This Early 2000's Dating Show Is Pure Insanity

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    I recently stumbled upon an old dating show from the early 2000's called "Chains of Love" and I knew I had to make a video about it. Enjoy!
    thanks for watching!
    comment "quit being such a steph" if ur reading this!


    Published on 8 days ago


    1. Angelica Soto

      Nice vid, I laugh so hard at all of your jokes. Would love to see more episode videos, I want to see the drama

    2. Alexis Greer

      The men in this were so immature, the way they all giggle when putting her down, the way they pointed at her crotch (which as exposed by a bathing suit) and just everything about them was so immature

    3. Thrillkillah

      Holy shit, the reference to looking at peoples shoes during heads up seven up is my favorite thing of all time

    4. Ahrgus Navarro

      Kurtis Kurtis Kurtis.... When are you going to learn? lol I get it man, you think very highly of girls because of all the stuff they say they truly want for a successful relationship and what not and you think that if only everyone acted like you and respected them and worshiped them like you, then they would feel so much safer and loved. But the truth is as we have been shown time and time again by their actions, is that they want manly men unfortunately. They dont care about how gentle and vulnerable you are, they wanna know that you can handle them (in and out of the bedroom), they want a man who will be robust and an asshole to them because that's attractive to them (survival of the fittest). Sorry man but that's just how it is lol I fucking love your vides btw and your delivery is always fucking on point keep that shit coming bro

    5. Wiktoria Kowalczyk

      well obviously they were being asssholes. They get more money to themselves if they get sent home

    6. AyrisJolie

      The sheer SHADE towards bestie picks bae

    7. E Zielinski

      GoodTimesWithScar music

    8. Bella N

      episode video plssssssss

    9. Alexis Summers

      You listen to Simple Plan? Cool i do too and I used to have a walkman cd player from my mom but we don't know where it is sadly. Im 14 btw lmao I wish grew up in the 90s and 2000s so badly

    10. Ya Boi Moya

      “Their relationship lasted three days” Every middle schoolers “relationship” ever

    11. Kelcey Nicole

      It’s the sims buy mode music for me

    12. Abigail Gostlin

      Bro I just got merch the white sweater to be exact

    13. Banjo Peppers

      So when is your Hall & Oates cover band putting out their first album?

    14. Marcus Hobbs

      For the record, I've never cheated at "Heads Up Seven Up" in my childhood career. I've also never won.

    15. KC

      kurtis you have huge eyelids

    16. Darci Barron

      glad to see i'm not the only one who thought kurtis took the whole "fart joke" thing too far...this whole video seemed a little misogynistic to me and not quite like the usual kurtis

    17. Gregory Bronson

      Don't lie to us, Kurtis. No one has ever had a delicious steak at Applebees.

    18. Trav Pots

      Good job

    19. Pringle Child

      bruh my monopoly had no instructions

    20. Samantha Waters

      hand me jason i’ll take him myself

    21. Peridot Hare

      I was just vibing, doing other stuff with this video playing in the background... and at 0:43 my entire thought process screeched to a halt when the 90's baby segment began and freaking Howling by Lupus Nocte started playing. Super fast build mode, anyone?

    22. wartanabadanooh

      "They were double cheeked up for no reason".... that took me out 🤣

    23. Jennifer Combs

      I joined Kurtistown because Kurtis had the incredible audacity to feature The Sims Buy Mode 1 as his background music. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar!

    24. Katherina Braun

      *crawling out of my hole* Did someone say shots?

    25. ArrTee

      Please get rid of the mustache

    26. Carolina Simão

      he should’ve said “i gotta go because the locksmith is here... and you know on man MUST go” 😭😭

    27. luckyveda

      nice one kurtis

    28. Fen Pou


    29. Victoria Freire

      curious as to what kurtis thinks of love island

    30. Rock girl

      Man: LICKS HER EAR Steph: Yeah he wasn't athletic enough

    31. honey y

      Ok but anyone knows how dean's lovelife went after he went to the cringiest dating show ever

    32. Krissanwich

      Have you ever watched the Red Green Show? I used to watch it as a kid on PBS but I’m pretty sure it’s Canadian. So funny!

    33. superstar nayeon

      why on earth would you split the money???? just date later like whose holding you legally accountable for dating???

      1. Rock girl

        the mullet is growing on me

    34. Alice Cane

      Every time the locksmith shows up 7:00 12:30 14:45 18:45

    35. Malow

      Can someone explain to me what they do when they need to use the restroom?

    36. Alimvs memes

      Good times with scar time-lapse music at the beginning had me grooving

    37. Jess Burghes

      kurtisssssssss i thought u would realise why she was annoyed in the hot tub come on ur beeter than that:(

    38. Lyly Vivi

      Please watch Supernatural and make one of these videos about it, it's the weirdest, shittiest thing ever but we all love it


      What are you doing on the 13th of December? #Thankmas

    40. Echo Blue

      I'm sorry but as a Hermitcraft, Goodtimeswithscar fan i couldn't hear what you were saying in the beginning for as long as that background music played cause SUPER FAST BUILD MOOOOOOOODE

      1. Peridot Hare

        Same here!! I was like "hold on a sec commentary man, Mayor Scar said vibe time is in session!"

    41. maxwell s.strings

      Please do more of these with the other episodes of this bananas show

    42. Barbara Olops

      Imagine explaining to your kids how their parents met

    43. Arnav Agarwal

      Seems like kurtis'es affection towards Jason stems from his personal experiences 👀

    44. gothkurata

      i almost thought you changed your name to kris

    45. paranormal lazivity

      plot twist she runs away with the locksmith

    46. Julia Sousa

      20:42 super fast building mode song :0

    47. ratty mc fatty

      the mullet is growing on me

    48. You suffer, but why?

      I recognize Stephanie from something else, but I can't put my finger on it.

    49. RoxanneLaWin

      Any other British 80s Babies unable to concentrate with Demon Bungle from Rainbow staring down at them from the back wall?

    50. Twooping

      I'm also a 94 baby and used to watch all those shows Kurtis mentioned.... I was afraid I'd have to go on dates like on Next or even room raiders when growing up .... boy was I mostly wrong

    51. eEeE eEeE

      pete getting shot: dId sommEoNne sSaY sHoTt

    52. KailaLove

      Hey Kurtis, please review parental control, mid-2000s mtv shows were hilarious.

    53. noobguy20

      kurtis looks like a rejected loser member from it

    54. Hazelbell 2018

      thanks kurtis

    55. Jen Schiff

      Why’s nobody acknowledging the shade towards justine from bestie picks bae.....dayum

    56. Zola

      Please do a video on the movie Barbie in the Nutcracker. It is well worth it. You will make hilarious commentary. @Kurtis

    57. Gabriela Moreno


    58. Captain Levi

      Hey man, I’ve been following you for a super long time now but I watch you on psn! I can never comment on ps4 but I had a really tough decision to make today. My gf’s mom asked what I wanted for Christmas (a PS5 of course) and I said a pair of Raycons cause of my new job. The big decision was using the Black Friday sale for Raycon which is 20% off OR use your link for 15% off..... I went with your stupid code code cause you make me laugh every night after work ❤️🙏😁😁😁🤣

    59. Brian Schell

      Curtis should definitely apologize for not thinking too deeply about a dumbass show from 20 years ago.

    60. Angela Banda

      Ahhh!! I love simple plan so much 🥰🥰

    61. Alicia Evans

      Quit being such a Kurtis

    62. Mel T.

      I like your MULLET

    63. Kepler Fi

      plot twist: kurtis is in love w jason

    64. c3ru1ean

      y’all overreact abt everything. it’s a fuckin fart joke my dudes. she should lighten the fuck up a bit

    65. Quinn

      Tag yourself I’m Pete 🤣

    66. c3ru1ean

      so we’re not gonna comment on the good times with scar timelapse music? ok

    67. Nemily Bolin

      quit being such a steph, kurtis >:(

    68. silverjetplane

      Beauty and the geek would be interesting to look back on haha. I also watched lots of the tila tequila one

    69. Emily Hayes

      fuck those guys i’ll go date the locksmith smh


      Khristmas with K sounds like some diet low sugar cookie

    71. Anon Person

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    72. HauntedOwl _

      Thank you USfilm for putting this on my home feed. I had to subscribe after this video. Now hoping he does the video on For Love Or Money

    73. Sophiya Attari

      In the context of this show.....what’s stopping them from saying No❤️ to dating each other and splitting the money, and instead just taking all the money and contacting the other person after the show has ended?

    74. ppcrn

      5:05 God the editing on this show is worse than Kurtis Conner's, he teleports like Samara from The Ring.

    75. Tong Tong

      Missed opportunity for merry kurtmas

    76. Angel

      Jason was my favorite dude I feel bad for him but he could do better

    77. kittycat418gaming

      “Curvy girls makes my junk twitch” haunts my dreams

    78. Chloe Anne

      I’m sorry.. curvy girls make my junk twitch??😳

    79. Erin S

      i miss dummy thic tvs

    80. steph costa

      me watching the absolute slander on stephs when my name is steph

    81. Planet_Dawsey

      We are NEVER going to let you forget about that one time you forgot to do the intro

    82. A Arif

      fart jokes are hilarious but the situation where they're all pointing at her crotch and talking about it aint coolio. :( it's a vulnerable situation where they even zoom in. and defending these douchebags is upsetti spaghetti

    83. Grace_Maclean _Bailey

      ⚠️For everybody saying everything about the fart situation, kurtis did apologize in his podcast VRG. I’m not sure which one it was but it’s recent and there are time stamps in the vid. I also agree that the women seems very uncomfortable.⚠️

    84. Fernanda Lima

      Jason looks like a serial killer. Very much scary.

    85. Jack Taylor

      He used the super fast build mode music

    86. cyberneticsamurai yt

      You should do the labyrinth movie

    87. cyberneticsamurai yt

      You should do a video on the David and Goliath (2015) movie. LITERALLY THE WORST MOVIE IVE SEEN IN MY LIFE!

    88. Arsenalfanatic09

      kurtis has the hair and mustache of a guy who drives an 80s camaro

    89. Chair Vlogs


    90. MelanieRose

      I can't IMAGINE letting that Jason dude stay after he rated me so low my prideful ass would've sent him home ASA-fucking-P

    91. CornChew l Mcpe and more!

      Can u upload another video lol

    92. Hermit Hannah

      I've been trying to hold back to keep the peace, but I just can't anymore. There are TWO videos in which subscribers did not receive their extra greeting as promised. On his video, "The Internet's Most Obvious Lies" (Kurtis Conner, 2018), there was ONE greeting, and it wasn't even for subscribers. The videos before and after both had extra greetings, so the extra greeting was a well established contract that was violated. I believe that he may say "except for that one time" to establish innocence so that no one would find any other mistakes. As the mayor of Kurtis Town, I believe we should receive one extra extra greeting on the next video Source: (also why did his voice go from frat boy to nice guy at the super market?) (He also skipped on the 'important update' one, but he said he felt weird doing the normal greeting so that doesn't count)

    93. Something Else

      USfilmrs would make great Zoom teachers- they're already used to talking to a camera

    94. Flower Clearing Studio

      Quit being SUCH a STEPH Kurtiiiisss

    95. boyspro skills

      “I hope they had a long relationship” *the relationship lasted 3 days* That moment made me cry from laughing 😂

    96. Favour Nnoli

      Bestie picks bae huh😂

    97. im me

      Have you guys heard of #thankmas? It is a huge charity event and we need all the help we can get. Please check it out and consider doing it.

    98. avi zeifman jewish. i think my dad WOULD stick a menorah up my ass if i wore ur christmas merch

    99. Millie Onslow

      Seeing all the little kids in the comments dissecting it like it was made in 2020. Sorry kids but this was the 90s.

    100. dad dy

      "the relationship lasted for three days" THATS WHAT THEY DESERVE. JASON WE STAN D