The Lizard Tier List


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    1. sockmonkey6666

      Imagine if monitors speced into the thagomizer trait. Now that's OP.

    2. ElNico56

      Now, why did you kill those farmers?

    3. Eduardo Da Silva roque

      Uhm Motivational lizard is the best

    4. A8gis08

      Any ideas where bearded dragons would fit

    5. Zedicuz Zu'l Zorander

      I subscribed because I enjoyed watching your videos

    6. Zyvo2

      All the Yoshi Sounds

    7. Stealthyshadow56

      Didn’t even mention the fact that iguanas tail whip can break human bone, they can get 4-5 feet long, weigh up to 20 pounds, and their tail just kills stuff

    8. Logical Lion

      There was a study done by a snake scientist who found out that ALL lizards have venom, just in tiny or inconsequential amounts in pretty much all of them except Gila's and Komodo's (as in their venom was useful).

    9. Batata Acelerada

      Bull in komodo: *chillin* Komodo dragon: *appears* Bull: why do I hear boss music

    10. Will E

      Sand skink tho???

    11. Tien Cong Minh

      I mean it has "dragon" in the name. Definitely OP

    12. oilimE Noruega

      Komodo Dragons have been my favorite animal ever since I was a kid. Primarily because I loved dragons

    13. JS - 07RJ 853950 Green Glade Sr PS

      you earned yourself a sub

    14. JS - 07RJ 853950 Green Glade Sr PS

      THis guy is awesome keep up the great work!

    15. Ausar Alexander

      The CGI Lizard documentary was a joy as a kid,wish I knew what it was called

    16. JackgarPrime

      There's a good reason why Komodo gets the "Dragon" surname.

    17. Atticus Jordan

      Why is this cringey asf 😬

    18. xxzvdogxx

      Komodo better be S tier

    19. Solid Stake

      So basicallyt Godzilal is Pay2Win Lizard class

    20. HungryHawk YT

      Tier 1 my bearded dragon that sits in my bedroom

    21. Hydro The Astronaut

      Where do I buy this game?

      1. Hydro The Astronaut

        @Mr. L it was a joke lol

      2. Mr. L

        @Mohamed Jacobs This human player has a low intelligence stat.

      3. Mohamed Jacobs

        you are already in it

    22. MR COD TROLL Fortnite troll

      SCP 682: pathetic

      1. Mr. L

        That's surprisingly less scary then every other scp I've seen

      2. Mr. L

        That's surprisingly less scary then every other scp I've seen

    23. Sean Breen

      This man really just forgot the Draco genus of lizards, it's easily a more unique genus of lizards.

    24. Optidorf

      The Basilisk outclasses them all. It's no coincidence that he's named after God.

    25. Noyce Gaming

      How did my recommendations know that I like tier lists and that one based on animal would make me watch it?!

    26. Rory Davidson

      This would actually be a sick game

    27. KraveHD

      I wanna be the guy who corrects the teacher and say anole is pronounced ah-nowl not ah-no-lee

    28. Liam Peeples

      As an Iguana main love that thing. Great for starters but harder late game. And AMAZING in the water servers. Ive also picked up Tegu and that thing is also really good. Harder for newer players and better late game. Perfect for players who have played more or people who dont like pvp. Komodo Dragons are super fun and feel like playing a god. Super strong and able to beat up anything other than a real dinosaur. (maybe)

    29. Maciej

      Just discovered this channel. I think it's pure gold and this is how future generations will see every part of our life. Tier lists and meta builds. :D

    30. Fabian BRANDT-HANSEN

      I love geckos :)

    31. DragonsREpic

      Blk/wht tegu FTW

    32. Talon Td

      Loved the gaming references

    33. Issei Diablos Dragon God Emperor Of Domination

      Looking to spec into magica on my wizard class, need help grinding XP for fire breath in the dragon class.

      1. Issei Diablos Dragon God Emperor Of Domination

        @Mr. L Sorry, like overlord, I'm unable to divulge such important and guarded secrets. It wouldn't be meta if everyone knew about the steps to unlock it.

      2. Mr. L

        How on did you unlock the dragon? Is it only for a small percentage of players because I've never actually seen one. Does it fair well in the meta? I don't know where it lives so I don't know where it is in it's ecosystem tier list. Also I've never heard of this magica stat. Is it exculsive to only dragon mains or is it just a hidden stat?

    34. Hunter C767

      The original video with the egg shell lizards was this video

    35. Cobalt King

      What's the song used for the Gila monster segment?

      1. Johny Glockeater

        Gerudo Valley LoZ

    36. gryphon provenzano

      Wait you had a Komodo dragon in the intro where does that fit into the tier list?

    37. Jason Santos

      Big lizard 🦎 get win

    38. ConfirmedGabriel

      Wait so crocodiles and gators aren’t lizards? -Noted

    39. DimondNinjaX55

      im going duo human, anyone want to join

    40. Mayonaisse

      "Can we go on water?" "NOO" "why?" "THE SUN IS A DEADLY LASER!" "oh ok"

    41. Muslim - One who submits to God

      Someone make a TierZoo video game.

    42. Brandon Martinez

      TierZoo: Talking about geckos Gecko: *_lick lick lick lick lick m l e m_*

    43. Lux 01

      awesome video

    44. Kate Hucks

      For future reference, Anole rhymes with “a mole”, not “cannoli”!

    45. Zach Saris

      Ok cute alert When he mentioned geckos my leopard gecko woke up and started looking at me

    46. Kowbi XD

      i love how how talks about them like pokemon XD

    47. Phoenix

      Kamodo dragons don't inject the venom it gets pushed out from glands insides of the mouth and mixes in with their saliva iirc plus the amount of bacteria that they have in their mouth makes its very deadly infection wise if the prey lives through the poison.

      1. Mr. L

        So they inject it?

    48. dudeguy24 1123

      Me an idiot: are frogs lizards

    49. Ruiner Nergigante

      Ayyyy walking with monsters I loved that show!

    50. Jordanory

      Great video, very helpful. Been thinking about starting a new frog build, any tiers n tips on what skillsets I could try?

      1. Mr. L

        I've never played the frog before but you should probably play the poison dart frog as it's the only s tier one. Try specing into mobility defense and hp so other players have a hard time killing you and when they do they will die.

    51. raccoon lord

      Where would the bearded dragon be please tell me

    52. FunnyMonkay

      Skink in D-tier? But they’re so cute :(

    53. Bootleg Shima

      Would you ever consider making a vid on builds with gliding abilities? I think they’re pretty interesting

    54. trash panda

      one thing u forgot is that komodo dragons don't have venom it's bacteria tho they class it as venom in the game it works slightly different especially since the human faction heal it

    55. Charles Calvin

      The fact he keeps talking like the world is some kind of survival evolution rpg thing is something i like

    56. luke jaquet

      This guy should make a card game out of his youtube videos.

    57. Lauren Peterson

      Gecko :)

    58. OverTrvst Lord

      Is it just me or does tegu lizard look like giga chad skink?

    59. TheShinblast

      Is Komodo actually a Dragon? I want one as my Pokémon

    60. DuoVersal Games

      Can you make a squid tier list

    61. Robert Quinn

      You forgot Komodo dragons

    62. William le suisse

      Doesn’t the gecko that help against the snake count as a social intelligence? I had no idea they could help each other’s !

    63. Mr. Goblin

      Ok so if i find a komodo at the beach and its going to try to attack me but i run to my house then i fall asleep and then i wake up there is a chance that it might break into my house... WELL I GUESS I'M GOING TO SLEEP WITH A GUN

      1. Mr. L

        I doubt one would try to get into your house especially since humans gain a buff in their territory. A gun is the most powerful thing in the meta so only use it if you're aiming to kill. If you want to spare it and just make it run away I recommend trying to intimidate it using the gun to shoot near it.

    64. dark glow

      is cuteness a stat too?

    65. Blurple

      first time watching this the komodo dragon better be in S tier edit: FUCK YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

    66. Samuel Kristan

      whats the song starting at 7:36? Its very familiar but I cant put a name to it

    67. David Bakke

      3:05 my heart skipped a beat when I thought that kitten was going to be killed

    68. Daid Zych

      I think it's safe to say this guy was a Pokemon kid and has some experience with dungeons and dragons

    69. Blazing Productions

      essentially, what you are saying is that lizards are mostly a utility kinda class. like that one pokemon in your team with a billion different typed attacks. just having abilities that allow for use in as many situations as possible

    70. 〚SXZ – Sîr'Jαmes – 986〛

      Komodo-Dragons A·K·A Oversized reptiles are my and many others favorite reptilian lizard class. Just throwing that out there~ (✡・ิ︿・ิ)👍 (For some reason they kinda remind me of raptor doggos, which makes me like em even more~)

    71. Sandra Wong

      My country is the home of varanus salvator

    72. J M

      imagine being the first person to encounter a komodo dragon

    73. André Benites

      I'm pretty sure Komodo Dragon don't have venom bites. The "venom" is actually bacteria supports that infects their prey and make it die in minutes. Pretty dope. A lot of people think it is venom, but there is no chemicals, it is just a dirty mouth. Edit: Nevermind. That was the theory up untill 2009, but they have discovered it has indeed a venom. My bad.

    74. André Benites

      I have a Teiu that visits me once in a while in my backyard!! You called it Tegu, which is the American name, but here in Brazil we call it Teiú. Great video as always

    75. Beo

      I just really like lizards

    76. Ali Taher

      One particularly intelligent Gecko figured out that you can save 15% or more on car insurance by switching to Geico.

    77. exiled1 Gaming

      Why???? Just why???

      1. Mr. L

        What do you mean? If you're asking about why he made the lizard tier list it's because it's an interesting group and doesn't get brought up much when discussing the game.

    78. ßadassElSkyflyio

      Some Are better, some Are worse, but all Are cool as f**k! -me

    79. Sen Sekaren

      What is the clip for 2:59 from?

    80. Bob Mulligan

      Music at 7:19

    81. Logan

      I like that you explain everything like video game tips and stuff

    82. Zzepicsniper zZ

      The basilisk in my mind is the jesus lizard

    83. James

      lol the terminology you used comparing to esports.... Hilarious m8 well done!

    84. monke

      Top tear lizard is scp 682

    85. EntoBrandon

      what game i this

    86. soviet union

      one day i will make a game try to make 1:1 earth and put as many species in the game

    87. Jacob Cortez

      S++ Tier: A literal fucking dragon.

    88. Nameless

      I special summon komodo dragon in attack position!

    89. Igneel Enryūō


    90. Moki Moki

      Komodos are tier 0

    91. joe simpson

      Wheres the bearded dragon

    92. Triguntoro Yohanes

      Komodo is a douchbag, they smurf and play on the server when they is the only strongest animal

    93. Maja Eder

      I have seen a komodo dragon irl and it fought a dog

    94. fishy0929

      As a lizard owner where would you put the bearded dragon on the list? They have mild venom, strong armor for their size, decent movement and intelligence. I would say high c or b tier as their main issue is their size. They have everything to dominate if they were bigger, but still with everything they have for their size id say their a pretty impressive lizard and why they make such great pets!

    95. Sovereign Bandit

      Always knew mrs Kipling was top tier

    96. Devyn Nesbitt

      682 is best. prove me wrong.

    97. DreadedDave

      Why no leachie geckos though? :'(

    98. CrazyBenLOL

      We all know Natsu is the best lizard

    99. Random guy

      7:57 they are literaly 1 cm from each other and they dont bite, must be good friends

    100. Marjannuel Saturnino

      Komodo Dragon is just the stage 3 evolution of skink that learned poison as its 2nd type stat