A Message to Sommer Ray

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    1. Joe Martinez

      New van Saar following I when she unblocked you again. Okay

    2. Sevil Shejdo

      Everyone is taking Summers side and no one leaving a word for Tayler to say and talk about his side It aint cool

    3. Zohra Mohammadi

      (No hate to charly)but i like sommer better

    4. m dee

      Why does this message have to be public smh

    5. Grace M

      onlyfans.com/bbygraybae the next 10 subs get 20% off their first month 💋

    6. Záck

      So cute!

    7. Shaedyn Ikehara-Miyahara

      Tayler is such an amazing person and he is so truthful so I don’t think he would ever cheat.

    8. Eunice Sandy

      I seriously can not hear a word he's saying 😑😭

    9. MakeMore Excuses


      1. Temalungelo Malaza

        Stop it. Me too😹😹😹!

    10. Sunshet Somerhalder

      talk to her in private... why put it on the internet?

    11. Casey coulter

      Me listening to valid facts Tayler is so mature and I love it

    12. Enda Dermaku

      TBH u and charly are the most cutest couple in the world.. even better than addison rae, and bryce... lol! who agrees?? 🤣

    13. Rachel Lene

      sommer is a child & shes jealous because charly is so much better inside and out

    14. Elma Icmat

      Hi Mrscharly holder ur gf so gorgeous sexy hot talented she has curved body I'm charter plz take care of her ur perfect match ❤️

    15. I.P. Freely


    16. Slashyy \\\\\\

      And we all know you wouldnt cheat u are a girls dream

    17. Slashyy \\\\\\

      First of all I love Taylor I will never have disrespect but when sommer ray and Taylor I wanted And I was so happy for them and then I heard on Hollywood fix and school and everywhere such as family and Charli Jordan and Taylor I was shocked and wasn't really seeing the relationship is mostly on tik tok and you guys don't make content on USfilm at all If u guys love each Other then show it nobody stopping but everything also comes to its ups and downs in life I do support you but if u search your name it shows drama of you and sommer ray and Charli it says how Charli is showing off and how sommer is like blocking everybody and how you are just acting like nothing happened please repsond to what I am saying and ur relationship is cute and I was kinda thinking wrong about Charli and now I am thinking I will never meet you cause I am in south Africa so I am just saying keep making ur girl happy and one USfilm vid is not bring this too a need please search hollywood fix to See what I am trying to say Taylor hope u see this

    18. Rhianna Bieber

      i can see why it looks bad. i understand he didnt cheat but i can also understand why sommer would be upset. however i think the both of you need to move on and just take your own time to get over stuff. i know i’d be a little hurt if my significant other i just broke up w got with someone they claimed was just a friend the whole time. that i can see looks bad. but at least you didnt cheat and clearly the relationship wasnt working and you guys arent meant to be together so it was better to end it anyway

    19. Mary Jones

      Good morning

    20. Jocelyn Cortez

      Tayler you are the best and also I am a big fan

    21. isabella miller

      #justiceforjohnny chng.it/c25STjKmww

    22. Ian Nath

      To that one show dirt that you filmed I watched all the seasons

    23. Will Bands

      Bradley martyn is hitting that now

    24. Grace Palmer

      Your thinking is so common sense and wise in my opinion. I hope it all works out for the best because I’ve always loved Charly and you definitely seem like a guy version of her. :)

    25. Freddy Gonzalez

      Head on communication

    26. Samanta Witalec

      The end

    27. Maria Diaz

      Yeah I’ve been supporting you and your girl freand am subscribed I think your best

    28. Sophdaloaf 1234

      Taylor is such a good person I feel so bad for all the hate he is given he doesn’t deserve it if he sees this I’m sorry I never spread hate but I’m apologizing for all of the people who can’t mind their business and giving you hate

    29. eddy.flokka

      I’ll say something for everyone Looks are temporary but funny is forever

    30. LilBInTheFlesh

      Bro honestly he is my favorite tick tocker bc he is cool and tuff but inside he’s a giant teddy bear

    31. rocky daisy


    32. Denisse Medina

      I know it was his decision but I don’t see why he has to address these types of things. Like it’s his private life whether he cheats (which is wrong obviously) or doesn’t cheat should not be anybody’s problem. It must suck to have to explain yourself about every thing you do in life. People break up and relationships don’t workout sometimes, get over it 🤷🏻‍♀️

    33. Djaniel Holzkamp

      Yes tayler and Charly ❤️

    34. khalil FreeMan

      Sometimes being too nice affect your life in a negative way

    35. Mxily Wxy

      I feel ya bud, I am soooo annoyed 😠

    36. WithGod E.

      Dude this is too immature. You’re a man, act like one. Wtf

    37. Youtube Acct

      Taylor, you’re so hot 🔥

    38. Jovani Barnes

      You like to move past situations but yet you busted someone's windshield for dumping clothes on the floor😂😂😂🤣

    39. Jay Asevedo

      I hate you for doing this to jarves

    40. Ness Austin

      Am I the only one that thinks- Sommer dresses like she in a Jazzercise class 24/7. Also she looks a lot older maybe mid 30’s. Please check her ID If she posing as an teenager that weird.

    41. Tea time with Tiares

      You seem very lovely

    42. SahaPop!

      He took this so maturely and I respect that a lot. I don’t really know his ex, I’ve never seen her, but her first impression on me isn’t the best right now because attacking ur ex after u already broke up with them is just dumb like leave them alone. I also love how he smiled at end even in a sad time like this that shows how he tries to be happy all the time and that inspires me a lot!

    43. mina

      see heres the ting i dont understand y wen boys do wat sommer did they get cancelled but wen girls do it they dont get hate

    44. annakatealexis

      This video is so well articulated and mature, and anyone saying he shouldn't have posted it, if she's not giving him the opportunity to speak his side this is the only way to get it to her, cause she'll clearly watch it.

    45. SuxToSucJabroni

      Cry about it you big baby

    46. Emma Wonton

      To Sommer rae,

    47. Jared Pizzano

      I think you could have told her all this yourself instead of post a video for the world to see just so this then causes even more of a distraction for your current relationship... Am I wrong?

    48. reviewfor thetube

      Brotha good stuff you are absolutely being a real man In this situation and you are absolutely being mature with this situation good on you brotha 👏

    49. Oisín White Kelly

      I don’t like sommer ray

    50. Christopher Kolodziej, Jr.

      I respect this, tayler a stud for taking this head on and being a man about it

    51. Yaris Franco

      I understand and I will support. Stay strong Tayler💪.

    52. Lucy Lively

      It’s the standing up for his relationship and his girlfriend while directly addressing the ex for me. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #maturity

      1. Gracie Ndreu

        It’s the making a video about his ex and people thinking it’s mature for me

    53. Kyle Gilchrist

      Same shit as u throwing shade at her rt now y’all some hypocrites

    54. Kyle Gilchrist

      Y’all care to much about what other people say y’all weird

    55. Jordan Quijije

      Que poco hombre dicecelo personalmente a ella no hagas más grande esto solo para causar polémicas, estoy seguro que ella se va a sentir avergonzada :( PD: TRADUCELO👌

      1. Anibal Alcerro

        Claramente esta que no sabes inglés. Por esa razón no entendiste. Déjame te explico ya que yo estoy mas enterado de la situación. Desde el primer día que a el se le vio con Charly Jordan su novia. Sommer se enojó mucho y bloqueó su número de celular. Pues por esa razón el no pudo explicarle a Sommer por cual motivo a el se le vio con Charly. Aunque el siempre hubiera terminado con ella. Por que siempre que ella se enojaba con el lo bloqueaba. Pues claramente el miro la diferencia entre Charly y Sommer entonces rápidamente el le pidio a charly una relación más estrecha y tomaron el 7 de Julio como dia oficial de estarse viendo. Desde ese entonces Sommer a estado enojada con Charly. Pero tayler claramente lo dijo que el trato de platicar con ella para no tener que hacerlo en público. Pero como ella no quiso escucharlo ya que ella sabía que ya el andaba con Charly entonces Tayler tuvo que hacerlo en público para que todos supieran de la situación ya que la gente solo sabía acusar sin saber bien de la situación. Haste una idea y piensa como puedes platicar con alguien si te a bloqueado tu número tampoco vas a ir a rogarle a su casa ya que ellos tienen el ego bien alto. Y también el dice que el quizo platicar con ella la noche que la miro. Pero ella se apartó y no le dio la cara ya que ella no quiere escucharle a tayler decirle que se busque a otro y que sea feliz. Porque ella todavía tiene esperanza de recuperarlo. Por esa razón cuando los paparazzis le preguntan de el. Ella automáticamente no dice nada malo. Solo critica a charly. Ojalas y te haya servido este mensaje ya que no as de entender bien inglés y por esa razón no ves los vídeos que hay en USfilm ya que ahi es donde te daras cuenta de lo que te estoy escribiendo. Asi es que sino sabes nada no andes escribiendo lo que no entiendes ✌

    56. Ozymandias

      the fact this dude smashed Sommer Ray is a W already lol

    57. Valeria Alvarado

      in conclusion stan Sommer Ray :)

    58. Rayvine Lau

      Sommer is bitter af

    59. ICY.

      tiktok f boys act like this and act like the victim but they know damn well he cheated

    60. Leslie Contreras

      Chicos en español q dijo el de sommer ray

    61. F4DE LESS

      Honestly tho I agree but like why are simps are like He iS tHe sWeEst PeRson In ThE WoRld like no what about u r parents they made u r life they are the sweetest

    62. WaveCatcher

      I just got say Tayler, you are a great person for kids to look up up too. You seem like such a genuine guy and its nice to see humble/good people still exist in this crazy world. Much love brotha !

    63. R W

      He is so nice I believe him I love you ❤️

    64. Amelia Dare

      Is anyone else having a problem with the sound???

    65. Serena Rodriguez

      Summer is overrated in my opinion

    66. Serena Rodriguez

      He not lying about the instagram following and unfollowing

    67. Alexis K

      C’mon Thomas, you really should’ve been on top of this one...

    68. Covergirl

      Wait wait is she not together with bennet anymore?

    69. Delaney Vlogs

      I never liked sommer like no hate I bet she’s and ok person but why can she not be mature

    70. Snippitgodflow

      Homie spittin straight facts

    71. Just A Løser That Likes Todoroki

      all I gotta say is. Speak up I can’t hear you, you’re talking too low 😭😭😭😭

    72. Jess Bakre

      My opinion: Tayler is still in love with Sommer. He’s using Charly as a rebound but doesn’t love her as much cos she appears to be trying so hard it doesn’t seem as authentic as Sayler

      1. Jess Bakre

        @shani makno ummm

      2. shani makno

        Absolutely not

    73. •Ava Williamson•

      ok but sommer just honestly fuckin childish

    74. gottablastmadi

      is it just me or is the audio always weird

    75. Colm Kirwan


    76. Valerie Zuniga

      Hes soooo cuteeee💓😖💖❤️

    77. Claire Zukowski

      first of all.. y'all never dated. you specifically said y'all kissed one time in Charlys video and that y'all (you and Sommer) were barely talking, weren't even a thing. I swear y'all will do anything for views. this is clickbait

    78. Claire Zukowski

      first of all.. y'all never dated. you specifically said y'all kissed one time in Charlys video and that y'all (you and Sommer) were barely talking, weren't even a thing. I swear y'all will do anything for views. this is clickbait

    79. Jasmine Cheyenne

      He was clear and thats that . I’m happy for you bc we all done

    80. Aj tj the gamers !

      Taylor has a different girl friend he’s cheating on summer then summer ended up dating Jarvis now is with summer ray I knew that Jarvis was going to get back

    81. Kelsey Kiki Hansen

      Hey Taylor do you know what girl code is? 🤨 just so you know I think you are awesome and mature. Thanks you for being so kind. Just so you know you are my favorite USfilmr!!!🙃❤️

    82. Alexis s

      I can’t even hear


      tayler im a big fan

    84. Nikki L

      He deserves to be left alone and happy in his new HEALTHY relationship. He was was too good for Sommer. She’s toxic, negative and Tayler is the opposite. Time to grow up Sommer.

    85. Mary Elizabeth

      Sommer is just hurt that’s all it is

    86. KerryAnn Douglas

      He is a nice guy

    87. Joshua Santangelo

      Are you asking her to be..... normal? (Hence the sweatshirt) wrong thing to wear bud

    88. anonymous

      respect for Tayler

    89. Valerie Salazar

      sommer is hella wild and annoying so I can see how she keeps feeding unnecessary drama ✌🏻

    90. Berr.ies

      That’s a date

    91. Christian Hardy

      I like how he made this video short and straight to the point. Tayler is a sweet person and him and Charley look great together.

    92. Anna Mcalpin

      I could not hear him talk could y’all

    93. Iman Bilal

      This is Taylor he’s one the nicest people we know he can’t do this sommer is acting like a 12 yr old coco Quinn can handle drama better

    94. ksksksk ksksksks

      Why no one is talking that clearly i never understand what they are saying plesa be that clear PLEASE

    95. Frankie Eddy

      Tayler is too nice for this to happen

    96. Nikki

      Imagine 2 gorgeous women fighting over a low life douche ✨

    97. Nani Donerson

      He’s so unproblematic like you can tell he never cheated love u ❤️❤️❤️❤️✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾

    98. Winter Smiley

      Tayler is to nice 🤗

    99. Shmeat Or shlong

      Why can I only hear this in one AirPod?

    100. Saenz Ericita

      Sommer is proof that looks can’t keep a man

      1. ChromePvP

        It’s cuz he’s famous too. Lmao that’s all.