G-Eazy - Sun Bleached & Dried (Visualizer)

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    Published on 9 months ago


    1. dallas cowboysSB2020

      🔥 🔥 🔥

    2. Mohamed alkahki

      This made me cry ❤️

    3. Bethany Brown

      Awwwww G!!! This one still makes me wanna come give you a hug. You are so fucking cute it kills me

    4. Rossy Gonzalez

      So heartfelt 🖤🎶❤ Love this sm Gerry 😘😍

    5. Anshulika Singh

      Everybody has some hidden talent... Love it❤️

    6. Cassidy Holland-Vaissiere

      Anyone else too focused on checking the timing on the reveals were right and it kinda annoyed me.

    7. MJ_STEEZY

      I just wanna say rn this is not g, g is a fucking legend and a king and his switch of styles is not him. He's gotta be hating himself and his career to even post any of those songs. G get back to the old school vibe back to been on and the songs with e40 and the boys, or coconut grove, or waspy, bring it back to when you first started that was the real you this is not you brotha

      1. An Om

        This is a more personal side. The before is all exterior.

    8. Lorelai Beginsew

      i love hype g eazy. but this, this is immaculate. his voice literally gives me goosebumps. I had to check to see if there was a featured artist when he began to sing. the outro shakes my heart bro I swear

    9. DuhShazey

      this song is underrated as hell.

    10. Hristina Dimitrova

      So beautiful 💞

    11. Jill Thompson

      hey, you want to say um do go....

    12. Ana Lopez

      It's all good yo, i be the same way the next day after a night of going ham :) ahaa, these ppl be clownin' stay solid Eazy!

    13. Sola Iams


    14. Espresso God

      The song is most Gemini I’ve ever seen in his music I completely relate to this fucking shit its scary

    15. Asif Khan

      Dear G, Don't commit suicide..... We love your voice and composition ❤️❤️ Sincerely, Just a fan.

    16. Peezy Bryan

      Thought it was garbage bro....sounds like hes trying to sound like a white weekend or somethin.

      1. Sarah Thomas

        your disgusting leave him alone

    17. Darrell Clark

      He's gonna get fat,he better not get fat.


      I love you I LOVE YOUR MUSIC

    19. Isabella Zeema

      My soul feels crushed rn

    20. Himanshu Saksena

      Last verse... I could meet you Outfront, can't let u inside.. Heart touching. Felt it!

    21. Melinda Davids

      I love this song. 💛💛💛💛

    22. Madalina Dubina

      Your voice is special ! I love your songs 💯👌

    23. Ju Vi

      So beautiful😍

    24. Zealeo Music

      Feelings like the ones G is feeling is all too common in the music industry (hell, any industry). All about the face you put on, and theres so much showing out, you forget to tend to the soul within keeping it all together. I really feel for you G, and I hope it becomes easier to overcome overtime. We all love you

    25. Brittany Dishong

      Hands down the most talented and diverse artist to step on a stage! XOXO

    26. Zero Clash

      Gerald your new album is the best and the songs are excellent why don't they listen to new album

    27. spoomwoods7838

      Dude he's depressed I've Bend There but my to Depression was because I am bipolar

    28. Nel Reye

      Your True Authentic Self it's Beautiful...❤❤❤❤

    29. Andrew Garza

      G Eazy being like the weeknd

    30. Kat Hingle

      We all have issues. He’s being fucken real!! Love your music and love that sick twisted love we all face!!!

    31. rachel crawford

      gerald why you so sad for, lmao like if you get the reference

    32. Adler

      This one song is on top of all my music!

    33. Vanessa B.

      Love you soo❤❤

    34. emyF

      saw his just new mv with blackbear.. thought it was ok. G is very mainstream radio friendly type of rapper. N from what I've seen him being like any other rapper w booze/smoke news abt halsey etc n found him quite sleazy weirdo type. But here it seems he has hung out with NF and having the NF effect lol jk.. The song is giving me same vibe as hate myself by NF ... Altho there's a video of them both in a room where he talks abt hooking up w girls while NF looked very married n wanting to get out from there lol

    35. Dorinda George

      I’m so glad that artists now are bringing to light their very own depression, & and anxiety. That should of happened when I grew up. I find myself enjoying newer music.....relating to it

    36. Wavvy Baby

      Ive always loved you Gerald. 🙌🗣️💕

    37. Vesi World Bortolini


    38. Flitzi Boy

      The vibe in this is crazy.. doesnt sounds like him at all, I love it.

    39. Cody Knox

      So many faces G. Choose you 🤘

    40. D. Abdelkarim

      How does this not have over a million views?!?! This is brilliant. Wheres all my real G-Eazy fans?!?!?! Click that like button if you agree!!

    41. roy reyes

      Eazy making music

    42. Brookie S

      U could have played the joker

    43. Kris Manns


    44. Sylwia 926

      I like your voice ♥👊

    45. alessandra _MMJK39

      Sending positive vibes and prayers your way Gerald

    46. TheoLover 3000

      Best song of Everythingsstrangehere

    47. Shelley

      I could meet you out front. I cant let you inside... 🌀

    48. shaun Frost

      Being a Gemini I relate! it’s a battle that is never ending this battle we have within ourselves is toxic and that all I have to say

    49. Usama Mudassar

      we need collab of g-eazy and Eminem

    50. Eimantas Šeputis

      Čia aš su Gusčiu

      1. Eimantas Šeputis

        @ZbisiusTV 🥺🥺🥺

      2. ZbisiusTV

        thanx 4 add Kyle

    51. Knowledge saves And frees

      Dude must of had a bad lsd trip

    52. SuperbHit music

      G-Easy I'm your biggest fan

    53. Phillip J

      That poetic outro is haunting and beautiful. I love the vulnerability, G! Keep making the music you want to make

    54. Aaron Hageman

      Wow not only did he surprise me but it dawned on me she has absolutely everything she has ever rapped about his whole career and now what she's still sad inside it's an inner battle were fighting not a financial for respect battle

    55. R

      This dude is a clown

    56. Lackad

      Just know he means it

    57. Ana Toscano

      G got old now I feel old and I’m only 13

    58. My Reason For life.

      His words are him to a t.. Let's not act surprised.

    59. Ali Behroozi


    60. lina salih

      Its a no from me

    61. Capricorn7

    62. Thomas Wolf

      Love these new singles and the new side of him. Hate that green shirt in the other video but I guess I've done a lot of psychedelics too... Seems like he's going through some changes and I'd like to see a recovery after the whole halsey fall-out. Put the powder down. stick to trees and beats you're not a legend yet

    63. James G

      This is what drugs do to you kids

    64. ليالينا الحلوة Sweet Night’s

      🌺❤️جميل جداا اتمني التواصل الدائم والمتابعة المستمرة 🌹

    65. Nick Rossol

      So much respect

    66. Noel Žužić

      Possibly one of the best songs ever. Holy f

    67. Lucas T

      When I 1st hear this song i thought is an old song that i missed out from him

    68. Reficul 999

      Love both sides of Gerald!

    69. Rishabh Adhikari

      Here's to the gold songs u have given us 🥂. And whatever you are going through I hope u overcome that.

    70. ̸̣⃗៹⸝⸝ JA NΞ

      ngl but this song gave me the joker kind of vibes... I love G-Eazy so much wow

    71. Kindly Help me Reach 16k Subs with videos

      "People say G-Eazy has only american fans" Like if you are not American 🔰

    72. Dina Fedali

      I feel sad for him omg 🥺

    73. Love Jaimo

      Please check this out 🥺 maybe even make a reaction video to it and/or dance to it G EAZY is featured usfilm.info/fire/i5WTl6SYaapix8w/video.html

    74. Little Nicky

      Crazy to think he's waaaaaay more famous and recognized than Chris webby and his recents to 3 years back aren't even a fraction to be close as good as webbys new songs..ppl are blind to good music stay flockin to mainstream music with no quality

      1. You Dont know me

        chris webby hella boring and straight up looking like a nerdy hobo. but whatever fits ur image

    75. Little Nicky

      Yo this shit is straight garbage..g eazy definitely falling off lately.. IDK if this dude will have make an album ad good as when it's dark out or these things happen ever again at this rate

    76. Kid Jae

      This makes me so sad

    77. Daniel Mounayer

      We want the G Eazy We "been on" That dropped Tumblr Girls...

    78. Nigo Templar

      Real Artist🙌

    79. Skylar Garrison

      I’m just mad I got an mgk ad before his song😂

    80. MaK Braveheard

      please dont sing .....you are a rapper ...make this

    81. mike olsen

      g-eazy, i dont know anything about you other than you are a gemini lol and i am too. emotions is too easy to get rid off and forgotten. but i suggest you try to feel anything no matter what it feels like, all emotions are important to feel no matter what time at day. force feelings if you cant feel anything, its like you remember your past again the sweet times when you feel unwanted feelings, it really really sucks big diQ to feel again, i dont know if you are emotionally numb, but if you are, seek into the heart of jesus and he wil allow you to feel what ever the body needs to feel.

    82. Мишаня


    83. OnSight Wavy

      take care man it's All love 💘💚

    84. Oona L

      Maybe he is just broken, maybe he is just an abusive asshole. Not everyone has empathy. Also, smart move to gain some sympathy after all the things that's been said about him through songs, in interviews etc. But we don't really know who he is. These are all just assumptions. He is shifting responsibility for the shit he has done to others. "I warned you I was bad news This will only hurt But you love your taboos So many red flags" eh, well that is something that abusive people do. Just saying..We don't know him. He could be anything and so what anyway.

    85. Max Z

      Man what happened to you? Give Us some "i mean it"

    86. Addi Mann

      Where is the old G-Eazy? 😣🤐

    87. Lepo Konyak

      Love u mann 😘😘🖤

    88. Skinny Lounge

      Yo... who TF hurt this man!?

    89. Riley todaro

      Hasley and G-Eazy bolong together i mean who else is he talking about

    90. Yaroslav Geller

      И на кой хер я влюбился и теперь это слушаю?

    91. sara Ahmad

      omg these vibes are 💕💕💕

    92. burcu can


    93. Crunch The Chips

      You have lost the taste of music G you better stand up again, and change your producer the beat don't give me the vibe

    94. Shmuel L. Cerqueira

      i love you to pieces you are a motivater to relief anxiety

    95. Mik' T.

      Bruder, mach keinen Scheiß!! Grüße aus Deutschland.

    96. Blazer

      I’ve always wanted G-Eazy to go back to that 2015 vibe but this will do.

    97. 10 Diamonds

      Man i hope we don't lose Gerald

    98. ferhat bahadur


    99. alfa romeo

      Ngl he kinda fell off