Forcing Linus to make me free PC


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    1. twomad


      1. Evan Johnson


      2. MemesTrashAtLife

        i will donate you 4.20$ on a stream if you reply

      3. Is blastgird


      4. Jake Funk

        It's crazy I live next to linus

      5. Dylan Campbell

        Your too late twomad

    2. Ryzen JP


    3. Turn2ash

      Why is the Linus so under a rock. “Who is Travis Scott?”

    4. Evan Hernandez

      Imagine his videos without editing:|

    5. Nekimo

      i love this

    6. Alejandro Canto

      he is so mad lol

    7. BeterGryphon

      2 made xD

      1. BeterGryphon


    8. Alfie Lawson

      Twomad made a gonk droid

    9. I need petscop 2

      Why does this remind me of building lego with my dad?

    10. Germany

      Is nobody gonna talk about how at the end the screen froze for like 30 seconds until the video ended?

    11. Tony Skeptical

      Bruh I have never heard Linus Cuss. Jesus. Twomad

    12. German_boi


    13. KitKitTheCommunist

      *slurps glow in the dark glue*

    14. the running man

      I can’t believe this got age restricted lol

    15. Jorge Luis Rodriguez Arreguin

      Top 10 anime betrayals

    16. yourhomiedrex

      Most awkward shit ever BRUH Ching Cheng hajji get WiFi anywhere u go

    17. Amandy XD

      Nah it b r o k e y

    18. Pucho Pro

      He sounds like he is in such pain

    19. JokerJack

      After 34:22 twomad just gave up with the editing like:"Im done no more"

    20. Sexysaurus Rex


    21. Mr.Beefstick

      He’s like a kid

    22. General Chungus

      linus too white

    23. Buddy

      Age restricted lol

    24. Linus

      im the gaming LINUS

    25. FrogJuiceJustice

      27:50 "you probably grew up on the prequel trilogy" is the best possible way to describe gen z as a whole.

    26. Kuutti Estlander

      I have to ask.... What the hell is your problem with cases

    27. Paul Langley

      how has it only been five minutes into the video and it feels like 10x that

    28. A Fat Cat

      That pc is pretty fir tho ngl

    29. milk

      linus meth tips

    30. Chance Maillie

      Linus is like a supportive dad who really wants to be in the loop

    31. ThomasTheTaylor

      I dont get it

    32. Noobyxxl

      *nae nae nigga nae nae*

    33. Ignacio Kinbaum

      So, you meke Adam Sandler looks tolerable

    34. crash bandicoot lolo

      Eboy linus

    35. Anonymous Anonymous

      Nae nigga nae nae nigga nigga nae nae ching bing zom wox chow.

    36. Icebear

      bro age warning what why tho

    37. hot bread

      lmaooooo linus asking what everything is to not fall into a meme trap

    38. ZeHn -_-

      “G A M E R C U M”

    39. Cock ashe

      “Sometimes it takes a second” -twomad

    40. Jkshoot

      sorry in advance but twomad's pc is brokey :(

    41. Christopher Evans

      linus is so whie

    42. aurafizzle

      i know we couldnt skype tonight

    43. WOTS 37

      why tf is this age restricted?

    44. turgle

      twomad you should do a custom pc making business if this USfilm stuff doesn’t work out

    45. Ttt Tttyy

      you could tell linus was getting annoyed but played it off as is it was funny

    46. Isahia

      ADHD: colorized

    47. Dhiram Buch

      Dafaq, i would have literally slapt twomed , like , fuk seriously , crazy idiots

    48. Jack Preacher

      This guy was not prepared for twomad

    49. Robiacobus

      i feel so bad for linus but holly shit i was dying

    50. ItsMeSushi

      My heart whent holy vrap when he nearly dropped the ryzen 9

    51. Doggeybag Z

      Did he just fucking ate fucking "glow in the dark glue" ??? So when he's in the dark, will he be white ???

    52. Luke McFarland

      twomad is the human form of 21st century humor

    53. TURDY_ WATER

      I remember when gangnam style was not replaced 😔

    54. New Good Windows Boy

      Age Restricted Video

    55. AYGRAY

      2:52 sounds like the MF GLOBGLOGABGALAB

    56. sleepy ghost

      i don't even have a computor

    57. ben Sirach

      10:31 Faith chapter 3

    58. Zirnick

      pretty much sums up every reddit kid at school

    59. Js Singh

      Linus: Are these fake Yeezys? Twomad: yes but don’t tell anybody Video: 2.1 mill views

    60. Tech Plus Gaming

      not going lie your video nowadays are cringe like tiktok i miss old twomad

    61. Xeltrix

      Linus will forever be the father of Twomad

    62. Haven Mcintyre

      Background music? 0:05 2:43 hhhhmmmmmm

    63. fonseco

      Dem Yeezys making the pc looking fresh tho

    64. rancid

      this is me talking to my parents

    65. Bliss Ventura

      He's legitimately mad lmao

    66. Alan Martinez

      Why was I entertained by this?

    67. Jin's worldwide nose

      That isnt jimin..

    68. I Do Basketball

      How a man who spends his entire life on a computer is so out of the loop-

    69. Gabriel Barreto

      imagine if twomad videos were the last proof of humanity

    70. PatrickStar Fn

      Brodie a funny psycho path

    71. Chill Shark

      seriously what is mineshaft


      I checked this video's code , its a funny data

    73. キムノ乙卂ᗪ卂爪

      i just realize that this video is 30 mins long

    74. Space Pixel

      This is the only place where you can hear Linus swearing without censorship, I love this so much

    75. Tyler Meehan

      I hope that if humanity goes extinct twomads channel will be the only thing left for the aliens to see what we were like

    76. DahManPlayz

      “It brokey”

    77. Quikplay FN

      29:13 Linus sad tips

    78. Esmeralda Brooker


      1. Esmeralda Brooker

        Which isn’t funny cause CORPES wouldn’t be acting all stupid he had that voice.

      2. Duoloz Jr

        Is this supposed to be a joke?

    79. Murphy3007

      Nah it brokey

    80. Dagan Amaral


    81. Sudeku

      Linus: Here's some spare gum Twomad: ARIGTOO

    82. Quinn Weegee

      When the smart kid and the social kid get a school project

    83. Zak

      this ape said in korea they prolly have sum pretty big travis scott borgers xd

    84. Zak


    85. Zak

      22:46 LMFAOOOOO xxd i bursted out laughing this guy is ceo of ADHD

    86. J W

      This has a twinge of How to Basic in it and I love it.

    87. YouThinkIBully?

      Bruh he’s mad.

    88. Dio Brando

      I always wonder why I watch twomad and the reason I like him is because I'm autistic too!

    89. Kent Serrano

      I like how you act like a true meme in person

    90. Litterly me


    91. Wheat

      where be da part 2??

    92. XKADEDX

      Bruh wat song at begining

    93. Steezyy

      niiiice it got age restricted youtube seriously come on

    94. Smitty Werbermanjengson

      Big chungus

    95. Official BigBoi

      the amount of random shit you say every second makes this so funny lmao

    96. sunmeet bajaj

      i can just imagine the kpop fans goin🤬🤬 on 2:40🤣🤣🤣

    97. Nick Valentine

      I died at 4:24

    98. jayden raveen

      smart kid and dumb kids work on pc together

    99. 12halo3

      Whats his ifunny

    100. Carboxide

      hi toe mad