fabiola Garita Camacho

      The voice: Machine Gun Kelly looks like: Juice Wrld amo a ellos dos juntos y amó la canción quien habla español aquí?

    57. Avarie Holt

      Your a zebra I’m a tortoise 😎

    58. Lauren Trout

      These 3 are perfection together!!! Love it!!!

    59. Fazequixy 4

      Is it just me or the bit when he says holy at the start is the best of him 🤣

    60. Rob Flores

      So much substance!

    61. James O'Donnell

      I'm not a rap fan or a punk fan. But MGK is on my play list because hes a musician, which is more than I can say for most rappers. Good job brother

    62. Hamza Heravi

      Travis Barker, one of the few legendary status drummers around left

    63. Mike Valentino

      goddamn i love that drummer

      1. Hamza Heravi

        That my friend is Travis Barker ,, blink 182 drummer

    64. Trent Miller

      I remember when machine gun kelly was an underground rapper. Now he's a mainstream piece of shit.

    65. pixieluke

      Thank you 🙏🏼

    66. pixieluke


    67. Gianna Catino

      Zombie comes out of nowhere he’s like sorry I need to go talk to someone right now I can’t handle with you right now like what I would be screaming and dead

    68. pearl mckinley

      im a libra lmfaoooo but seriously i love mgk and yungblud so fucking much omg

    69. Holly mama

      Waited so long for the video to drop... NOT DISSAPOINTED 😍

    70. Soleil Cavazos

      Aren't we gonna appreciate the fact that Abby is in the video??❤️

    71. Tapani Kangas


    72. LOVED

      Yung sounds 🔥 with American accent

    73. Joshtess

      This dude looks like he’s trying way to hard to be the joker

    74. Drew Fisher

      Bro my dog just walked in with a studded collar and checkered vans on..

    75. ROF Glaveth

      best song to be released;eased period

    76. A Clarky

      This is absolute gold 🤠

    77. Tai Sans Doute

    78. Kierra Hassen

      Shake it vibes by metro station? I totally think so

    79. SiimqlyBee

      Ah I love how abby Roberts is one of the people in the background. Honestly so happy they are friends

    80. レオン、


    81. Michelle Kollnberger

      im a libra and this song seems like my soundtrack and i love it

    82. kidd tony

      I’m stating to really get into yungblud this dudes so unique

    83. Mercedes DeJonge

      the look mgk gives the camera at 2:15

    84. yeah yeah

      No one mention how cool MGK nail polish is

    85. Pulse 16k

      Loved this

    86. Alexandra Hernandez

      that ending lmfaoooooo

    87. itsabby

      kells carried this song

    88. Christa Rothgerber

      4:03 Same bro, same.

    89. Rhianna-Lee Howett

      Zombie: Raaaa Dom: I nEeD tO uSe ThE pHoNe BoX

    90. Norm Valle Rosales

      No conosia a los cantantes y sin inportar me enamore de la medolia y el ritmo :3

    91. Pip Chip

      Fahwk. 😅✨💜🌈🌌