Martin Short Impersonates Bette Davis and She's Not a Fan - Carson Tonight Show

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    Martin Short Impersonates Bette Davis and She's Not a Fan - Carson Tonight Show - 01/07/1988
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    Published on 28 days ago


    1. fullofdebt


    2. Maggie P

      Those really were the days of late night entertainment. Pure joy, laughter, no angry political pseudo-comedians. Yeah, like a different world. 😔

    3. Battlejurist

      Just not funny

    4. Alan Domagalski

      I don't like anyone offending Betty Davis I don't care how funny you are LOL

    5. Lynda Czika


    6. Bruce Silverman

      Makes the late night talk of shows of today look REALLY lame...

    7. Your name here

      Martin did a joke about a walrus riding a bike carrying a surfboard. It was so funny and he called the walrus Wally the Surfing Walrus. It was so funny!

    8. Alan Morris

      I remember when this aired in 1988. I was 26-years-old and Bette Davis died one year later. Bette Davis was as blunt and frank as Lucille Ball. If she liked you, great! But, if she didn't... to hell with you!

      1. Pistola.Utalkin2Me

        I was 26 that August, loved the Tonight show and Letterman right after

    9. tina boslego

      aw, someone give the lady a footstool

    10. Robert Emanuel

      For sure, she is NOT a fan! It's amazing she even talks to him. But I don't think it's Martin himself, rather, his "art" is not what hers was -acting- nor could it ever be, even though it IS "acting" in a way to impersonate. Even the generation gap is not the difference here; quite simply, she was an accomplished actress, and he's a comedian-impersonator: like softball versus baseball.

    11. Frank G

      I don’t think he’s funny at all.

    12. Laura Warren

      I'm glad the lead in was misleading, she didn't respond negatively to him or even recognize that he was impersonating her lol...but I'd hate to think of anyone not being a fan of Martin Short😋 He's always been a favorite of mine.

    13. Sandi

      I didnt think this dood was funny at all.....just loud.

    14. Snow White

      This was so awesome.

    15. Dan S

      Awkward to have an elderly woman ignored.. while a young egocentric male does his thing.

    16. alex fernando Huenten

      Stepmother good movie

    17. John Hart

      Johnny cracking up is the best

    18. Seventies Memories

      The body language of Martin Short and Betty Davis . . they are each in their own realm - but tolerating each other. Miss the days of multiple guests on talk shows, interacting in the most unusual ways... Now it's just one by one, and the host controls all. Similar to what has happened in society.

    19. V Vytautas

      Short ain't funny but is quirky.

      1. Youngstown ComicCon

        @Bradley Miller extremely hilarious!

      2. Bradley Miller

        He's HILARIOUS.

    20. maxtheknife

      Waaaaaay back when SNL was funny.

    21. Michael Clayton

      That boom mic

    22. Jay Cuzman

      The fact that he barely acknowledged MS. Davis in the beginning, Taps her shoulder as a afterthought several minutes of being on the show, tells me he has no respect for her as a legend or as a person. Rather he is nervous, talented in his own right, he is missing being a gentleman first.

    23. Terri Caldwell

      His Katherine Hepburn was "Marvelous"!

    24. Toddly

      That was a *VERY QUICK* ten minutes and five seconds, Martin Short is a master impersonator. I enjoyed *every second* of this video clip. 😎👍

    25. Kara A

      If we quit medicating boys for ADHD, maybe we'd have more of this.

    26. M2 M

      Watching this clip I can see jimmy Fallon trying so hard to be Johnny with all the laughing

    27. NEB

      Funniest man on the planet.

    28. Bruce Sees all


    29. Diana Hulstine

      3 of my all time favs

    30. Ertha J. Thicke

      Imitation is the best form of flattery!

    31. SkateorDie666420

      Jiminy 1:34

    32. david shepherd

      I love Bette Davis but the cigarette smoking was rude and inconsiderate of everyone else being interviewed. She was an absolute chain smoker.

      1. EXCLAMATIONPOINTMAN!!!!!!!!!!

        That was unfortunately just accepted

    33. Dodie Odie

      I was hoping he'd give Bette some Joan Crawford.

    34. David Higginbotham

      I read his book about show business: SHORT ON TALENT.

    35. sus

      Betty's throwing shade 😆

    36. Whodathunkit Whodathunkit

      Such a funny man. Thought Johnny was going to fall off his chair!

    37. Biodynamixxx

      I always admired Martin Short bc he never used curse words! Heaven is lucky to have him! RIP Martin!

      1. Dr. G

        He’s still working. I think he’s been touring with Steve Martin (also still alive).

      2. Mathew Karedas

        ....uuuummmmm.......he’s still alive🤦🏻‍♂️

    38. Markus E

      I can't remember Martin ever disappointing me in his movies/TV. I am SO in a hurry to see him in "Only Murders In The Building" on Hulu!

    39. hitothecamera

      Really enjoyed this 👌 ☺

    40. joseph dixon

      It official Martian short created Jim carey lol 😆

    41. mr Meerkat

      Katherine Hepburn is imperonation is brilliant and the Bette Davis.

    42. J silverheals

      he certainly was not a humble person I am sure he would act the same way no matter if queen of england or if President Kennedy was there.

    43. CoachHayes100

      Remember the Non-Smoking section of the Air-Planes? Go figure!

    44. Dorothy B

      Betty doesn't seem too impressed

    45. David Batterson

      So funny, so talented. Love his impersonations.

    46. Jason Hutchinson


    47. Jason Gilmore

      Martin Short is annoying--- Johnny was kind to laugh at a lot of that. Short is also a jerk in person...

    48. Garry Harris

      Bette Davis was "Knock-Out" beautiful in Cabin in the Cotton 1932.

    49. J Cali

      Johnny developed emphysema from his heavy smoking for decades. You can hear his smokers cough a few times during this video. What a wonderful talent he was. Miss late night shows like these.

    50. Ben Kleschinsky

      Chevy, Martin, Short. The best team SNL ever had in my book!

      1. Chelsea is Here

        S. Martin was never a cast member C.Chase & M. Short were only there for 1 season.

    51. LegalEagleGurl

      Martin Short is one of the great comedic talents. I love his “Ed Grimley” character. I so miss Johnny Carson. No one on the late night circuit right now can hold a candle to him!

      1. Bisley Blackhawk grandmother (rest her soul) thought Johnny Carson was the “straightest and most handsome man she had ever seen”...THAT was when late night TV was entertaining...I miss those days/nights before they were replaced with the pure political shitholes on the TV now 😕🙁☹️😞😔...don’t get me started on the digression of SNL 😡🤬😡🤬

      2. Ferretocious

        I'm going absolutely mental I must say!!!

      3. Roger Whitby

        Johnny Carson , one of a kind. Miss great late night hosts . David Letterman another good one 😂😂

      4. Cheryl R Leigh

        There are no words for the brilliance that is Martin Short. He is a comic genius and the very best of his generation.

      5. Karen Gandler

        @John Belvin Certainly not by making his guests look good.

    52. Sandy Freyman

      It's so funny he does betty davis when he starts and then when he tells her she's hard to do but oh my she can't see he's doing her in imitation. 😆

    53. oops

      Isn’t that amazing that you could Smoke on these shows!!

    54. Jan501


    55. Nick L

      He’s annoying to listen to. This isn’t even funny in the least.

    56. Coco C

      Bette was about 40 here. At her prime. Have another smoke

      1. Josephalfonso Amantia

        She was in her 80's. She died a year after this show.

      2. George Maxwell

        40?!!! My goodness she looks much older.

    57. The Gaming Kitchen

      This is a bygone era. The torch was still being passed

    58. Dale Andrews

      Bette doesn't seem flattered as she should be, that's for sure.

    59. Abraham Ortiz

      I'm only 53 But those times where beautiful ❤️

    60. Patricia McCaffrey

      This interview was way too long. This guy is annoying. Does not have the class to be in the presence of Bette Davis.

    61. lesley james

      This was one of the worst ever. But funny to watch how it was not funny 😁

    62. Jonathan Vitelli

      He is the best. No one like him

    63. Alexx Baudwhyn

      Wow A steady camera focused on professional, classy entertainers for more than 20 seconds, discussing and displaying their craft. Haven't seen that since the 80s The whole short-attention-span school of videography and production started in the 90s and only got worse every year to now. Swooshy jerky cam, sound bite size dialog, dumbed down dialog.

    64. dailyflash

      Wow, Martin Short is so relaxed here, in a good way. Very confident and comfortable.

    65. A N

      The lozenge thing is classic - heard that many years ago.

    66. Laurel Faletra

      too much Martin, not enough of Bette...he is just annoying

    67. Hedy Did

      Bette was skin and bones at this time

    68. Fair Meliboea

      One of the best character actors of all time! His Katherine Hepburn impersonation is next level. Dang I miss the 80's!!

    69. Julia Jones

      So funny! The impersonations are so good. You just don’t see much of that anymore.

    70. David

      What can you say that hasn't been said. Certifiable genius...

    71. JaneJeffer

      God he is funny!

    72. mancsakacarl

      jofful watching johnny buzzing.

    73. Carolyn Murphy

      I'm bored already

    74. Aimee

      Love Martin Short! You now instinctively he’s an authentic person. A heart of gold. 💜 (forgive my typo) 🤭 know

    75. Keith Lentz

      Forwarded to James Carnes that’s related to Kim Carnes musician that sings Hit Tune ‘Betty Davis Eyes’

    76. Kim Cat

      😆 8:07 is the 2nd time Martin impersonates Betty and she doesn't realize it! He first did it at the beginning 0:18 classic 👍

    77. curt anschuetz

      So great. Kept waiting for the Trump bashing but it never came.

    78. fanfare100

      I couldn't help but notice the bellows of smoke Bette Davis was blowing in his direction throughout. XD

      1. Matt Dixon

        The 80s were awesome.

      2. Yank ee

        Wow - you're really right on top of things.

    79. satcher2001

      She's probably thinking "WTF?....." He is a little much, bouncing from one high-energy character to another. Different brand of entertainment than Bette. LOL.

    80. Blanca Llama productions

      All these has-been old Hollywood types act bored because they were used to a lott of action back in the day, I guess if someone isn't on a drug cocktail or committing a public raping then it's just passe to them.

    81. Johnny Punish

      Bette is an international treasure...the greatest actress ever

      1. Yank ee

        This is very disrespectful of her.

      2. NFL1976

        Thank you for your post!

    82. Angela Tillman

      Omg! I loved Ed Grimly!

    83. W. S

      Martin Short is a brilliant actor and comedian

    84. Joe Vuzekaz

      Martin Short, my favorite comedian.

    85. Charles Byrd

      Betty Davis did not suffer fools gladly

    86. Sharon Sassone

      Wow! The Queen Herself Better Davis sits beside Marty Short and asks him to immigrate her! He just throws a few words to her instead of initiating a full conversation in her voice with her! A missed opportunity! He probably regrets that from time to time! I a fan of both of them, great talents, just different!

    87. Ladaa Halib


    88. Vowel Sounds

      At some point, having some young clown make fun of you and your friends is probably not so funny. Bette Davis gave us all a lot. Matin needs to be careful to respect/honor her even as he needles her and so many of her friends.

    89. Greg Butcher

      Personally I thought Martin short was rude to Betty Davis

    90. JayRTea2187

      Can you imagine Bette Davis just sitting next to you in silence while you do your comedy shtick? Can't relate.

    91. Neva Mo

      Bad ass broad♥️

    92. Sheila Wilson

      I really love Martin Short and I enjoy Betty as well ☺

    93. Ed Wellington

      "You must be born again to see the kingdom of God." Jesus There's more to life than comedy.

      1. Rick Roehler

        Shut the hell up...

      2. chris fetko

        I bet you're fun at parties

    94. Ondine Bult

      Oooooh it's the genesis of Jiminy Click

    95. pasha veres

      This was fun. His Jerry Lewis sounds a bit more Adam Sandler to me.

    96. Dan Rosner

      He is so talented, you wouldn't know it actually watching him yet to act. It's so strange. He's incredible. But when you see him in a movie or trying to be goofy, it's unbearable.

    97. Free Ranger

      I’m pretty sure martin Short is now Cathy Griffith

    98. Richard Franta


    99. Matthew H

      Those Bette Davis Eyes

    100. William Levi

      Can't get over the cloud of cigarette smoke she's puffing out. Amazes me how people sat there un fazed by that back then..

      1. William Levi

        @Christopher Hendricks Thank God we've evolved.. I can't even imagine a world of people puffing in your face..

      2. Christopher Hendricks

        Yes. I remember being a kid in. The 80s and 90s. You could smoke in any restaurant and even the mall had ashtrays. Definitely was different times.

      3. Surfs Up

        Every smokers smoke warfs in someone's face. And they don't care. Cigarette smokers are the ultimate don't give a shitters.

      4. Chris W

        BTW see my Petri Dish Earth vids guys. I saw this world from the outside when I went asystole.

      5. Chris W

        @mamabluejean Thanks :-)