The Crown Season 4 | Official Teaser | Netflix

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    The stuff of which fairytales are made.
    Season Four of The Crown. 15th November.
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    The Crown Season 4 | Official Teaser | Netflix
    In the 1980s, Elizabeth clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while Prince Charles enters a tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer.

    Published on 18 days ago


    1. Pawikorn Saengkhurung

      This is what we’re waiting for.

    2. Juggerogue

      Diana and Thatcher in the same season? The show's producers want me to die? 😍😍

    3. ravensep

      you guys hear that horror sound??? its the sound of the crown's production team feeling of imminent danger cause they know no matter what they portray everyone is gonna be pissed off either way.

    4. J Sid

      Can’t wait to see the portrayal of dippy Di and her awful fashion. Hilarious

    5. Clara


    6. Boist Mait

      I wonder if Diana shags Harry’s dad

    7. Hansu

      Diana gives me the chills. I hope the season 4 is as awesome as the teaser and trailer make it look! Omg this is something..!

    8. Hansu

      Wiiiddddyyyyy I can't wait!

    9. KrishnaChaitanya Pericharla

      How did Diana die, is it accident or murder? For many years this question running in my mind. None of them gave exact answer to it.


      This gave me goosebumps I'm so excited!

    11. Ciara Cairns

      The access playing Diana looks like a young Jodie Foster. She's beautiful

    12. ShindlersFist

      UH OH- Here comes the ice queen Margaret Thatcher !!

    13. Vincy

      Cannot wait for this season I’m so excited

    14. pranta Md hazrat

      Best trailer I have ever seen.

    15. 773SleepyHollow


    16. Elisa Larina

      eeee booi

    17. Jada Abdol

      I watched Season 1 and wasn’t intersting continue.. Now i’m in again

    18. Zonah Falak

      Somebody tell them, nowadays we have "teaser" .....AND A "TRAILER". WHERE IS IT???!!!

    19. herby

      Thatcher is coming to clap some cheeks.

    20. Countrycowboy08

      That timid walk, the slight bow - it's so Diana!

    21. Likan Prower

      This will be very interesting; will they show Diana’s flaws?

      1. Likan Prower

        I think they’ll try to show good and bad between Diana and the royals, it is a sensitive theme after all.

      2. Endless Serenade


    22. K L

      Wow I wonder how many cans of hairspray they had to use to make Gillian Anderson look that way!

    23. Muhamad Kenzo

      There is a scene where I supposed to be Margaret thatcher in her blouse in a room vomiting? What could have happened? I thought she only got stroke after her tenure as PM

    24. Adriana Marzana

      Gillian Anderson as lady PM!

    25. Jesus Freak

      I still say it’s Charles fault she died.

    26. Zaahra Rahman

      Emma Corrin matchs Diana Or should I say The new Princess Diana

    27. Nick Usher

      Anyone know the music used at the end?

    28. Marsya Aca

      Best of moto vlog

    29. ItsAJ AJ

      Few Weeks left

    30. Indra Bagus

      The tone of this trailer reminds me of The Dark Souls game. So dark and so...sad.

    31. Gladwhen Lothlorien

      Only last week I discovered this show and fell in love right away. I was very delighted with the lack of sex scenes (get your shit together Netflix) and then I made it to season 2... I had the marvelous idea to watch it in a shopping mall while waiting for my glasses to be fixed, y'all think it's awkward to watch sex scenes with your parents? Think again...

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    33. the sun,moon,stars and the sky

      The music really makes this, it’s like a horror movie with a sinister plot twist.

      1. Captain Nemo


      2. the sun,moon,stars and the sky

        @shavp yup !!! Got a feeling the episodes about Diana’s death are gonna reveal some haunting evil secrets.

      3. shavp

        well considering the fact the many people believe that the royle family had princess diana killed I'd say thier music choice here is very appropriate lol

    34. Eleanor Vanessa

      who is not British but is obsessed watching the crown on NETFLIX?? bcs I am

      1. shashank bisht


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      1. Captain Nemo

        And double Zoid.

      2. Captain Nemo


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    40. Ivy Elizabeth

      So we're all just here for Diana right? Okay yeah cool

    41. Kyriøs Beatz

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    42. Sahin Düzgün

      Emma's Diana is so gonna steal the show in this one!

    43. Francesco Giovanni Zollo

      Elisabeth. Margaret. Diana.

    44. Yakun Sharma

      wait, I cannot.

    45. kylie dors

      I feel like I’m missing something

    46. Monstah

      somebody hype me uppp

    47. Harun AR

      SJW : netflix is so racist!, no black actor/actress in this series! lady diana should play by black actress! we need consistent black washing! we dont need historical accuracy we need diversity! cancel netflix!

      1. shavp


      Dark and The Crown are the only good things that happened to Netflix

    49. ASYAH אשׁה ᬅᬰᬄ

      Very nice

    50. TimeWizud

      Diana, Thatcher, more Charles - I cannot wait. Best show on right now, coming from a sci-fi, action-junkie, marvel nerd.

    51. creax creax

      This is so crazy! Half the people didn't Know this series! Everyone is here because of Di, and the fact that the actress portraying her is gorgeous!!!

    52. Iris Marzo

      Who's walking at 1:00 ???

      1. Iris Marzo

        @Dumitrescu Sorana ow thank you,I thought it was Princess Margaret

      2. Dumitrescu Sorana

        The Queen

    53. Farhanelmuhammad

      C H E C K M Y V I D E O ✨

    54. Prashalan Jamenson

      This season is going to be a tough watch because Dianna is a part of all of us who grew up in the 90s

    55. Lilly


    56. Dynamite Soty

      Wow!! Looks great! I haven't watched it that much, but I might start now

    57. Stan Brown

      Binge watched 3 seasons the past 2 weeks and cant wait until this season. Looks very exciting.

    58. Salvi Travel Tips

      this is a really awesome guy

    59. cynthia rouse

    60. Anas Syriano

      Emma looks stunning as our beloved Diana

    61. papiryj

      I am so excited to see how Margaret Thatcher is portrayed by Anderson!

    62. Mya Khalifa1

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    63. Pauline Lorraine Yarte


    64. parkourrr r

      After enjoying season 1 and 2 ,I didn't really like season 3 but I know I'll be loving this season.

    65. Pea Pea

      Can't wait

      1. Captain Nemo


      2. Captain Nemo

        Anybody noticed that there are no dissenting voices? Possibly been democratically muted?

    66. Papa John

      Long live Princess Diana.....The Queen of our hearts.....Forever and Ever✌️

    67. TM

      😂😂😂😂😂 👇

    68. Betty Zhang

      The trailer, casting, acting, etc. are so good that no-one is mentioning the two evil corgis at the beginning

    69. Edry Alvyano

      look likes horror movie in this season 4 :D

    70. Alex Martell

      I'm shocked. What an awesome job they did with this trailer. And I recognized Diana from her back in her first shot, fucking great.


      Anyone else want the dialogue replaced with the "Mawiage" speech from Princess Bride?

    72. Adie Saludo

      Omg! Ive been waiting for this!

    73. Stallone Hyler

      Check me out you guys! Id appreciate it!

    74. sunshine sunshine

      Im dying!

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    76. Hfofdms

      Finally ugly charles’s story

    77. Ibadat Kaur

      🗣 🗣

    78. TheBackBenchers Nation

      This teaser gives me Game of Thrones vibes..

    79. Alexis Calugay

      We've come a long way since the first season. From the post war and now to the 80's

    80. Jo Reilly

      I love this show, but I'm not entirely convinced it's not being used as propaganda to win people over to the idea of a King Charles reign

    81. delta fay

      I remember watching the wedding on live tv as a teen. Can remember then how dark and downright menacing the Archbishops voice sounded....maybe he knew something we did not! So looking forward to this season. Rock on Diana... we haven't forgotten you

    82. Christian Kasadelis

      Charles must be sweating hard when this trailer is running

      1. Captain Nemo

        Anybody noticed that there are no dissenting voices? Possibly been democratically muted?

      2. Christian Kasadelis

        @Captain Nemo next season

      3. Captain Nemo

        What about Andrew?

    83. Ankita Basu

      Waiting waiting !!!!

    84. Jonathan Boyd

      oh yeah the crown i got to get back on this show So well done

    85. Matthew McCoy

      November 15th is my birthday I'm going to turn 20 at that day!!😦😧😥😨😰

    86. LM085

      I can’t recall how many times I’ve seen this trailer in anticipation for 15 November to Netflix Australia 🇦🇺

      1. Captain Nemo


      2. Captain Nemo

        You're being brainwashed, mate. Have you seen one - any - criticism of the monarchy here? Ever wondered why?

    87. cuchelo1

      Fer crissakes, if Gillian makes me like Maggie......... *shakes fist at sky* "Curse you, 2020!!!!!!!"

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    90. JakesNotDrinking

      these shots...the one with the fireworks in her office is insaneee

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    92. 난순돌맘

      Im really enjoying watching this series. I was never interested in the British royal family stories but at some point I got ran out of things to watch on Netflix.... so I started watching this... and ... very interesting

    93. Gerard Collins

      I am ready for my accent to temporarily change.

    94. Ivan


    95. saarah dalal

      the last few seconds of the clock ticking gave me chills.

    96. The Indoor Kites

      God i love gillian anderson. Shes gonna be fantastic as thatcher

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    98. cynthia rouse

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    100. Juan Duarte Torres

      This trailer itself is a masterpiece.

      1. Captain Nemo

        Noticed that there are no dissenting voices? Possibly been democratically muted?