Madison Beer - BOYSHIT (Official Music Video)

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    im letting you in you're letting me down
    i swear when you talk you just like the sound
    one too many times i let you ruin my life cause
    i thought you would change but i see it now
    all the yelling and kissing and fighting
    we never could see eye to eye cause
    you might seem like a man but you're not one
    in your mind
    yeah im back on my shit and it's tempting
    to call you and see how you're doing
    but i couldn't understand ya if i tried
    i dont speak boyshit
    you're always coming back but your loves poison
    so i think that i would rather just avoid it
    i can't understand ya
    cause i don't speak boy no
    i don't speak
    i don't speak
    i dont speak boyshit
    don't know how to talk or communicate
    were so on and off to you it's a game
    if you don't level up im leaving you in the dust yeah
    so i'm moving on until you start trying to act your age yeah
    i dont speak boyshit
    you're always coming back but your loves poison
    so i think that i would rather just avoid it
    i can't understand ya
    cause i don't speak boy no
    i don't speak
    i don't speak
    i don't speak
    all the yelling and kissing and fighting
    we never could see eye to eye yeah
    you might seem like a man but you're not one
    in your mind
    yeah im back on my shit and it's tempting
    to call you and see how you're doing
    but i couldn't understand ya if i tried
    cause i dont speak boyshit
    cause I don’t speak boy no
    cause I don’t speak boyshit
    So tryina get through to you is pointless
    you might have a way with words but i'm a woman
    i can't understand ya
    cause i don't speak boy no
    i don't speak
    i don't speak
    i don’t speak boyshit
    i don’t speak boyshit
    i don’t speak boyshit
    i don't speak boy no
    i don't speak
    i don't speak
    i don’t speak boyshit
    (C) 2020 Madison Beer/Access Records under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment
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    1. Madison Beer

      no more BOYSHIT 🏹let me know your favorite part of the video x

      1. Kiwis Lov


      2. Mrittika Babu


      3. Ryaplier


      4. PureUnwindASMR

        The Tuscan, Desperado, and at the same time Elizabethan vibes. And you. Seriously us girls know-do not change a thing. Don’t do the blow up injections until you need fillers for wrinkles, 30 years from now, not for looking crazy blown up. Sunscreen all day errday you’re a masterpiece that shouldn’t be changed

      5. standing there menacingly

        Your white dress outfit is so pretty tho ✨

    2. Jurnee Rai ASMR

      Kinda sounds like shes saying "abortion" and im freaked out

    3. Beanston Anime

      david dobrik

    4. brosepticeye

      getting close to feb 26>->

    5. AnaEmilia Leuzinger

      imagine if she wasn’t pretty... would this song even be popular

    6. F*ck!nAwesome LYRICS

      Hi guys!!! You can check my channel if you want. I really need your support!!

    7. Lyssa Mary

      Her voice reminds me of Selena gomez

    8. ju

      Her eyes look different but she looks so fine in this video 💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

    9. Thomas Nguyen

      Lol this girl has no talent. She can't sing so they autotune it and she didn't write any of these lyrics. Just a pretty face slapped onto a video

    10. BalancedPotato


    11. Aadiil

      People need to stop comparing her with Ariana grande , n don’t hate on her cause you all wanna be her so bad 😭 jealousy is such a disgusting

      1. ju

        I don't send any hate, actually I listen to some of her songs cause she has a pretty tone and "strained glass" has an amazing guitar background 💘 but I can clearly see that madison copy some ariana stuff.

      2. ju

        Now she is starting to follow her own vibe with this song and some other that I saw at her snippets, but man... " baby " " good in goodbye " are basically ariana songs.

    12. Aiden Wright

      This is who David consideres a surface level friend

    13. REKCUT


    14. Over Taken

      The fact that david dobrik's video has more views than a music video of Madison beer is kinda concerning, ngl.

    15. RunMyLife

      I used to be fan, but after hearing this masterpiece I am whole air conditioner

    16. Denise Briggs

      HAHAHAHAHAHA, so stupid.

    17. Savannah Kemp

      if ya'll think Madison deserves more props lemme get an "Owa Owa"

    18. Peachy Cash

      It’s unfortunate how so many talented artists with heavenly voices are unheard of because they have no platform, yet someone like Madison Beer who truly has zero singing talent & an unbearable voice, is only relevant because she’s friends with famous people. She truly has no “star quality”. She doesn’t have the voice, the rhythm , the confidence, the charm, nor the entertainer personality.

      1. Jurnee Rai ASMR


    19. بشر

      She’s an empowerment to all women, stop putting her down

    20. Hey Jamie

      It is so infuriating that anyone, let alone music video directors, film in anything over 24fps. It absolutely destroys the integrity of a video. It’s amateur, and no one with any sense of film making would even entertain the thought.

    21. sebastian rosengren

      if you listen closely, you can also hear some music playing

    22. Man Fungus


    23. moonlightbae

      i dont speak boyshit

    24. Dead Below Zer0

      I only know you because of David. You better date him.

    25. Iris Ramos

      She's thinks she hotter than everyone her voice is not that great

    26. Mojoejoe's

      This is visually satisfyinggg aAah i can see Ariana but idk this style suits her

    27. Sidona Y

      ok but her jawline is literally goals

    28. Sauce Go!


    29. Sauce Go!


    30. Sauce Go!


    31. d

      I don’t like how her music sounds so disney :( but she is literally the most gorgeous woman in this world

    32. AstroCharles

      Very generic stuff :(

    33. Rohan Stoltz

      The part after where she says boyshit (the back part) that is the best where is sounds liked its ecoing

    34. Alex Myrick

      A whole "song" and all you know how to say is "I don't speak boyshit" which isn't even proper English. No lyrical talent, just an okay looking face that looks good in trashy cloths. There's some boy shit for you, dork

      1. Jurnee Rai ASMR

        Sorry, I dont speak boyshit. What you trying to say?

      2. Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx

        Sorry we can't understand you!

    35. Alex Myrick


    36. Relebohile Moloinyane

      No hate but she kinda sounds like Sabrina here...

    37. idk

      Madison’s looks are like giving us signs that we shouldn't trust guys because they’re talking boyshit :)

    38. Bruno Dos Santos

      Madison Beer is a beautiful person and a great artist and BoyShit's video proves it, (dream of making a collaboration with you madison)

    39. Beone Elizach

      Woah u look like Liza Soberano 😯

    40. nieya

      34+35 ariana hairstyles 👀

    41. jaydanfn


    42. hockeyplayer0241

      No talent

    43. One Wheel Appeal

      Anybody ever notice all the girls sound the same nowadays

    44. Emma Love

      This song is so empowering

    45. Male Lilith

      she sorta looks like ariana grande but her music style has that Megan Fox vibe to it.

    46. Inbedded

      why am i here

    47. K L

      Why does she look like Melania Trump?

    48. Kareemkiko

      Tell "your mans" from the music video to back off cuz ur mine

    49. liliayaez

      Amiga que buen taco de boyshitsuadero se dio la Madi, la amo #KDSSUPPORT+MADICERVEZA ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

    50. Bekah Gonzalez

      This low key sounds like Selena Gomez “boyfriend”

    51. Cicero Souza

      Vem album!!

    52. Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx

      If at least that guy david whoever he is pay all of you for comenting surface friend level I would understand but he doesnt

    53. REGAXAS


    54. Emilia Caceres


    55. meysam maleki

      Like a Persian song

    56. Michael Lewin

      Love that little motive from Biezet‘s opera Carmen at the beginning... it fits perfect

    57. Mr RED

      People watching this - in half screen - in bed - reading comment

      1. LucasDa1 7884


    58. CaRdI O

      The Favorite part was David called you a surface level friend.

    59. Eilish Bae

      People be like. " No offense but you're ugly." Then again. I dont speak boyshit.

    60. loliope -

      ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃\○/ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ / ┛┗┛┗┛┃ノ) ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃ I thought my phone was on airplane mode ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┛┗┛┗┛┃ ┓┏┓┏┓┃ ┃┃┃┃┃┃ ┻┻┻┻┻┻

    61. O_O Kimbrly_tn

      She almost look like liza soberano imo

    62. Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx

      BOP🔥 one of her best singles

    63. Kram

      2:16 flashscreen, blink and u miss it

    64. Logical Penguin

      She would make a great Victoria’s secret model, but let’s be real... the music isn’t there.

    65. Harith Cat


      1. Jurnee Rai ASMR

        Nah, teemo

    66. AAO Tube

      Here after watching David Dobrik's vlog!

    67. Mc Drile

      No friends girl

    68. Valentino Scattone

      omg Madison Beer kinda looks like a mixture between Madison Beer and Madison Beer 💀😲

    69. Anthony

      paparazzi realness

    70. Anxhela A

      Madison: watches Bridgerton once Her videoclip: corsets, bows and pearl earrings... and a fancy 800 kinda style villa yeep know the vibes

    71. Rez A

      the biggest thing i learned this year is that madison beer got cheated on. this means there is no hope for any other female out there. warm regards

      1. Shahad Malfoy

        @ririmiese lol

      2. ririmiese

        That's why I prefer women i-

    72. SoFarSoph

      Can someone explain the image at 2:18 of the creepy looking man stealing the lady....

      1. SoFarSoph

        @Zebbe Berg it’s so scary we need answers Madison!!

      2. Zebbe Berg

        Yessss, I thought everyone was gonna talk about it

    73. Emily M

      How does she copy arianas new hair every time

      1. мιcнelleツ

        Please what- Ariana doesn’t own hair styles wtf

    74. Savannah. Lyn


    75. Kokabiel . . . כוכבאל

      I don't know this broad but I saw her on "Ridiculous" and went straight to youtube ❤️ my God she fine ❤️ YOU got a new fan Madison, YOU awesome ❤️

    76. S.Mahdi Alavi

      This is who David Dobrik considers surface level friend . a copied comment 🤫

    77. Sean Murray

      This is who David dobrik considers a surface level friend

    78. Stoney


    79. Geo Zach

      Great song and I can say unique style. If u would ask me I think it deserves more. It's very special 💯🔥

    80. Maria Czachura

      this is quite gay... exspecially the ice cream scene

    81. Sepideh ۰

      The singer is beautiful but song no:/

    82. bloofr Trrez

      Am I the only that thinks she looks like ivanka?

    83. Nancy Fallet

      She's is so annoying. Cancel please 🙄

    84. kat v

      ok but why does this bop doesn't have more views?

      1. Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx

        Because its her 6th single in a year for the album and the video was released almost 2 months after the song 🤷

    85. Nisura Perera


    86. Alberto Pereira


    87. Baleed Ali

      U love me

    88. Stella blue

      Don’t get me wrong I love Madison, why she looks like Melania Trump all of sudden lmao

    89. мιcнelleツ


    90. мιcнelleツ

      she’s so talented, humble and beautiful pls- I’m jealous 👺

    91. мιcнelleツ

      SIS SAVED 2021

    92. мιcнelleツ


    93. мιcнelleツ


    94. Ashley Ho

      her smile ❤️

    95. Steph Silne

      her music style and AG’s music style are sooo different, y’all just think any thin white petite girl in the pop game is trying to be like ari and it’s frankly embarrassing. Stop putting women against each other.

      1. moonlightbae


      2. Seif El shorbagy

        Exactly she gets so much hate and for what

      3. George Ntapalis

        Lol calm down. It's all meaningless shallow pop music at the end of the day

      4. мιcнelleツ

        yes 🙌

    96. Į

      Why does the board say Feb 26 2021 that hasn’t even happened yet

      1. Sxmxpxpmxsxc Xndmxrx

        Is the release date for her debut album Life Support

    97. Khasan Farkhodov

      I LOVEE this song

    98. jadapaige

      Ok but she's only 5'4... She looks way taller I thought she was like 5'7

    99. Life of Amisha

      This girl is cute