VENOM vs. MIDAS REX! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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    Venom has been defeated by Chaos, the symbiote that’s been behind A.L.T.E.R. all along! Now the villainous creature is on a warpath to assimilate everyone who’s wronged him! Luckily for him, and unluckily for others, his old E.G.O. enemies have gathered to celebrate the marriage of 8-Ball and Journey. Chaos arrives and begins picking them off one by one until only Journey remains. Thankfully, she is able to get a distress message out, and Midas Rex comes to face the dark being in one final climactic showdown!
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Jeroným Roh

      I wathed you before.BUT those minifilms. That forced me to unsubcribe

    2. NDsureshot

      umm is anyone confused about y they have guns at a wedding

    3. default gaming live channel

      The venom voice makes me remember of hybrid, i want hybrid back :/

    4. Juliano Costa

      Nice job 👍 it's so good 👌

    5. Trent James

      What happend when the screen went black?

    6. Rahenne

      I like how he eats Spider-Man in the beginning

    7. Untakble

      Do you work with game toons

    8. Rami Haj

      What's better the venom from the muvie or the ultimate venom from the amaizing spiderman game

    9. Marijoniza Robles-Perez

      LMAO mean?

    10. Marijoniza Robles-Perez

      Can you answer my question or y'all what does

    11. Brandon Davis

      I feel like the true form of chaos is just a huge goopy spider

    12. Pz38X PlayzZ

      I think venom should become golden becuse of midas

    13. MrDerpyEnder876

      Wow they kill off spooderman that easily

    14. Janet LaRae

      Go venom

      1. Janet LaRae

        Never mind go midas

    15. Stacy Allen

      Journey and 8 ball finally are married it was so long 5 season 5 and it never happened

    16. Ediel Santos

      Whait when Midas went inside chaos it felt like buu vs vegito

    17. Muhammad Usman Ghani

      Plz I gift me the venom skin my gamer tag is fox boygammer

    18. Ethan Best

      It's the endgame now bois

    19. 74ZD0GE

      I like how rue acts like a german scientist

    20. the death star

      symboits cant have kids so toxin cheated or rue is adopted

    21. яєкσʝ Something

      What’s the code for the map you used for the midas and venom fight

    22. Kay Pee

      Fortnite is my thing

    23. Samuel Semeraro

      It’s not Venom vs Midas Rex, it’s Chaos Agent vs Midas Rex.


      wow 8 ball= genji lol

    25. Spider-Man


    26. Fortnite


    27. Adrianboi Myra

      what if venom had a style that he can choose if he want to be human and venom🤯🤯

    28. artbook xbox

      My favourite March a T-shirt with nothing on it0:01

    29. Tomas juegl


    30. IrieShadow 999

      We gotta not talk about the murder of some of the greatest agents of E.G.O

    31. gaming pug 226

      6:10 chaos agent: let me stop you right there

    32. Gold Luigi

      Did Midas just sacrifice himself!?!?!

    33. Joshua An

      This channel went from Never Shoot John Wick to this

    34. Xtravle '

      Me watching the wedding and being all like that's so nice then chaos comes and he is like what is up then everyone pulls out a gun , me 😨

    35. Angel Malvaez


      1. Angel Malvaez


    36. Iron Butty

      But I love newscapepro you are doing a great job

    37. Iron Butty

      That's not exactly right because you said chaos Agent was from the world of venom but I'm video you said chaos Agent was exploded then he was turned into liquid an that is how he truly turned into chaos Agent well that is what you said right yeah figure that out

      1. Iron Butty

        I mean in a

    38. Skull master

      Why did they bring guns to a wedding?

    39. Jennifer Loubet

      Why is journey and eightballs wedding the most planned out of every wedding in the fortnite universe

    40. Andrew DeLoach


    41. Simon Lee

      8-ball: journey, you look so beautifull also journey: wheres the same clothes every day

    42. Whispering hunter

      Make a love story between venom n she hulk :3

    43. Pure Henry Stickmin

      Is the galactus event gonna be in an episode

    44. Cara Carter


    45. Air Master

      I hope they come back

    46. Air Master

      Noooooo not ego and ripply how dear you 😭

    47. Noah Fajardo

      It would probably hurt a lot for chaos agent because if he’s a Symbiote send me your sweetness is fire and bullets would burn from that close range

    48. Noah Fajardo

      Chaos agent is not a Symbiote it’s kind a down night they made them because the strongest Symbiote there is is venom and carnage in the very first set me up and we’re friends live

    49. Darth Valencious

      Why aren't they posting

    50. Kaden Vega

      Imagine kit having an RPG

    51. João Marcelo Diogo da Silva

      I wonder what will happened on season 5 for Newscapepro and I 🤔 that they are going to still making more episodes for the fortnite series

    52. Master Chief fan

      If chaos agent dies this time i hope its for good

    53. Randy Shade


    54. Gman Alpha

      Alright where is the event show film!

    55. SuperHattyGuy

      The wedding isn't confirmed!! 8-Ball has to take off his mask!! plus they kissed a foot away.

    56. IrieShadow 999

      Chaos's mind: Dammit die already. I tried twice

    57. SpectacularMarioBros

      Anyone else here after the event?

    58. Erin Zimmerman

      Upload galactus

    59. David Rowe

      Was the merch promotion The Gentleman's voice?

    60. Sci-fiAnimations YT

      and did seriously all of the season 1 ch2 caracters just die!?

    61. Sci-fiAnimations YT

      i have an idea for a fortnite short, lynx visites stark industries and notices iron mans suit. She notices that they both have similer tech ( their suits) they basically share their knowledge with each other and every day they grow a connection. They start hanging out more and Drift becomes suspicious of why lynx is leaving the house more often. Drift follows her to stark industries and gathers info. Drift sees lynx and tony kiss (please dont hate me for this). Drift runs up and asks lynx why'd she do that. lynx tries to explain but Drift cuts her off. Then a few minutes later Drift brakes up with lynx. lynx cries. Tony starts saying "dont worry, your with someone better now". Episode ends and boom. (hope newscapero can make this into an episode) :(

    62. Liberty Egxxotik

      every wedding in nsp history: RUINED BY A VILLAIN

    63. JRaptor Blue

      Delete galates

    64. JRaptor Blue

      The event is now here

    65. Spooky 01

      Midas rex Hahahahah T. rex


      4:36 journey and 8 ball? since when did journey and 8 ball fall in love with each other?

      1. Gold’n Salm’n

        Since season 1 don’t you remember?



    68. David Delgado

      Does everyone agree that newscapepro does a good job on explaining the fortnite universe cause I do I bet its pretty hard making accounts and buying every almost skin. So thanks newscapepro

      1. David Delgado

        I suck at typing

    69. Mason Johnson

      I hate it wen it ends.

    70. muhammad butt

      I have venom skin

    71. hilon calvert

      hey newscapepro you need to get thor in check cause the live event is today

    72. raul faul

      Bring back drift cat lynx and ultima knight

    73. BLADE YT

      Wow journey and 8-ball r more forgiving than Meowscles and ppl like that. Edit: Lol sry CATS and ppl like that

    74. SquirrelYT


    75. Mckenna Didier


    76. KittyNoodles Gaming

      Oh of course of course everyone brings a weapon to a wedding

    77. Team 2030

      Wait did Turk,Rue,Cameo,Rippley,And Remedy die

    78. Ticko bat Crump

      I feel bad for newscape pro cuase you can’t replay the avent this was confirmed by fortnite them selves new scape pro will have to get a squad of carecters and have only them be in the event in a 3rd person type form

    79. Temple Beardshaw

      A long time coming me and the ogs had a shed of relief 🥲

    80. Myst

      Now that’s what I wanted to see!! That was awesome

    81. Naruto Run

      think about how hard this is to act this Edit: and they do it sooooooooooo good

    82. Dark Plague

      It’s funny how there’s three British people in the wedding

    83. Joof Jeff

      I just noticed that the fisherman dude is the voice actor of Player from Gametoons

    84. Joof Jeff

      Newscapepro: it is a foretelling dream Me: oh my gosh StarClan sent her a dream

    85. The Stickman

      Jouiny:me standing her Me:NO your standing on iron mans grave! lol

    86. Terrence Allen

      they die!!!! no no no just no no

    87. DiotheSuperMan

      Am I the only one who wants Venom to fight meowscles? I think Venom would win easily.

    88. Trxpxholic SiĐ

      what a shyte video

    89. Julian Young

      I wanna know how u can get nothing in ur hand

    90. Nero 00

      Golden chaos agent is better than this

    91. Nate Dawg

      i feel like mystic is misunderstood and should join the avengers

    92. All Personal Action!

      I love how this is Midas Rex Vs Venom but half of this is a wedding

    93. 200 Beats

      Doesn’t rippley have a wife?

    94. Wrench 101

      How is venom chaos agent venom is a symbiote chaos agent is not so

    95. Thecow Of cows

      If idiots could fly my school would be an air port

    96. Mega Maddox

      no one gonna talk about how ego were the mains characters for awhile and then almost all of them got killed in one episode

    97. Frosty Snowflake

      Guns at a wedding??? Why would they bring them???????

    98. Mason Wolford

      Midas Rex: oof I am almost dead Venom: hahahahaha wait what! IM TRAPPED in gold from Midas Rex what shall I do? Eddie: ugh your such a petty human/alien I could snap the bars in half because I’m stronger than u hahahahha