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    I spent a day with rare Pokemon card collectors to find out if all the rumors are true.
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    🧨HUGE thank you to:
    ▸ Dani - superduperdani
    ▸ Jaron - jaronadams28
    (Shout out sertifiedcasting.com for helping me find the above revered Pokemon card collectors)
    ▸ Gary - www.ebay.com/itm/97-PSA-10-CHARIZARDS-10-1st-EDITION-BASE-12-SHADOWLESS-30-BGS-9-5-6x10s-Pokemon-/122158629192?_trksid=p2047675.m43663.l10137&nordt=true&rt=nc&orig_cvip=true
    (Shout out to Maxmoefoe for suggesting I reach out to Gary from Pawn Stars)
    ▸ Director, Creator, Writer - Anthony Padilla
    ▸ Assistant Producer, Co-writing & Research - Cade Huseby
    ▸ Director of Photography/Gaffer - Zach Zeidman
    ▸ Assistant Camera Operator - Paul Kane
    ▸ Editor - Mike Criscimagna
    ▸ Assistant Editor - Robert Butler III
    ▸ Stage Manager - Cort Maclean
    ▸ If you are part of an under represented subculture with a way of life you feel is not widely understood and would like to be interviewed by me in LA, email inquiry[at]pressalike.com
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    1. AnthonyPadilla

      come back next week for I spent a day with HOLLYWOOD STUNT ACTORS (Black Panther, Fast and Furious, etc). my new cooking show pilot is also coming out later this week(!!!) luv, anthony padildo ps: shoutout to the ~padingdongs~ who turned on notifications 🔔. you're helping the "I spent a day with" series become more successful, and the more successful it is the more "interesting" guests i can fly in and the more people learn about misunderstood & underrepresented people 🖤

      1. yance 1738sup

        Please go back to smoch

      2. Apple 882

        Tim Bibin got me

      3. Artan Mazreku

        I got a bunch of cards I'm selling over 3000 dollars well pounds but yeah

      4. Olivier Audard

        Black panter is death i mean the actor

      5. Grenino


    2. Kitty Adams

      I have one of the rarest ancient Egyptian mew!

    3. AwezomeHero

      Idk how Gary can travel with $5mil casually💀

    4. Ruuku1

      i have a feeling that guys 3000 machamp is not so 3000 lol.

    5. Rae Summers

      Millenials desperately trying to act mature

    6. Travis Feest

      @4:50 THE MACHAMP IS WORTH 10 DOLLARS DUDE. I have three of them :/

    7. Aaron Marcengill

      Chum come look at these Pokéman cards

    8. Alien Boy

      Can you let them finish the story what happened to the boat cards

    9. Gosha Hello

      Anthony: what's the furthest you traveled for Pokemon cards me: Walmart

    10. Squeaks*

      I have a 1st muchamp

    11. Rong D. Memer

      I feel bad for em he should've kill his friend for sharingan and his pokemon charizard

    12. Rong D. Memer

      He showed it now those hungry card collector Thief gonna rob them

    13. Goose

      False, i see no moist here.

    14. ML Boy

      Logan Paul where u at?

    15. Zombruh

      hello obama you still taking little kids charizards lol?

    16. Jo Lynn

      The thumbnail is so overpay lol it’s worth 30,000 xd

    17. MC Chillie

      3:02 i have that card how much is it worth?

      1. Kyle Alexander

        Depends on the condition. The 10s r nuts

    18. Toby The Pug

      No one: Gary: There’s only 2 in the world... Not even the Pokémon company: Gary: And I own both... *SUCK IT*

    19. Michael R

      Haha. Gary's wearing a Gold and Silver Pawn shirt. Was Rick taking a big risk?

    20. Flames The Lil Fox

      OMG😨okay so,I was opening a card pack while watching this vid and I got a charizard!

    21. 11

      That dude has millions on millions now

    22. Kyoshi _

      So I know this is a bit rude but I’m a bit curious what’s going to happen to Gary’s collection once he passes?

    23. Keith Gomez

      Gary sounded like he was saying “hit me up for professional needs in Pokémon” “Hit Up Leonheart for child’s play”

    24. John Contreras

      I started collecting cards in 2016 when generations first showed up and I don’t regret it. I love chasing cards, I love trading, I love meeting other people who collect and I love putting cards I need in the book. I love my everything I love about it.

    25. Nicklaus 04

      I think Gary woulnd't give it anymore away for 5 Million :)

    26. ChillYoTnx

      0:29 u high or what?? 😄

    27. Panda Gaming

      Your from smash

    28. J S

      Dude with the machamp doesn’t know enough about Pokémon cards if he thinks it’s that valuable lol

    29. Samuel J Weber

      At one time, a kid at my middle school rummaged through one of the lost-and-found boxes (that school didn’t care enough to have a secure room for lost items, but wooden, open-top chests in the hallways, painted in school colors) and took an entire book of Pokèmon cards. I think he kept them for awhile and then sold them, but some of the cards were supposedly worth hundreds.

    30. stephen h

      Number 1 Misconception: That we are nerds... You are nerds.. The only reason she's not is because she has a vagina...

    31. jeffrey taylor

      Where is unlisted leaf:(....

    32. MR K

      Anthony do you still have the charizard from back in the day

    33. Torq MB

      I had one of those charizards holy, my brother sold my whole collection 2 years ago without telling me, and he got 100 $- i cbfa

    34. Ded. ace


    35. tadros attia

      why is leonhart not here

    36. Sam Wood


    37. William dabill

      Shout out to maxmoefoe

    38. zynry

      that guy is from pawn stars lmao

    39. CVL

      Iv just dropped a old 1st edition Pokemon collection video people. If you wouldn’t mind giving it a watch I’d really appreciate it, love x

    40. Vince Dona

      WHERE IS UNLISTEDLEAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    41. Tre Casanova

      Bro went to an alley in Compton, for a pokemon card... he braver than me.

    42. Mirza Hani Raza

      why didnt u call me ive been collecting trading battling etc for 10 yrs

    43. Samuel Ray

      I have valuable pokemon cards one of my lunala gxs are 40 dollars

    44. Jellie Team Leader

      I love Pokémon The cards and the show and the games I collect super rare cards

    45. xingyu chen

      FILL IN THE BLANK We're going to skate to one song and one song only- ______.

    46. Shawn Milton

      Gary is awesome.

    47. Shawn Milton


    48. Raunak Sethi

      5:28 ayyyy that’s where I live

    49. Peter

      i have a 1st edition charizard, is it still worth something even though i havent graded it

    50. catherine Piraino

      @mrflimflam hey I’m gonna be 28 years old and I want the headless head for my birthday could you hook me up with some robux???

    51. taylor webster

      That guy thinks his machamp is worth 3000 thats a full ass joke

    52. snung bog

      i got a charzared but its the new one not old

    53. Christian R

      Holy moly macaroni!

    54. Christian R

      Holy shit

    55. Gaming with Dev


    56. Jared Woods

      I had that Zapdos. ☹️☹️☹️ I could be $1500000 richer....

    57. MrsVeronicat

      Now I'm seriously wondering how much my Pokémon cards collection is worth...

    58. SwaRm Bandit

      Robbing their houses would be very successful

    59. Razzik

      This Jaron guy is trolling lol

    60. Among us Guy

      Well im a formal pokecard collector My biggest regret is tradeing my articuno GX And i still regret it I think i still gave my waillord and magickarp tagtean card

    61. Dylan Industries

      When you like Yu-Gi-Oh! better

    62. A ya yikes

      zac efron looks nice with long hair tbh

    63. FOXE Echalar


    64. Shubham Prasad

      Here after logan's livestream.

    65. zwebackshyper

      that's amazing that gary would shout out his friends instead of anything to do with himself

    66. Abood AL

      Gary is straight winning at life rn

    67. stephen joaquin dominguez

      I cant believe that one of the most expensive things are some piece of cardboard

    68. El Mundo de Hades

      yo... he works with THE HARRISONS XD

    69. Stevie wunder

      I consider myself a clown because i gave away all my rare pokemon cards I collected to a kid in the neighborhood because I thought I was grown and cool at the time 😣

    70. Leander T.

      The rarest Pokemon card is worth $ 250,000 dollars not $5,000,000 he’s trying to scam you

      1. Joshua Melgoza

        He never said a card was worth 5 million u dingus he said if someone offered him 5 million for ALL his cards he would accept it

    71. TaketheLGaming

      i have a Pikachu card exactly like tho one at 1:58

    72. PREno6 into

      "they look at me different".. ...... "cuz im different"

    73. daan kaarsemaker

      "So i bought this card for 5 dollars, but it's worth an easy $3000"

    74. Lionzgames

      do you know what i think for meh its flexing lol

    75. Hai Nguyen

      Anyone know how much a Base Set Holo PSA 10 Collection would go for?

    76. The chuube

      the bandanna guy literally dresses like a pokemon trainer lmaoooo so good

    77. Dark at Hearts

      That old man is a piece of shit for cornering the market on the Pokemon cards. It's not fair that he's a distributor so he's able to get hundreds of boxes opened. I wouldn't be surprised if he has more underneath his bed

    78. Jotaro Kujo

      i have 12 binders of pokemon cards all holos and full arts and its still in my shelf

    79. Dweeb

      Hahahaha, I took one look at that bird's nest of a hair, and I noped out

    80. LocalDealer420

      who else got this recommended a year later?

    81. Jochem

      Man i used to scam all the kids out of their cards in primary man

    82. Bit Stream

      All 1999 Machamps are first edition lmao, what a noob

    83. Bit Stream

      You showed the wrong charizard P:

    84. sparcx86 Channel

      only a moron would spend so much money on a trading card game. its not investment its a collectors stuff, if nobody wants this thing in the future you are screwed. bad choice for spending cash

      1. Preacher David

        Cry more

      2. Beerus

        ok boomer

    85. Jake Round

      Everybody’s a nerd but it’s with different things

    86. NEAT.1

      This guy thinks a 1st edition base set machap is 3k lmao. It’s 35 bucks... check TCG player

    87. Mtnpilot 52

      I have 9 first edition holographic Charizard (no joke) Am I considered a collector if I have that

    88. OutKast502 _

      Who’s here after Logan Paul brought the 150K card

    89. Carloslol109

      Love how Gary shouted out 2 other pokemon channels and nothing of his own

    90. MagicDonut

      is it only me but does Jaron sound like Chris from MrBeast

    91. Barbara Kyttaroudy

      Just realised that I gave all my cards to a fucking kid. I could had made millions lol

    92. TheTixNoob

      I would say I have pokemon cards that are "uncommon" such as a shiny yveltal ex stuff like that

    93. galleon figurine

      next year might be the spike before bubble burst

    94. Ult Exodius

      I remember in 2nd grade the back of the bus was basically a trading emporium

    95. Jozette Mina

      “it’s like pulling out!” “oh....”

    96. bigfknpapa 6

      fkn lmao the skinny white dude dumb asl thinking his machamp be worth that much

    97. Viking Gunnar

      Where the fuck is maxmoefoe

    98. keishannam

      Gary was on pawn stars and Leonhart's channel

    99. Bo

      I have ancient Mew

    100. *Mk*

      imagine, collecting all these rare cards just for your grand kids to sell them when you die.