MrBEAST BURGER Full Menu Challenge **DESTROYED**

Matt Stonie

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    Good Video? You know what to do :)
    A bit back Mr. Beast releases his very own restaurant, Mr. Beast Burgers!! Unfortunately I was out of town for the launch and couldn't get my hands on them sooner, but I had to try them out!
    Full Order =
    1 Beast-Style Burger (triple + extra patty)
    1 Chris-Style Burger (extra patty)
    1 Chandler-Style Burger (extra patty)
    1 Chicken Tender Sandwich
    1 Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
    1 Karl's Grilled Cheese
    1 Seasoned Fries
    1 Beast-Style Fries
    6 Cookies
    1 Water Bottle
    1 Can of Coke (diet)
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    1. Matt Stonie

      Long time no see! Had to start the year off w/ a BIG Challenge 🍔 Happy 2021 everyone!

      1. Kr3atif

        Kinda Sus

      2. Jonah Adler

        How much you weigh?!

      3. X-Virus


      4. X-Virus


      5. X-Virus


    2. AidenZ BananaZ

      6:19 He sounded like that dude from the flash game called HOBO

    3. Cyrome King

      When have u ever used bottled water

    4. Nerd Fnm

      Him on his first date

    5. Nerd Fnm

      POV: you are waiting for mr beast to comment

    6. Tyler LaFreniere

      Chandler's burger looks the best and the spicy chicken sandwich looks amazing

    7. Zak.Shack

      Why 9k dislikes?

    8. frug

      I would like the. He is style

    9. abi rio

      He def threw up after this lol

    10. Kathryn Wilson


    11. Sweashy

      How do you not have a 1000 double chin?

    12. Rissol de carne

      You have a toilet inside you

    13. Andri Thor Andrésson

      Ok Heart Attack Grill whole menu next :)

    14. Iwonka Gasienica

      I can imagine Thanksgiving. His family sits around the table, they close they're eyes for 30 seconds to say grace. When they open there eyes the turkeys gone and matt is burping like crazy.

    15. RoastmasterEP

      Feel like mr beast downfall gonna be his restaurants

    16. Duo

      he really do wsnt Morgan to get the whole menu huh

    17. Random Person

      It looks cringey when he bites the burgers

    18. Christan_queen M.

      U should do 400 bite size with bbq sauce 🥰

    19. Ron Will

      How is this man not obese

    20. Gamers And Sports Talk

      At this time Morgan is still eating the full menu

    21. Fan of Catnoir

      I literally was going to bite my phone thinking I was eating it! Lol

    22. Adam Almokla

      What d how isinglass he full

    23. Sword Walker

      When you have exams the next day The way you study:

    24. Stefanos Tzinakos

      In toilet every time what are you doing 😂

    25. Obamaspuebes

      Im angry cause I wish pickles tasted as good as they looked because they look so good but they are disgusting

    26. ZxchPlxyz

      Me when my mom tells me to go on a diet:

    27. Eduard

      pov: you are scrolling down trying to find Mr.Beast comment

    28. Deccy 10


    29. Jdkshd Shshshs

      Where does all the food go and how does he handle these massive shits

    30. Topia Plays

      He eats 100 pounds and doesn't get fat how?

    31. Kovachot

      you like food a bit too much

    32. Ballers

      Guys just see how much he eats and think how hard he works out

    33. Jayesh Parmar

      Why doesn't your body grow even after eating so much, brother?

    34. Backfireoftheworld

      About 30 mins later he took a nap dreaming of more burgers

    35. Invader 839

      5:43 “*Switching stomach’s*”

    36. Eva Wallis

      Why am I always starving

    37. Guero Mp

      @mrbeast will not comment on this video

    38. DM de Beer

      Can w3 just apreaciate that he never click baits

    39. patrick_roblox

      If it has pickles chan-chan would be scared

    40. Aqua HVH

      i want to see you crying, because you eat very very fast like 999999999.99999999Trillion

    41. Haider Malik

      Matt Stonie be like * Give me every fukin thing on the menu

    42. x̶x̶-s̶u̶n̶n̶y̶-x̶x̶ A̶t̶a̶

      Mr beast looking at this like 'o'

    43. Technical Faisal iqbal

      I eating daily this burgar ❤

    44. dbspaceoditty

      if he didnt speed eat, how long could he eat for? like, if he ate at normal pace. could he perpetually eat? what about 12 hour food challenges?

    45. Auster Butt

      Karl’s grilled cheese was just sad it didn’t even look good it just looked S A D

      1. Tyler LaFreniere

        Its cause nobody likes karl

    46. Señor Bookie

      How are you not fat

    47. Ray Julian

      Well quang tran got those grilled cheese raw....

    48. Ssj Corrupt

      My😁 mom🤓 said😤 my😬 sister🤗 was😪 a🥸 angel 😇but🤑 when😖 i threw🤠 her👽 off 🤖 the😌 balcony🙄 she🤡 didnt😹 fly😂

    49. Waqad Ahmad

      He is going to have a good time in the toilet

    50. Executioner

      This is Matt's flex to Mrbeast because he didn't include him on the world's largest pizza slice

    51. KeeveGaming Lounge

      This is making me hungry

    52. Leo Martinez and his Slow.0

      You should try the whole menu of Whataburger!!

    53. SSlitical

      Wait so who’s the actual beast now...?

    54. Sythe


    55. Erick Mendoza

      If I ate this it would take hours for me to finish it because I will take my time to feed my tastebuds.

      1. FOOD MAN

        matt ate the first burger in 30 seconds, I would have ate it in 10 minutes🤣🤣May i have honest feedbacks for my newest food upload? It’s highly appreciated!

    56. FearlessSkyzz

      dang thats a lot of calories

    57. wee nest

      Matt stonie: the names putane, next time you ask I'll tell you the same.

    58. Dxrk Sin

      any americans dream

    59. Alirian Pitti

      Hey the loiter is not ready my man

    60. William Dunce


    61. rhandel plays

      How to download playstore

      1. Lightning

        It comes with ur phone by default when u buy a phone only on android

    62. D1S-i5-5P4R7A

      5.45 Santa eating cookies fast to manage time

    63. Umbraios

      Matt Stonie’s toilet is a broken toilet

    64. DrinkOrDie

      Dear Matt, I really enjoy your content, I do, but I'm also really worried about you sometimes, please don't hurt yourself. A letter from a stranger.


      Sahurda bunun gibi yiyecen bayrama kadar iftar yapmassın



    67. xylogens

      My dad can eat those burgers faster than him lol.

    68. Deivid

      Where does everything fit? 😆

    69. xylogens

      My mouth is watering

    70. Pony YT Ag

      Nobody: absolutely nobody Me:looks for me east comment

    71. Just learning Exotics

      Box of otter pops

    72. Jessy Michael

      If I would challenge you to do a food challenge who finish first one second later you win

    73. ThisGuysMason

      If I could eat like him I would legit just take my time and enjoy every bite

    74. the fortunestorm

      GOD if you are reading this, give this high amount metabolism. I won't mind it like others

    75. The Underdog

      Mr. Beast himself should comment on this

    76. DG Guitar

      Every time I watch your videos my throat starts hurting

    77. Momin Ali

      It aint called fast food for nothing😂

    78. Spider-Man

      Mr Beast: "I'll never financially recover from this..."

    79. Shockerboy

      “The chandaler style burger”😂

    80. Eric

      I wonder what thanksgiving is like for him he's just gonna devour the turkey in under 10 minutes

      1. no se que ponerme de nombre ayuda

        Imagine christmas

      2. 斑 Mexican Madara 斑


    81. FILIFLOP !

      Why Mr.Beast don't comment this video???

    82. isawaistofspace

      Is it just me or it actually looks bomb?? I'm hungry now.

    83. ZathanMC

      Who is here just to see if mrbeast comments

    84. MrSwoompy

      how is he so skiny

    85. Rithull VaishnavYT

      #mattstonie Valimai update

    86. ooferboi 99

      How does this man not have diabetes

    87. Enes Akıncı

      Abi kaç cm

    88. 정호윤


    89. Anil Desai

      Who is still waiting for MrBeast to comment 😂

    90. Just Alula_Rblx

      Sad Mrbeast hasn’t commented yet :/

    91. Owauz

      The karl burger loook like karl

    92. YANISxOSMALI - Battlelands

      6:12 omg ur throats in time

    93. Sourjya Seth

      u could have given me one of that🙂🥺



    95. Ale

      this guy wears the same shirt every video

    96. noobmaster69

      When he eating chicken sandwich he sound like minecraft eating sound lol

    97. Azu

      I still havent finished my medium french fries after watching this video

    98. gj Saurav

      Rip digestion

    99. Simran Mony

      Can we just appreciate that he never click bait us