Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARS

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    In Japan's northern region of Aomori, the locals regularly eat bear meat. But why's it popular and how does it taste? We travel across Aomori to try 5 dishes and uncover why it has the shortest life expectancy of any prefecture in Japan. (And no it's got nothing to do with the bears!)
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    Published on 5 days ago


    1. Abroad in Japan

      NOTIFICATION SQUAD: On our 200km journey around Aomori we ate our way through five local dishes. WHICH ONE do you want to try the most? Also, don't miss Ryotaro's absurd rap. He truly outdid himself this time. Jokes aside, it's good to be back on the road together. I always enjoy these little excursions and I hope you guys enjoy coming along the ride! (ESPECIALLY now Abroad in Japan is in 4k). Right, I'm off for a liquor breakfast.

      1. Glide Guide

        nice 2mil subs congrats

      2. michael

        I want to try them all. lol I've never been further north than fukushima.

      3. Andrea McCulloch

        Paradise... Thanks Chris, another super, informative video. I love anything apple related. I also like venison (deer meat, and no I would not eat a fawn) . I wonder if Aomori does a version of Apfelkorn? It’s a German spirit based on apples. (I am told it gives a killer hangover, but I don’t get hangovers, so I wouldn’t know.) I have some in the fridge. I’ll toast you both with it later.

      4. Ralph Sunico

        Do they have Bear Apple Curry in Aomori?

      5. Jenghis Gonzalez

        I expect Ryotaro's rap to be on his soundboard at the website

    2. HEADHUNTERS AlphaMiner64

      Apple pie and apple cider. My two favorite things waved in my face. I never thought I'd ever watch a Abroad in Japan video I didn't like but after watching this I'm so mad. And hungry. And thirsty...

    3. Lainey Wakeman

      i need to see you and ryotaro do a apple pie tour 😆😆

    4. sogawa7

      A fierce battle between a giant brown bear and Matagi that occurred 100 years ago en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sankebetsu_brown_bear_incident

    5. James Bergonzi

      one of the best channels

    6. Cyber Hermit


    7. Lan Ster

      That weird set of 自販機 in Akihabara used to have cans of bear curry, but I thought it was a joke thing or something. Now I know it was real. I ate bears. And it was... Delicious.

    8. Diana A

      Snowboarding, sake, Ringo and meat?! Siggggnn me up

    9. ShadowViper

      Short life expectancy : 82 years -.-

    10. E R[ace]Đ 95

      Nice Bears what could top that...😮

    11. Shakalks Gamer

      I am so happy to see ryotoro and chris back together, making videos!! Happy 2021 yall!

    12. noremacbeez

      Ryotaro is AWESOME...( and deep down you know it Chris)

    13. saltydash lightly

      Thank you guys so very much for showing a beautiful prefecture. I much prefer the joking silly fun dining experience over the more reserved style. To each his own but a bit of banter dearly enhances the bear boar.

    14. yuitr loing

      If you’re down at the beach and see an eel with big teeth, that’s Aomori (a moray) ...ahh, yeah....NO just no.

    15. George Thomas

      This makes me a saaaad panda :(

      1. yuitr loing

        "Aomori has the lowest life spectacy of all in japan" - so bears feast on people!- "and its nof because of the bears" DAMN

    16. ある亀井

      i ate raw bambi

    17. thaihustler

      So, how much would a meat course at the hotel cost..

    18. Ate Wanders

      so the aomori people are the real life respresentation of "here for a good time not a long time"

    19. Another Berg

      i would love to eat a bear and become a bear

    20. Devin du Plessis

      Yes, because people eating every moving thing under the sun has worked so well for us all in 2020 and on into 2021.

    21. Yugenxkamii

      If the titel was eating Bambi raw this vid would have 9mil views rn🤣

    22. Yugenxkamii

      You can really see how much u enjoy it these days❤️🔥🔥 happy for u bro

    23. Riley Iwamoto

      Sashimi? They don't call it tataki there?

    24. Great Wolf

      Meat flavored meet. Lol Chris

    25. XJ-PA

      Yoooo lets goooo. Chris you finally hit 2 million subs. Congrats & keep up the good work

    26. GhoulGirl B

      I’d like to try the cider 👀

    27. jasiel delgado

      0:20 ...woops...

    28. Cy Cg

      Cider! That's my first choice. I would love for a video of you eating all the apple pies in Aomori. 😁

    29. Avanna

      The Taishou Roman Tea Room reminds me of an anime I used to watch. I can only remember a ghost sitting at the far end of the area, and a ghost waitress? And that the cafe is free of charge. There was also a scene where bees came by and played inside the cafe.

    30. Bleo

      Ryotoro just died rip (╯︵╰,)

    31. The42istheanswer

      "Aomori has the lowest life spectacy of all in japan" - so bears feast on people!- "and its nof because of the bears" DAMN

    32. El Padrino

      Would definitely like to try some Kumamon.

    33. Catherine Bond

      I must eat all the dishes! I might die, but I'll die happy!

    34. Shirly Moody

      I would love to see you and friends do the complete apple pie tour. You might get sick of apples, but seeing you eat them would be memorable.

    35. stingray gaming

      Ya so any way I stole a boat...

    36. JC Marquez

      why does that bear meat look exactly like the bear meat from Shokugeki No Soma? lol

    37. secretsquirrel

      Just No (a) more-ay? (Said using a “Neighbours” style Australian accent). Ay? Ay? No worries, ay mate? Ay!

    38. Tsurin -

      I just realised that this is the first time i hear ryotoro speking full japanese sentences

    39. William Clark

      Ryotaro prayed for world domination huh? I knew he was a Bond villain all along...

    40. mi mi

      I can't eat teddy bear 🐻and almost all Japanese don't eat these meats. I have never eaten them. It looks very strange. I live in Tokyo.

    41. Lobo Draco

      I think the more accurate translation would be “Crane Dance Bridge” instead of “dancing crane bridge”

    42. DRajtify

      I'd try the bear meat for sure, but that apple pie was picturesque

    43. sighfu9

      What rissotoro forgot is that in Bambi's live action film, Bambi is played by The rock usfilm.info/fire/qamDsGSAhLeWpqo/video.html

    44. jimrat92

      FINALLY AOMORI!!!! The food there is soooo good. All across the prefecture! I miss it so much. The apples really the best apples i have ever had.

    45. nerdwarp112

      I wish I liked apple pie, because this seems like it would be a perfect place to visit for those who enjoy it. Also, this is the first video I’ve seen with Ryotaro in it, and I appreciate his sense of humor.

    46. Ddaeng!! by Karla

      While I wouldn’t bear to eat bear, or any weird animal for that matter, I gotta say the meat looks sorta okaish.

    47. Rob Walton

      Well done on the 2m Chris. Of all the USfilm ‘rabbit holes’ I’ve fallen down, I’ve not enjoyed discovering a new channel quite as much as yours. Keep it up mate

    48. RobotInMySpace

      Congratulations on 2 million subscribers Chris! If anyone deserves it, it's you. Cheers from Norway! :)

    49. F. Rick Herr

      They eat bears because it's fukin delicious!

    50. sexy daddy

      wow bear and deer meat taste great. next: let's eat some bat and pangolin, and don't forget civet cat they carry SARS.

    51. michael hart

      Hmm.. some of it looks and smells good, even from here. Excess of bears, and a sufficiency of hunters who want to resolve the problem, seems like a simple solution approaching a problem reality that seems to be hard to find in the West these days. One thing missing though: Surely a cooked bear's head with an apple in it's mouth should be on the menu somewhere? A roast pig with an apple in it's jaws is a traditional expression of a banqueting feast in older books & Hollywood movies.

    52. FugazStar

      I'm not a fan of apple pies, but god that apple pie looks freaking delicious :o

      1. Kean Kennedy

        the translucency of the apples!

    53. BNRK21

      deer is actually pretty famous and considered a delicacy... it's not weird like eating bear

    54. Laura Cunningham

      #askabroad would you be interested in doing a video on renting a car in Japan?

    55. Thandura

      15:52 it did

    56. lee white

      I've eaten wild boar and deer already. And as I'll try anything once I'd eat bear. It's not been hunted for sport, but for food and to reduce danger to locals. But only once, I could never look winnie the pooh in the face again lol

    57. Brian Hall

      Did he leave his card in that cider vending machine at the beginning?

    58. Salvador Lopez

      Watching this in 4K is amazing! Apple kingdom haha

    59. Yung Key


    60. SiriuslySirius

      For the first time ever, Rissotorro doesn’t have an answer! (where the deer came from)

    61. Pelajar Derhaka I

      Love it when ryotaro joining chris. Optimism x sarcasm.

    62. mikehh8020

      I eat bears too and I don't live in Japan. American black bear is the best.

    63. Icarius

      ohayo chris, i love your videos and have been watching for quite some time! keep up the good work!

    64. Laser Turtle

      you definitely left your card in that cider machine

    65. Tricksterkat209

      "Which dish would you like to try?" *nervously sweats in vegetarian with an apple allergy*

    66. The Sorrow

      BEARS ??

    67. scraggly Beard

      Oh my silly brain though they marinade the beef with beer...

    68. Phreak_HD on therapy

      congrats on 2 mil

    69. Kshitij Goswami

      chris you need to change your barber 😭

    70. Doug A

      Aomori? Blue forest?

      1. An4rcho8

        As far as I know Aoi can also mean green in some instances.

    71. adamo koriscant

      careful with bear, they have parasites.

    72. Sarah Shelton

      why no natsuki?

    73. Nik

      I was actually hoping to see Ray Mak's comment.

    74. Bro Brah

      what do they hunt them with? airsoft guns?

    75. Invicta Veritas

      Well, this guy can't be a Buddhist.

    76. luckeycat

      What kind of apples are those at the beginning?

    77. Sachiko Imari

      Congrats on 2M subscribers 👏

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      Life is short tour: sign me the fuck up please

    79. Elisabeth S.

      i don't like the bit where he supposedly doesn't like the other guy

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    81. Nayfairy

      Poor animals :(

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      that apple pie looked amazing

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      "MY APPLE KINGDOM"- Ryotaro 😂

    84. Bigboss304323

      Id love to taste apple cider with an apple on the side, and some apple rice after an nice piece of apple pie. Deer bear dont kill me. (Sorry, im boared)

    85. kayla sea

      Cant wait to travel here from Australia once life's back to normal!

    86. Robo Blue

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    87. Arcade Crusaders

      Special meat

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      16:09 need some help with that?

    89. Its me Dave

      Genuinly think you need to do jouney accross Amori the apple pie itinerary

    90. Rafael Calvay

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    91. Mike Pangilinan

      How come Ryotaro has a strange Japanese accent?

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      If I had known Aomori was known for apples I would’ve clicked faster lol. But I’d love to try the apple pie!

    97. Sabel Christensen

      When you've already eaten bear, deer, and wild boar.😌😌(im a hunter by the way so we get all kinds of diffrent stuff for our wild game feed. I've even tried alligator)

    98. 藤井雪

      Congratulations on 2 million subscribers, Chris.

    99. BSophie102

      Great video Chris and congrats on 2Million subs!

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      Ryotaro can drop an album with two main tracks named DEAR BEAR BOAR and Eating Bambi Raw.