Sauce Walka x El Trainn - Beltway (Official Music Video)

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    Exclusive WSHH music video for “Beltway” by Sauce Walka x El Trainn.
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    Fourth music video from Walka & El Trainn's new release “Sauce Train”

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    Published on 25 days ago


    1. Carlie Ch

      #Wake tf up....kause y'all sleepin on em.. #ONSAAUUUUUUHHHH

    2. Deljon Finister

      Damn he pulled out all the ice for this one

    3. Lil Kenderyy🔥🔥🔥

    4. Knew Retro


    5. ra1N72

      ну вот вроде почти, но не дотянуто и поэтому полная хуйня...

    6. Frank Acosta


    7. Jordan Cool90

      I love tsf they on top 🔥🔥🔥with this oooouweeeee



    9. KQuisOner KOD

      This here jaminn sauce n el 🚂 on to sumthin On the nethas Ohweeeeee

    10. Poet59Boi

      On sauce U da truth nigga 💯🤙🏾💦 #realrapnocap "yeeky yeeky"

    11. Najee Durant

    12. Stacey Pickens


    13. Victoria Sheppard

      My guy is genuinely one(1) of a kind;

    14. Terrance McCoy

      I'm usually on Tsf ass cause them drugs had all them looking dry as fuck, but this is a smooth cut here.... Splash

    15. kxng Chvse

      This that riding in texas music

    16. Timothy Lens


    17. Jamail Walker

      Sauce is the truth and he speak real spill and that PIMP IZUMM on 84% of all his songs. Sauce I pray the 1 Above All Continue to bless you and yours my G.

    18. Kellen Mapp


    19. ______

      Rest In Peace cKilla cKody ⛅️🙏🏽☁️

    20. Almighty Rambo

      “Go get your domain?” Lol P they don’t spill you walk 😂😂 ✌🏾

    21. AL IZE

      To Perfect wasn’t swowing progress 👌👌

    22. Chris O

      SW Salute.... West Up or Vest Up

    23. Andre Howe


    24. Jabo Williams

      Don't even listen to Sauce like that but this shit bangs🔥🔥👌🏿💯 Best track I've heard from homie in a while

    25. RaeShun

      I really hate that this shit here haven't touched a milli within a week🔥🔥🔥real deal fire in the booth🩸OnSauce

    26. Latoya Polk

      That’s what I’m talking about sauce walka , I love it bro

    27. Anarcy13 oG

      Next trap lord 🙏🙏

    28. Damien Charles

      El train coming up

    29. Carlito Brigante

      Sample please 🔽🔽🔽

      1. Realz Niccaradio

        Marcos valle: estrelar

    30. Terrence Rowlins

      This classical

    31. YOUNG IRVO


    32. Alpha'Asiatic

      Shyt Crankin 💪🏾💯


      Playboi carti - glock

    34. JonBellyH2O

      🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #Respect BH

    35. Young Harryo

      Need more views on sauce

    36. David Hernandez

      Swang and bang has to be the next one

    37. Brandon Lewis


    38. michael coffer

      Go off every fucking song only niggas I listen 2 tough in Texas is sauce and r.i.p mo3

    39. DaRealG4

      Music is my passion & if you give me 5 minutes you’ll agree! Thanks so much for reading 😁

    40. Seth TrapLife SODMG 999

      whole lot of occult symbolism

    41. mettaFREEworld

      Timeless 💦

    42. Funked Up Records

      Where is the radio hits i thought that was the game to be in rotation these songs want last 6 months and they saying the same shit over and over on the same type beats even 2pac made hits and he was a gangsta.

    43. Versatilically DisoBayish

      Ooooweee!! 🔥🔥🔥

    44. Access Lazard’s see

      Unlike the world houston don’t give in to that punk shit u can hear the pain in this song and if u think anything sweet in houston come walk around the north side at night with your jelwery on. Go walk beside a bayou and see if you make it our

    45. 2 Tone

      I’m one of the biggest sauce fans ion give a fuc what you talm bout lmao don’t get ya life ended in da Blender 🤌🏽 🤣

    46. vel tak

      Mane tsf dont miss! Salute! El train get better and better

    47. Tj Steele

      She need a p and I'm a mf p.. el whole verse killed it

    48. Jason

      I’m that nigga That be always grinnin Mirror mirror Why do I desire such rare expensive linen Up twenty, makin reservations Cuz we used to winnin Rember I wanted a drop That when u stop The rims keep spinnin Now I can’t get out the new tesla In the old garage Cuz the doors is different

    49. Dorian Crowell

      I'm fuckin wit this

    50. Yo MAMA

      If you’re a plug on the east coast tap in with me @cesar_21300 on Snapchat, I’ll beat all your plugs prices

    51. Kallie


    52. K2 3

      That beat from Glock by Playboi carti stop playing whit me I know that bis still🔥

    53. Brad Spencer

      See this what pisses me off bout Sauce he got talent but it gets lost in the “sauce” when he get on the internet with that bullsh!t... But this song jamming so salute the bro I just hope he stays consistent with quality of music 🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾

    54. Acceptable Reveal

      That Carti beat tho

    55. Julian Roybal

      The last 3 albums from sauce Walka where the most famous garbage ever I thought sauce have more drip tonight he was one of my favorite rappers but I'm leaving enough of that Young Dolph and Key Glock them some real rappers with some real gangster music

    56. Jovan Sandovall

      That Texas Flow RiP Pimp C 🔥

    57. RichForeverDC00

      Its all love this way folks im tryna catch ah 30ball with this rap shit the streets aint even worth it in 2021

    58. Char Greatestofalltime

      I don't understand some of your comments one person said give him his flowers and another person said if they don't blow up off this song The World Is Broken both of you sound like Goofy because Jay-Z already tried to give him a major deal sauce turn down a major deal from Jay-Z I promise " SAUSE" he's already made it

    59. Char Greatestofalltime

      I don't really know what you people are talking about but this dude is not behind or underground people just don't pay attention to the world sauce Walka is legendary already

    60. Char Greatestofalltime

      Sauce Walka is definitely one of a kind Ghetto Gospel

    61. Keith Cooks

      That high five splash blood everywhere

    62. Chalino Sanchez


    63. Pancho Panera

      That beat is fire af🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    64. vdadon ssgod

      🔥Greenspoint tx

    65. SLATT 3


    66. qhans hans

      Look at all the walka twins

    67. Mike Hawk


    68. Akylman 888

      What's the sample?

    69. Douglas Herring

      So underrated

    70. IgorWbrW

      Esse beat é brasileiro porra

    71. Tyrece Mitchell

      Eve my warning sauce walka and all of tsf finna be on top in no time

    72. Tykeith Nelson

      i want this instrumental

    73. Random Encounters

      Peso pso since pen·al·tsy!"😂im so drunk right now wish i can spell

    74. Critique & Criticism

      That “true to the art” Art.

    75. Jordan Lewis


    76. Arys Forbin

      that marcos valle sample is crazy

    77. Mike B


    78. Ace 94

    79. Ace 94

    80. DBLOCK513 Ps4

      On sauce

    81. Kyle Chamberlin

      damn sauce shredded this beat, this TSF vibe is hella cool

    82. read 123

      This like the 4th time he did this

    83. Rigo Castillo


    84. Drip Season

      Sauce samurai really sliced tha fuk out this beat .#tsfbinezz

    85. thomas roberson


      1. thomas roberson


    86. bncfxbcf fh ngjfufhu


    87. Legendary Shotz

      I ride the beltway EVERYDAY going to The Mo hittin theredroom studio

    88. Thomas Johnson

      Yea that's hot sauce on a bitch 🥵

    89. Amanda D

      Every week we get a Sauce Walka video on WS 😂💯

    90. Koolie Ink

      TSF real hip hop .. 💧💧

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    92. Ice Rasta

      The Conductor and The Sauce Father collabs never disappoint🔥💯

    93. Quanlito

      Here b4 million views.. my dude putting on for the state. Been bumping sauce since 2014

    94. Novi Soprano

      No autotune now that’s what I’m talking about🔥🔥🔥

    95. Big Balez


    96. gsxrboy35


    97. Makin Moves Tv

      Lyor cohen is helping young thug suppress sauce on youtube

    98. Universole 3Star

      Hard listen to the lyrics

    99. Alexis Roach

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    100. Charles Bukowski