LOL: The Lincoln Project Releases The Funniest Ad I Have Ever Seen

Ben Shapiro

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    LOL: The Lincoln Project releases what is probably the funniest political ad I have ever seen...
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Ole Johan Svorken

    2. Massinissa Ibrahimi

      I always loved Lincoln and when I think of him my soulless spirit becomes a bit emotional, sad the use his name in vain

    3. Super Tanker

      Just repeat any of Trumps idiotic claims like Mexico will pay for the wall or fake news or it will just disappear or, or, or.... Trump is the biggest grift in the history of grafts. Ironic that Shapiro calls out TLP for the same offense.

    4. Super Tanker

      Trump is a horrible person and the number one reason I no longer consider myself republican. I used to respect you Ben when you recognized trump for the divisive, psychopathic, immoral turd that he is. Any group or individuals that take up the fight to remove the orange narcissist is good by me.

    5. XSC 3

      (whispers) NOT ANYMORE, HONEY.... NOT ANYMORE

    6. Em Cee

      Ben Shapiro, on the rare occassion you get to use a oondom, please throw it in a bin, you waste of space.

    7. Lolli pop

      This guy Bennyboy sounds like a fired cartoon character. Is he stuck in puberty for life with that voice?

    8. James Musk

      False laughter was sickening 😂😂😂

    9. Philemond Okoth

      This is honestly one of the worst satires I have ever seen. The only fun here is laughing at Ben because he was being boisterous and now he is wrong

    10. imaprinta

      So the president behavior since the results of the election makes this seem much more plausible. He doesn’t want to leave and he lost. If he won, he definitely would have been lobbying for at least a third term and then who knows.

    11. Greg Dolan

      He could serve more than twice by being exactly what Harris would be in a Biden/Harris White House.

    12. Mark D

      I lean left, but this shit is just embarrassing. Wtf lol I said it before, I honestly feel bad for The Onion. They can't even make stupid parodies about the news and our society because nothing can be more ridiculous than how it really is. As what the crying Trump hater said in that video "I'M SO SORRY!!! TO MY WORLD!!!!!". Its getting harder and harder to lean left anymore.

      1. Massinissa Ibrahimi

        Look, I don't intend on insinuating you are a lunatic, so pls don't misinterpret this, but what are your reasons genuinely?

    13. Mike Baumgartner

      Love the line " The Lincoln Project people will be discarded like a used condom " Hey they're already dick heads !

    14. Steve-o 1313

      Clearly the Lincoln Project worked... that and the “massive fraud” of course. The only thing more cringe worthy than that ad is your response.

    15. Hussam

      What ever, Lincoln project is an excellent strategic experience ever made, if this project continue, soon one day this project will decide who will win any election and who is the looser. Very great project they just startup 1.5 million viewers on their best videos, they weren’t very effective regarding their low viewers, but soon this project experience will reach overseas and become very effective. I wish them best luck

    16. Delta Lima


    17. Kay F

      Ugh. His voice! 😳

    18. Dexter O'Shields

      Ben, why are you tossing condoms on the road? Whats happened to your life man?

    19. Kenneth McAnally

      "sarcasm is the lowest form of wit...and the highest form of ignorance' . Even you should research facts before you open your mouth. The Lincoln Project has done more good for the Republican Party than your rhetoric has, rescuing it from extinction (which would have happened with another 4 years of "Clockwork Orange') and given it a chance a re-birth. Who knows, even you might get your head out of Moscow Mitch's ass long enough to see that.

    20. Maria M

      you are full of it

    21. StateOfMind _

      My 20 year old son pointed out that the ad implied trump won a second term.

    22. William Pietschman

      "The Lincoln Project will be discarded like a used condom." No. They won't. Instead, you MIGHT be seeing the ENTIRE Republican Party being discarded like a used condom. Which should be indeed PROPERLY disposed of as Hazardous Waste, which it indeed has devolved into. Parties come and go. The Whigs were a Thing. So were the Dixiecrats. And the Bull Moose Party. And even the No Nothing Party! We can expect a NEW party on the Right. That won't be Fascist, and will be working "across the aisle" in a Congress that will be restored to the NORMAL Political Haggling as as one might expect and is our Political Tradition and Norm. You're going to see a more LIBERTARIAN approach. And maybe? A party of this or similar name and "Government stay the Hell out" philosophy. Which works sometimes, and at other times? Doesn't! We will decide. What's going to be VERY interesting is when all of the History is written on this, and when we find out how indeed we came so close to a Coup in this country prepretrated on us by Donald Trump and his Henchmen: They are DOMESTIC ENEMIES TO THE CONSTITUTION, nothing more, and nothing less! This also means that there will be no more "celebrity" Presidents, as we are done with that era of nonsense. And we will have to CAREFULLY look at the "Crazy President in the White House with Nuclear Authority" issue, potentially issuing illegal orders, and the whole WMD Chain of Authority. Because we as a whole are GOOD and RIGHTOUS PEOPLE with a RESPONSIBILITY and MORAL Code AND OBLIGATION. More so, it is in our collective consciousness, every American to do so. What would our Grandchildren and the rest of the World say if we don't? But, no worry, we WILL. And both us and the larger World will be the better for it. A sigh of relief, even in an awful Winter. There are still losses to come. But transition AND transformation of the dynamic will occur, the static will be swept away, and Spring will come. A New Dawn come for both us and the rest of the World. All the Best! DE W8LV BILL

    23. William Robbins

      The Lincoln Project ads all have zero substance to it. All you have to do is change the names and some pictures and you can run the exact same as a anti Democrat ad. The Lincoln Project ads all bring to mind the old saying "When you have nothing to offer other than attacks on your opponents you are bankrupt"

    24. P Wilson

      You might want to knock off the amphetamines, son.

    25. Bob Bogaert

      This guy's commentary is like a cup of room temperature milk. Very bland and doesn't age well.

    26. Oba William King

      Worked - lol! Mother enters the room... lol

    27. Speed Two

      I have no doubt the Lincoln project made a significant contribution to trump’s ousting. Well played 👏

    28. L Fraser

      You know, you sound like a chipmunk.

    29. ThroneRaider

      Does anyone else like the up music in the background during the ad?

    30. Jon Stanga

      Thanks is part to the Lincoln Project we don't have to worry about a third term.....or a a second....not anymore. Good job boys!

    31. Tony B

      So why did Hillary get to run for a 3rd term then? ; )

    32. Taylor Gay

      I mean yeah this ad is a little funny due to the mellodrama... But the idea of Trump not peacefully giving up power is one that comes straight from the horse's mouth. If he gave a shit about the constitution he wouldn't do things like revoke white house press privileges when reporters bruise his ego. The fear isn't completely unfounded, like say, dead voters.

    33. Karen goodman

      If you think that’s funny, you’re really sick.

      1. ExoticRPGs

        It’s hilarious, an accurate representation of what some anti-Trumps really believe.

    34. Jeff Prescher

      Dear Ben, I have been a Republican all my life. No more. See you on the battlefield.

    35. John Cesario

      Please..get off the air!!!

    36. BenjaminFranklin99

      Ben is just another hypermanic incel.

    37. whitescar2

      It's so cute when Ben speaks. Sounds like a teenager has finally gone into full-on puberty. ^^

      1. impunitythebagpuss

        I thought he was sucking on a helium 🎈! Hahaha

    38. bokiphoto

      Who is this foolish child, Ben Shapiro, and why is he on USfilm?

      1. harrisdania

        My thoughts exactly.. just another trumpette puppet spewing nonsense cause that's all they know how to do.. don't matter cause our new President #46 is Joe Biden and in this case the Loser is Trump and add big crybaby Autocrat to his list.. he's a laughable sad piece of our history as the worst our country ever had.. #thumbsdown2u

    39. j d

      Breaking news!! Donald Trump is going to work for My Pillow and Goya foods. So Trump subporter's you must stock up Now.

    40. Javier Bonilla

      They have been explicit about not being against the GOP, only THIS GOP. Ben Shapiro I’ve heard you one or two good arguments, are you a comedian now?

      1. whitescar2

        Yawp, nobody holds illusions that the Lincoln Project isn't going to circle back to biting Dems, but right now they are fighting for their own party. They've seen what Trump is turning the Republicans into and they know, unless he is defeated and his policies thwarted, there won't be a Republican party anymore.

    41. wood tony

      AND who pushed for the limits on terms of office.

    42. Harmony Z

      Trump will join reality show the biggest LOSER!! Hahaha. Funny ben 😂🤣

    43. colinfun

      It is so cute how Ben can lie with a straight face. He knows and fully has endorsed Trump serving more than 2 terms. He just knows his pee-brained supporters can't remember what he has said in the past.

      1. whitescar2

        Like a good little boy, he's hoping one day he'll get a big pat on the head from daddy Trump. ^^ Kinda adorable, if we didn't know how neglectful Trump was of those of his children he didn't want to bang.

    44. Northstar

      trumpism = fascism

    45. Northstar

      What a unbelievable annoying voice!

    46. Dani Ferris

      Yes!!!!! Excellent movie reference to the sandlot!!!!

    47. J C

      Reeeeee Reeeeeeeee

    48. MaB

      Susan Collins and the rest of the GOP Congress are Trump Sycophants. That is WHY the Lincoln Project targeted her in their ads. Obviously Shapiro has not watched any of the Lincoln Project’s other content where they discuss in detail WHY they targeted many GOP congressmen.

    49. Sandy

      Guys he is 74 years . Will he live for 188 years?

    50. bookwormsurfer

      Lincoln Project smart republicans...wait that isn't an oxymoron.....bye dim donnie. We won great smart people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    51. AnarchY Ash Aubrey

      The fact that anyone call ben shapiro a man? THATS the funniest thing I've ever seen

    52. Shelley Smith

      Cept you would vote for the orange lazyass idiot 5x and never question your own demise as it is happening. Ugh

    53. grt002

      The comments on this video are pathetic. Reposting from another reply I posted: -4,000+ lawsuits -6 bankruptcies -3 marriages (cheated on all of them) -26 sexual misconduct allegations -Stormy Daniels/Karen McDougal -Hollywood Access Tape -Charlottesville -“Shithole countries” -2018-2019 federal government shutdown -US Taxpayers paying for the Wall -Authoritarian tendencies; endorsements of foreign dictators -Personnel turnover -Vladimir Zelensky Phone Call -Colonel Vindman Firing -Roger Stone -Trans-Pacific Partnership Withdrawal -Paris Agreement Withdrawal -INF Treaty Withdrawal -Iran Nuclear Deal Withdrawal -Open Skies Treaty Withdrawal -Syria Withdrawal -Trade War with China, resulting farmer bankruptcies -US Trade Deficit -Michael Cohen/Trump Tower Moscow -minimized the pandemic -bleach/Lysol -refusal to promote mask-wearing -denial of facts/science in geneal -withdrawal from the WHO -Bob Woodward tape -Lafayette Square protester removal and photo-op -Child Separation Policy -Hatch Act Laws -Russian Bounties -Attacks on mail-in voting -Blocking of funding to postal service -Attacks on free press -Transfer of Power comments -Taxes -ACA Repeal Plan -Proud Boys -QAnon -misogyny Donald Trump is the worst president in the history of our country. He lost the election fair and square and we will all be better off when he just goes away.

    54. Nannette Burnett

      I hope you stop talking and let the ad do the talking.

    55. Natalie Aguirre

      Too bad Ben can't see how delicious it is to see him play their ads. Ben also forgets Trump has repeatedly said he'd like to end 2 term maximum.

      1. grt002


    56. Bethany Beal

      I have really respected Ben Shapiro in the past. As an intellectual, I think he's amazing! But lately, he's not been my favorite...

    57. Melissa Cortez

      Biden won u losers

      1. Lane Riddle

        @Melissa Cortez, I’ve searched up, down, left, and right, but no matter where I look, I can’t seem to find where it says social media and the news declared the president

      2. TheAntManChannel

        Aw, poor snowflake.

    58. Deb Dee

      Lincoln project didn't just raise funds from liberals, many many Republicans that can no longer be tied to a party that is no longer real Republicans! Has anyone checked the deficit under Trump lately?

    59. CCC

      YAP YAP YAP....get on with it.....OMG DO YOU EVER SHUT UP????

    60. Phyllis Durell

      can you please speak a little bit faster?????

    61. Ghana2012

      Wasn't so funny because Biden won!

    62. Lisa Waller

      Oh I get it. Ben is just another Trump sucker. Question is which part?

    63. Maria Hernandez

      Little girl voice

    64. Charles Dippre,Jr.


    65. Siri Rao

      Who's laughing now? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Biden won! Ahahahahaahhaahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahhahahah! Signed, Liberal

    66. Sandra Newman


    67. Dances WithTwins

      Lincoln is rolling in his grave because they hijacked his Party - it’s now just Trumpies and QAnon kooks.

    68. Chris S

      LP went after Republicans who silently supported DT and still do even after the election was projected for B/H. Keep laughing LP is still here and apparently so is DT.

    69. Champ Gho-Rodríguez

      I thought they couldn’t make money... yet they’re “paying lots of money to do so”? 🧐

    70. Clarence Jones

      Ben is inching his way to being the next Rush Limbaugh. Angry, vulgar, punchable...

    71. blackdog850

      Funny to watch this as the tRump curtain is falling...HaHa! And this IS A REPUBLICAN SAYING THIS! Sad how many have sucked up to this "Golden Goose!?!" Whose is more like a GOLDEN TURD! Seems like just the other day the MANTRA was don't drink the Kool-Aid...sad to see the flip WHEN THE COUNTRY KNELT DOWN TO THE WRONG REPUBLICAN. Wake up to the fact that this guy was always a spoiled rich kid, draft dodging POS, SNAKE-OIL SALESMAN who brought a Reality Show to our Nations WH...and your still ENABLING HIM??? WTF?!? Trump has always been for Trump and is KILLING this country!!! Wake the F*CK UP! Trump dug a hole...whose got the balls to climb out???

    72. Debbie Metke

      Thank God we stopped him. Never saw so much joy in the streets.

    73. Gentlemen Jim

      Boo Hoo Mr Trump, those nasty NY lawyers are coming to get you. They’re on their way🕵️

    74. Kungpowa

      Who's laughing now

    75. T SA

      Imbecile. Watch the actual ad, not this moronic commentary. Facts don't care, how funny coming from one who supports a compulsive liar. 25,000 lies and counting. If you wish to laugh, look at your Dear Leader's behavior. Also, FDR served during a World War. That is the only reason he served 3 terms.

    76. 2sbyc

      Bye bye

    77. Thad Peterson

      It's funny to me that it took former Republican operatives to absolutely annihilate Trump and his minions with their ads. Republicans have always been vastly superior to Democrats at hitting below the belt. Amusing to see them using those hardball tactics against their former party and how effective it was.

    78. Derek Papafio

      You a disgusting bold face liar. You just mischaracterized What the LP stands for. You guys are exactly the problem is with America. You spew a bunch of innuendos and call them facts.

    79. Anonymous User

      Call them the Bush Project, because the only thing they stand for is Bush era GOP elitism

    80. ADAM JAMA

      Trump Lost ♥️🙏😂😂

    81. P W

      Peers have a greater influence starting at about age 11. Then, in intermediate/middle school, the majority of students begin forming concepts/ideas using their own critical thinking and reasoning skills apart from their parents.

    82. sd mods

      They've pushed out quite a few more videos since then and they're not done and they're not all Republicans.

    83. P W

      Children also care about global issues that affect our world unless they're taught to hate and not care.

    84. P W

      Ask a teacher. Yes, children DO care about who becomes the President of the United States.

    85. Jose Flores

      Cómo va el destape del fraude demócrata?

    86. VCR Repairman

      Lol😂 that's so bad

    87. ceav

      TRUMP 2021 : Correctional Facility!

    88. General Patton Cartwright

      I ugly laughed at this on repeat!! 😂😂 The orange man wants tyranny totalitarianism, and terror! They should have had her tell the kid what they actually meant to say. something like, "Nein son" " Nein" "Trumpfführer" haha @BenShapiro I'm dying!

    89. Clarence Jones

      Ben Shapiro, as always, working hard to prove he’s a world class POS.

    90. Mirna Meza

      The Lincoln Project , thank God for them. They stand for what is right. It's good to know there's still good people

    91. Dr Dolores Mize

      I think you need a bit of challenge yourself from Cenk. Your freak potus is the one who said he would be potus for a third term. It wasn’t the LP, but they could sure take his statement and turn it into a video. Nothing wrong with that. LP managed to raise a hell of a lot of money. I love those former Republicans. They reflect high standards.

    92. ahmad sudin


    93. ok

      You do realize he actually said that on camera, right? “I should get a third term because the first one was stolen by the democrats.” You can call the left fascists all you want until you see who the real fascist is.

    94. damage control

      I admit you are a funny guy.

    95. Richard Workman

      What's truly funny if that you don't see what is literally happening under your nose Ben Shapiro. You are fast brcoming as inconsequential as King TeeRump and all of his other 'Trumpettes'. You make plenty of noise; but, you never seem to hit the notes.

    96. Robert Casey

      That laugh at the end was painful

    97. Wayne Lynch

      How do people watch Shapiro? I bet he is screaming ELECTION FRAUD in his nightmares.

    98. RawJewel

      The Republican Party is now the party of Trump - Mr. Helium mam!

    99. RawJewel

      Helium man!

    100. Timea D

      The only one who need to stay is Mitt Romney