Minecraft, But Advancements Give OP Items...


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    Minecraft, But Advancements Give OP Items...
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    BTW I know @Bionic also had the same video idea with his "Minecraft, But Every Advancement Gives You OP Items..." video, but I recorded this a couple weeks ago and he's completely cool with using the same idea!
    This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game, but the world updates every 10 minutes, this idea was inspired by @Wisp's "Minecraft but Fire Drops OP Items" video, except I put my own twist on it!
    #Minecraft #MinecraftBut #MinecraftChallenge

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    1. Carla Wheeler

      he is my favrite yotuber!

    2. Szymon Zuber

      Try the advancement called “how did we get here”

    3. harshyguy

      "im not missing a shot" *misses the shot*

    4. harshyguy

      i may be wrong... but 17:14 the eye of ender was DEFINITELY going into the ground- why did he go so far to find it 0-0

    5. MaxThepro

      Wisp: let’s gooo Me:stop saying that

    6. KB Gaming

      when you said "netherite axe or sword?" iw as like ;-; DO A CHESTPLATE ;-;

    7. lost sky

      Protection X : oh nooo, i already have it. Protection III : Uhh, thats sweet. Sense???

    8. TTVFoundExpert9! !


    9. MJfungamer Sir

      Spoiler: He kills the dragon

    10. Cylo Playz

      Lol so late 17:35-17:40 no hate tho love your content

    11. Bendakid

      I love ur vids keep up the hard work and grind man btw what’s your nationality

    12. Peter Kujo

      So does the thumbnail mean that you get Monster Hunter, then it turns into the Netherite Pickaxe achievment and then turns back into Monster Hunter?

    13. How bout that


    14. Supreme ONESHOT

      There is an advancement for subscribing to silver

    15. Boom Balloon

      "We're attacking it's feet" A wither doesn't have feet lmao

    16. Dombie

      It triggers me so freaking much how he threw the father falling away

    17. TylerM0y352008

      Wifery and Husbandry sitting in a tree K I S S I N G!

    18. TylerM0y352008

      Be grateful of how much subs u have! 😠

    19. joanne Weston bramwell

      I can get iron from zombies it's rare though

    20. 2xKaleb

      your voice

    21. Kate Carbery

      I have the book!

    22. Fareed Iftikhar

      How do you get this mod?

    23. Gautam U.

      The wither is creepy only because its heads dont move in tandem with each other

    24. quyền nguyễn

      is so funny

    25. quyền nguyễn

      your youtube accout name is my minecraft accout name

    26. Joelacontrola Cannings

      He should do a survival play through

    27. BlackFireOC - Gameplay, Phone Vlogs And Many more!

      In the start he has 69 level

    28. Anthony Casale

      RIP COD

    29. Jerriah Mouse

      17:38 lmao

    30. Santiago Smithruiz

      Does anyone consider the fact that he also has a skyblock channel, and that this is his second channel????? GO SUBBB TO MAIN NOWWW

    31. Ainsley Cook

      Imma sub BC of the Grian music

    32. Yolimar Hernandez bru

      It was actually the 7th vid congrats man

    33. Aizawa Shota

      I'm not gay or anything and no homo bro but your voice is cute

    34. Rob J

      u forgot skys the limit

    35. Paramanu Ac

      It's not fireaccept ok it's fire reci I don't to how to write it sry bye

    36. James Richardson

      i don't think I've ever seen a youtuber with only 14 videos and 532K SUBS! well done

    37. Stinke Boiii

      He had 68 levels at the end! NOOOOO

    38. Cian Batanes

      U can put diamonds on the smithing table and prot x iron then u have prot x diamondbpants

    39. Joshua

      this was posted on my birthday

    40. Comic Freak

      fake mc speedruns be like

    41. Ian Woodend

      He could have made his leggings diamond

    42. Blue Slime Is Gaming

      Can you teach us how to do this

    43. Samurai

      times he silver said "I'm Just" | | | ⬇️

    44. Arya Redij

      give link of these mod plz

    45. blast bg

      Nise vido

    46. Hanan Mohamed

      RIP ender dragon XD XD XD


      Fack lah

    48. 陳政匡Adam Chan

      😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 I WANT IT WANT IT!

    49. Laura Henderson

      9:01. The item was a anvil Or a god apple

    50. AliBob MC

      What about full netherite

    51. Li Fi

      "Woah its got iron" Its a very rare chance for a zombie to drop iron

    52. yuvraj Aryan

      Omg yesterday i saw your subs were like 400k something now you have 500k subs if like this you can have 1million subs

    53. Stacie Collins

      'Might as well put frost Walker on' me um but what if you do a water bucket save

    54. Anthony Cochrane

      U have 500k now..

    55. Owen Langston


    56. Owen Langston

      At the intro his level was 69

    57. Big Sword

      Please texture pack

    58. Ban Zay


    59. Blue Dragon101

      69 at the start nice

    60. PortalMaster2011

      whats the mod

    61. Anthony Huang

      ender dragon head in the start

    62. Filip Todorovic


    63. Ayyub G

      2 anvils

    64. Christopher Schneider

      I cant keep up how many times this dude has said, "Let's go" in the last minute

    65. Ghost maple

      Did you seriously just say sheeps

    66. _ max1700 _

      You really don‘t understand FEARHER FALLING 10!?!? You can literally jump from a 100 blocks

    67. Adv Sanjeev Kumar Mandal

      3:12 The skeleton hits the bat..... Me who is playing minecraft for 9 years...... Ummmm......

    68. questionqble

      Minecraft, but I beat the game

    69. Dionder08

      You are a copy of whisp

    70. sushi

      Yo, I actually am here from 500k, I watch a video I come to this one 10 minutes later and you have 501k subs, your channel is going crazy, like ur vids btw

    71. treeband


    72. Amar Afraz

      Piece of poo

    73. Game Skills

      R.I.P Mr cod

    74. Jori

      I also have frost walker netherite

    75. Jori

      Withers don't have feet, thanks for the cursed image

    76. Jerod Cazares

      even though you started out not to long ago, you make amazing videos! Keep it up

    77. woody 70

      10:53 he got a notch apple, 10:57 it’s gone...bruh

    78. rayan Aamir

      He have 400, 000 subs and only upload 13 video

    79. d3xta_

      When he fire resed on the resspawn anchor my heart dropped

    80. SploitxX BG

      "i can attack his feet* Me: its the spine because its a floating upper boddy

    81. The sir.warden

      I love how in the intro his head was getting devoured by a villager with a dragon head

    82. Sadie Fortner

      Me being triggered for him not making a pick in sted of a chest plate

    83. OT-Ritzcrackers


    84. Mister MischiefMaker

      Your a fish killer

    85. Zxne

      Am I the only one here from skyblock/speedsilver?

    86. Sam Raven

      why not advancements speed run :v

    87. Jamesiboy Games

      I like how you use grian ending music

    88. Ozzie Waterson

      Ligit I saw somebody with only 5 videos now and she's over your amount is subs- Good job doe

    89. Konto. op


    90. Sonya Song

      I have a book like that in the start

    91. Mtrickk

      Lmao USfilm really put you out, great content my guy

    92. black prof

      who's talking about the villager wearing a dragon head on the start

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    94. Darksteel Plays

      how did u not make a neatherite swsord u scrub

    95. Zypher Op


    96. Lauren Cook


    97. Floofy Poofy

      I luv your videos. :3

    98. Amir Badran

      See we Hanna talk about how the skeleton hit the bat