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    Valentine's Day! In today's video, Dixie and I celebrate our Valentine's Day weekend with a little surprise I put together. Enjoy!
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    Published on 19 days ago


    1. greusome

      why this video got 12k dislikes-

    2. paige and beyond

      Noah:tomarrow is valentines day no tomarrow is friday wait no todays friday.......tomarrow will be Saturday 😅

    3. noler noler

      ok so are we not gonna talk about the cereal and OJ

    4. doah._. updates

      I love this

    5. Meg Rivers-Wright

      Dixie put her middle finger up 3 times! She a bady🤪

    6. Boba Bear

      Who thinks Noah is lucky because he has Dixie also they are so cute comment down below if u ship them to

    7. Tre Dripy

      Sound effects from the show you were on nice 😎

    8. Destine Yeatts

      God Bless everyone and God loves everyone Amen ❤️🙏🏽

    9. Anson Choy

      0:03 nice kahoot music

    10. Roblox Bae


    11. Danielle Silva

      I don’t understand the big baggy sweatshirt when going out on Dates and stuff... she seems so disinterested in him and all the effort he put in

    12. Bff squad plays

      Is Dixie pregnant

    13. Semanur Çağıl

      Türkçe çevirisi olsa keşke öylesine izledim resmen

    14. Nawal Abdulhakim

      You are 18 year old ok and dixi 19 how it's worth

    15. issy peever

      Aww they’re so cute and seem like lovely people 💖💖

    16. charcg

      Fav ship🥺❤️

    17. Delia Plays

      Awww so cute

    18. Ole Blume

      He is just to good for her

    19. sydney edwards

      noah is the sweetest on god, like this man NEEDS to be protected

    20. Lucas Mandelblatt

      i think noah is kinda gay

    21. Arthur Sedrakyan

      This is cute but Dixie acts like she doesn’t want to do anything she’s always sleepy 🙄

      1. Ellie Evans

        She said she has depression and anxiety :( they can make you tired a lot so it’s probably quite hard for her to have a full day out with lots of activities :)

    22. Its Coco

      dixie:some times I dont wanna be happy me:sweet hart what about know

    23. nejra Mujcinovic

      I love how Noah treets Dixie so well (:

    24. Hailey Mai

      noeh cares about Dixie alot they are so cute together😍😘😀

    25. Samantha Collins

      Noah, you should have taken your dog instead. I'm sure you'd have a much better time. This girl wasn't having it, she has no appreciation at all. She didn't even look happy to be with you or have any motivation to enjoy the things you took the time to plan. She was acting like a spoiled brat. She paid more attention to what she looked like. DUMP her ass. You deserve better.

      1. N M


    26. Silva

      Aww you are so good boyfriend you treat your girl so good i love you bothhh so muchh💖

    27. julia tbh

      I love how he treats her hes such a good boyfriend

    28. Leila B

      It looked so nice there why is Noah such a good boyfriend

    29. Leila B

      I thought that flying bus was actually the thing they were in 😭

    30. Abduragmaan Essack

      i like how noah treats dixie like the queen of the world i wish i had a bf like that they are such a beautiful couple

    31. Gabby Bell

      This comment section ain’t it

    32. Raffa_ella 345

      Have any of you ever thought that Dixie is depressed and has anxiety and was in a very public relationship with Griffin then got publicly heartbroken so maybe she likes to keep her relationship off social media, y’all are a bunch of assholes that are really invested in a 19 year olds private relationship with her boyfriend also the prank Bryce pulled may have hurt her.

    33. Sophie Diaz Gumbs

      When he said I hope she will be my valentine , I was ....boy u know she gon say yes 😂

    34. Lots J

      They are the cutest ☺️🤗

    35. Alifleming

      I want a boyfriend like noah

    36. Dominique Lumpkins

      Best couple ever

    37. Sean Trainor

      Wow you spoiled dixie🥺so cute🤗🥰

    38. Blanca Nieves

      Bryce got the tea heated upppppp

    39. Zach M

      Hi noah!! Love your vids, keep it up man!!

    40. Setareh Nassiri

      i feel like noah is gonna be that dad that is always taking pictures lol

    41. Sara Pecina

      This bitch is always uninterested and it erks me

    42. Madison Tieu

      Fun fact that lady is my teacher’s daughter-in-law 💀

    43. mario potter

      Say gosh

    44. Brianna Hedrick

      3:10 LOOLL

    45. Makenzie Moore1325

      Y’all need to move away before 2023 because there’s gonna be a tsunami it’s going to take out the Golden Gate bridge and flood the city

    46. mccorona2012

      You guys are so cute 😍♥️🥰😍😘

    47. Sinut na prezidenta

      Helicopter date...seema kinda fimiliar isn't it?

    48. Eduardo Levy

      Dixie seems very boring 😐



      1. mikin lirou

        This was such a precious present and Noah made such an big effort but Dixie just doesn’t seem happy! I feel really sorry for both of them :(

    50. Tyler Lyles

      Everyone else coming for their relationship, me laughing so hard I cried when the car went flying off the edge 😂😂😂

      1. mikin lirou

        A Lowe how dixi 💓

    51. Sassymi Royal

      Noah is Dixie okay please take care of her idk if she is dealing with anything

    52. Arriane Rosa

      we all need a noah

    53. Olivia Peet

      I feel like Dixie should take more appreciation that she has a amazing boyfriend and she never says thank you and she doesn't even look like she's having fun

      1. Faith Reyes

        @Olivia Peet they don’t mean that. She probably does and me being a person with depression I know how draining things can be. That’s probably why it doesn’t look like she’s having fun. She’s probably exhausted.

      2. Olivia Peet

        So your saying if she has depression she can't say thank you?

      3. hey shawty

        she mentioned in her podcast that she has depression... you can’t judge her by watching a video of 8 minutes

    54. Charlilove

      Here's the evidence that Noah reads commentaries 🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽🔽

    55. Margaret Mann

      I hate Dixie 😡🙄

    56. Ellain Bernal

      Is she happy with y0u?

    57. Sunny2 Skies2

      She looks bored.I could never be bored with all that-🥲🤚🏾

    58. RcilYt4L

      I bet noah got some that GAP GAP 300000

    59. Sarah Moore

      I wanted to see the gifts he got her. 😢

    60. SimiPlays

      he planned so much for her and she didn't even bother to get ready...

    61. Simple Edits

      Holy shit the jump😳😳😳

    62. Simple Edits

      O my gosh Noah is the sweetest bf ever I wanna have himmmmm🥲🔫😭😭😭😭

      1. soinhu foitu

        supports her. yall need to stop looking at everything from the bad side of it god. when can yall not be toxic for once.

    63. kornalia Kazimierczak

      A Lowe how dixi 💓

      1. soinhu foitu

        yall stfu abt this relationship. is it ur business? no. so stop hating on the relationship off of what u see on camera. stop thinking ur the most important people in the world and

    64. 100 follower without a video Challenge

      This was such a precious present and Noah made such an big effort but Dixie just doesn’t seem happy! I feel really sorry for both of them :(

    65. Salwa

      why dixie looks tired lol it was valentine day you should be excited well we want you to enjoyable :)

    66. Tia dennawy

      Noah and Dixie =❤❤❤❤❤❤

    67. Aracely Clavo

      Is Dixi all right?

    68. Arianna Delgadillo


    69. Jill's awesome world Lugo

      Noah: she loves it never even tried it but she loves it!

    70. Sandhya Bilur

      social anxiety makes you overgiggle to try not to act embarrassed sometimes

    71. Sahira Rodriguez

      For all the people commenting on how dixie is with noah just like stop... She can litterally read these comments. If she is having a bad day or not feeling well then she is. All I know is people start juding so fast based what they saw on the screen. Not everything is based on what you see. She couldv'e had an amazing time with him but then again people have different personality's. So stop saying she "looks bored" or she "dosen't love him". She does but dosen't show it on screen. They are human as well and somtimes need priviacy. And if she does or doesn't, if she shows it on a stupid screen or not, who are you to be commenting and ruining the whole point of the video. Who are you to judge someone so fast based on a dumb screen. Overall, I wish Noah and Dixe the world and I hope they are happy how they are. AND I WISH PEOPLE STOP FRICKING JUDGING HER OR HER PERSONALTY GODDAMN.

    72. Lacey Shill

      y’all need to calm down. i came to the comments too read some nice vibey comments, but all i see is hate on there relationship. like common obviously she doesn’t want to put makeup on, but at least she went on the trip!! i can tell noah doesn’t care how she looks or act. he just cares if she likes it or not! so leave then be!!

    73. lil shartie

      noah deserves wayyy better. dixie doesn’t look like the gives one fat shit about what he does for her.

    74. Draco Malfoy

      Noah Neck 💓

    75. Natalie Lopez

      The Chihuahua part 💀✋

    76. soinhu foitu

      I love how Noah does everything for Dixie. He has things custom made and everything. That is so cute🥺

    77. imanz vidz

      dixie: rich boyfriend check

    78. lxnley cameroni

      yall stfu abt this relationship. is it ur business? no. so stop hating on the relationship off of what u see on camera. stop thinking ur the most important people in the world and ur opinion is valid to everyone. u wanted them together, here u go. dixie is mentally exhausted and depressed with anxiety. so no she isnt gonna be happy all the time. but noah supports her. yall need to stop looking at everything from the bad side of it god. when can yall not be toxic for once.


      Wow love you doah forever

      1. soinhu foitu

        Intro song namw

    80. Maryam Bin Kalban

      Remember when Grifen tried taking Dixie on a helicopter but failed

    81. Georgina's life

      WHY WAS I CRINGING THROUGH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and when he called Dixie dicks I started cracking us so hard lol

    82. mm carts22

      The daily alley philly bubble because change intradurally inform unto a permissible chimpanzee. racial, interesting slip

    83. hi hi

      She really said nApTiMeEeEeEeEeE😌😌😌😌

    84. mikin lirou

      it’s okay guys, he just glitched in the beginning

    85. Jaden Lee

      Jesus loves you

    86. Hassa Medici

      3:09 Why did I laugh so hard? HAJSHAJSHJAHSJAHSJAHAJHS

    87. Audrey Kuykendall

      It’s funny bc griffin took her on a airplane and now becks doing it

    88. Aribella Menold

      lol you know it’s Dixie when you see a girl in a oversized hoodie 😂

      1. mikin lirou

        He nevrshowed us the book

    89. Alok Shah

      Dixie is really a person who will say 'Ya it was cool' if Noah asks her how was everything 🤣😂

    90. Aruveer Yadav

      03:09 for a moment I thought 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    91. tekle beridze


    92. amir ahmad

      Name intro

    93. amir ahmad

      Intro song namw

    94. Leah M

      Y’all are saying that she is sad or doesn’t like him. You can clearly tell that she is just nervous on camera. I definitely think that if the cameras were off she would be smiling laughing and having the best relationship. Also, they are literally the cutest ever. luv u guys

    95. Milani Spade

      Hi gibby

    96. Mollie Constantino

      dixie is such a mood

    97. josef

      Really people watch this? How come? I really don’t understand What is his talent ? Rich white man ? Sad I’m very sad

    98. Sammy Rice

      Someone clearly doesn’t pay attention to what day of the week it is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂