The Furry Disease


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    Published on Month ago


    1. Flashgitz

      Help the crusading boys in black and get your sweet sweet t-shirt here!

      1. Aless Heartfelt

        If it was a gay guy or a black guy you'd get a strike and this taken down immediately, more proof that we're not seen as a real community. 😔 #RESPECTFURRIES

      2. bigjon7188

        I bought mine loved it

      3. Maldus Alver

        That Astarties reference.

      4. Ero Senin

        Just ordered mine cause i forgot to when the Cartoon Came out :(

      5. SaviorAssassin1996

        @Warsun Enough.

    2. Phantom Striker

      At 0:20 It's said that Furries destroyed Planets. So the Black Templars are the good guys.

    3. Seeking Origin

      Getting the flamer now

    4. Biscuit Ben

      Quality content lol

    5. Uber Wulf

      Hello, I will take one attention please.

    6. The Unknown

      It could have been a good furry parody but bruh, as a furry, this is almost all accurate from it's actual fandom lmao

    7. typical noob

      If furries consider them not humans therefore they have no rights

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        Well, we are humans. Also, welcome to the war zone. Chose what you want to do Spectate Fight

    8. Julie The Fox

      We wont stop.

    9. Mr_Cuddles

      Dis dose not help the furry community at all dis will just lead to people who wants to kill furrys....

    10. n00b_xD14

      Very good i like it kids movie

    11. floofyragingpuro purodroid

      This is the anime

    12. ๖ۣۜঔDärth Vàdërzデ

      "Dark Troopers"

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        No they are actually space marines from Warhammer 4K

    13. X_Kuch4r_X


    14. benrod 1321

      The main source was Disney themselves.....we win

    15. Same No Yona

      This production value tho

    16. Нина Карман

      Смерть Ебучим фури !

    17. Paul East

      I found more furrys in roblox the gamer defences are blown we need reienforcements

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        Oh sorry there if your defenses are down reinforcements will not make a difference.

      2. one one

        Believe in the emperor , he protects.

    18. Brandon McCandless

      The space marines were maybe a little spooked when the furry made that speech it gave me chills that’s for sure

    19. littlezedy pugayan


    20. Miloslav Tokár

      How can you stop an idea? *Laughs in amnestics*

    21. Rytec

      Funniest shit I've watched since 2013

    22. Hantai

      uh oh looks like tik tok kids are using this show much they hate furries and how much they want to kill them

    23. Roach

      Pls make this a series.

    24. immaheadout aight

      Guns really don't fire entire bullet like that

      1. Swindl45

        ya but the size of the bolters bullet (not the casing) is about that big the entire size of a bolter ammo is about the size of a coke can up to a redbull can. measurements depend on what you see on bullet scales also its a animation with a inflating furry its not really going to be that accurate

    25. Iron rail Gaming

      Oh god

    26. Zeborak

      Find the source, then ERASE IT.

    27. Jen Z

      Imma just put this here reason... 1:18

    28. Sir Honks

      im a furry and i could not stop laughing-

    29. Malachi Hughes

      I would like to see this continued pls

    30. MarkoFN


    31. Lieutenant Hammerman

      Its scary that he was talking even when he was dead

    32. IsMe Robert


    33. FrostyMew UwU

      I'm a furry but nothing like they are XD

    34. Mr. Chromed bones.

      Kano fatality mk1 Except not exactly fatal.

    35. Dimitris Rodis

      why all this hate about furries ...i mean they doing their jobs and their thing whitout anoying anyone ...why all this hate?

      1. one one

        Ok heretic.

      2. Tubbo Time

        ok furry..

    36. UltraPoseidon

      One could argue it started back in ancient Egypt. With bird and cow headed gods saying that it was okay to get hard to your cat.

    37. Ep _silon

      Get the Exterminatus

    38. Just a Common slime

      1:57 that's wat they want u to think

    39. Scáthach Assassin

      I googled Lola Bunny after this.

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        Don’t tell us the results please and thank you

    40. Watcha looken at

      Fuck yeah oh wait I mean uwu uwu

    41. D P


    42. Satans Halo


      1. wearelivingart


    43. Radioactive Boi

      We must stop them at all costs

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        @Radioactive Boi Even if there still are some communists Russia is not communist anymore.

      2. Radioactive Boi

        @Proto-wolf of the F.F.C and why do you have to be furry?

      3. Radioactive Boi

        @Proto-wolf of the F.F.C oh are you sure??? Ask the people what is inside of their heart? Ordinary Russia or the GLORIOUS SOVIET UNION

      4. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        @wearelivingart Sorry mate but nah, you can’t stop our A-10 warthogs that will be protecting our bomber Ha ha, A-10 go BRRRRRT

      5. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        @Radioactive Boi Sorry but the Soviet Union is no more, it’s just Russia now.

    44. Gamer Guy69

      Furries in this : all will die! Me and the bois who play GTA V on the PC : *smug face*

      1. j7nior

        me who’s a chill furry: *sad furry noises*

    45. JackOx20

      *im scared*

    46. Snoop Husky

      Love the animation . Great job on it. Is this some sort of click bait or a bad joke about furries? Can't tell

      1. Snoop Husky

        @xPARTY BOT3000x Oh thanks for clearing it up.

      2. xPARTY BOT3000x

        It ain’t click bait it’s just a funny series about crusaders who aim to destroy all furries

    47. Ka-Sin Alpha

      Love this video, though for the love of god....bullets shoot lead, not the lead and brass casing...

      1. Swindl45

        a bolters bullet is about that size I think. So it actually might be correct. this is also a animation with a inflating furry its not going to be that accurate.

    48. death korps of krieg

      Brothers the furries have grow too strong

    49. weedontkonw

      Or Asians

    50. Mlek00

      Can't believe it's made that well nice!

    51. Maknusfurry

      nunca me había dado tanto gusto ver mi muerte

    52. DIGGY DOG

      you will never find me

    53. JT

      Oh...inflation...ew That has to be my least favorite part of the fandom, that and the zoophiles hiding within the fandom

    54. Hazmat616

      Do you plan on doing anything with Darktide? It’s basically left 4 dead in warhammer 40,000.

    55. Little Game Dude

      y'almost had it, steven

    56. Gamer

      here is the thing..... roblox is the key to all the furrys no im not kidding just look

    57. Boi

      Funny all the dislikes are from furrys

    58. Michael

      A B O M I N A T I O N

    59. ItsME_apple

      this is terrifying. | | | . . | | ____------___|

    60. MMaster1397

      its kinda cool how you guys kinda mirror the astartes animation series. I find this all extremly funny! keep up the good work, BROTHER

    61. Cara Furry


    62. Ethan Love

      Your forgetting about gacha life...

    63. Steven D’Angelo

      Please see this comment. Put the boys in black against protogens. They are cyberneticly enhanced furries and I’m pretty sure if they wanted to they could make their arms into like... guns or some shit.

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        @Steven D’Angelo Well yeah.

      2. Steven D’Angelo

        @Proto-wolf of the F.F.C well you’re still enhanced by technology

      3. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        Yeah but me I don’t need to turn my arms into guns as I can just carry a gun. I usually carry Finnish tikkakoskin guns

    64. Eleanor Trujillo-Tiroch

      im a furry and this is rasist

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        (Otsatukka visiiri pöydällä) Se on vitsi kaveri

      2. one one

        Iam a racist and this is furry.

    65. Conner Crumby

      Hanz get ze flammenwerfer

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        Kerenski, hanki molotov-cocktail

    66. mechazor5

      You guys should write an unofficial furry codex.

    67. Jimmy

      lol the chungus

    68. Ringford Gaming

      well damn...

    69. Kaisers Playlist

      I guess i should be offended by this ? , i seen enough Dragon Ball Pee to know to not take this seriously.

    70. Briana Cervantes

      Me a furry: I want that shirt...

    71. Kaisers Playlist

      With the subtitles ON !!!

    72. Lyrical Wheat

      I hate how furrys are portrayed in these animations and that’s why I hate flashgits because of how they make furrys seem bad when their not

      1. Darthwolfe

        @Proto-wolf of the F.F.C Ew....just ew. I'm going to call a time out so you can work on that one kid. That one ....was just embarrassing.

      2. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        @Darthwolfe Nah mate you have a death wish when messing with the Finnish

      3. Darthwolfe

        @Proto-wolf of the F.F.C And the fact that you still breath the air that I breathe makes you a person with a death wish

      4. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        @Darthwolfe They are still over sexualizing furries though you not so smart person.

      5. Darthwolfe

        @Proto-wolf of the F.F.C I hate how neither of you cant seem to take a joke.

    73. Cristian Caravaca gomez

      I dont hate furrys

    74. MuzzledMutt - ThatGuyRai

      Falco Lombardi from starfox was the beginning for me-

      1. Mark Wain

        The furry disease is spreading. Need back up brothers!


      *angry noises* WHERE ARE DE FREEBLADES??!!!!!

    76. Soongi -

      Imagine if this was a show with a backstory

    77. stripedharbor07

      "I am inevitable"

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        “And I…am iron man” (Snaps fingers)

    78. Red BlazeSosaslayer

      The Space Marines, are gonna purge the mutants for good

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        Nah mate they can’t get all of us

    79. William Lewis


    80. weirdguy2471

      I dont mean to hate i liked the video mainly because I am a child of our lord and savior but i heard the furry fandom saved a lot of people from committing suicide i just wanted you guys to know that one thing god bless

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        Yeah the furry fandom did save a lot of people from committing suicide.

    81. Demonic Cat

      "Or asians" WHAT THE FUCK DID HE SAY

    82. DanteFox115

      I say nothing I just watch

    83. Kittykat Gamer

      Is this kind of a joke series or do you hate furries

      1. Mark Wain

        I hope that user does hate furries

    84. cyborg kid

      the furries is a lot of harice BROTHER

    85. Ash the Wolf

      Don't mind me

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        @Ash the Wolf Aight you’re welcome

      2. Ash the Wolf

        @Proto-wolf of the F.F.C thanks ŐwŐ

      3. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        Don’t worry I got your back

    86. Ikonik Wolf

      As a furry this is still the funniest thing

    87. Comic Fox

      This is the best thing I've ever seen

      1. Mark Wain

        Best thing is seeing the furries gone


      is a furry suit..i remember something similiar....(changed)(transfurmation roblox games)...

    89. Shifting Eye the Poison MUTO

      For the Crusade!!!

    90. Randy Reeves

      Am I the only one who can’t understand a thing that’s being said aside from the furry? Auto-captions don’t work. Arrrg! I’m missing out. {weeps}

    91. MrManowar6

      Comedy doesn't always require subtlety. Sometimes the creativity is enough

    92. sencevious


    93. BlazingTonk

      Unexpected and good quality

    94. Joe


    95. engineer gaming

      "Our journey to victory has begun..DEATH TO THE MPLA"-Obama's Son

      1. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        @engineer gaming Aight then.

      2. engineer gaming

        JK The quote is from a mission in BO2

      3. engineer gaming

        @Proto-wolf of the F.F.C y e s

      4. Proto-wolf of the F.F.C

        I’m guessing the MPLA is a group for furries is it not?

    96. Dennis Rose-Hunter


    97. OngBoonFong Alven

      Changed but its more dark:

    98. SSJ GOD MODE

      I wanna be a furry. I wanna be a wolf furry 🐺

    99. A Uploader

      Bruh(BRO) This is so true

    100. Baby Seal

      Do you know who hunting furries before those marine? .elmer fudd