YONEX Thailand Open | Day 2: Nohr/Magelund (DEN) vs. Jordan/Oktavianti (INA) [2]


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    HSBC BWF World Tour | Super 1000
    YONEX Thailand Open
    Mixed Doubles | Round of 32
    Nohr/Magelund (DEN) vs. Jordan/Oktavianti (INA) [2]
    #HSBCbadminton #BWFWorldTour #YonexThailandOpen
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    Published on 12 days ago


    1. miko foin

      siwei/yaqiong. bukannya ngerendahin yak, siwei yaqiong rank 1 bang sedangkan elu seeded aja kagak.

    2. Flibbertigibbet

      When coming into the Arena everyone's wearing masks including the players ! Exceptions are implying to Umpires' & players' unmasking while in action ! Service Judges & Coaches are still obliged to wear them at all time ! Except the Dane(s), speaking of the rule hahaha typical huh !!!??? By the way is this Dane wearing a mask like everyone does in the bus from & to the hotel ? Could someone tell us ?

    3. NINO BONO

      The ironman put on weight....but always good tho....the wonder woman is excellent...❤️❤️❤️❤️to watch them back on court...

      1. miko foin

        One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

    4. Piano Ingels

      beautiful sport way to less attention in the western world

    5. MoneyGod vG

      This was my most favorite game in gym when I was in school🤤this games just to fun if you get into it and especially if you're good and meet kind of an equal to your skill hit s into the air the speed hits😅 I wanna play again 😫

    6. T-Virus Terrance

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    7. KingDKC

      Why was this in my recommended? No idea but I'm glad I watched. This sport is pretty litty 👍 I approve.

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      Haven't played bad mitten in a long time. Fun and intense watching the players. Amazon, has car hop trays. Stay safe friends.

    9. contrite sinner

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    10. Joshua

      What the hell? I thought badminton was just about keeping the bird in the air for a long time.

    11. Sahrul Gunawan

      senyumannya melati bikin ga nahan anjir manis bgtttt wkwkakkwwk

    12. sghazi

      Danes looked quite frustrated...it negatively affected their own game

    13. wancoet

      cewek denmarknya asal magelang daerah mana ya? grabak, kaliangkrik, mungkid, muntilan, ada yang tahu?

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    15. Kukulla shqip

      Nice game

    16. Piotr Jakub

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    17. James Gomez

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    18. STILL

      One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates🎈

    19. Notafratdude

      Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon, Like so more people can see this.

    20. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      Literally 99% won't care but God bless you and be safe during these times I'm struggling to get to real support 😞

    21. Nur Agung Dinarto

      Praveen makin melar makin mirip Indra Bekti

      1. Fauzan Karim sdit fajar ilahi 2 bengkong

        bener jg nih 🤣

    22. White Macbeth

      #19 trending with 70k views?

    23. Charles Chan

      The Danes really flicked her every chance they had, jeez

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    25. Miftahul Rohman

      Atlet2 subur y bund

    26. Loren Oey

      Praven sekarang agak gemuk, hati2 ya jor Jangan sampai nambah gemuk lagi

    27. Crink Crink

      Why is this on trending ???

    28. Jane Sigabaro

      Oh look I have stumbled upon something new.

      1. Abel Quintuna

        Welcome to the wonderful world of badminton 🏸☺️

      2. Abel Quintuna

        @David Robinson currently still watching through till the morning of the 14th and have yet to sleep myself 🙃

      3. Sue Poch

        Till I’ll

      4. David Robinson

        And this is how I will spend my night on Wednesday January 13, 2021

    29. Kichyro Izkhya

      Dipelatnas Kayak nya Jarang ada Latihan fisik .

    30. Krisrawitno Moesalim

      Praveen perut nya endut euy....hehehe

    31. A Muqi

      Like always Danish players start crying when they r losing

      1. Aiden Leong

        Thank u. So I’m not the only one that thinks this. I honestly hate every European doubles team. They just know how to complain

    32. Jumee Jum

      Praveen too much fat.. gendut gitu gilaaaa

    33. Muzakkir Scoopy

      Duhhh melatiiii 🤩🤩🤩

    34. Heri

      apa dah babang danish ini, semuanya dicomplain, partnernya fault complain ampe complain cara melly serve.. Lah serve an melly kagak pernah dicomplain sama siwei/yaqiong. bukannya ngerendahin yak, siwei yaqiong rank 1 bang sedangkan elu seeded aja kagak.

    35. Wildan Syaprowi

      Disini melati keliatan sabar banget ngadepin praven endut yg errornya bejibun

    36. Loras Tyrell

      28:03 Nohr is so rude and over dramatic, he was fault by the service judge but he dragged Jordan into his mess to the umpire and he did it again when Oktavianti serve 39:04. It's not you who decide the game, it's between your service situation and service judge, leave your opponent alone you dumbass. Disgraceful and unprofessional behavior.

    37. Edi Edii

      Aku semakin gemes ya lihat Ucok sama pramel

    38. Hạnh Uyên

      Jordan is fatter and fatter

    39. Agus Salim

      41:16 gemoyyy 😍😍😍

      1. Agus Salim

        @Zull ?? iya gak perlu ngomong, soalnya bicaranya sdh dari hati ke hati (Meli 2020) 😁

      2. Zull ??

        Ngasih taunya pake tangan sama mulut ya shipper auto ngejerit ini

    40. Edi Edii

      .aku kenapa ya merasa Praveen sama meli pake baju warna gini ko beda rasanya seolah olah ada ikatan kuat antara mereka berdua begitu atau cuma perasaan ku saja

      1. Edi Edii

        Tapi jgn salah sangka aku gemes dengan erornya dilapangan

      2. Edi Edii


      3. january seven

        @Edi Edii siapa yg makin gemes dgn Ucok?

      4. Edi Edii

        Rasanya makin gemes dengan si ucok

      5. Edi Edii

        Kuat sih tapi sekarang beda rasanya dengan warna baju yg mereka pake

    41. Evi Juniarsah

      Melati, you're getting better and better👍👍

    42. Bryan Prama Ardiansyah

      36:15 Melati sopan bangettt 😍

    43. indo milf7744

      Fat Jordan hahahaha..

      1. Elison Naro

        @Heri That is not OK...!!! she's the one didn't even complaining about his weight..!!! so why did u guys? People nowdays needs to understands that body shame and bullying is not allowed, why didn't bring positives?

      2. Heri

        @Elison Naro i think that's still okay bro. chills. she's not complaining his weight, just laughing at his shape compared than his appearances in the previous tournaments held in 2019/2020.

      3. Elison Naro

        Why body shame??? *smh* Why didn't u choose to talk about his abilities?? What about the games??

    44. Aiman Imanuddin

      biarpun praveen makin gendut tapi cover lapangan sama smash tetap dabest .. keren lah.

    45. ivan jamborano

      Melatiiiiiiiii diamond bgt

    46. Nala Yuhyin

      Melati makin cantik😍😍

    47. Andhyka putra Arie gayo

      Setuju body Praveen koq makin Gembul ya, salfok sama perutnya. Efek dri Corona kaahh ??? Ayooo ratain lgi perutnya Bg Ucok...💪💪💪

    48. Aras Dahlan

      Weeh...jordan kok jd cabidut😀

      1. Elison Naro

        Why body shame??? *smh* Why didn't u choose to talk about his abilities?? What about the games??

    49. masud 26

      Ini baru mantap maju terus ya

    50. Harisalam Tohamba

      Nggak ada lawan..masih kalah jauhhh...keep strong pramel👍

    51. Flibbertigibbet

      รํ้สึกขำนะ ! ว่าทำไมผู้เล่นต้องเอามือปิกปากแล้วกระซิบบอกเพื่อนว่าจะ serve ลูกสั้นหรือลูก flick ?! คงกลัวว่าคู่ต่อสู้ที่พูดคนละภาษาที่อยู่ตรงข้ามจะได้ยิน/รู้หรือเข้าใจซินะว่าตนจะ serve ลูกแบบไหนใช่ไหมล่ะ ฮิฮิฮิ ??!!

      1. Muzakkir Scoopy

        Lu ngmong apa njirr🤣🤣🤣🤣

    52. Bebas Sejenak

      28:02 thunder ⚡️

    53. elis NazzaNazz

      Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

    54. Bebas Sejenak

      24:35 senyumin teros

      1. Nala Yuhyin

        Gue jg salfok dimenit ini😂

    55. Daffa Chanel

      Daffa 2B hadir

    56. Mas Pras

      Uda nonton di tvri nasional. Lanjut nonton di bwf. Emang Pramel itu pasangan yg menjanjikan dg permainan yg impresif bngt. Yook Pramel juara di 3 turnamen di Thailand ini. Smangat.

      1. Heri

        notice nggak? coverannya jordan gak semantep di tournamen2 sebelumnya, efek bulkier body kah?

    57. Mas Pras

      4:12 salfok sama jordan yg garuk celana belakang hahaha Jangan-jangan jordan lg ‘kremien’. Hahaha bercanda Do you know ‘kremien’? Orang jawa mngkn paham hihihi Edit: ganti menit

      1. Mas Pras

        Ucik Nurul hahaha... setuju. Mungkin anak jaman skrng, sdh jarang yg makan kelapa, kan jajannya kinderjoy. Uda beda zaman memang hahaha

      2. Ucik Nurul

        Biasanya terlalu banyak makan parutan kelapa 😂 Anak sekarang nggak ada yang kremien prasaan, anak zaman dulu kenapa yaa ada kremien 😂😂

    58. King Uae

      Apa cuma saya yg lebih senang ngeliat pemain cewek pakai celana rok..? Terasa risih kalau pas camera sorot belakang.apalagi gresia poli yg waktu itu pakai celana putih . Tetap semangat ya....

      1. Nala Yuhyin

        Iya keliatan bgt belahan pantatnya, padahal jersey tahun lalu pakai rok lebih bagus begitu

    59. may hidayatullah

      Ucok jadi gendut, perutnya melar..

      1. Elison Naro

        Why body shame??? *smh* Why didn't u choose to talk about his abilities?? What about the games??

    60. Zandy Rizky Pratama

      praven tambah berisi trus pas main dsni kyk gak terlalu siap gitu,walaupun smashnya tetap mematikan apalagi pas melati kek di omongin auto ngamuk,wkwk semoga bisa prima lagi pas udah Olympic

    61. jogjaboyyes

      Praven diet donk

    62. andrian djaya

      Jordan jd buncit

    63. elzi mahaain

      Jordan gendut banget

      1. Elison Naro

        Why body shame??? *smh* Why didn't u choose to talk about his abilities?? What about the games??

    64. Yuri Gagarin

      Dampak corona... duet lemak..

      1. Handika surya

        Gak ada hal lain selain ngometarin fisik,?

      2. Mada Pras

        So fun kah begitu?

    65. Zull ??

      18:23 mampus melati rasa kevin

    66. PChan1112

      Praven is bad boy look the body of him _- , cmon praven this year is OG ..

    67. Rizki kurniawan

      Melati banyak error di depan net, next better ya!!💓

      1. january seven

        Jordan yg byk error, mata Lo rabun?!

      2. Rizki kurniawan

        @Daffa Ramadhan dia banyak miss di depan net

      3. Daffa Ramadhan

        Gimana gimana? Padahal melati banyak ngelakuin kill, yang banyak error si jordan

    68. Brown Bas Channel

      salfok sama perut praveen, yeah dibuka jg kolom komentar 😊

      1. Elison Naro

        Why body shame??? *smh* Why didn't u choose to talk about his abilities?? What about the games??

    69. wahyuddin B Wahid

      Gw gak suka lihat bodi Jordan, makin gemuk. Untung lawannya gak begitu bagus...

      1. Jay Hawk

        Gpp, dengan berat badan bertambah otomatis kekuatan smashnya lebih keras, asal jangan berlebihan biar pergerakan nya masih lincah

      2. PChan1112

        @Haekal Nomura Tachi beda lah kalau bulky gede ke atas ini mah perutnya buncit emng g jaga makan

      3. Haekal Nomura Tachi

        dia body nya kek chef arnold bulky tapi gk kering lu liat aja tuh tangan makin berisi walopun emang nyampur ama lemak kayak chef arnold wkwkwk

      4. Daffa Ramadhan

        Bukan gemuk bro, bulky

      5. PChan1112

        Dia emng g disiplin bnyk kasus keluar malem lah apalah ..

    70. Pham Tung


    71. apa sih sayang

      Galfok terus karna melati cantik, umpire nya juga cantik 🥰

    72. apa sih sayang

      22:43 "Ayank" Sumpah jelas banget ga usah ngeles lagi kau melati 🤭 Jangan lupa dibahas ya Badmintalk 😏

      1. january seven

        @DayWalker mulai si Syirik akun palsu Angga ato saudaranya Angga iri liat pasangan bahagia 😂. Nikmati yah masa2 DEGRADASI 😝😝🤣. Kuping Dia yg congek org lain disalahin 😏.

      2. DayWalker

        Hai hai ayang dr mana, korek kuping wkwkwk

      3. january seven

        @Brown Bas Channel ngawur 😂

      4. Agus Salim

        coba dengerin pakai 0.5x speed. Kedengaran jelas meli bilangnya 'ay ay'

      5. Novi Sulistiawati

        @apa sih sayang aku dengernya jg ayang... Hihihi..