Learning What Love Is

Drew Gooden

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    Published on Month ago


    1. mary

      didn’t even need to watch the video to know i needed to dislike.

      1. Squirtle boy

        That’s pretty poggers

      2. glitchcore_chihiro


      3. Craig Brutus

        Didn't even need to read the comment to know I needed to dislike.

      4. Sunimec


      5. layla manus


    2. Lūkass Kleins

      3:01 Americans be like

    3. Help Yourself I’m Busy

      Justine and Jason Bateman and Ted Danson. Those are definitely the people I think of when I need to know if I’m in love.

    4. •gacha Editx•

      *Hey guy*

    5. jojo

      oh shoot that’s Ted Danson

    6. R J

      $29.95?? That was, like, a million dollars in 1992

    7. Tabby Road

      _Love is when she be lookin’ like a toad_ That’s my new tattoo sorted ✍️

    8. giannamichelle07

      is this what the 90s were like lol because I was born in 2007 and I am so lost and so glad I was born now

    9. Callum .G

      Drew out here still being the only one on USfilm

    10. Jules Abbott

      guy in neat shirt is ben wyatt

    11. Charlotte Q

      Its from 1986. The Bateman's were kind of irrelevant by 1992.

    12. Grace Gorsich

      ive watched this video 3 times already lol

    13. dovakhin

      sol gordon needs a separate video

    14. kevin's

      Comedy gold

    15. Hà Phương Nguyễn

      I didn't know i needed to see Drew making fun of people in the past this much.

    16. clem fandango

      I actually haven’t laughed this hard in ages

    17. Jooniper Lynn

      So in other words... Sal Gordon should be everyone's hero

      1. Nightmare_ Creature

        I am in full support of this proposal

    18. Hope Papernacky

      What is love?

    19. BenecioThePerson

      Guys I need a question answered.. 🎵HOW WILL I KNOW IF I'M REALLY IN LOVE?!🎵 Where do I go to get to Planet Z? I don't know! I don't know! I'm in the dark! (BenecioThePerson does not take responsibility, endorse, or associate with this comment.)

    20. Madison F.

      I got an ad for something called Constellation how ironic

    21. JustShivThings

      and from that day, Ted always cleared his parking and traffic fines on time..

    22. Astro Dust

      I really didn't expect him to say he was a 1ST grade teacher! bahahahaha

    23. ANR MD

      This is content

    24. Simon Blue

      I love grew doogen

    25. Ssypher

      Oh you’re a Brooklyn 99 fan? Name every crime

    26. Aeron Reece

      So if Ted Danson was in this due to unpaid parking fines, what laws did Jason and Justin Bateman break for them to end up in this?

    27. PopCat Lady88

      This is why I love the 60s,70s,80s,and 90s

    28. Alvinsch

      Uhm, actually, the sun moves in relation to the milky way lol

    29. Hecatrice

      6:22 *Drew invents th gay*

    30. A BlahDay

      The theme songs questions are as bad as that one ICP song where they ask "Magnets, how do they work?"🤣

    31. Alex Hatfield

      "...and I passed out... And that's when I fell in love." That's... Is that..was she..that doesnt sound consensual.

    32. Abby Golladay

      3:42 sounds and looks like Matt Watson

    33. Love Kunis

      Your videos are always so enlightening and interesting!

    34. cool dude

      Jesus Christ yeah not funny drew but not funny

    35. 2ndPartyCrasher ✓

      Mr. Gooden should told the kids the bell doesn't dismiss you

    36. Matt M

      Um, the sun definitely moves. It's orbiting the galactic center at a ridiculous speed. And the galaxy itself is also moving, at an even faster speed.

    37. Adam Tube

      That's it. I've watched this five times. This is my favorite video on USfilm.

    38. Lucas Booth

      6:32 well im convinced. Where my guys at??

    39. Kai Pyper

      So this is what Bernie sanders was doing before politics 7:56

    40. daxter hunter

      Hey guys I know this is irrelevant but I just ate the best orange ever

    41. seenie bear

      I always forget to hit the like button until he makes me laugh

    42. a splash Of ash

      You guys I’m gonna say it- I think Jason is in love with his sister

    43. felix the clown

      5:00 that dude looks like matpat

    44. Azenn-A-matics

      *The True Take Away Here:* Where is 'Planet Z'? If there is a Planet "Proxima B", can a solar system have only up to 26 planets in a solar system? How do I know how does love?

    45. Taylor Renee

      Currently packing my bags for planet Z of funness. Who's coming with?

    46. Helpahoe

      Stop it Ted you're scaring me

    47. Leeres Glas

      Sorry I have to be annoying here: Technically the sun does move, just not around the earth. Otherwise: Great video

    48. Kalisha Price

      These are the types of videos that the school would show us in PE (Anyone else)

    49. Lonely Menace101

      Sorry, Drew, I don’t have the internet. I’m writing this from a rock with smaller rocks on top of it.

    50. Phillips Music

      3:10 that would be embarrassing

    51. August Keller

      Thanks Red Letter Media! Oh. Wait. This isn't Red Letter Media.

    52. Leaka Mariesss

      when the clip of the girl saying that she fell in love with a 17 year old played i literally said what the fAwK and then drew said what the fAwK

    53. Uniboy 13

      Who is this

    54. Carl Smith

      The Sun does move.

    55. Ren Sawyer

      7:40 is that Bernie Sanders

    56. Amy Haight


    57. Sam Richards

      i watched the actual video and oh my god he wasn’t kidding

    58. Lili Hodgson

      13:45 or u could switch to Canada and get both

    59. Gabriel Ballard

      whoa just noticed the Yumeno Garden album cover in the background damn drew's got taste

    60. SpringMommy

      I'm 42, and I have no idea what love is. I hope this USfilm video will teach me, Drew! Don't disappoint me!

    61. oliviation

      drew is starting to look more and more like the dad from coraline

    62. Dry Lemons

      This is my favorite video to watch while eating mayonnaise sandwiches and iced tea.

    63. Regina Phalange

      Drew’s face at the 6:55 mark!

    64. Leonardo Castillo

      someone has been watching red letter media channel.

    65. Nathaniel Moore

      Yay comment 7,000! I'm older than drew....why do I care?

    66. ThatTURK1

      My school got jason kidd to come to our school to inspire the kids but he was there to serve community service for a DUI car accident he caused and I was the only one that found it ironic. Lmao

    67. Ethan R Hart

      HIS SISTER- *sweet home Alabama plays*

    68. kaelykopis

      3:42 is that Matt Watson? From supermega???

    69. Spider Man

      Tbh I can’t believe this video is fucking real holy shit lmao

    70. Encysted

      I like the natural makeup. Really well done, highlights your cheekbones just enough.

    71. Maria

      drew's reaction at 6:54 had me howling

    72. aviendhar idek

      Video: well I was ten and he was seventeen Me eating: *HAKCKCKK*

    73. Destiny Duck2

      Me: sees 6.9k comments Literally my brain 5 milliseconds later: hoohaa funi noomber

    74. spaceistall

      why did I get excited when clicking this video because I genuinely thought that Drew would tell us about what love actually is because apparently idk shIet abt it but anyways still enjoyed the video💗

    75. ascendio

      3:42 the eyebrows don’t sit right with me

    76. Marilyn Gonzalez Bail

      I like how he said hes my substitue teacher for today and at the end the bell is about to ring and I was like damn this video is for me I was watching this in class too

    77. Taylor Davison

      It's something Haddaway sang about, I think. Gee...I dunno.... What is love?

    78. deadpan_does_stuff

      Drew don’t worry bills got the answer for ya: usfilm.info/fire/fqSraKSMmcmB3Ko/video.html

    79. sammi

      Silly Drew, love isn’t words. It’s one word!!!

    80. brooke

      discussions about safe sex and "planet z of funness" probably shouldn't belong in the same film

      1. cursedcommenter

        What kind of film?

    81. The Happy Rat

      That’s not Ted Danson, this is actually secret footage of Michael’s eternal torture

    82. Skybriel

      as someone born in 2000 what the fuck was up with the 90's

    83. anna h

      why is this weird video about love from the 90s better than the sex education i got in high school in the 21st century

    84. Jonathan Thomas

      Really couldn't watch this one. Don't have sex till marriage kids ✌

    85. Exigentable

      No best of the worst comments? Really?

    86. Quest 21

      Burn this tape in the pits of Tartarus

    87. Mitchell Mainey

      As an Australian who thinks Trump is a dickhead, if I was in a position to vote in that election I would've voted for him after hearing "pokemon go to the polls". Still one of, if not the cringiest thing I've ever heard come out of a politician's mouth.

    88. Micah Guillemette

      Ah yes. No better person to ask what love is than to children!

    89. purple bean


    90. emerald

      but drew, republicans did win in 1988

    91. Claire Fazel

      why do the siblings look like they're gonna kiss?

    92. laura keller

      Me coming home from school Drew:welcome to the classroom Me:😂🤣😂🤣😂

    93. Jordan Marrs

      9:05 why would they not draw a frog or a princess but the phone???

    94. Cinnamon Bun


    95. Stella Mariss

      After the fish pass out in water carry me now in love girl I was like Wtf And then drew says Wtf And I was a little weirded out by how similarly we said it

    96. Cody Hart

      Unplanted F of badness (the subtitles).

    97. Ari Gelman

      Today my crush was talking about you. Tonight I must binge.

    98. Mrs. Cupcake

      I couldn't see most of this video through tears of hysterics

    99. yellow plate

      Yo what happened to the 50’s video you made