I had to go to the hospital... again.


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    Hey gang, don’t want you to worry but I had to take another trip to the hospital. Another small bowel obstruction like back in 2015. Thankfully it looks like I won’t need surgery for this one but I’ll know more later as time goes on. Videos obviously will be delayed but I’ll keep you updated on where I’m at. Thanks for being there for me.

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    1. Laura Arguello

      (Sigh) I hate it when that happens Markiplier, I know you will be out for a few days, take care of him, thanks Bob for making a playlist of the hospital 🏥 update. I hope you feel better soon Markiplier. Take care.

    2. CarnivorePlayz

      Poor Mark!

    3. Dennis Carew

      am i the only one whos wondering what happens if he sneezes-?

    4. Carla Chika's cupcake

      u poor soul

    5. Mat Hop

      Hope you get better!

    6. Adrienne Melodia

      the day after this was posted I had a dream that he died and I woke up shaking and sobbing, nearly having a literal panic attack. luckily it was all a horrible nightmare, but seriously if he died I would throw myself out a fifth-story window screaming and crying.

    7. Adrienne Melodia

      mark: in the hospital me: *literally has an hour long panic attack*

    8. Alexa Hall


    9. A random dude please no


    10. samthecat19

      is that clear tape

    11. Megan Ward

      I have a feeling that this was from the poptarts. lol and this is why I'll never eat that garbage food. lol

    12. Proplayer007

      At the hospital his voice is deep as corpse


      L like your video markiplier

    14. DanielRichGańe Faners


    15. Angell Bornemann

      he still has his earring from Unus Anuns even while in the hospital that just makes me so happy

    16. Butter Dog

      So... You were full off shit..?

    17. ReSpaWn

      You are the best

    18. Cezonic


    19. victor williams

      :( 😔😔 I feel bad about you

    20. Anarchy Rebel

      Nice earring

    21. raven the rabbit

      *It's da PoP TaRts*

    22. Loki Mitchell

      deep voice time

    23. TRICO King


    24. Tao Zhang

      He sounds like corpse husband

    25. Anime Antics

      It's ok Markiplier, you can fight off anything!

    26. fefe fefe fefe

      “markiplier isnt real” *ok senpai uwu*

    27. Marcela XD

      Bring the Manager

    28. what

      I love Mark :)

    29. ケルマイ

      It’s OK the doctor will make you better

    30. thatone_ SLsweat

      Gotta be the poptarts my guy

    31. Savannah Nhermay Ibanez

      What happen to him? 😱

    32. Maria Miller

      This isn’t real. Because Mark Isn’t real

    33. Gray Sandy

      AYY YOO

    34. RobloxNoob e

      he sounds like courps XD

    35. GameTomCat

      DUDE DID YOU JUST SAY A FEW DAYS OFF!?!? You could take the month off and I wouldn’t care. I know your already back but if this happens again PLEASE take as much time as you need. The only people who will think otherwise are jerks and you shouldn’t listen to them. So please take as much time as you need in the future

    36. Gacha Dead

      | | O |______| | | | | | | |

    37. Rachel Gomez

      nope... the poptarts are innocent

    38. Adamp Hillips


    39. Jeff Balser

      3 hours ago he said he doesn’t exist 😂

    40. Møqulix

      *Bruh you sound like CORPSE doing his highest voice lol*

    41. g0th Ios3r

      THE KARMA OML (be safe mark

    42. nick Swaggington

      I hope you’re better.

    43. Rayne Miller

      the people that disliked this are horrible. somebody is hurt and its like they dont care if that person dies. they are disgusting people

      1. Rayne Miller

        @Wonder Woman True

      2. Wonder Woman

        I've now come to understand that it's also people who love mark but hate to him in pain so they disliked the video. But also yes, haters too.

      3. Waqas Younus

        They are just haters

    44. garib gafuri


    45. shanoon

      :0 (」゚ロ゚)」ᴺᴼᴼ~

    46. Tashi-kun's dungeon

      Corpse face reveal

    47. Big man Donny

      Markiplier dies 2

    48. what lol

      Becarefull Alex won't be happy

    49. what lol

      "It came out of no where" (2 videos ago) *Eats a fuck ton of unhealthy expired pop tarts for 23 minutes*

    50. Legend Diamond

      we got corpse here

    51. Sam Coli

      Mark doing his best Corpse impression

    52. Jimbnell H

      I hope you get better :3

    53. Fujiwara Fallen Angel


    54. Rainy Bagwell

      Get better soon and I hope you have a great day

    55. cats no

      Get well soon

    56. AveragePCgamer

      This got less likes than him joking about going back to the hospital

    57. Deshaun Nixon


      1. D Geekling Squad


    58. Generic X

      Hey man hope you're doing better but that del Monte corn probably is what stuck in your gut. Wow that was a long sentence.

    59. Mizuki Andarta

      I will not ever eat, the expired of the pop tarts :o

    60. Gabriel Nestor

      I remember that and I was scared for you man

    61. HeatWave


    62. Thomas Faust

      Hay bro hope you feel better

    63. Jimins smol pinky

      Praying 💜

    64. Mæø the demonic wøłfīe

      At least ur ok mark

    65. Adventure Games Android.

      I love you so much, I give you my peace, and you return home safely, and I've been following you for three years.

    66. Adventure Games Android.

      This fine

    67. Hamsterlover123

      Nooooo my small bean nooooo

    68. McKenna Jones

      Omg it was the pop tarts 0-0

    69. Haikal akbar Kurniawan

      Oh no you are fine

    70. ximena rangel

      I subscribe and I’ll Pray for you 🙏🏻

    71. Gaming with Bin

      I have only now discovered you were in a hospital on this date.

    72. Juan 2.0

      Memento Mori, Unus Annus

    73. G.R

      Guys, i really like that ya’ll are respecting mark because of this, but this was 3 weeks ago, he is not in the hospital anymore

    74. Steven Valencia

      I hope Keanu Reeves will be able to finish the movie

    75. Tindra Häggström

      You ok omg i hope you are ok now

    76. A Potato

      That’s gonna leave a MARK

    77. Pickle Rick

      It was the pop tarts

    78. jessica staples


    79. Random Stuff

      Aw :{

    80. KillerPotatoZ

      Hi random person who reading this follows their dreams, My dream is to be a successful USfilmr! Hope you have a good day. :3

    81. Tiron


    82. 瑋瑋


    83. Phonex TM

      Sorry for saying this come on again

    84. Empyrius_Gamer

      Did you get attacked by a chair again?

    85. Rylan Foster

      I have had stuff shoved up me nose a young age i was not even one years old

    86. MochaBear ‘

      “Unexpected” “Came out of nowhere” Remember the PopTarts, Mark?

    87. The Llama of many voices

      Just now watching this but get better dude. That suck that you are in the hospital

    88. Kasra Ghassemi


    89. Vicki Lathwood

      Good to hear

      1. Vicki Lathwood


    90. GamerIH2021 H

      OH NO!

    91. Temporix2

      ive had an NJ tube before, for personal reasons. And I can say that it absolutely sucks. Not painful but uncomfortable af

    92. Nahilea Memes

      Markiplier is the King of Five Nights At Freddys he will be alive U-U

    93. Lucia Sardo

      I really hope that Markiplier is alright and doing well.

    94. Rashid Yahya

      I hope you are ok

    95. Mi Pe

      Dont sneeze.

    96. Kyleigh M

      I've had that twice. It's definitely a horrible horrible experience. I hope you feel better hun.

    97. D-Cal123 Mr

      I hope you're okay. :C

    98. Totoro gaming

      ❤️🧡💛💚💙dont die💙💚💛🧡❤️

    99. CJBall

      Hope you’re feeling better man!