*FINALLY!* My Top 10 BEST Pokemon Cards Pulls (2020 Q2)


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    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Leonhart

      *Do you agree with the Top 10?*

      1. dc_dd


      2. eriza fadhilah

        Hes wering underpants

      3. Pierce Jheric

        Ofc i ageree even 5 months agoo

      4. Tom Diefenbach


      5. Mars ,

        I also have pulled a charizard vmax

    2. Mr_Brusie _G


    3. Keeley Coulson

      I agree boy

    4. Gab Ruiz

      I have a first edition charizard and I don't know what would I do with it.

      1. Infamous Comment Stealer

        Sell it or wait till its value gets super high its worth thousands of dollars in ebay

    5. Oscar Connelly

      no rainbows though

    6. Oscar Connelly

      i have like ALOT of gxes

    7. Andrea Vergara


    8. mary mary

      Talk about crazy... lol

    9. Juan Isaias Perez

      Am a big fan

    10. Jesse Billiter

      Fr the shining Mewtew is my holy grail

    11. Bryndon Carter

      On the last one he legit goes speechless until he gets it in the sleeve 😂

    12. Heather Bouvier


    13. Kinetic

      Number one he was in his under wear.-.

    14. Kinetic

      First time getting pokemons

    15. Kinetic

      I have number ten

    16. Kinetic

      I watched this video to see if the one I got was good

    17. Kinetic

      So my card is rare:o

    18. Kinetic


    19. Kinetic

      One of my first trainer packs was a Pokémon sword and shield pack and my best Pokémon was a v rule morpeko

    20. 5B13 Mo Yin Samuel HU

      i have 3 charizard vmax not the rainbow one

    21. Ricardo Hilliger

      Why „charizard if you see this coming home“ ? Is it been stolen?

    22. dc_dd

      I’m rlly rlly good and rich wit Pokémon I have all those

    23. Jullian Gamboa

      How much is a Dark Charizard worth🤔

    24. Mickey Kruse

      How much is that #10 card worth?

    25. Rooboo

      Can you help me pls I want to be Like you but i may not buy pokemon cards so i do it with pokemon TCG online and i hope that i can buy someday pokemon packs by making yt vids Like you

    26. Prodigy Stars TED

      your face is turing red each time you pull a charizard! lol

    27. David Deaton

      At 18:30 he got a bulbasaur and it has an Error in it it says length 2”4 and length 15lbs it says it twice so it’s more rare hope he sees this so he knows that

    28. Buster Playz

      He’s gonna have a heart attack when he gets rainbow charizard 😂

    29. Kayden Irwin

      That is a second edition


      I love when he have a goal and he finally get it he say WE DID IT

    31. Michael Finley

      I pulled the charizard and braxien and just randomly put it in a binder but now it’s in a safe because I looked up the value

    32. Pierce Jheric


    33. Tomáš Vlasic

      Before +/- 18 years a had this 2 Charizard also this Chansey And many rare card(3x time crobat, meganium ,blast, Venos,Shadow tyranitar And many many more this pika more then10 times) maybe i can try found it.😁

    34. WeebWhoDraws

      At school four years ago I made the biggest mistake of my life, I hade a Snorlax EX just like the one in the video not knowing the price of the card I traded it for a charizard mega link from evolutions When I saw this video I became really sad that I've lost my most valuable card. R.I.P snorlax

    35. omer lara mohamad

      can have that v wolf plz

    36. Insane Cusick

      This dude is awesome haha

    37. TTV_idiotgaming 123

      Dude I think have a couple first editions if u want I can show u pictures of them cause I wanna see if they actually are first edition

    38. Skyler Nicklas


      1. Lhyn Bautista


    39. Wade Johnston

      Love your content. 2 ideas for you. 1. Wear a heart monitor when you open crazy old or rare packs. I'm sure people WOULD LOVE to see your bpms SKYROCKET. 2. PLEASE do more japanese.

    40. Wade Johnston

      Back when pokemon had reasonable health. Snorlax with 100hp. In today's pack that card would have 494638394hp with an ability that gives it 9999993 more hp.

      1. Wade Johnston

        @Kartik Asthana doooooode deez are real life bruh

      2. Kartik Asthana

        @Wade Johnston oh Pokemon go cards bro bro bro they are just the game cards and they arent for collection even no one trade them.....🙄

      3. Wade Johnston

        @Kartik Asthana pokemon go /aloloa bronze and gold extreme sky waters super special limited edition wizards of the coast expert packs only!

      4. Kartik Asthana

        Which pack bruh?Pokemon go?

    41. Wade Johnston

      Dude ames was the only place I used to buy pokemon cards. And THERE IS A AMES OPEN IN PA!!

    42. Wade Johnston

      Thumbs up for the blade runner shout out. I'm sure 3/4 of your viewers don't even know what "a blade runner" is ahaha. It's a movie a GREAT MOVIE YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH!!! the 1980s version . There's literally like 30 different editions. You'd have to Google which version most fans agree is the best. I have 4 and they all have there ups and downs.

    43. Teewurst Titan

      I am the 20000 like🎆👍😂

    44. C Kampfil

      i trade m charisard whoops😳

    45. Popa Cristian

      Buying a house with a pokemon card will be a YT title soon. Or it already is

    46. Yordanys Roman


    47. Yordanys Roman

      You look like Lucifer

    48. Ethan


    49. GamingJay TV

      Can you giv mi a rare 1 cards

    50. Sakedun

      Surprised Rhyme isn't there yet

    51. Mr Marker Pen

      Even the charizard can't stop screaming

    52. Froodoh

      18:32 how much is that worth ? i have one of those !

    53. Mars ,

      I also have a charizard vmax

    54. Hyson Horwitz


    55. Bubu Ka

      2:42 click here

    56. Alton Rose

      2021 be like:🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😭🥳🥳🥳

    57. Jing Dong

      So he didn’t scream at 3:16

    58. top proster01

      me who watches with only 2 original pokemons

    59. Nemokami Filmukai vaikams

      Bro you know that you only wasting ur money are you a kid bcs im 12 and i hate pokemon tho why eould you play it just a showoff off having good pokemons its just a waste a time -_-

      1. Waffle Cat:Animals & Pets

        This made me laugh so hard

    60. JJWEB Hayden

      “ *Woop , there it is ~* “

    61. Križovánsky Tiger

      What is PSA 10 or PSA 9????,

    62. unsalted clan

      Bro nice not trying to brag but i have a shadowless holographic charizard

    63. nikjacksmom

      i have a shiny charizard you mite be able to buy i am jack

    64. LIGHT BLUE

      When he pull a good card like uaaaaaaaauaaaaaaa!!!!

    65. Daniel Arskiy

      top ten pulls? or top ten screams?

    66. Hyrule Master Chef

      How Red Is The LeonHart Meter ?

    67. Bob McBride

      I gave my 1st edition holos to my son, he was not interested.... It had a Chansey and a Charizard in it.

    68. Marie Terrell

      He is so luckey

    69. XvsaXvs

      Prob my best pull in my life was a secret rare Orbeetle Vmax

    70. TVX Gamer

      The elastic craftsman understandably switch because carol progressively scribble past a purring battle. chemical, dark pansy

    71. Sowmya Akshar

      Can I have a shoutout plssssssss (if not can you please reply to this comment because it will make my day

    72. Sunay Karakoç


    73. Mona Steele

      Hey leonard

    74. Huddy Mellos

      The reactions are priceless

    75. Roberth Steve

      No puedo creen que en 4 meses el dark Charizard ahora se venta en 10.000 .-.

    76. that one weeb

      pokemon youtubers: *pulls out charizard* pokemon youtubers: AHHHHHH me: *pulls out charizard* me: nice

    77. Henrik Larsen


    78. Aiden Gabbard

      I literally got 2 zaican v it’s easy

    79. DREAM 2.0 Dream is good I’m better

      I pulled a charizard Vmax in the first 30 packs I opened

    80. ian

      Pokemon factory: So how many Charizard's would u like? Leonhart: yes.

      1. Debkalpa Pal

        Laughing my A off

    81. Nicholas Wilkins

      Amagine being in a pokimone battle with these cards

    82. Nicholas Wilkins

      Every time he get a rare one he say “WE DID IT BABY”

    83. Denki Kaminari

      Is the old pika shiny? I have like 5.... i bought cards in 2015-2016

    84. Fifa goals

      Y is his reactions so weird and his voice is so low and his eyes go all small like he’s got a messed up reaction

    85. Efrain Sepulveda

      The red level is this 😡

    86. Aydin Mansoor

      USfilm getting real comfortable with these double ads 😳

    87. Paul Poommipanit

      Omg I didn’t know it was worth that much, I HAVE DARK CHARIZARD!!!!!!!!

    88. TheBearSquad-Roblox

      I got the c Zar v max in my second pack

    89. camiiscool15

      Omg I have the chansey

    90. David Greco

      How much

    91. Ishmael birchfield

      I like how we got a Charizard because I also have best 10 Pokemon cards I'm going to get a binder today it's a Pokemon binder

    92. nekarn12

      Same shirt

    93. Sebastian Toledo

      it took me to get the charizard&braixen hyper rare 5 packs i am lucky

    94. Sam Bowden

      Your hyped vibe is like a Jim Carey character 😂

    95. Iced lava

      i like how he doesn’t go crazy and run around his house but he just turns into tomato and has a minor heart attack

    96. yosoyaxel

      Angry birds Pokémon codes by watching Disney soccer

    97. Pontus Jokelainen


    98. Connor Burke

      I got a gold zaician too

    99. Flame Game

      I actually used to have a first edition Charizard, but because I was stupid, and I didn't know how rare it was, I gave it to my friend for free. I need some R.I.P comments

    100. Eloisa Nario

      are you crying in the last part