Shadowlands: Chains of Domination - “Kingsmourne”

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    As the power of the Maw continues to grow, the Banished One conscripts a terrible new champion in his service.
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    Published on 18 days ago


    1. daljan seet

      Yo where is that version of Anduins theme in the OST...

    2. Máté Varga

      3 lies will he offer you

    3. TheStefannel

      World of Soapcraft

    4. aditya krishna

      so relaxing

    5. Brother Quirion

      An karanir thanagor

    6. MegaChickenfish

      _An Karanir Thanagor..._ Uther: Did you hear something?

    7. Phil


    8. Sebastian Szarfsztejn

      Tards of Domination.

    9. Prometheus


    10. Vagrxncy

      Is that the soul of arthas, or Ner'zul?

    11. Neil Bryson


    12. donangry

      So she draws her sword when she realizes who is controlling him, then she just drops it to watch herself get dunked in slowmo? Pretty well thought out sequence there Blizzard.

    13. 海OceanNova

      So release date?

    14. Felony Fey


    15. Reymart

      has anyone know the background music link for shadowlands cutscenes?

    16. Zakkeus Trepanier

      Not releasing until April or May... god.

    17. Noxria

      Okay, calm down.

    18. MegaChickenfish

      Glad you could make it, Arthas.

    19. BKDDY

      Can't wait for Sylvanas to finally die in this expansion.

    20. Soress9

      What's the ost fr 2:52?

    21. Dzys Dzys

      Three steps: Break the ice Create next frostmourne Hail to new LK (Defile on me!)

    22. Alessio P.

      Cringeorld of Cringecraft

    23. Dez Nuces

      Frickin' Blizzard, yes, yes, take my money, alright!!


      Amazing Work ✌️

    25. Tea-sus

      That better not be arthas possessing him

    26. Satan's Pet Worm

      All this is happening while Bwonsamdi is just eating popcorn and torturing Mueh'Zala for all eternity.

    27. Дмитрий Нефедов

      Uther ... Sadge

    28. StaySic4Ever

      It's getting more and more interesting!

    29. Mike Beets

      9.2: Wrath of the Boy King

    30. bcvbb hyui

      Meanwhile in Stormwind: SYLVANAAAS

    31. Alex Miguel Castuera


    32. YANA

      Well the bastion is not forever anymore now

    33. Thea Noel

      arthas...... 2!

      1. bcvbb hyui

        The history of Arthas is the best

    34. Patrick

      Get rid of half the currencies and systems and it will save the shadowlands. Great lore, great game play, great classes dragged down by waste of dev time garbage systems.

    35. Daniel Eshkol

      Anduin did nothing wrong

    36. Harley Fabiano

      Hope Sylvanas stabs the Jailer in the back soon

    37. Dénes Rajsli

      Whoah the story gets even dumber....

    38. bocoy noiu

      Jaina has left the chat

    39. matix1256

      ENTIRE BASTION MUST BE PURGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Slythistle

      Jailer: Nothing escapes the Maw! Literally everything this expansion, including the Jailer's own forces over and over again: *escapes the Maw*

      1. bocoy noiu

        Can't wait for another Illidan

    41. Mkenny 86

      Does any one know whether varok saurfang is in shadowlands?

    42. Oste Kagen

      Why do people still play this game the graphic are horrible lol

    43. J J

      Anduin's character will benefit greatly from getting this darker tint to him..

    44. Johnny Silverhand

      where is the death knight glowy smokey eyes for anduin??

    45. RTX Tyrial

      2:33 When you order "Arthas The Lich King" on Wish.

    46. ceerw buty

      Sylanas; starts questioning her choices after Anduin is forced to serve the Jailer Delaryn Summermoon and Derek Proudmoore: "Are we jokes to you?"

    47. Craig Brown

      That's my queen!!

    48. João Paulo

      The history of Arthas is the best

      1. ceerw buty

        anyone else hears the wotlk track when anduin passes uther?

    49. John Nichols

      That was dumb and anti climactic

    50. Rob West

      Music is amazing 👏

    51. Maigus224

      You can't do Arthus better than Arthus, so stop trying!

    52. Spooky Boi

      Oh great, another Arthas but with extra steps to deal with

    53. Farty Towels


    54. SnappyCenter7

      Sylanas; *starts questioning her choices after Anduin is forced to serve the Jailer* Delaryn Summermoon and Derek Proudmoore: "Are we jokes to you?"

    55. alida flus

      Well didn't see the Archon part coming.

    56. Multi Vitamin

      Can't wait for another Illidan

      1. cyrusol

        Sylvie will fill that role.

    57. Nevan Slone

      Varian- “Look how they massacred my boy”

    58. A x

      Sylvanas Windwhooshing

      1. alida flus

        So let's see. Garrosh 2.0, Arthas 2.0, Deathwing 2.0?

    59. Guardian073

      Winter Queen has left the chat.

    60. Just Terrible Gameplay

      I'm pretty sure the Arbiter could have caught Anduin in her hands? They are big enough...

    61. Kody Nish

      Okay what if Anduin meets Arthas in the Maw and Arthas helps him overcome the Jailer???

    62. Zoey F

      So the leader of Bastion is just useless? Nice to know.

    63. Vincent Colpa

      the cinematics are not that great... usually blizzard does it better, it looks old

    64. Swiff

      anyone else hears the wotlk track when anduin passes uther?

    65. shattered ¿

      was he . . . Ner'zhul - soul ??

    66. Lego Fiend12

      Oh My God (or what ever azeroth considers gods)

    67. Sideways Pagan

      PiRaTe DrAgOnS tho

    68. Taka Wen

      This blade can only be pointed to two directions. Pointing forward or on the ground

    69. stavi82

      Well, that was predictable...

    70. doire aintu

      Kyrians really just feel like the punching bags of the whole expansion.

    71. NotTheWheel

      So let's see. Garrosh 2.0, Arthas 2.0, Deathwing 2.0?

    72. TimB4305

      Let me guess...the Archon dropped anima.

    73. Sergeant Rho

      what until varian discover this!

      1. doire aintu

        So is this say...a True Lich King?

    74. NeoBulRheGhi

      Is it just me? Sylv looks like Christine Stuart...

    75. NavaNix

      would have been nice to see what they did to anduin

    76. Arshad Ismael

      seems like blizz had their recycle bin close to hand.

    77. ClericofLurue

      Just when you think Blizzard's writing can't get any stupider...

    78. Otto Zhu

      My patience has ended!

    79. Czeron01

      Why were the guards pushing Uther along harshly? What did he do wrong?

    80. Mac Nano

      "Anduin, my son. The day were born...."

    81. Blarghton

      so increadibly lame.

    82. Andrew Oh

      So they just let him walk out with their leader’s soul?

    83. Abdulaziz Al-Homaid

      Glad you could bake it, Uther.

    84. Andrew L

      Wow, for an immortal death god she sure was dumb

      1. CaptainDope

        Blizzard said in an interview after Blizzcon that she survives.

    85. Ken Wu

      Maybe Anduin IS the true son of Arthas..?

      1. mikea hiooi

        THIS IS AMAZING! ❤

    86. Aleric c

      People have STOPPED PLAYING THIS EXPANSION, this is simply NOISE in the night.

    87. 43CYN

      Another old god prophecy fulfilled

    88. Luke Gribben

      So is this say...a True Lich King?

      1. cyrusol

        Define "true" Lich King.

    89. Anvos

      This really doesn't help the Jailer's street cred that he has to send Anduin in when the Kyrian player isn't around.

    90. Sаdе

      anduin had more charisma in ~4 min here than every other cinematic.

    91. Galford

      The jailer caused bad lore/storytelling

    92. Verbon

      Is Sylvanas Darth Vader now?

    93. Sergeant Rho

      when varian finds this out...

    94. Eduardo Navarro


    95. leenalee witch

      Here we go again

    96. Sebastian Carofiglio

      Better do more flappy bird dailies to save the world, MAW WALKER!

    97. Adeer Khan

      Uther: Here we go again.

    98. Keverino

      Meh. They're out of ideas. Sylvannas is Garrosh 2.0 and Anduin is Arthas 2.0. Pretty boring.

      1. cyrusol

        Sylvie isn't Garrosh.

    99. TravelBig

      Shadowreaper Anduin

    100. Bill

      How did Anduin get out of the maw? The players are the "maw-walkers", the players are the ones that had to be there to get Baine, Jaina, and Thrall out. The players are the ones that the stone is attuned to in order to leave the maw. The maw is supposed to be inescapable, "nothing escapes the maw'. If the Jailer can allow or make others leave (Anduin) then how come he can't leave? How come the Jailer doesn't or hasn't sent armies out of the maw? Is the maw really inescapable? Are the players not really maw-walkers, and that anyone can go into and out of the maw?