LITTLE ANGEL (Christmas Special!)

Simon's Cat

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    Limited Edition Kitten Plush ready to order now for delivery in time for Christmas:
    Festive magic is in the air and Simon's Cat is looking out for his best friend in our Christmas Special 'Little Angel'! 😄 🎄 ⭐
    Director: Simon Tofield
    Animation Director: Rachel Thorn
    Animator: Jack Sleeman
    Art Coordinator: Georgina Chapman
    Production Manager: Phoebe Lane
    Executive Producers: Edwin Eckford, Mike Bell
    Music: Shrooty
    Foley: Fonic
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    1. Irmgard Haub

      Quite similar to what my cat did to my nativity scene this christmas :-D

    2. Good Game

      Тоже ищешь русский коментарий?

    3. Krlit A


    4. Christine Potts

      Loved that

    5. kaeloo the effects video atupp 2021 Lol! / kteva21!


    6. Эльмира Нураева

      I'm from Russia and I love your videos!

    7. Jana Vorohta


    8. victoria Galloway

      How can anyone unlike this 🤷‍♀️ makes me laugh every time I watch these videos so good!!

    9. Alisa Kuukka

      I watched this when I was ten or something... so lovely animation, thank you

    10. wan juniora Wrona

      I love simon cat 😀😃😃😃😃😃😃

    11. Анюта ART

      I love Simon

    12. Julia Zdobysz

      miłimihhi haha!

    13. Liz Taylor


    14. Israel Tinoco


    15. Anik Ahmed

      I need that cat 😭😭😭

    16. G Man

      The lost gnome home beacon has a angel friend now.

    17. Tasha Metamorfosis

      Awwww. He isn’t a destroyer, he wanted to help friend. Love those cats so much 😍

    18. Alexzandra Cantu

      It’s so cute but amazing meowy Christmas 🎄

    19. PeanutTrain

      I always wonderd what is Simon's cat real name...

    20. Kamoonra The Wolf God

      I absolutely love the Simon's Cat series. The cat reminds me of my own cats that I've had through the years in so many ways. Never stop making these. I love the Simon's Cat books too.

    21. Saskia Persephone

      😍 This is so cute 😍💜

    22. J Knight

      “You’re welcome!” 😻♥️😁

    23. Blake C Paris

      Too cute

    24. Blake C Paris

      Kisses and hugs and lots of loves Simon

    25. Israel Tinoco


    26. Mariana B.

      Ownt!! Que amor!!! S2

    27. Israel Tinoco


    28. Israel Tinoco


    29. Israel Tinoco


    30. Tiana Roberge

      I have a cat his name is snow bell l9ves christmas. Like I do

    31. Tiana Roberge


    32. ari feliz

      Ariannapeedinthrueinalat bromxteibmarketThatget

    33. PC Henderson


    34. Adam G

      Any episode with the kitten is a great episode in my books x) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

    35. Francesca Bianchi


    36. Irene Ang

      So sweet, he wants a lady for his friend

    37. Ultimate Hack tutorial

      What is simons cats name

    38. старенький Игорёк

      Omgԅ( ͒ ۝ ͒ )ᕤ😁👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

    39. LEO GAMER

      I like these channel its the best

    40. Damian Fears

      at the time of 1:36 he said "Merry Christmas! ^w^" in the cutest way!

    41. Porsche T

      Fuck I forgot this exists...

    42. Lynneha Hercule élève

      Kitten's legs seem to be a bit longer. Dit he grow up a little?

    43. TedBronson1918

      "Mistletoe !" Great ending !

    44. teh zhixiang

      Mr Simon (I think), how do make the cats sound? Do voice them yourself or through other means? Just wondering ~ a curious fan

    45. SHORT FILMS!

      I got exiting news for you.

    46. Bait

      EEEE my plushie came in today, it's super cute😁😁😁

    47. TheLostOne145

      used to love this channel when I was little

    48. jj McCary

      Merry Christmas and God bless you all! 🙂❤💗💗

    49. NovaRaptor xD


    50. repolho lunar O.2

      I love these animations

    51. Venus Doom


    52. Tomáš Roubíček

      Simon cat is really funny 🤣🤣🤣

    53. Лев Пономарев

      Эх это мой любимый мультик детства я его досихпор смотрю

    54. HailAnts

      This was great as usual! But I hope Simon hasn’t forgotten about the poor abandoned kitty from the last one.. 😿

    55. Melanie Hogarth

      AAAAAAAAAW!!! That was amazing. So adorable!!

    56. Александра Кулиш


    57. С5


    58. pîkåčhû owo

      Hi I love your vids I have forgotten about this but then I just suddenly remmeberd and it is 12:27 A.M lol I hope you keep making vids!your the best, I love how you make sounds for the cat and you 😂

    59. Karimi Naeem

      I watch you video every time ever in Yt kids

    60. обо всём по чуть-чуть


    61. спринги

      Это шедевр

    62. Inked The demon

      My rat ate my bat

    63. bocoy noiu

      Been watching you for ages. Keep up the amazing work 😊

    64. Mónica Laguna


    65. ana lúcia ferreira

      Simon's cat is great 😊😊😊😊😊😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 I Love him

    66. Tessa Younger

      Awww. When he tried to fix the angel! So cute

    67. ahahahahahah lox

      Я русская, но это прекрасно♥️

    68. nofreenameforme123

      Why do the cats make so many stupid noises?

    69. Matus

      KITTEN is my favorite, he is the best

    70. NeedyBoBeedy

      you guys are still around?


      Jajaja!! Mi duende😍

    72. mu rd

      Я русский. I russian

    73. MaxRobertoErikson

      That was just so wholesome! XD

    74. Jay Hay89

      I love Simon's cat

    75. Moosification

      It became a fallen angel XD

      1. sehhi vooty

        Just as I thought Simon’s Cat couldn’t get mere adorable! 😍

    76. bunnyhopjump

      awww this is so cute and i can't stop watching your vids i might buy your merch soon

    77. Dinand Van 'T Hul

      This is so good drawl

    78. Noob Tube

      i love cats

    79. Leila T.

      This was all that I need after a very tough day😞....Thank you so much❤️🤍❤️🤍

    80. The Magitechie

      this hit pretty close to home for me, my cat Julia always makes it a point to steal parts of the nativity set, every year, without fail. we find them all over the house.

    81. Mandy S

      So adorable!

    82. Bazooka Llama Productions

      ür møm süçç thē yëII0w ståîns öùt õf my jörts.

    83. dcoog anml

      Just as I thought Simon’s Cat couldn’t get mere adorable! 😍

    84. brigidtheirish

      This is why cat owners can't have nice things.

    85. yuoop noke

      Just as I thought Simon’s Cat couldn’t get mere adorable! 😍

    86. vDazzle !

      I love Simon's cat.

    87. Ashley R

      I always knew that kitten was an angel.

      1. dcoog anml



      is very beatifull

    89. Арина Еременко

      Обожаю этого кота!

      1. yuoop noke

        Cat Simon's cat

    90. VXGAMING

      Grand Thief Angle.

    91. alida flus

      Just as I thought Simon’s Cat couldn’t get mere adorable! 😍

    92. DovaCat The_Dragonborn

      Awwwweeeee!!! I *LOVED* that cute little kiss at the end! I also died from cuteness when the kitten was "an angel" lol

    93. Keinia Sharp-Bucknor

      This cat is the worst🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. alida flus

        This is funny

    94. Trace

      Simon's Cat has a sentimental side. First he left his treat for a homeless cat in the Thanksgiving video, now he destroyed decorations which seems typical, but he did it to procure a companion for his gnome friend. This is the kind of thing the world needs right now.

    95. Jairo Ugarte Arrechavala


    96. Tiana Roberge


    97. Tiana Roberge


    98. Tiana Roberge

      Cat agel cat

    99. Tiana Roberge