Grading My Lost $55,000 Charizard Pokémon Card


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    Published on Month ago


    1. Leonhart

      *After missing for 5 months, my lost $55,000 Charizard Pokemon card is back home! I'm grateful.*

      1. Mastershake0592

        Can anyone tell me why I shouldn’t use gloves to handle my cards?? I didn’t know it was a bad thing..

      2. NiCk Chavez


      3. Zam Fam Adventures

        Ya good luck must be psa 10

      4. Rod Ornelas Jr

        If i have a card worth that much then I'm flying and taking that card to psa in person

      5. Rylan FB

        Leonhart, i know why the corners are a 9. They are chopped too much, not 'flush' with a 90 degree angle. A perfect 10 corners, you will not be able to tell where the start of the cut is and should be perfectly flush. Not sure if that made sense, but theres too much 'card gone' lol.

    2. 4lch

      I don’t really like the way he speaks when he pops off. He sounds like he’s cooming xddd

    3. Mob Squad

      omg open the box and stfu already 😂😂😂

    4. Mob Squad

      omg you talk so slow its like in watching the video in slow mo 😂😂 ughh

    5. James Villarini

      If you think something is worth 60k wouldn't you like ..idk drive halfway across the country?

    6. jadrian Acedilla

      this rare, a dad coming home

    7. Aneeq

      damn i almost cri seeing ur face admiring the card back in ur glad it came home safely!

    8. Knallen

      is this the one he pulled himself?

    9. gerald cepe

      Next time just drive there please !!!

    10. Justin Moon

      Where do I go to sell my 96/99 pokemon collection and get grade ? Don't know what my cards are worth

    11. Chickenface556

      hey, so I have a Thai 3/132 charizard, and I was wondering if anyone knows the value of it. I would say it is a psa 7 possibly, but I have searched everywhere for a value and cannot find one. Any help is appreciated.

    12. xGREEDx 7

      Congrats on getting it back bro i love your videos! I've been opening so many packs lately lol

    13. Colton D

      I gotta watch this in 1.25x speed. You sometimes talk slow xD

    14. Gilbert Couillard

      CONGRATS MAN! I am SO HAPPY for ya! I bet you won't let THAT ONE out of your sight for a while! I KNOW I WOULDN'T! HAHA! SUBSCRIBED!!!!!!!!! 5 STAR CHANNEL MY FRIEND! =)

    15. Mastershake0592

      Why should I not use gloves?? Why are they bad?? Can someone please explain?

    16. Digy Derk

      I am gay, your videos inspire me!

    17. Nathan Schlagbaum

      Maybe they got the score backwards since both were sent in at same time?? 🤷🏼‍♂️ I'd have to agree even tho both looked pristine the corners did look better on dark charizard.

    18. Jason Francia

      I'm here binge watching all your videos because I'm busy a few last month, and I'm so happy your gaining a lot of views again because I know for the last few months you're struggling about getting views. congrats my guy you are the best pokemon card opening channel ever and you deserve it! 💕

    19. Sol Payne

      Would you recommend Beckett or PSA ever since this incident happen ?

    20. drcoxhugenews

      It's a mint 9. Saved you 19 minutes and 55 seconds


      Leonhart talking about his lost Charizard............... Me: looking at the lights in the background.......

    22. Miracle

      Yo hart squad has Leon done a revers holo charizard video? I haven’t been able to locate it if he has..

    23. Dre Van

      Next time just drop it in person man.

    24. Brandon McGillis

      Man I had several mint first editions dark Charizards as a child and I now that Pokémon’s back in I’m starting to buy cards again but I lost all my old ones atm and can’t find them ☹️

    25. The Ghazt Girl

      R.I.P Charizard Card Curse U Psa U Used A Not S Kid Friendly Stuff To That Charizard First Card

    26. Nothing Matters


    27. Victor Duarte

      Woah that is a great 5 month investment plan!

    28. Casey Olson

      I have a ex charizard mega

    29. no kaleb

      imagine him double checking the name and it being a ditto

    30. Ghosty

      I live how when he’s excited his voice gets deeper inatead of higher

    31. jungalist 83

      When a you tuber asks for likes it's a instant thumbs down

    32. Edgar Gajo

      Who's grading cards at Beckett? Dark Charizard gets a 10 in centering and you can see it the right margin is larger, while it gets 9 in corners and they are perfect

    33. The Cosmic Wolf

      do you prefer becketts? or PSA?

    34. antoine suberbielle

      this background is giving me a seizure

    35. Sam Greenwood


    36. The monster Gammer

      I had the same dark dragonite and it was in perfect condition and I had ended up not caring about it because I never thought it was rare and I ended up losing it for ever

    37. Alexander Clough

      Imagine if when he opened it there was a picture of rick astley instead of a card

    38. elee712

      Is PSA9 really worth 75k now?

    39. GiiFii

      Why is the PSA label so god damn ugly like damn, id choose becket just for the clean design. What is that 1920s design bruh dafuq is wrong with psa lol

    40. Jacob Andrus

      Alr I just have to say it. The way he talks annoys me so much

    41. OG Siewert

      How did it receive a PSA grade 9 when it was brand new opened from the booster though?

      1. Ian Gorrell

        I don’t think you understand how grading works. Grading doesn’t just grade the exterior, they are mad in factories. You can buy a brand new card but the smallest mistake by the machine that printed it and it’s not a 10

    42. Computer-Blue

      he planted it. the box was already opened. what a fraud. stop misleading people you fraud.

    43. Stop Mo DCS Pokemon

      Hey Leon, could you do a video explaining what/how you do the Grading preparation to BGS (or CGC) and some recommendations of what not to send as well?! That would be nice to see Thank you again for your Videos

    44. Digletts Dungeon

      19:55 I cried lol

    45. Objects

      I had about 1,000 cards when I was like 13 and never seen them again

      1. Kreidos daddelt

        I sold my charizzard first edition for 50 euros in 2002...

    46. Carlo Luciano

      I effin hate you voice, so fake

    47. Levi Winston


    48. gervacio santos

      Im hesitant to send my charizard for grading, as I do not want it to get stolen!!!!!!!

    49. gervacio santos

      So happy for you

    50. gervacio santos


    51. Nerzyx


    52. Chris Lam

      "Watch it be like a Machop or something" dead.

      1. thumpdragsounds

        what if it was legit a Ratatta lmfao

    53. The PokeTrucker

      Hey Heart squad! I just put up my first 2 videos... they are rushed and crude with no editing... but they were just random spur of the moment videos... I would love to actually get some equipment and make proper videos, but I need all ya'lls help to grow the channel. Thanks and love yall!

    54. KJ Nor

      Im so glad you got this card back. Congratulations!

    55. FallenTemplar

      I sometimes wonder what I'd invest in/purchase if I went back in time. Used to think that a 1992 Acura NSX (Low mileage NSX's are worth upwards of 100,000$) would be the way to go, buying a few and letting them sit for 2 decades under cover, or investing in the Northern Virginia housing market in the 1970s before prices went crazy, but now I realize I should just go back to 1998 or 99 and track down as many 1st Edition Base Set Pokemon card packs and buy 'em all up. Absolute insane return on investment.

    56. Shinyrod Studios

      This was a riveting story from start to finish. I'm glad your charizard turned up in the end, and congratulations on the grade!! Your videos inspired me to dig out my old binder to see if I had any hidden treasures. Usually I'm never lucky with stuff like that, but turns out I had a handful of shadowless cards lurking among the unlimiteds and japanese base set (including two red-cheek pikachus and a charizard)! Hopefully mine doesn't get lost on his way to PSA like this poor dude did. XD

    57. Mark Rufo

      Awesome so happy to see you get your card back!

    58. Chaos


    59. DarkSwede21

      I’m so relieved that he got that Charizard, that is something that I would never give up on trying to find if I lost it 😅

    60. Gary k

      I opened a pack and got that charizard minus the 1st edition. However in pristine condition should I send it out now for grading?

    61. Danny Flores

      Where and how do you get your packs? And where do you send the grades to get graded?

    62. Blueberry Pitbull

      I wish you had more answers about how it went missing, and who is responsible for it missing. Five months… Not even Covid could be a reason for that.

    63. Kopatich_Gaming

      F in the chat for UPS

    64. lerqz

      Love ur vids

    65. Raymundo

      Why do you choose Beckett for most and PSA for Charizard? Why didn't you Beckett Charizard etc? Asking legitimately not a criticism I am a newb thanks!!

    66. James D


    67. RHINO

      Congrats! I think you're the only one I have ever heard of getting their lost mail back. I would recommend to not use USPS for anything of value. I have had a lot of trouble in years past. I would use UPS or FedEx and way over insure if it were me. I can't image the 5 months of stress lol.

    68. Meg

      imagine losing an asset worth thousands of dollars in the mail. imagine having an asset worth thousands of dollars

    69. Francisco Rocha

      I feel like all those ratings are BS

    70. Nick Delo

      Random question can this card come grey stamped?

    71. treeko pokemon

      Fire types scare me

    72. justin postma

      I feel bad for just putting stacks of cards in my dirty pants go running, falling, rolling around as a 9 year old...poor cards got wrecked R.I P.

    73. Azz

      I'm italian and my question is why is there FRAGILE on the box?

    74. Jordan Rhodes

      Why should you never use gloves ?

    75. CozyGorilla

      Why does he speak in slow motion...

    76. Patrick Scott

      So glad he's home after a 5 month journey. Love the content. I'm a huge pokemon fan. I use to collect cards but now it's just the games and all the pokemon on the games. I'd love to have a heart squad shirt. Definitely need one of those.

    77. Gabriel foster

      you should start posting again on your lets play channel

    78. parasitoid cea

      Your videos are great, the time jump is so satisfying.

    79. Aram N

      Hey Leonhart why did you use psa instead of beckett for the charizard ??

    80. Jody Mitoma's Videos

      I got so happy for you with that Charizard opening. This was awesome. Huge congrats. Welcome home. :)

    81. Victor wong


    82. Chris S

      How long does it take to get something graded by psa? Heard they are much slower than bgs.

    83. TrikeGaming

      Mint 9, thank me later but be sure to watch the video if it's your thing.

    84. Rokuwhitefox


    85. Rokuwhitefox

      I'm so happy it came back to you! Kind of like the Brave Little Toaster, when the appliances went back to their master!

    86. Hypnotic Milotic

      WELCOME HOME, CHARIZARD!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    87. Jerald Belford

      Oh happy day! Love the zard!

    88. tosasaurus

      Leonhart, I'm back again telling you that you should get it REGRADED

    89. Peaked Panda

      Leonhart, I subbed to you when I first saw you pulled this zard and I have been invested in your videos ever since and I am so so so so HAPPY that you got your Zard back! I maybe a newer member of the hart squad, but I share this moment with you and everyone else... THIS>>> IS>>>> AMAZING!!!!! CONGRATS!!!

    90. USER52

      you kinda gave the grade away with the price

    91. NLV Films

      So good bro !

    92. stinkoadam

      The Pokémon comebacks are getting out of hand... and I LOVE it! Congratulations sir! So glad to see your card home.

    93. Gamers Club

      Plsss stop using ya'll Thank you

    94. Anlo Ferreira

      Your voice is irritating. But im interested

    95. GGnator LED

      I love your channel and content. But i cant seem to ignore the way you speak. It always looked and sounded like you re talking in slow mo. lol

    96. Vihsionzz Tv

      Worth 75k whos gonna pay that lol

    97. Qwertyuiop Poiuytrewq

      Can i drop my cards in person to grade them i don't want sent them by mail


      How to know if a card is fake


      U talk too much

    100. Larry Frazier

      Great video Leonhart! I watch your videos with my son and we both really enjoy your enthusiasm for the TCG. Congrats on the high grades! Question for anyone willing to answer: what has caused the massive spike in Pokemon card value since the beginning of the year? I honestly don't know and am genuinely curious. Are there a lot of folks investing in the older cards, drying up the market (particularly the top graded cards) or is it that and the fact the folks that grew up playing with these cards can afford nice examples of nostalgia - drying up the market of the already small 1st edition pool? Are USfilmrs and other social media 'influencers' opening up the market to folks that normally wouldn't invest in Pokemon cards? I have been playing and collecting MTG on and off since 96-97 and am no stranger to older cards spiking in value. I am just curious about Pokemon cards since I never really got into the game when I was younger. The spikes in value for certain cards within both TCGs are very similar....although Pokemon seems to have shot to the moon incredibly fast and out of nowhere to a simple fella like myself. Congrats to anyone that has been holding onto these cards!