The Kahoot Rap (Kahoot Star)

Kyle Exum

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    Published on 16 days ago


    1. Kyle Exum

      I hope y'all enjoy! (Make sure to like and comment if you did!) Oh, and text me! +1 (860) 385-6295

      1. Fellow 01

        LOVE ITTTT

      2. Gabriel Lacoursiere

        sup you my fave

      3. Fire Clogger

        Yo I'm a Kahoot start. who? going around like a hooplah

      4. TeaSquad

        I wish I can rap like youuuuuuuu

      5. Mega Phone


    2. T0S1CK L Yt

      This was awesome 😊😎

    3. Not Angxlz

      Ur Content Always Make My Day

    4. Benja And cenja and ace silky

      He said don’t use the k word in this house hold lol😂🤣

    5. Shawn Haghani

      That beginning though...

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      Man you're gonna have a hell of a lot of comments to respond to.

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      3:29 Restart

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      Kyle: raps Eminem: we got a challenger


      This goes sooooooooo hard wow

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      Brooo this is fire 🔥

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      every kids mind during a khoot : this song

    13. Temi-chan Tales

      Love all the jokes

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      Kyle is better than any comedian like if u agree

    15. bill the cipher

      Do you watch anime Kyle?

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    17. JT E

      You are the best youtuber, keep it up man

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    19. MrTallpie

      your raps are sick bro keep it up

    20. Phoenix

      But like, is there gonna be an ExumGaming?

    21. Fastphoton

      bro I love this content great job

    22. VoidPlayz

      The people who disliked are just sad that their sad don't have covid

    23. Evdogg Hum

      Are u still responding to every comment

    24. Braylan Rufener

      He be spitting bars

    25. Braylan Rufener

      This dude is sick

    26. Kendall Lacy


    27. Raphael Simpson

      go hard

    28. Lara Nina

      I love your rap this is cool if my teacher said for me to present I'mma sing this

    29. Newton Nyaanga

      also if u keep up tha good work u might get a new subscriber dud

    30. Williams Cinematics

      Honestly Fire, I downloaded it on Apple Music and I’m bopping

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      That was an amazing freestyle

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      3:30 thank me later

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      OMG This was SO hilarious. I love the expression you make as the teacher 2:26 Great job! I hope you reach 500K likes!

    40. Ben Cubing

      3:30 is the song

    41. Apapau Gaming

      I love your videos 😍😍😍 BTW don't forget to reply my comment ❤️🙂

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      U R so funny. I love your vids. U got some good rapping too. Under 500k

    43. Oop- Sorry-

      I laughed when he said “Dude Average” and when he called Mrbeast a farmer USfilmr 🥴

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      did he get a a... or what he deserved a A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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    51. evildragon

      This is fire 🔥🔥🔥

    52. Funtime_Lefty

      Ehem (*LYRICS INCOMING*) “Top of the game I’m a kahoot star, “Who?” Ain’t no hooplah to it Second guessin? Ya’ll buenos noches, I can’t be snoozin’ Got the codes to the game and my name make a bang, red and blue sus like among us I can’t be choosin’ I’m a quick card clickin’ buzzer beater with the top spot Green I see, if you ain’t me you just a knock off Grades got COVID but in game I’m jimmy neutron Player of the year just like an ex I never miss nah, nah Shine is on my eye like Pixar Got people cheatin’ tryna see just what my picks are Still ten toes down at the tiptop Get one wrong and like the beat you boutta’ big drop Counterfeit friends cappin’ can’t throw me off Never missin’ mine you outta time just like a tiktok Leaderboard legend with the bars they call me hootpac Ya’ll ain’t ready like audio only Zoom calls. Check my resume 30 games won no true/false That’s auto admission to Harvard and that’s by default I’m the product that’s poppin’ got ya’ll on recall Einstein on e to me when it comes to mc, dog. Squaring up? Hands on KSI couldn’t be paul Leaderboard level supa’ hot I don’t see loss Smartboard intellect for sure, I can’t be wrong Neva’ slow ya’ll Nevada slow, gotta keep up. And I’m winnin’ And somethin’ bout’ this music hittin’ different You know this ain’t UNO can’t reverse the order we in Like a stoplight when your runnin’ late you never see the green hit. Imma hay batter batter hit maker on an off day Hands too good guess you should’ve gotten all state Oops, ya’ll gotta make it quicker like your State Farm Too far? I don’t know who you are, shoot imma Kahoot star “Who?” Ain’t no hooplah to it second guessin’? Ya’ll buenos noches I can’t be snoozin’ Got the codes to the game and my name make a bang red and blue sus like among us I can’t be choosin’ Imma quick card clickin buzzer beater with the top spot green I see if you ain’t me you just a knock off Grades got COVID but in game I’m jimmy neutron Player of the year and that’s why I’m Top of the game I’m a kahoot star, “who?” Ain’t no hooplah to second guessin’? I play ya’ll like chess imagine loosin’ Got the codes to the game, In the zone like I’m aang Red and blue sus like among us’ I can’t be choosin’ Imma quick card clickin’ buzzer beater with the top spot Ain’t makin’ green? ain’t me you just a knock off Grades malnourished but we eatin’ now like Rick Ross Player of the year just like an ex I never miss nah, nah.” “So, uh, did I get that A?”

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      this song resembles 2020


      the version of the wap... PRICELESS




      love this

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      When your flow is pg af and better then 90% of the professional rappers out here. Im litterally choosing this over like Jack Harlow. And I like Jack Harlow

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      Hey Kyle how’s it going your so great at what u do such a great guy

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      This song is so good but like i am good at toubg twisters and fast songs but i cant keep up with .75 speed


      I like this

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        Like beggar I've seen all ur comments

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      just liked it on Spotify!!!! 🤩🤩

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      Who else thinks Kyle Should be on the Radio? 📻 ""👇""

      1. I'm Trash

        Like beggar I've seen all ur comments

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      This is afficial my favorite song

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      Petition for Kyle to make an official music video

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      Hello Kyle I love your content it is very cool, I hope that this video gets 500,000 likes :)

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      He’s such a great singer

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      Hey Kyle! Just had a question since you said you were commenting to every comment under 500k comments! My question is, what is your opinion on furries? I'm one! Just wanted to see how you felt about them 😗

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