Exclusive Look At Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales' First Boss (4K)

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    As part of our month of exclusive coverage, we're giving you a quick look at the first boss battle players will encounter in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales!
    If you're looking to go into the game clean, know that there are some very early game spoilers in this video. You have been warned!
    If you enjoyed this quick video, we'll be diving into more of Insomniac's open-world PlayStation 5 experience all month long. So be sure to check out the playlist below if you can't get enough of everyone's favorite web-slinger: usfilm.info/put/PLoAFmgzYW18I1UFTzFYXceJFZy_7EnJb1.html

    Published on 18 days ago



      I really hope they add a multiplayer mode in the game where multiple people can play as different Spider-Man and Swinging around NYC! It would be Spider-Verse all over again that would be spider heaven ❤🕷


      Imagine they add two players offline option one play with Peter and other one with miles

    3. 宮本テオドシア

      why would they let rhino wear his armor when they handcuffed him??? strip him down idiots!!! NO WONDER EVERY WEEK THERE IS A PRISON BREAKOUT

    4. Jack Striderr

      I’m so hyped

    5. Cloud Strife

      Miles voice actor sounds a lot like the bubble kid from total drama now that I think about it, anyway, I’m so hyped for this!

    6. ハンバーガー


    7. Burner Account

      Did this man just drop Spidey’s government name in public

      1. bullwinkle524

        There are probably at least a dozen Peters in New York. I think he’s good

    8. Best of Music

      Xbox who ?!! And this is only the start

    9. adam

      Where do you get these videos from????

      1. adam

        @Enrique Martin Chales Ohhhhhh thanks

      2. Enrique Martin Chales

        There from insomniac since game informer are reporting on miles morales news this month

    10. Diego ADE

      Dude, this is literally from Spider-Man 1 in Play Station 1, this is awesome

      1. Bally With The Blammy

        i'll never forget that game - i had to go back and play it on my PS2 after seeing this

    11. MAN


    12. Donutz DoesThings

      I like how Miles is just sliding down the wall trying to get a grip at the start lmao

    13. Test Channel

      Copy paste

      1. Internet surfer

        What do you mean?

    14. AZ Adventures

      Omg gamer

    15. Dylan Bolland

      Is this the full trailer? What’s the channel to find it

    16. Osman_03

      This takes me back to spiderman 2 on pc lmao

    17. Seymour09

      Spider man 1 - Rhino AND Scorpion couldn't break out of regular shipment container. Now Rhino can break out special container on his own... WTF

    18. MemeSupreme

      Miles voice is so cute

      1. MemeSupreme


    19. Omar Gamer Expert

      did everybody forget this villian VENOM

    20. Jin Kwon

      Okay, Insomniac, we get it! RHINO'S A RETURNING VILLAIN. WE GET IT

    21. Pain

      I love how instead of copying peters quips, miles just says what he wants to say

    22. Ali Ghazali

      i thought insomniac said this game is a standalone game

    23. Daddy Potato

      Is that the same voice actor for Miles from Spider-man ps4.?

      1. Enrique Martin Chales


    24. Pietro Di Nicola

      The ride with rhino remembers me spider man 3 for psp

    25. Isaac Jeffs

      it bothers me how they refer to each other by name like someone isnt going to hear them

    26. Farhan Paan

      That thumbnail though... Miles looking fineee

    27. Real Android Gaming

      I Loved Peter Parker❤

      1. Real Android Gaming

        @African Logic Both Is Great Right Bro

      2. African Logic

        miles is better

    28. Jônatas

      0:01 Notice how Peter just jumps right to the wall but Miles slides down for a little while. Details like this show the difference between their experiences as superheroes.

      1. david arenas

        😂the way he slides down is funny

    29. tauto

      I really dont like Miles´s voice...could be more cool. this sounds like hes a little dumb

      1. African Logic

        sounds great

    30. joshua lyons

      so excited for this. i just there is more. even with the dlc the first just wasnt enough

    31. Sunny

      Does Miles seem a little OP to anyone?

    32. GAME MAN


    33. Jordan Ferris


    34. Lopi anz

      Next Spider Gwen please

      1. Internet surfer

        I don't think that will happen.

    35. Emilo Pesantes

      Funny how it says "no casualties" right after a car gets literally squashed by the cage

    36. Ricebreak

      Bruh thats some Ultimate Spiderman PS2 vibes from Rhino fight

    37. sree parthan

      Peter Parker is my one n only Spiderman 💪🏻👏🏻

      1. African Logic

        miles is better

      2. Internet surfer

        I mean there's a whole multiverse of Spidey, but that's your opinion.

    38. Varun John

      no 60fps.. disappointing.

      1. Internet surfer

        It can be 60fps with performance mode.

    39. Brown bomber

      miles kinda beat the shit outta hime

    40. Gabriel Esteban Aviles Quesada

      I am glad that we're going to fight rhino again because it's one of my favorites boss fights of the first game but it's sad that he is the first boss so he probably going to be kind of a tutorial Anyway i hope he gave a good fight

    41. vamrack

      I hope they make the bosses harder than the first games bosses

    42. Master LazerSlayer

      Why this like spider man homecoming just with two spider mans and not iron man and spider man

    43. Quade Spennewyn

      wait so why did we change the character model for peter to make him look 10 years younger when hes an adult, but then yall be keeping a 15 year old miles morales looking 25??

    44. Andrey Teslenko

      This Miles Morales got some annoying voice.

      1. African Logic


    45. zerogs leader

      I got some web of shadows vibe from that part where miles rode the rhino

    46. Mike Arsen

      Yo it reminded me of rhino fight in spider man 2

    47. Catub’s TV

      Who else just knew it would be Rhino?

    48. Luis Llaguno

      Fighting Rihno in the middle of electric generators, that's reminds me of Spider-Man Ps1, so awesome!

    49. Matt Bell

      I really hope we get a venom miles morales skin

    50. Kyle Jackson

      $70 dlc

      1. Internet surfer

        @Enrique Martin Chales LOL true

      2. Enrique Martin Chales

        @Internet surfer let’s these Xbox fanboys cry bro, they mad that their launch lineup is terrible.

      3. Internet surfer

        Just cause it's shorter doesn't mean it's not a game, it's a spin off like uncharted lost legacy.

    51. GayStation 5

      This politically correct Spider-Man is going to be trash 🗑

      1. GayStation 5

        @Internet surfer Why do you think? Look at all the Spider-Man’s that have ever existed, and compare it to the last Spider-Man game and this one coming up. Then remember the times we are in.

      2. GayStation 5

        @Paul Burns Why are you crying? 🤣🤣🤣

      3. Paul Burns

        Yes cry more

      4. Internet surfer

        @GayStation 5 Spider Verse is also critically acclaimed as well. Anyway why do you think this Spidey's political?

      5. GayStation 5

        @Internet surfer You said a movie that was critically praised...

    52. Sunnex

      For anyone wondering: ps5 games won’t work on ps4

      1. Enrique Martin Chales

        Well no shit, their ps5 games. Unless the game is crossgen.

      2. christopher swain

        Well this game is coming out on ps4

    53. Sunnex

      I hope peter and the cat don’t dus

    54. mikea hiooi

      The mission where you play as Miles in the first game was basically a “free-trial” version of this boss fight.

    55. Seymour09

      Wow, characters became so much dumber

      1. Seymour09

        @Internet surfer Miles call Peter by name in the middlle of a street. Also he causes a crash while he could easily avoid it.

      2. Internet surfer


    56. Bard Nomad

      Goddammit I hate Rhino...

      1. Internet surfer

        @mikea hiooi I mean he's only 16 sooooo.

      2. Bard Nomad

        @mikea hiooi lmao

      3. mikea hiooi

        God Morales voice... my kids have deeper voices that that.

    57. Shikido San

      So is Venom gonna be in this game?

    58. Eddie Grunge

      Come back with the face of Peter Parker from Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4 !!! Voltem com o rosto do Peter Parker do Marvel' Spider-Man de PS4 !!!

    59. Michael Reardon

      That cop was def crushed by that truck

    60. Troy Manansala

      It's really nice to see that this is somewhat a continuation of the previous great Spider-Man video game.

    61. Xgaming125 g

      A moment of silence for the idiots who said this wasn't a sequel.

      1. Xgaming125 g

        @skuldug12 The game is a sequel, it takes place 1 year after the events of Spider-Man: PS4. However, this 2nd game is focused on miles instead of Peter. But either way, this game is one year after Spider-Man: PS4.

      2. Xgaming125 g

        @skuldug12 Are you dumb, stupid or dumb? Or are you none of the above? Spider-Man: Miles Morales takes place one year after the events of Spider-Man: PS4 2018. The game is just focused on miles instead of Peter. But the two games are connected. They're in the same universe.

      3. skuldug12

        A moment of silence for your ignorance -- it's not a sequel to Peter's story.

    62. legendary Hero

      It's like a movie!

    63. Amateur Menace

      They really just planning to recycle *all* the assets from the first one huh?

    64. Awanis

      I dont want to see Peter die :(

    65. Thomas L

      Hiiii I’m the rhino 🥴

    66. S2WaveyUnah h

      Peter is to kind in this game unlike the peter in the movie well the 2nd peter

    67. GothamCityDemon

      Will Peter be based off the remaster?

    68. []RE:Darkness Of Destiny[]

      Lmao,Rhino is actually big so consider he is a rhino, he think them as a spider because spider is just the size of our cup

      1. Yellow

        Next time you say something correct your grammar

    69. O A

      So whats Peter doing during all this?

    70. Mujtaba Ellari

      Fun fact: in the comics Miles and Rhino are kinda friends. Miles helps him find his kidnapped niece.

    71. Johan Johannesson

      God Morales voice... my kids have deeper voices that that.

      1. Internet surfer

        I mean he's only 16 sooooo



    73. UkzDestroyerZ

      1080p is not 4k remove that from the title

    74. misssupreme

      They already 2020'd us by changing Peter's face. Please don't also kill him off in this game.

    75. Danny Hutchins

      Miles's voiceover sounds awful. I swear he sounded better in the first game??

    76. Estahnais ?


    77. Push Radio


    78. jp have

      Watched this is 144 p beautiful 😍

    79. Said Tijerina

      Did miles give away spidermans identydi in 0:23?

    80. David Messa

      Yo me e pasado la mayoría de juegos de spiderman en mi xbox y siempre tienen mucha ficción lo mejor 🔥🔥🔥❤️

    81. Charles Wong

      RIP to all the rhinos on every spider-man video game

    82. SHMidler

      Why does this boss fight make me think of that old Spider-Man game for the PS1 and Dreamcast?

    83. Noel Dizon

      Spider-man: miles Morales, can be playable on ps4?

      1. Internet surfer

        Yes you can preorder it right now on PS4 digitally or physically.

    84. BIG SHOOSH

      Great to see my boy peter back in them tights

    85. Sondra Clark

      Yes Peter in miles morales ps5

    86. Nisaiah Campbell

      Rhino?!, that's who was in the case, the first time I saw this I thought it was goblin

      1. Nisaiah Campbell

        @doire aintu because all we're seeing is a bunch of Exclusive looks on what the game looks like, the release date for the game is November 12, 2020

      2. doire aintu

        SO FKING UNFAIR DUDE, why can't we play it 😂

    87. Hair

      0:24 Literally shouted Peter's name in the street

    88. João Filipe Ferreira

      So annoying why changing his voice? Peters face, Miles voice. What’s wrong with insomniac?

      1. Raemonn Ramos

        It’s the same voice actor from the first game...

    89. João Filipe Ferreira

      Dude his voice is so annoying now WTF

    90. tinyfeet101

      so glad this is coming out for the ps4

    91. Ultra Hater

      Pc gamer shit

    92. Ceerox _nd

      0:00 Notice how he slips off

    93. OHC_raycho

      I want peter paker back

      1. Internet surfer

        He's still here.

    94. GoFYourself

      Dang...Miles' voice sounds really annoying

    95. Gregohan hero

      Awesome that Peter teams up with Miles and especially against Peter foe from last game Rhino who with and without Scorpion help looses

    96. 932001quietstorm

      Why yall got ppl paying full price for this dlc?

      1. Internet surfer

        Just cause it's shorter doesn't mean it's not a game. It's a spin off like uncharted lost legacy.

    97. GUTS 141

      Payback for the Spider-Man PS4 stealth level

    98. Natures Smurf

      Watching this I just remembered Norman put Harry in a tank with Venom. My hype for the game went up 100 times

    99. sockmonkey323

      It would be really cool if Sunflower played while fighting bosses 😍😂