Token - Dentures (Official Music Video)


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    Just a warm up.
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    Produced by Nox Beatz
    Directed by Ben Proulx x Token
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    #Token #Dentures

    Published on 28 days ago


    1. tokenhiphop

      This is just a warm up. Stream now!

      1. Duncan Hines

        Yoooooo token, this shit was fireeee man. Glad to see you鈥檙e still making straight slaps. I have a question though, if you end up ever seeing this: It seemed like you never wanted to be tied to a label because of their control over your art after that. Has this one given you the freedom you need to make what you want to make? And if so are they going to help with production values in the future? Not saying they were ever bad, I just always felt like you had a really good video making team behind you before, but maybe this will open new avenues of filmmaking for you and your team... cause guap. Love what you do man, can鈥檛 wait to see what you get up to as the years go on. Take care brother馃挴

      2. lilpasta


      3. alyson halliburton

        Please come play boston asap one of the best nights of my life 馃槉

      4. Justin Bethuys

        you son of a gun!

    2. Alan Lacosse

      "I'm impressed and the legends are impressed Already got to Cole and Kendrick call me, welcome to the mix" ... can someone explain that part? Does kendrick and Cole know who token is?

    3. Brandon N

      I've never seen someone flaunt their intellectual superiority yet keep it accessible for fans in my 30 years of life on this earth. Token will forever be regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time

    4. xXDopelessXx

      I don't even have to listen to it before i give it a thumbs up.

    5. nine.osiris

      well the thumbnail was misleading

    6. Phillips Hyde

      Yo yeah fam it's the bad boy tune a long time coming fam

    7. Jah Safraoui

      If this a warm up i am too scared to overheat. While listening the rest of the great bars and dope beats

    8. human

      Token new song is fire 馃敟馃敟馃敟

    9. human


    10. human

      Joyner Lucas

    11. human


    12. Scizor Bullet

      Oh yeah you definitely have the skill to blow up. Once you do don't ever abandon this style you're creating your own identity by spitting bars unlike other wake ass fake woke rappers. You're good asf Token never stop rappin.

    13. Hunneyman Official

      Hit me up for a collab. I love rap and I'm not going.

    14. SatumiSan

      what a comeback dude!

    15. TheUnknownGamer

      Bro this gotta be a fever dream.. How do you explain this to the director.

    16. Ohhh Gawd

      nigga was fire before he sold his soul lol

    17. MADDENKING 53

      45 seconds into my first listen *slides over to Spotify to add to playlist*

    18. debonat0r

      I am addicted

    19. htidredneck

      If this isnt a shot at Tom Mcdonald id be surprised.

    20. benny s

      Protect token at all costs....

    21. charliehockey78

      Feel like I woke up from a long slumber bout to burn the village down

    22. Big Thoughts

      Welcome back man! Sounds good 馃挭馃徎

    23. M F

      hooooooo shiiiii.

    24. Tommie Roberts


    25. Dilip Tamang

      As always lit!

    26. jake Goldberg

      fuckin love this dude

    27. Jay Bourbonnais

      YOU'RE A MEME Bro... lmfao

    28. Kyle Rochez

      This was one of the hardest videos I鈥檝e seen in a WHILE

    29. J. Bananas

      Good lord this guy gives me the same feels I got when I first Eminem, you can tell this guy just loves his craft.

    30. John Doe

      Nice sellout gear Toke. You gonna go pop to make it because that sellout shit showing.

    31. Curtis Maloney

      Damn boi

    32. GiltyAsCharged

      this is the reason i love a good rapper.. hes a beast.. crazy good

    33. Jesse Lanet

      Luh diss

    34. DaiSho

      Literally just no bullsh*t. Fire beat, fire lyrics. Cannot be more simple than that.

    35. TheWaffleSnuffler


    36. Anthony Van Wyk


    37. Jan Debt

      Nah....I'm good.

    38. Chayalkun Ty


    39. Zoen Scott

      no just stop

    40. Charles White

      This song goes bananas

    41. Drizzzy Jake

      Im worth the weight like terrio

    42. Joshua Kenney

      this shit crazy!!!

    43. Danny Games

      Tooooken u back bro missed this style of give a fuck never that rap馃敟馃敟馃挜馃挜馃挴馃挴

    44. Cycle Recycle

      Heard this on a USfilm ad which was dope, only ad I won鈥檛 skip.

    45. beechface1

      This beat is possibly one of the best productions I've heard, wavy af.

    46. Derek Brown

      Man, the continuous flow is absolutely savage.

    47. DarkSider

      Token Hospin and NF all on one Song 馃敟馃敟馃敟

      1. Shemitra Dean

        Buy token can't cuss that's Fina be hard

    48. Dave Lindahl

      1.3M views, 100 are mine haha

      1. MajikkijaM

        I am pushing at least 40 views

    49. keepinitzen


    50. Roz Honor2theKing

      We are ready legion unite Rally i found a worthy host

    51. Isaac

      This is siiiiccckkk馃敟馃敟馃敟

    52. BigPete7978

      Game changer!

    53. Bastian

      You are underrated!

    54. Rachel M

      Just commenting for the algorithm. Y'all gonna give Token his flowers while he is alive.

    55. Gambino Capone


    56. Stephane Santinelli


    57. The Miscellaneous Lyric

      馃敟馃敟okay its time for token and joyner to collab 馃敟馃敟

    58. James Oliver


    59. Sirex


    60. Ciaran J Watts

      He's got skill, but all this "do not bring your bitch around me" and "bitch so bad, make Elton John take his glasses off" like shut your mouth bro you look like vector from despicable me and rap about something important or interesting. Instead of bitch this, bitch that.

    61. john padgett

      Not impressed

    62. GAME changer

      Eminem would be proud

      1. Robert Germain II

        I wish he knew who Chris Webby is 馃敟馃敟馃敟

    63. husky gaming

      `the legend is back

    64. Kenna Stark

      Was this a Tom Macdonald diss??

    65. yeahsun

      that's actually good

    66. Mad Madelo

      What does 鈥淧ink 18鈥 mean?

    67. J T

      First token song. New fan

    68. Braxton Halpin

      token and nf should colab.

    69. bill tim

      dude bobo can prolly rap better than u pls just stop

      1. T.goold

        dont listen then

    70. Toothless Vlogs

      Miss this, Hes on 馃敟鈽勷煒

    71. matryoshka x

      Like how far can we go.. me die for a number to see, too dump too climb, dont climb on a Tree, me alphG? No srys. WAR ICH NIE!!! [german for nobody see the verliess] merry x-mas x-neverfat

    72. matryoshka x

      The fuck YOU watch without time

    73. matryoshka x


    74. matryoshka x

      Independent regardless They still holding me Back

    75. matryoshka x

      Hahahahahha oshii

    76. matryoshka x

      Sitting in a Coolbox on mars. #everythingforthesecurity

    77. matryoshka x

      Lose my breath no sleep no questions blubbering on mars like no fucks given no things to do but look Watch out bellyphone, me get a break Break a sweat or hancock citygate

    78. matryoshka x

      Bra 30 seconds together tf yo talking to haha

    79. David Cochran

      Now we talking this song off tap 馃憣馃挴馃馃憡

    80. Joshus Hernandez

      Keep Harlow , give me token .

    81. Daniel Corcoran

      The opening beat:

    82. Arif Arif

      He rap like Eminem!

    83. Best Moments Channel

      Always Fire馃敟馃敟馃敟

    84. Britain Best

      You make me such a hypocrite. Your so damn cocky. But I can't tell the difference between that and confidence. Its definitely a good mixture. That's why listening to you bothers me, but your such a damn lyricist. I can't leave you out of that conversation. I make comments and then feel different later on cause I hear a Token track and I'm like GOT DAMN! I dont pay attention to anything else you do besides your music but holy hell, the music just always brings me back.

    85. Anything Can Happen

      馃敟馃挴 Hype for the new album 馃挴馃敟

    86. Warmicey

      Got a dentures ad on dentures

    87. StrayzKid

      3 6

    88. xX_Goated_Xx ixo

      Good dawwnmmm

    89. Billy Parmenter

      The popularity in this dudes music proves people crave harder hip-hop too bad more dont deliver this guy fuckin awesome

    90. Kat Bauman

      I love your music 馃幎

    91. Kat Bauman

      You Look and sound like this awlsom guy i met on line 10 years though my old buddy bewley.

    92. Quinten

      spread negativity to rise spread positivity to change lives

    93. Realizt

      The fxck??? 馃く馃敟馃敟馃敟

    94. Scholar Of Babylon

      Slept on too much by Earth.

    95. Roddy Evans

      Can't wait to get my hands on some NTD merch. You're doing great Toke, don't get in your own head too much, we love you bro

    96. Dexter J

      Gawd Damn!!!

    97. LoudGames

      Honestly dude you're always raising the level. I've been listening to this alot since you put it out but the other day I was thinking about how it's been almost radio silence for abit when it comes to music from you and then you drop this. I'm sure this is just a good business move in making sure things are perfected before letting them out but putting out little treats here and there to make sure people stay invested. Either way dude I'll be invested until I see that you're done with music. You're an inspiration and without artists like you I wouldnt be writing still. You're one of a kind and in the top leagues in my mind and you're still climbing and its wild. Cant wait to see more man.

    98. Wavy Dre

      Honestly, I've followed this dude for a while, he's got the skill for this but just something about him I've never felt. idk what it is, talented dude though.

    99. Andrew Dale

      All that time to come out with this lol

    100. Matthew Wilson

      "Ha ha ha-ha, now I'm getting Jewish bread my grandma call it halal" 馃う馃従鈥嶁檪锔忦煍ヰ煍ヰ煍ヰ煍

      1. Aaron Busse