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    Published on 2 years ago


    1. Its_Trout YT

      I'd give a leg for the squished rev holo caterpie

    2. Jacob Kelsey

      12:50 17:41 21:33 23:14 25:10 35:29 36:29 37:54 44:18 46:41 48:20 58:25 59:29 1:00:45 1:02:43 1:10:42

    3. Renee Teaster


    4. Ayme Boi

      this man did not let him talk kept interrupting him

    5. Kimberly Mendez


    6. among us


    7. Truenito 7

      I have the alolan ninetails, does anyone know how much it’s worth?

    8. PopsTheFyreFox_Ursa

      Thanks Nick, you two are legends! I found out I had a golden Tapu Bulu GX (only just worked out) and a shiny stakataka GX (again just found out) and didn't know how rare holographics and reverse rares were LOL! I am a huge fan, sorry I am watching so late after you posted it!

    9. Techie

      "donate every card." So really, you're going to write off all the packs as a business expense, then claim donations on the full retail value of the cards without having to actually sell them. scumbags.

    10. G. Waits4Gainz

      quite jealous. quite an awsome thing to do and for an especially good cause so cheers! even from the next decad,e cant wait to relive the past 20 years and see what pokemon has instore to deplete my wallet for the 25th ani this 20201 LOL

    11. TrokerosPerronesdeDallas

      The spotty spark ontogenically save because biplane pertinently bare into a separate magic. sleepy, defective call

    12. Penny Laine

      Hi ........

    13. Penny Laine

      I love Pokemon and I'm a girl I wish I was there 😭😭😭

    14. Oh Snap A Cupcake

      If only the guest had a mic. Then he would of had a fighting chance to be heard.....

    15. jarzadon05

      The woozy birthday immediately snatch because search outstandingly jam midst a mountainous salad. scared, broken brake

    16. Evan Ouk

      The acoustic description histopathologically risk because mail extracellularly unfasten below a macabre scale. waggish, infamous unit

    17. Roland Norello

      This video is so fun.

    18. Mr. Skull

      Leonhart is really changing people's lives

    19. Kane Bishop

      Who else can see Leonhart putting his life savings into a charity?

      1. Jose Diaz

        @Techie how do you know?

      2. Techie

        Not without writing it off on his taxes first. He wrote off all the packs of cards as a business expense. Then when he donates the cards he claims the full value of the retail for the card. So he is making a shitload more money by donating to charity. It's not to be a good person, it's just a business decision.

    20. Heva De

      Battle me

    21. Shepherd99

      Base set 2 charizard dirt cheap!!

    22. Karina LUA-JIMENEZ

      I love Pokémon

    23. Sue Yang

      Poor guest with no mic. Can’t really hear him and doesn’t even get to open. Might as well not have him on lol.

    24. C0LT4FIVE

      The children should get to open these...

    25. August Berthold

      Shiny azumarill and he didn’t even notice it

    26. Peter Diaz

      Dang I had to stop watching this Video from how rude Leonhart was and kept cutting Nick off! It got really annoying! For once a Dislike 👎

    27. yuvika singh

      I love Pokemon I love it so much

    28. Blake Murphy

      noone noticed the shiny azumarill ? 38:05

      1. Blake Murphy


    29. Nylo Flavor

      White code green code does not start on evolutions I think it starts on XY base

    30. Cryptical 5090

      I have a ledendary collection charizard holo

    31. joseph

      The way this guy opens the Pokemon packs really bothers me! So rough and he's not careful at all

      1. Aaron Flick

        Unless you drop the cards, opening the packs aggressively won’t affect the grade of the cards. This guy has pulled black label charizards opening the packs just like this

    32. Isaac Rangel

      Can I have a Blaziken

    33. Ibrahim king

      How many pokemon booster was it

    34. Graycen Davis

      Not me

    35. tubenachos

      How many different Pokemon sets did they make?

    36. Evan Ouk

      Who else here is a 2019 reviewer? How could I miss this opportunity? 😥 😢

      1. Sophia Lin

        Don’t worry I am with you I am also from 2020 lol

    37. Cristianne Doran

      Not even kidding I had this playing in the background whilst I sorted through my cards for pricing and you kept pulling cards I was looking at at the exact same time and it creeped me out haha. Loved this, my favourites have to be the neo's

    38. Houston Wyatt

      My goodness how does every created I follow live in Texas with me hahaha.

    39. Jordan Rhodes

      Who won lol

    40. Matt Mundorf

      Me:Just likes the opening

    41. Katrena Aiello

      can i get a good card I know you have alot not trying to be mean.

    42. Little Kayden


    43. Yeet 2010

      I thought that was a jiggely puff:D

    44. Yeet 2010

      Yo I been looking for a charzard

    45. ian davin

      leonhart and blazendary pokemon got me some what back into pokemon even tho i grew out of stuff like that

      1. Vincent Rosse

        Same dude, I just ordered a booster box of Vivid Voltage lol. Just want to experience that feeling again man.

    46. Rekon_Rondo

      Leon cutting this dude off the whole time was funny af! Leon had his eyes on what he cared about.

      1. Michael M


      2. Evan Ouk

        I like when they both talk at the same time and you can't understand either of them

    47. ArtWill

      Who else here is in 2022? I missed it!

    48. Josh Collins

      My best pokemon vmax morpeko

    49. F E M T O

      Who can count how many times Leon cuts off the homie ?

    50. Lorenzo Acuna Olvera

      iom jelous]

    51. Nichole Arnold


    52. Seans Life

      I've been inspired by these pokemon card opening channels to start my own channel, check it out if you have some spare time 💛💛💛💛💛

    53. TorontoOpal

      The prices on these make me laugh a bit haha you ignorant young fools if only you knew. I miss these prices

    54. OriginsUnKnown

      The guy with him seems really nice and respectful. The host... yeah, not so much. Aye guy, you know other people like to talk too, and open their own packs. And they don’t like to be interrupted when they do get a word on edge wise.

    55. OriginsUnKnown

      This guy seems kinda self centered and pompous. He constantly interrupts the other dude with him, as well as not letting him talk like he’s worried he’s gonna steal some of thunder or something 😒 He just kinda seems like a anti-social guy. Like he’s kinda an outcast in life and on his little USfilm channel he’s in his head a mega star! Lol oh well I guess everyone has their flaws, I know I do. But whatever it’s cool watching him open packs..And didn’t this other guy like pay for all the cards? Wouldn’t it be kinda cool to like... let him open one of his own packs? Idk that’s just me.. HOW RUDE! This guy is not friendly or conscience of his anti social, mean, and childish behavior. How sad.

    56. Belen Ortiz

      Did u guys know ekans bac kwards is snake and arbok backwords is cobra

    57. Aroush Haider

      I gave 10$to the health care*

    58. Aidan McNabb

      Why is it in fast forward

    59. Kim Nam-Joon

      Leonhart: "Let me know what your favorite Sky Ridge pack art is?" Me: The one with the Pokemon on it

      1. Cody Anderson


      2. Made In California

        @Ryan Niland vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

      3. Little Kayden


      4. Ryan Niland


    60. Kim Nam-Joon

      The funny thing is that I got a secret rare ultra ball from Sun and Moon which was when I was new to pokemon cards and I traded it for a secret rare Misty's determination from XY evolutions and a Gardevoir EX from Primal Clash which I thought was a good trade but then I watched LeonHart's Ultra ball video and when he said one of the rarest cards in the set I was so sad because I was new and didn't know

    61. JYRICK!

      You’re such an amazing dude, but I kinda feel like you could have been a better host here. Include your guests a bit more and definitely put the mic in the middle of you two or at least give him his own. I’m not even there and I can read his body language. Parts of this were very uncomfortable to watch.

    62. Benjamin Lucas

      how much did it all cost

    63. Anthony Stoddard

      I is hahaha

    64. Toffy

      7:01 man that’s my childhood there

      1. Little Kayden


      2. Toffy

        @Little Kayden yea good thanks how about yourself

      3. Little Kayden

        Hi how are you?

    65. Blake

      Y’all saying Leon was interrupting nick when really they were just talking to each other. You have to remember these are normal people with normal friendships as well. They’re having a conversation about the packs and why’s in them

    66. Adam Murray

      38:03 Did nobody else notice shiny Azumarill???

    67. Benmhockey52

      damn let the poor guy get a sentence in before cutting him off...

      1. vicdurrr

        Fr 😹

    68. Eddie Iztas


    69. Raiden Hernandez

      and im 7 yers olde

    70. Raiden Hernandez

      my mom bot me a pake and i got a mega charizard ex dut can you gev me all the mega bex is pless

    71. b34V15 heh

      Leonhart are you a Pokémon coke head? In this video you are sniffing constantly, face is twitching, your right eye is swollen, compulsive behavior (Checking clock every 30-45 seconds) and weird behaviors toward your guest who is basically funding this venture.

      1. Sully Duhh

        Yeah totally

    72. titan90 MeGaTron

      Hello u have a guest there let him speak too

    73. Justin

      Sorry for your loss rip ????$

    74. Bruce Warren


    75. MoneyDoge

      You make me jeoless

    76. Marcus Munn

      not a fan of e series at all

    77. JJ MAXWELL

      This dude got scammed

    78. 1.2M subscriber

      This is SUS in 2020

    79. Cracker Raptor

      I’m a big fan

    80. Steve Ellison

      It’s Phanpy not Phanphy. Fan-pee, not Fan-fee. Drove me crazy every time you said it lol.

    81. Gh0sT ReAp3r 23

      Wow I have the kyurem secret rare and I didn’t even know it was worth anything, I wish I knew before it got scuffed🥺

    82. Retired not Fired

      Your poor guest, he might as well not have been there 😫 awkward to watch

      1. Chase Matthews


    83. Proxyth

      out of date

    84. Cristian Rodriguez


    85. -Halem -

      Very Satisfying

    86. ZatroxCZ

      Someone please tell me where do you buy pokemon cards?

    87. Dylan

      1:24:35 those are the only packs I remember from my child hood everything else I’ve never seen before

    88. Vexlyz

      Anyone here in 2020?

    89. Toni Aregger


    90. Jana Syručková


    91. SATOSHI

      Did you watch the $200.000 1st edition opening? if not I have uploaded some of the best moments! :)

    92. Dustin Conine

      You spent the majority of this video cutting him off, and you didn't let him open any himself, dislike from me man👎

    93. Hunter Campbell


    94. Augustina Green

      I found a giant Newtown card gx in my atick

    95. Jaylen Marshall


    96. cornpop

      I am so jealous

    97. John Butler

      Fantastic pasc

    98. John Butler

      My god

    99. Chris Berg

      you have the best cards ever i want some