Playing the Caves & Cliffs UPDATE in Minecraft Hardcore!


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    1. Jack Keable

      DANDTM I cool

    2. Crazy Cat Gaming

      The warden is the new mob

    3. fortking babo

      the sounds of amethist reminds me of waterfall from theundertale soundtrack

    4. Raunak Choudhury

      Dan : copper ore Me : coppore

    5. Rebecca Kiell

      11:20 I am a kinda noob at minecraft and him just passing by the iron ore without taking it triggers me so much.

    6. CowBoy Time :0

      im playing minecraft on a phone and ps4 and there is no caves and cliffs update for me

      1. CowBoy Time :0

        idk what's going on :(

    7. FH 858

      Sb 737 is way better

    8. Astrid

      Is the update out for everyone??

    9. isabelle isabella

      dan you suck alitle you can use the silk touch to mine the big one's only and the others well that is were i suck so i dont know the smaller one's

    10. Pug Doggo

      It will be out in December in bedrock version

    11. Charlie Arienda

      Dan how do play it early

    12. Creeper Creep

      They added the warden that’s who you have to kill to get the monsters hunted achievement Or the illusioner

    13. Table Noises

      + I can’t blame you hate parkour

    14. Table Noises

      And disc 13

    15. Table Noises

      It’s pretty creepy

    16. Table Noises

      Play and get disc 11 when you get a jukebox

    17. Kye Martin

      I saw a pink sheep once... It died in a raid

    18. Avery Deyton

      how do i get minecraft 1.17? mine did not update

      1. Joshua Lyle

        He used a snapshot there basically previews but you need Minecraft java

    19. Hulls Colby

      I remember when he was doing all kinds of mod showcases, now look at him, showcasing new minecraft updates.

    20. jamin Voytko

      That was so cool dan thanks

    21. River Miles


    22. ruby

      1:13 that's a roll off the tongue

    23. Natalie Revo

      11:30 this is why I don’t play Minecraft nor go in caves the music scares me I can play Minecraft alone ;-;

    24. Harisshan Srishanmuganathan

      Did you include warden?

    25. Leo The Gamer

      Tell me who hasnt subbed u

    26. Arham Plays

      why dont you have flame on your sword

    27. Lane Fender

      Your vids are the most amazing ever

    28. Challenger

      Its grey for me

    29. Hacker 316

      without dying or golden apples

    30. Hacker 316

      without armor

    31. Hacker 316

      dude, I can kill a full diamond skelly with an iron sword

    32. xmooshroom

      Can you get 1.17 snapshots on Minecraft pe ?

    33. rap1dvtec

      You are the best

    34. Ryno 633

      So u have early access

    35. sunitha rajesh

      The inside of his house looks weird

    36. Dominic Bui

      This comment won’t get pinned. Trust me

    37. Monica Butera

      17:17 you can't just have floating rails everywhere!

    38. Anthony Lucena

      How did you get this update already

    39. Mason McDowell

      Ngl I’ve never mined copper

    40. Ciaran's Cars & Bikes

      I'm sorry, but why bother grinding for all that armour if he runs from everything anyway💀

    41. Hi

      i found a wild pink seep and killed it lol (┬┬﹏┬┬)

    42. Jacob Carrizales-Lopez

      The new update of the mob is the warden stronger than the wither

    43. DSR Dallas

      I made a new world look all over the place for copper and still haven’t found any😔

    44. Porter broyles

      Just looked it up, tinted glass is glass that light can not get through while being translucent

    45. FrostWolf Leo

      I found 2 pink sheeps while speedrunning in one week and I found another pink sheep when I was playing my survival world.

    46. AlexweRAT

      Did anyone else notice that right after Dan made the bundle and went to sleep he wrote zzzzz

    47. AkiraHopeXD

      Did dan get Early access?

    48. Gabriel Ravanes Playz

      There is a farming amethyst thing i heard

    49. Mitzi Rowland

      Dan how come I don’t have caves and cliffs update

    50. Azfan 78

      Hmmm which 1 is better Shulker Or Bundle

    51. Asian Clownfish

      Did he mention hermitcraft? 1:20

    52. sketchfan1op Roblox

      the other day I spawned right next to a woodland mansion, killed an evoked with a stone sword and got a totem then used it in a fight and went outside and saw two pink sheep

    53. xavier and Lucas and brodie poopy

      I have no friends 😕

    54. Robert Quinn

      The cave update took this long because the creators new if it was not perfect, nobody would be happy so they practiced by making other updates so they can make a good caves and cliffs update

    55. mineboy 779 gaming & mods

      They need copper tools and armor in minecraft

    56. Nolan Rios

      cave update yes!!!!!!!!!

    57. Rekkygaming Yay!

      7:24 epic

    58. Prita Rindengan


    59. Adelyn Wong

      U can make a amefest portal

    60. Gothic Chic

      I just always question why he never brings a shulker box with him

    61. Darshan Singh

      You should watch Luke the notable you is a another Minecraft you tuber who has survived 3000 days in Minecraft hardcore

    62. luizandrei olita

      Haw to download that in cellphone

    63. Engineer

      What version is this?

    64. SKA

      I started watching DanTdm on 2015 and until now that i'm almost 15 I still watch your vids❤️

    65. Wendy Lee

      You must kill warden

    66. Owen Walker

      how did he not see the sheild lol

    67. Feras Aboona

      Pls do more minecraft

    68. Vuk Istok Vuckovac

      I THINK?

    69. Vuk Istok Vuckovac


    70. BG 30

      the book he made has amyhtydt crystles in it

    71. Luke Hayward

      know how dan was looking for a zombified piglin well when he was in the nether it said in the bottom right corner of his screen zombified piglin grunts so the zombified piglan was right next to him

    72. DigitalPsyco

      Dan should make a base in the end city.

    73. Ece pirbudak

      Ur sow lucky u can play it

    74. Esran Warris

      i love your vids bro

    75. Malachi Young

      Whoever traveled to the nether and just got lost after a while

    76. Story Notch

      Could you not put the 25 carrots with the 49 carrots

    77. i see you

      Anyone gonna tell him he missed some copper at 17:06

    78. Fire Lord Octane

      Get optifine for enhanced Minecraft game play lol

    79. Ryan Tracy

      Idk why but 19:10 was so funny

    80. Fire Lord Octane

      Casually puts a stack of lava buckets in a bundle

    81. GamerGuy Roblox

      Standard Galactic Alphabet:ꖎᔑ⍊ᔑ ╎ᓭ ∷ᒷ↸ ∴ᔑℸ ̣ ᒷ∷ ╎ᓭ ʖꖎ⚍ᒷ ᔑᓭ ꖎ𝙹リ⊣ ᔑᓭ ↸ᔑリ ⍑ᔑᓭ ⍑╎ᓭ ᓭ⚍ʖᓭ ⍑ᒷ ⚍!¡ꖎ𝙹ᔑ↸ᓭ ⎓𝙹∷ ||𝙹⚍ English:lava is red water is blue as long as dan has his subs he uploads for you

    82. Mash D

      Can't wait for the full update!!!!!

    83. Nipun Gabale

      I saw and heard "bone to pick with you" song In the ad without giving view 😋

    84. Ǥⱥchⱥ Cøøkie

      This guy is literlly my childhood and also my cousin's xd

    85. The Ginger Ninja

      the geode is EXTREMLY RARE

    86. Joseph Jamison

      I’ve seen one pink sheep one because it’s that rare

    87. Nathan Versoza

      DANGGGG it's been 10 years since I've watched his video

    88. markeye

      You HAVE a shield Dan...

    89. Dread_ Izzy

      i love how the baby piglen is riding the chicken

    90. Xz_Dracula _zX

      How did you get the update Me I am not have the update:(

      1. dontaskwhy34

        maybe ur on bedrock edition

    91. Kari O'Malley

      Sorry I meant a when you're live

    92. Kari O'Malley

      Hey Dan I was just wondering if I could ask a question when your life how do you edit your videos with words underneath you talking and other sound effects and zooming in

      1. sunitha rajesh

        And the words come within the game it just need a setting to turn it on

      2. sunitha rajesh

        For zoom he uses optefine

    93. Jada Rae Salvacion

      Dantdm: SKINNY JR ARE YOU OKAY? Me: boi ur game Gilttched

    94. Dyami

      Idk y I’m not subbed I’m sure I subbed about 2000 years ago

    95. L lewitt

      How if the update did not even come out yet

    96. Benjamin Scott

      Dan u need iron pickaxe to mine amethyst clusters

    97. The _anatomy

      Wow danatdm laughing at “handicap” (trying to be nice) cats now I’ve seen everything Btw I’m a fan this is a joke don’t take it seriously


      How did you play the update i cant it say 1.16.4

    99. Kamryn Chenay

      They actually did add a new mob