The GMC Hummer EV Is an Insane $100,000+ Electric Off-Roader Truck

Doug DeMuro

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    The new GMC Hummer EV is amazing -- and today, I'm going to review the Hummer EV as much as possible to show you all the quirks and features of one of the coolest upcoming trucks on the market. I'm going to take you on a tour of the 2022 Hummer EV, and I'll show you all the details about the new Hummer EV that you don't already know.
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    1. Shaun W.

      Just thinking about the alignment cost of this thing in the future....🤔

    2. JML

      What in the F*ing Sam hell are you talking about Doug? You are sitting in a MODEL. Thats not a real / running vehicle. It’s plugged into the wall for f* sake! GM doesn’t even have a real running prototype. This is another “Nicola” scam.

    3. RCWildvideos

      Some perspectives of this video make Doug look like a miniature person.

    4. Necrodead

      anyone who thinks this car is environmentally friendly because its electric is a clown.

    5. JJS

      Well the Hollywood Lefties have their new holy grail vehicle, perfect to rummage around once their extreme Left Communist ideals turn CA into the s***hole it truly is. Bravo!

    6. da ki

      Now all we need is a Bronco EV and the world of electric off-roading is set for the next decade

    7. Leon Maliniak

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    8. I Love You

      Time for crab walk drifting

    9. I Love You

      I would hate to roll over in that glass top

    10. Andy Miller

      That's a really nice 1994 Ford steering wheel it has!

    11. Adventure Escape

      So $100,000 + and it looks like a shit box Avalanche.

    12. NinerOut

      They just need to come back out with a gas version

    13. Squirmin Herman the one eyed German

      the reason for the moon speaker cover was because GM built the EV that went to the moon in 1969 & its still up there

    14. 3mrch

      Wow! Doug just threw shade at the Rivian: "May or may not exist"

    15. Mateo Feliciano

      It seems to be more aerodynamic than the others

    16. The Plqn

      Only problem is when the battery runs out while climbing a mountain and there's no charger in sight.

    17. Theforcer 1

      i thought Shmee's voice was killing

    18. Santo's Gaming

      This truck is dead and Doug is a sell-out

    19. Leandro

      That's a boat.

    20. Peter Gibbs

      It kind of reminds me of an up-dated sixties Lincoln Continental stuck up on a 4x4 chassis. I know that's a weird thing to say, but it does. I think it's the doors that does it.

    21. abovescore

      Can't wait to see one of these on the road!

    22. Joe Wayne

      This is like a modern electric version of the Avalanche rebranded as a hummer

    23. Nathan Bracey

      How are you going to power it once this country goes communist?

    24. james misa

      hey whens Elon gonna let Doug say "THIS, is the new Tesla CyberTruck"

    25. Zachary Killen

      It shoulda came with A/C. Doug sweating his balls off.

    26. Carlos Osle

      You contradict yourself so much you are giving your audience whiplash. This is just an overpriced Avalanche with no infrastructure, untested battery technology, compliance car by GM. Every spec you mentioned was less than Tesla’s truck, but “that truck is no good”. I trust your reviews as much as I trust your sense of style.. stop buying your clothes from the kids section at Walmart, I am sure GM paid enough for you to kiss their ass on this video.

    27. Shiggy Martin

      He didn't even drive it...

    28. Bartosz Kaczynski

      Doug. while this is just a shell, a mock-up of a car, Rivian actually works. Watch Long Way Up on Apple TV. I love your vids but this one is misleading. This Bummer does not even drive.

    29. biska131

      Why no faking OLED screen, i not gonna buy this shit.

    30. Michael M.

      The TRX Ram just became extinct.

    31. Alissa Afton


    32. Seth

      this thing looks amazing - style still sells

    33. Apprentice Gaming

      Thas a fake car is only a display car and we haven’t seen anyone drive it live so ye

    34. Ronan Iksiktaaryuk

      It looks like a Ford Bronco

    35. iam_vega

      doug is so excited about this truck he's literally sweating with excitement

    36. Ben Wong

      why is there a power cord running under the truck ? they trying to pull a Nikola scam lol

    37. No use for a name.

      I have a feeling GM will sell about 10 of these. Completely defeats the purpose.

    38. aka76

      Cool front light bar, lights up as you approach it too!!! Hmmm, someone stole this right off of night rider

    39. Justin Santiago

      very thankful for u ❤️

    40. Miami Watts

      Over $100,000... Unreal.

    41. Cody Burachenski

      Only thing this Hummer has from previous years is cheap GM plastic. The rest of it is NOT a hummer. And do people really take 100k trucks off roading?

    42. Leonardo Wilson

      This can be the Tesla Pickup killer

    43. Heyward Hollis

      Cool. What country are we invading with these?

    44. Justin Santiago

      The number of people who "wants" this : millions The number of people who will actually buy this : 10

    45. Cody Moreland

      The fact there is enough people with adequate capital to put this truck into production is crazy to me.

    46. Alan Yu

      Review a vehicle that doesn't even roll on its own? Looks like video game pre ordering scams but more retarded.

    47. Roach Larry

      So it's pretty much what the Cadillac Escalade version of an electric Chevy Avalanche with 2 sets of T-tops would have been if still in production, and will probably be the basis of any future GM electric SUV and or pickup.

    48. Ratul Ghosh

      Why is there a cable running into the truck at the back wheel in the begining of the the charging point under the wheel?

    49. isshinish

      Anyone noticed that wire?

    50. algernon williams

      I have a question 🙋🏾‍♂️, in a electric ⚡️ storm ⛈ a bad one ☝🏽 what happens if truck is struck by lightning, the scientific 🧪 explanation, like will people survive or just explode 🤯, is it attracted to lightning in a storm and what do you grab , I have a GM sport car 🚗 now 2020 Cadillac CT5 and want to know because I want a hummer next ? Edition 3 or 4 ?when I say grab I mean don’t touch any metal or ?

    51. Ja Sam

      Doug did you pushed it down the hill?

    52. Dallas Graham

      Notice how the Hummer ev is plugged into the wall, this isn't it charging, this is literally to power the car for this video...your telling me that this thing is going to see the road when this show model doesn't even have it's own battery? Gm has said themselves that there is no prototype Hummer ev yet they've already had preorders come in. Seems extremely fishy to me.

    53. rialbb

      Man start filming with the iphone 12 pro max and use airpods pro for the mics. way better than this cheapo camcorder you've been using with a 10 dollar tripod for the past years

    54. brock Lee

      Total flop piece of shit!!

    55. Z Fine 1

      Just like their partner's semi (Nikola) this does not exist. Right off the bat you can see it being powered by the cord at the left.

    56. MattyBoi

      I think everyone could afford this truck... If the dealership agrees too have us "Making payments for 20 years" But apparently we don't live in that world yet...

    57. Beach BodBob

      there were videos saying this didnt exsist and people had bought more into an idea apparently thankfully there wrong!

    58. shanes2265

      When starting the video you notice extension cord running from hummer to the wall.

    59. SoundSmith DJ

      Only about $40,000 overpriced.

    60. Pr3ct

      Good thing you didn’t trip over that cord used to power the lights on the mock up.

    61. Anonim

      Bunu biz yapmış olsak herkes "şundan kopyalamışlar bundan kopyalamışlar" bilmem ne derdi. Bunlara hiç BMCden mi kopyaladın filan diyen yok tabi. Arka aynalar filan aynı. Ön tarafı da suzukinin konsepti ile aynı.

    62. Young Talan


    63. Björn Apelqvist

      But still, an offroadwehicle who needs a cord. No exploring far away with this one.

    64. captainchaos3

      Didn’t GM say that isn’t even a prototype model?🤔

    65. Magic Mind Caes

      I want to know what was started up at 8:20 😅 IG @Rockstar_caes

    66. Mike Mike

      Will they make an SUV

    67. ssj2camaro21

      Hahahahaha gm knew its customers loved the hummer but were worried about gas and now lol they don't have too. Damn thats smart. They chose the perfect big truck to do it with too

    68. Bernardo Alejandro

      Dough-MONEY-ro. You called the Tesla cybertruck overprice. When the GM hummer tin can is twice as expensive a good value. I think so body is a sell out

    69. Derek Hansen

      People need to stop buying this electric garbage. Every dollar spent on this tech, promotes the new green deal b.s.

    70. Kenneth Carnie

      In 2021 Doug is gonna be reviewing drawings and plans for 2028 cars.

    71. Spoon Boi

      best looking ev truck

    72. Empire State

      8:36 What's going on with the speedometer?

      1. Terraza

        22:57 listen

    73. catalina reed

      GM rebranding project Hummer: ✅ Pontiac: loading Oldsmobile: still dead ( possible Buick division ? ) Saturn : the planet

      1. John McHumanson

        Stop copying other people's fucking comment

    74. JEsus Garay

      Thats sad. 300 mile range. I just came back from Florida and Maryland to Texas in my 2019 f150 2.7 was ranging 26 mpg 700 mile range on a 20 gallon tank. With trailer 18-19 mpg and still ranging almost 500 miles on a 20 gallon tank. There's no way I'm ever relying on a EV vehicle across country. Range is low. Loses range when loaded. Takes too long to charge. As if the 15 hour drive wasn't enough. EVs are mainly more reliable to stay in city. Thats about it.

      1. JEsus Garay

        Even if it was adventurous not with that range. EV manufacturers are trying to replace working trucks. Gas engines don't lose power under loads as much as electric motors. I still rather have my adventurous truck that can get me 700 miles range on the road. Not an EV truck that only gets 300 and takes hours to charge. I gassed up in 5 mins and on the road I was again

      2. JEsus Garay

        Oh and I only had to fork out $30,000. Not $100,000 then having to worry about electrical issues that you can't solve from home. Atleast if my water pump goes out I can change it. Oil change i can do it. Tune up I can do it. Minor things I can still work on it since its mechanical. What you people don't understand is electrical is the most pricey part of vehicle repairs because they are to diagnose and trace breaks in wires. Have fun. Il keep my gas vehicle. Maintenance is way easier

    75. Alphonso Thomas

      More dumb ugly crap from GM

    76. R M

      Looks like another truck on the road. Change it up! Make it look didn't

    77. Vanessa Winchester


    78. Leonard

      No way this car is coming out next year 😬👎

    79. wilfredo catlin

      Fuck electric that shit should be riding on solar panels

    80. in 2 tech

      😎 i hope they come with mechanical insurance 🙏. Otherwise I am not interested c abuse I don't wanna pay arm and leg for anything that needs replacing and moore. 113 k house vrs humming i go for the 🏠

    81. James Dot

      I just wanted the modern evolution of the 2010 Hummer :(

      1. Terraza

        Wdym? The H2 + H3 resemblance is unbelievable. It's like what you'd expect if the original H2 was actually proportioned correctly.

    82. Jeff Higgins

      Let's lose all the moon stuff mmmk? It's like a civic with le mans artwork. Completely out of its element. Scratching head. Anyway awesome truck, can't wait to see more

    83. Daniel Barker

      After biden takes all your money,these will rot on car lots

    84. Greg Belcher

      24:45 I think the G- Force meter is for when landing on the moon.

    85. S55amgDriver

      How can they call it a Hummer when it doesn't even look like one? What a fail. And electric? How stupid.

    86. Jorge Salto

      Is arnold gonna get this EV Hummer too? Remember when arnold got the first hummer when it came out.

      1. Pr3ct

        Arnold already has an EV Hummer. He had one of his ICE models converted.

    87. idk

      fun fact this is on an autoplay loop with the Ram TRX

    88. Michael N

      Somehow this is considered a green vehicle. Please someone explain that to me. How much coal do you have to burn to get that thing 0 to 60?

    89. Merica Freedomland

      Luckily there are no “Hummer purest and wont get pissed that the new one is electric”

    90. LS7 Z06

      GM should have called it the Avalanche EV, because that is what it looks like.

      1. LS7 Z06

        @Todd Wilson , I believe I said the sane thing, in so many words.

      2. Todd Wilson

        The Chevrolet EV pickup will be more like an Avalanche

    91. Allen

      Another GM fail.

    92. Sprunk Addict

      That's a minecraft interior

    93. stan Lee

      Looks affordable.

    94. Herman Man

      Very capable and very carefully engineered vehicle.sure enough a light years ahead from an early Hummer concept. The tropical jungle will give serious challenge to this understanding.. however.

    95. BrazilianDude96

      Cant wait to be blinded by this thing driving at me at night

    96. B Man

      1 word M-E-R-I-C-AAAA-HHHH. !!!!!!!!

    97. Aden Anthony

      It's almost like a reimagined avalanche. Man I miss the Chevy avalanche

      1. Terraza

        Reimagined avalanche is coming, 2022 or 2023. Bowtie included

    98. Aden Anthony

      Does it come in a V8 lmao

    99. Galuh Richata

      I like the design. Much much better than the H2 & H3. But I prefer hybrid. 350 hp 6 in-line turbo diesel plus 150 hp electric motor is more like it.

    100. Impact 12

      I wish they would also make a diesel version...