Kung Fu.... Rabbit???

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    Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on USfilm, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

    Published on Month ago


    1. ΜΞŦŽ ŦĦΔŦ

      Who's greg

    2. Logan Taylor

      I’m from South Carolina but I’m from the upstate

    3. Denki Kaminari

      why does kung fu rabbit sound like the mad hatter

    4. Brick Magma

      Lol i remember watching the bunny thing.

    5. Funnyicewolf _RL

      It’s a sequel to Kung fu panda

    6. Gamer boy

      I’m Greg now!!!!!! I subbed and put the bell on!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Julia Bascomb

      I almost cried watching that raccoon video... I laughed rly RLY hard

    8. Whimsical tunes

      Omg I just realized I watched kung fu rabbit when it came out

    9. Austin Arnold

      He needs to watch "Rim of the World" on netflix, its a trainwreck and even has a random adidas sponsorship scene

    10. Jon D

      Raccoon whisperer update: The channel now has 413k subscribers

    11. Flargarbason

      He needs to do a full Kong-Fu Rabbit video

    12. TheDeadCobra

      Well done video Drew Gooden

    13. Bruh Moment

      No half glizzies

    14. BoredYoutuber

      the sequel is better

    15. HappilyDepressed


    16. Hikmatu Mutala

      Fun fact: the reason why Kung Fu Rabbit was made because of Kung Fu Panda. The reason being that some Chinese people were, umm, I guess, shocked that according to them that Americans made a movie about Chinese culture that was great and enjoyable, and it wasn't full of racist BS. Some Chinese creators were actually trying to boycott it in China because ,well I don't know why (you can google it) but it failed. (of course it did). Sooo the did this. It's actually funny when you think about it 😂😂

    17. Hikmatu Mutala

      Fun fact: the reason why Kung Fu Rabbit was made because of Kung Fu Panda. The reason being that some Chinese people were, umm, I guess, shocked that according to them that Americans made a movie about Chinese culture that was great and enjoyable, and it wasn't full of racist BS. Some Chinese creators were actually trying to boycott it in China because ,well I don't know why (you can google) but it failed (of course it did). Sooo the did this. It's actually funny when you think about it 😂😂

    18. Super Ibrahim 2010

      i just searched lionsgates films and kung Fu rabbit is not one of them

    19. Porter Jones

      Kung fi rabbit more like cung fu trash oooooooooooo I tried spare me

    20. Meron Esho

      This is lispist

    21. Meron Esho

      I liked that movies

    22. Zeetack

      I’d everybody going to ignore *OBJECTS I HAVE SHOVED UP MY ARSE*

    23. Scarlette :3

      I wait three months and binge his videos

      1. Chaiaki Nanami

        Good idea

    24. Creationator

      That “Is someone gonna do something” scene went between like 4 scenes.

    25. PantKicker

      If I saw that bunny at night I would be sacred ad fricc

    26. Rxzz Gxlxy!

      Danny: Monkeys' have hands- Monkeys': Don't mind if I do!🥂

    27. Dinger

      danny’s finger looks uncircumcised at 5:37

    28. Nathan Jarrett

      "What animal has hands?" Uh.......humans do.

    29. cowboy baby

      fun fact: raccoons also like to wash food with their little man hands. they also purr! my cousin brought in a baby raccoon to rehab and i got to hold him and he clung onto me for dear life and was purring like crazy 🥺

    30. Tess C.


    31. Tess C.


    32. Volkan Manco


    33. shia is a evil gamer

      the racoon guy is a legend

    34. NeoFyre

      you should react to the first Sharknado movie it is SO bad and it make a GREAT video

    35. Stuart D

      Apparently Michael Clarke Duncan is in both Kung Fu Rabbit and Kung Fu Panda.

    36. Evan Ferreira

      oh no... this...

    37. Stinky’s Diner

      Your shirt reminded me of blues clues

    38. lilén i think

      the kung fu rabbit backgrounds look EXACTLY like the ones in kung fu panda legends of awesomeness. there's not a difference, they literally look the same.

    39. Noah Fowler

      Danny is wearing the same shirt as the guy from blue's clues

    40. Chandler Todd

      not 6 years 26 years

    41. Kally Werning

      Why does Danny look like he’s the host of “feeling blues clues”

    42. Scramble

      11:59 did you sneak Walter in there?

    43. Lps Sunny

      He looks like Steve Harrington in season 1 of stranger things lmao

    44. Ghost Narrow

      the second i saw the rainbow flag in low quality waving, i quite literally shouted “NOOOOOOOO” because i knew exactly what it was....

    45. Lynqx_Xar STUDIOS

      If you give a racon half a hot dog he is going to "🖕you now I'm going to give you rabies!!! "

    46. Aseya Sims

      The rabbits mouth didn’t sync up with the audio and his face didn’t make actual facial expressions it’s like he had permanent Botox and couldn’t move his face

    47. TheThingsWeDo

      When you were talking about the raccoons I thought you were lying because you're always sarcastic

    48. Radhika Rao

      i love that danny’s wearing a shirt that looks like a raccoon-

    49. Deku Dragion

      9:40 I'll just leave this here

    50. Angel Morris


    51. Doggaraffe

      He’s been doing this for 9 years. 9! Not 6. My god!

    52. l1th1um67


    53. Louisa Markert

      I feel like Danny is in denial about how much he loves raccoons so he titled this video Kung fu rabbit

    54. Memes that no one will find

      12:22 Jesus christ that gave me flashbacks

    55. Halimur Rahman

      The "object i shoved up my arse" just blasted my ears off

    56. Chloe Carlson

      7:35 did you not make an entire video on Yummy? lmaoo

    57. m meerah

      Honestly i probably would of watched kung fu rabbit if i didnt see kung fu panda first

    58. Jude

      How did you not get rick rolled

    59. Ann Oreilly

      A squirrel monkey slapped me before 🐒

    60. Madison Hendricks

      Ok, I used to LOOOOOVVVVEE that Kung Fu Rabbit movie when I was little

    61. __

      I feel like I’ve seen this in a fever dream

    62. Kylie Yaussi

      usfilm.info/fire/nJaoa6KihrWY2cg/video.html r a c o o n s

    63. Laurie Mohaupt

      It’s short but damn usfilm.info/fire/nrGKjnN6cKuHtNw/video.html

    64. Mason And Chase

      Do um what’s it oh ya do JEFFY plz

    65. Agatha Schneida

      the racoons are his subbscribers

    66. Dakota Shutt

      I didn’t know Danny was the new Steve from Blue’s Clues.

    67. nineties angel

      please react to a video of number jacks LMAO

    68. Halle Button


    69. Michael J

      Do Jimmy Neutron

    70. sleepy2

      why’d you have to disrespect the last video like that

    71. Emilis

      In my country Lithuania we get this movie like every 2 months on tv so i feel kinda honored

      1. Emilis

        Oh and theres a second part

    72. Chicken Squared

      I’ve got one: movie called Hero Quest- it’s a train wreck

    73. JukeBlocks

      react to local58

    74. BlurryCookiez

      9:40 thanks for the new wallpaper

    75. Chloe Cole

      my dog does the same thing peanut does lol

    76. alexandra e

      omg im so glad danny watches tito and cheeto 😭 they r babies

    77. Bush DidHarambe 421

      12:27 I have been laughing for straight up 10 minutes

    78. TurtleMan

      Exuse me fireflies in 2020 its not 2009 danny

    79. Garruage YT

      “ I would actually pay money for a raccoon to slap me” - Danny Gonzales 2020

    80. Vexxerrd

      I actually watched that movie on TUBI like 2 months ago. And IN MY OPINION it was actually really good. And I very much enjoyed it.

    81. Ryan Hastings

      you look like a young mayor of whoville in this video

    82. Light Shadow89

      I subscribed to to raccoon whisperer and he’s so cool

    83. Light Shadow89


    84. Zoe Mulanix

      they copied off of kung fu panda!even the music!

    85. Nani Shindeiru

      Was that Kidz Bop at the beginning? I need that version... for educational purposes.

    86. Brad Games

      What’s on Danny’s neck

    87. Tough Cheese

      10:04 *Artemis fowl has entered the chat*

    88. Sandro Pačić

      When we gonna get Gnomeo and Juliet review

    89. Tabish Rahman

      I neeeeeeed morrrreeee!

    90. Mechrotic's Girl

      That raccoon guy understands that he’s literally killing those animals? Once wildlife becomes humanized enough to recognize people as food bearers they’re considered nuisance animals and have to be either placed in captivity or euthanized. What happens if one bites him and he tells the hospital staff he was feeding them? He gets arrested for illegally feeding the wildlife. A fed animal is a dead animal guys.


      Objects that ive shoved up my arse

    92. Kalie Wiest

      You're not at all overreacting about the amazing content on his channel and thanks for subscribing to him. How adorable is it that. I'm super jealous of his life. I would pay big money to have pet racoons. I love animals so much. Not overreacting. Am I overreacting haha!

    93. Sarah Clarisse Ininahazwe

      Pls do this again !!!

    94. Hippy Hair

      Watch The Little Vampire. It made me want to throw up it’s... scary

    95. Herps and Stuff

      Look up let’s sausage

    96. meh_toast

      me: 👁👄👁 me on raccoon feeding: 👁 👁 👃 👄 💪 🤜 🦵 🦵

    97. Mika Vahap

      wow I've been watching Danny as a joke bc i thought he was funny and look at me now, at 2am watching him flipping me off and laughing about it 😐 (I thought this was going to be emotional)

    98. Dylan Brumley

      tomnook after your money: 2:45

    99. Lcvelic

      I PIG LAUGHED WHEN THE RACCOONS OINKED😭😭Also-danny’s shirt looks amazing😏

    100. Milkshakes

      “He seems like the least likable main character in the whole world” *just wait till you see a Harem anime MC*

      1. Blue Lego Crane

        Well...they don't have a personality or apearence to dislike...