The Kung Fu Panda Ripoff From Your Nightmares

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    Published on 26 days ago


    1. Luna Quadrophenia

      Danny, I don't have any social media to send this movie recommendation so I hope you see this one: watch the movie Obsessed with Beyoncé and Idris Elba. It's one of the worst movies I've ever seen, with so many holes and subplots with no resolution... it's a joke, and Beyoncé is one of the executive producers on it, to make things even worse!

    2. shane court

      Bruh why the glasses got Drew's eyes in them

    3. Stephanie Corneau

      Why dose snot bear sound like meowth

    4. Carsten Wyant

      No one: The panda at the end: (look at my pfp)

    5. Nathaniel Puamau


    6. Sadie Scott

      Can u please react to lanky box

    7. Alejandro Vargas

      You should review "vampire sisters 2" it's cringe and weird😂

    8. Leen Septiceye

      Danny could you please react to a movie called ( The Adventures of Acela)

    9. Rain Feather

      No one can out thic Carol

    10. AG Feild


    11. Emily Sanders

      I didn't even look at Polaris's face until he wore that jumpsuit so it wasn't a bad disguise at all

    12. Jacquelyn S

      Wait why did Pancata have to fight that scary bear anyway? If the boss whose name I've already forgotten beat him already he should be gone.

    13. Sarah Dunn

      (insert sonic meow meme but instead of sonic its Pancata dancing)

    14. Annoying art Kid

      polarous got some nice chesticals

    15. NightRaven Plays

      Gumball made fun this movie

    16. Ashley Rose

      I'm so glad you watch these so I don't have to 😂

    17. Sarah Patton

      Danny, watch Izzies way home. 😌

    18. Sophia Hegland

      "But, he's not a fighter yet oh no no no"

    19. Zola Quite Catholic

      If those aren't Drew Gooden's eyes at 16:02 then my name's not GrizzlePuss

    20. PikaSheep

      Every time I watch these dumb ripoff movies, I feel like I lose 10 years of my life

    21. enoc flores

      Review Kung fu rooster

    22. Isabella Smith

      Pancotta's bones were getting squishy in that dance routine at around 18:27

    23. TheBigWeebyBOi [:

      Did anyone else die when he started laughing with the liquify effect 😂

    24. Cartoon Critique

      10:52 Sure I have...all the gender-swapped Rule 34 of Freddy Fazbear! XD

    25. Huck L. Berry

      my friend when they have a head ack 11:56

    26. idk Channel

      Which goes into the worst sequence *youtube advert plays*

    27. Maretas Shiva

      Ngl I probably start watching these kind of movies just for the sole purpose of entertainment

    28. Em Liu

      Kung Fu Panda: There's no special secret; with perseverance, even a panda can defeat evil Little Panda Fighter: i kNew thErE waS No WAY a tuBbY liTtLe paNDa coUld BeAt a MonStEr liKe ThAt

    29. Grace Beardslee

      when are you gonna do a video reacting to Selena Gomez’s Cinderella?!

    30. Yoh Voys

      *sees snort dripping out of bear's nose** Komugi? Komugi, anyone?

    31. Cooly McGee

      Is that how to ratatwang your panda from the amazing world of gumball?

    32. Silent Whisperer21


    33. jo_king


    34. parkour potato

      the movie: we have blue bears. Any normal human:like wtf whats a blue bear

    35. lovelyjuliexo •

      23:30 oh not Danny dying in minecraft 😂

    36. lovelyjuliexo •

      19:00 uh the one bear has blue eye shadow??

    37. lovelyjuliexo •

      16:03 drew glasses? 😂

    38. lovelyjuliexo •

      15:00 i can’t with Danny’s skits 😂

    39. lovelyjuliexo •

      11:55 there no dryer in the room??

    40. lovelyjuliexo •

      10:17 lol wait she looks like a bear version of Karol from that rat movie???

    41. lovelyjuliexo •

      9:45 why not a mask too??

    42. lovelyjuliexo •

      9:30 why is there pink stuff on his hands???

    43. lovelyjuliexo •

      7:55 why did it cut like that????

    44. lovelyjuliexo •

      6:18 who’s that? goopy??

    45. lovelyjuliexo •

      5:25 why is Danny’s skit better than the actual movie? 😂

    46. lovelyjuliexo •

      4:00 why the snot??? 🤢

    47. lovelyjuliexo •

      3:10 oh...i thought he was dreaming about a female panda 😂

    48. lovelyjuliexo •

      2:10 that a care bear???

    49. lovelyjuliexo •

      man that company is just known ripping off other movies now 😂

    50. Raphael Lobao

      THAT thing (I refuse to refer to it by anything else) is brazilian, Which is the reason most of the THINGS that this company makes have weird lip syncing, Also the reason his name in pancada is because in Brazil that's like the same thing as punching somebody.

    51. Peppermintt_Tea

      P A N C A T A I N T H E V O I D. T O D A Y.

    52. Weasel whopper

      You should do CarGo

    53. Fresh Panther

      This is kinda like billy elliot

    54. Ultimate Kars

      5:52 STANDO POWAH!

    55. Eli Go

      Danny should try watching popee the performer

    56. Gianna Ramieri

      holy sholy cow

    57. Bratt 1908

      I feel bad for the voice actors O_O

    58. Edits ect.

      Dinky Gunky?? But what about Diggy Gorgonzola??

    59. Imade_anotheraccount

      The dialog is fine its just the characters and the animation

    60. • Jazz •

      So we’re all gonna ignore that they literally animated tender heart the care bear into this movie then? Alright (but like fr the nose shape and you can even see the little heart on his tummy around 19:10 )

    61. Lindsey Meath

      DANNY--I’m telling you--watch Fifi and the Flowertots.

    62. izzy o’brien

      polaris got those mommy milkers

    63. Cynthia Robbins

      Pancada has logged out of the abyss 8:39

    64. tanzu yamazaki

      it seems as though i have a lot of cartoon movie ripoffs from my nightmares.

    65. Hannah Cooper

      Nobody: NLE Choppa: 21:04

    66. Tani


    67. Wolfgirl Kymlie

      Review sleepover

      1. Wolfgirl Kymlie

        The movie it’s free on USfilm

    68. Nacho_ Nyah

      why is her coochie hanging.. but the way he keeps finding these rip off movies 😭 I love these videos

    69. Elmo's World

      My little sister made a movie better than this and it was just her hitting/kicking me for an hour while my parents laughed so this movie was AWFUL! (but i love the videos!)

    70. audrey

      the alliteration in this video is unparalleled

    71. Yonaah_ Chan

      Does GeorgeNotFound date you?

    72. Wolf Reacts

      Wut 19:25

    73. Karlyann Lauritzen

      is it just me or does grizzle puss sound like meowth ,,, ,,

    74. oreo wolfie

      11:56 can you make a joke out of this!

    75. tj t

      I hope Danny’s next rip off of his own name is like Doobie Goobie or smth lmao

    76. 14x_ava

      19:13 broooo is that Love-a-Lot Bear from Care Bears

    77. 14x_ava

      Also, why do all of these bears only have 2 fingers and and thumb?

    78. 14x_ava

      3:28 that waitress came for his WHOLE. ENTIRE. NECK.😂🤣

    79. meme

      S !

    80. Krista Cotney

      They must have paid these guys in crack.

    81. Reid Bousman

      you should watch leo the lion it’s a lion king rip off

    82. quirky animators

      .....wait wasn't this in the amazing world of gumball?

    83. Gunnar Martin

      you thin this movie is bad just wait till you check out the three terribly animated H.P. Lovecraft movies

    84. Sarai&Ronin

      The f...-Polaris calls that a joke but the muscles are a joke lol Edit: why the hell did she make up the date thing?

    85. The Jeff clan

      Usually I can handle one of these bad movie vids but it was so bad I gave up 3 times and this is my fourth let’s see if I make it Rn I am at 10:03 Edit: gave up on 18:24

    86. you're mom

      i really really love your videos

    87. Asteri_Floral Wolf

      1:23 this thing looks like a low budget p9rno that was animated with a sh2ty CG

    88. Majora Boy

      Ok so I actually do like the concept it's going for, but the animation makes the movie horrid.

    89. God of tree

      this video gave me more brain cells

    90. Yoshiko

      He kinda reminds me of that sponge Bob popsicle-🤧

    91. Mark Kelly

      "Oh my God mean bear, mean girl bear" Had me rolling for no reason

    92. RUK

      Cocomelon look gud now

    93. Ali Flips

      this is actually the original kung fu panda but it was so bad that they remastered it

    94. Lol Noob

      I’m not gonna sleep for days 🤢😭

    95. pakpattan Mehdi

      Me: when I get a headache: 11:56

      1. pakpattan Mehdi

        Omg lol

    96. just a smøl tøwn gir

      19:25 I genuinely cannot tell what this facial expression conveys or is supposed to convey. What the heck. This is baffling me beyond belief.

    97. hikun

      i love the vague red line that goes through danny's cheeks and nose

    98. Liam Mathistad

      Why this new setup look like his old old setup.

    99. Matti the God Eater Smash Bro

      Sorry guys but I like Dreamwork’s Kung Fu Panda better than this movie

    100. Setsuko_Channel:アダラ節子

      Is the long haired wig supposed to be a Flashdance reference? Because... it failed at that goal miserably😂