Why I'm Moving, The Rest of the Story

Shawn James

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    1. Tracey Beattie

      I’ve just come across what’s going on ,, some people get off on messing with people’s life’s , bunch off maggots ,, they are nit worth the hassle , naw the best for the rest of 2021 & your new move fae me x

    2. Ryan Richardson

      That's a bummer about your neighbors. I am very excited to see what you do in the future! Best of luck!

    3. 24bidy

      of course you have good reason to have 2 channels you get more money from YT lol

    4. L Costantino

      Soooo sorry lots of sick people...... Hope u can prosecute.....

    5. Morris Bukharue

      The fine business recurrently decorate because ring neurochemically mine besides a shrill bush. lively, lively stranger

    6. Steve Nikitas

      Right, you want to escape "an influx of people..." How about when you invaded the wilderness and scared all the animals away with your incessant construction and noise. Now you'll find another wilderness area and trash that too. If you truly value the wilderness you should stay out of it.

      1. Ryan Mason


    7. Rebecca Dees

      So sorry this has brought you to make such a difficult decision. Good luck with your decision.

    8. fm00078

      That nasty neighbor needs a Sasquatch visit. 🙄

    9. Two-stroke Smoke

      You tube cursed you dude, more people or one in particular want what you built and have....

    10. hawi

      It's like there is a shift going on. An awakening of some sort. On the one hand, you have good people who want to build something, who want to take care of each other, and who have high standard values. On the other hand there is those, whom you might call demons in human disguise, for lack of a better word, and who seem beyond any redemption. It's so weird.

    11. Trina James

      God bless you Shawn, I hope you and your family make the best of the new location and God bless y'all. Praying all goes well for you guys. Happy new year!!

    12. Stars at Night Sparkle

      So crazy...man alive!!!!

    13. Linda

      Wow. Boggles my mind how people can be so unkind and simply just can't seem to mind their own business. So sorry you were forced to make this decision. In the wilderness no less.........🙄🙄😏 Well, I look forward to your next build. Stay in peace.

    14. Paul MacDonell

      Humans are a sorry bunch - always have been and always will be

    15. Shelby Starks

      Sorry about the problems, but it sounds like moving further out is the answer

    16. Casey Ellis

      Dude, who hurt you?

    17. Wymsly

      Love your channels! Huge bummer man. Sorry to hear that you have to relocate.

    18. ebn hahn

      My family lives in Ontario and I always wanted to purchase large wooded land and build a homestead in Ontario. It looks like I need 500 acres minimum!!. I currently live on four acres!! :)

    19. ebn hahn

      Hard to imagine one cannot have privacy on that much land in the Canadian wilderness!!. That will be upsetting to me...

    20. Halibut 1

      You can choose where you live, but not your neighbors. Sounds like your neighbors are trying to drive you out; I'm glad the cops are wise to their dirty tricks. But the die is cast and if you stayed, there would just be more to come. And that impairs your property value: the developed road close-by and loud neighbors may not be something a prospective buyer wants.

    21. bryan mclean

      give them all a Glasgow kiss pal, that will sort out the neighbours being d!cks.

    22. Rory

      Shawn you are a great guy and an inspiration. The law is a joke! And whoever these neighbours are, they are idiots. You've a great attitude to dealing with this, I wish you and your family the best with this project going forward.

    23. AuberJean 68

      I feel so bad for you and your family, Shawn James! This is the first video I've seen of yours, thanks to Google. What goes around comes around. I like the Hells Angels idea, below, but I'm sure you don't want to ruin anything for your nice neighbor. I've been talking about this with my better half--just how far DOES one have to go to get away from others? How much land DO you need to be left alone? It shouldn't be this hard. You seem like a pleasant, down to Earth, reasonable man. I hope your new place is safe and happy for you, your wife, and your daughter, and that it's even better than the place you're leaving. I hope your un-neighborly neighbors regret what they did. Good luck in your new place. Hope to someday have (distant) neighbors as nice as you. God bless your venture!

    24. Deviantart King of 97

      Those neighbors can go screw themselves. They must be so embedded and unhappy of their lives to do stupid crap like that. But like that saying goes, what comes around goes around

    25. Horse Hearsay

      Stop video taping and posting stuff online?

    26. Doris Hanoum

      Do you think these people are the ones that stole that stuff from you awhile back??😣,, people can bs soooo,,, evil 😠

    27. Emil Hanning

      sell the property with everything get some cash and buy stuff u need for the next place

    28. Mister Joe

      I swear I was hunting.

    29. Punished Candy

      Rent it out, or sell it for a big payday....and have a truck load of pig shit dumped on their driveway.

    30. Simple Jack

      O'well Get to watch a new build. And can always improve on the previous build. Sucks mate. But good luck. Sure you will do a great job again :D

    31. RavenCreations

      This really sucks. I've had bad neighbours myself, but nothing like this. I fully understand why you took the decision you did. These people just eat away at your soul, and undermine any sense of security and peace. I've been watching since you first moved onto the property and were deciding where to put the cabin, so I know how much of yourself you've invested in the property. With the benefit of that experience, I'm sure you'll make the new place even better. I hope you and your family find the peace and security you seek in your new location.

    32. Zac Hampson

      Mate thats absolutely insane! I cant believe people like that even exist.

    33. done lookin

      What a beautiful man, god bless you..... I have neighbors similar to that and it is hell.

    34. mike addison-saipe

      I really love what you are doing. I really despise the low-lifes that have been creating issues for you. As the father of a beautiful girl I get it. How you didn't retaliate in a "less-than-legal" way I don't know. I think it speaks to your character. I do look forward to seeing/hearing your continued development of your self reliance quest. Good luck and good health to you and your family.


      Best of luck for the new one Shawn. Cheers

    36. bryan simmons

      Good luck my friend .... it will be fun to watch you start a new project and see you apply everything you learned while building this place. Be well!!

    37. Digital CodeFu

      This planet is f*ckin' nuts. You work your whole life, finally find that corner of peace, build your wood castle, and then a sociopath bribes the government to destroy the beautiful piece of Earth and make his only hobby trying to destroy your quiet and peace. Some humans are really messed up. I'm with you on the peace and solitude, I keep trying to get as far away from dumb humanity (they are unable to think for themselves and follow the guide of evildoers). Cheers brother! On to something much better, you will see in the future there was a reason for this. For right now, we can just say, "We will see."

    38. Wyrm Limion

      Jealous neighbors, no matter the location they are demons in human skin.

    39. A Wiseman

      Stuff like your crazy neighbors is why I don’t like a lot of people. Grown spoiled entitled brats with nothing else to do. Sorry you had to go through this. People try to seek peace & tranquility & there’s always some brats that have to show their asses. Prayers for you & your family & for a positive move & safety. We have had neighbors like that. They are all talk & no show when it came down to it. Brats. Just grown brats.

    40. LucK

      trying to stay away from civilization: there comes the construction over your head, people trying to ruin your peaceful life.... man what a society we have...

    41. Jordan N

      Those people need something more than karma to come their way. Some people don't learn a lesson unless it's a painful one. I might garner some hate for making this comment but I wish I knew where your neighbors lived, I'd go take a shit on their front porch.

    42. Paul Isaac

      wish i had the resources to build a homestead

    43. Paul Isaac

      classic narcissistic behavior.

    44. TheDipset1233

      get some guard dogs

    45. leon kilat

      I thought Canadians are nice people.

    46. swiss miss

      I'm sorry you have crazy neighbors.

    47. Stephanie Longden

      Hi Shawn, I'm so very sorry to hear about your dreadful neighbours. I have always admired your decency, work ethic and high quality skills. Sorry I wasn't able to keep watching although I remained a subscriber - life problems got in the way. Wishing you all the best with your move and to good neighbours at your new place. I look forward to seeing you achieve your dreams and wish you and your family every success and contentment.

    48. Buddha1968

      Yep, change is inevitable. You can't fight change...

    49. pseudopetrus

      Mr. James, I wish you all the best! I can understand if a guy wants to build a road to his property, but the on line attacks and the surveillance and the noise intended only to pester, well you and your family deserve better, your neighbour has no class.

    50. Joe Dubb

      Keep up what your doing. they are jealous of what you have accomplished and figure the only way they can feel good about themselves is to try and tear you down. Keep living the good life and let them dig their own grave! Cant wait to see the new homestead!

    51. Autumn Sun

      Haven't watched any videos on your channels, I'm completely new to your content and all I can say is that those neighbors of yours must be the most immature people I have ever heard of. Like all that stuff is taking things wayyyy too far, it makes me furious to even hear it. I wish you he best of luck with your new location, I just subscribed and will follow your progress :)

    52. PHYNEX 1969

      It would be a shame if 35 hard core bikers bought your old place or had a 20 year lease agreement. People like these dont care about loud noises...we LOVE loud engines. Rowdy crazy people that live on the edge dont react well to BULLYING.

    53. PHYNEX 1969

      What the hell is wrong with people? Obviously jealous and insane. I think your channel is awesome.

    54. Stefan Johansson

      Keep going dude. You are awesome. Cheers from 🇸🇪🍺

    55. V M

      Wishing you and your family the best moving forward. Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey Mr. Shawn. My favorite memory is watching you frame 🖼 the window 🪟 and give wife kudos for being thrifty. Another favorite memory is watching you cook on it also the cast iron skillet and eating Thanksgiving leftovers.

    56. kyrg

      Wants privacy, has 257,000 subscribers.

    57. TheArtickus

      Oh, man, I'm so sorry... Can't imagine how you are feeling. All the support to you!

    58. EternalBreton82

      Shows how important it is to not build on the borders of your property if you want to be undisturbed. It also shows the importance to check what allowances are entailed in your property and neighboring for access roads and such. The other issues is another matter.

    59. Josip Babić

      I hope that something similiar does not happen on a new property. It' not fair, it's like you are punished for being a good man and your family offcorse.

    60. Gemma Jawahara

      Thanks for telling us. What a dreadful group of people. Sorry to hear this.

    61. Crazy Fox

      Always thought you were a bit of a wanker but NO DECENT PERSON deserves criminal harassment and especially not their family. Would love to know the FULL story.. what perceived or actual slight those neighbours have felt they have been given. Is it someone from your past ? A business partner or disgruntled employee ? I mean, who goes nuts over a hermit YT cabin prepper ?

    62. tonybaby100

      Poor guy just cant get away from selfish humans.

    63. Catherine Cooper

      Boy Shawn, I'd leave as well. It's just too damn bad that there are such crazies in the world! I'm so sorry. But my philosophy in life is, "everything happens for a reason" even if I don't see it immediately. So take heart, stand tall and don't let the jerks get you down! God bless.

    64. Greg Otterson

      On the positive side, you can use all that knowledge and experience to build an even better place. It will be a joy to watch. My wife and I enjoy watching both of your channels.

    65. Dustin G.

      What a shame even living in solitude people won't let you live in peace

    66. Gods Squad

      Some people can’t stand to see someone happy

    67. KindCreature1

      How sad that people can be so vindictive. Karma has a way of finding those who do wrong to good people.

    68. Sj Conerly Living Life

      Wow........ I can’t wait to see develop your land.

    69. Ian Pedlar

      You can't cure assholioness they are poison and you have made the right decision. Its no consolation but if they act like that, they're not happy are they? Never will be.

      1. Ronald Harrison

        No they never will be happy.

    70. LiveLifeLori

      Man sounds like you've had so much drama, yet all you want is a peaceful life...

    71. johanna fabri

      why don't you tell us, what about the garden and all the veggies?

    72. Sylvia Bailey

      Good luck in your future endeavours! Have you travelled to Yukon? I lived there for 11 years and found people are very open to homesteaders. Also, the hunting opportunities are amazing! As are the adventure opps...Yukon has it all actually. But now I live in Victoria where my 29 year old daughter lives.

    73. Robert Schreckenbach

      Hey Shawn, I'm so sorry that you have to go through this Brother!! I'm really not sure what drives people to act the way that they do, very childish and immature on their part, thats for sure!! Stay strong and healthy the best you can!! I really hope the best for you and your family Shawn, you definitely seem like a really good guy!! Thanks for sharing your Life Story with us, it's truly like your my best friend and we're just chilling, having a cup of Joe, and just talking!! Stay Safe Brother and enjoy life everyday!! Peace!!!

    74. Dave Dennis

      So let me get this straight. A guy that wants to be left alone, who is mostly quiet and minds his own business has neighbors that just can't live and let live. Well, as it has always been, when you complain about the situation, it's soon to get worse. Shawn, you could be my neighbor any time. I sincerely hope this new property is as safe as you are planning.

    75. Wilf Higginson

      The irony is painful, a person wants solitude and they have to deal with this.

    76. Quadman72

      Heads up Shaun.... Karma will get them eventually.... good luck

    77. Rumidah Budiman

      Why do you always ignore your dog...pity her...😕😔

    78. window creek

      never give up , never surrender....stand up to those assholes...be hard be strong. me and the boyz will help you...Cheerws

    79. 4x4Scout

      You got some real crappy neighbors

    80. turloghsk

      So sorry to hear such stories... some people are just crazy... Good luck in your new spot, and keep up the good work... 👍

    81. Virginia Alexander

      How horrible to have such an idiotic neighbor! I enjoy watching your videos & am sorry you have to start over. You have a lovely place.

    82. Sherry Campion

      So sorry that happened to you...

    83. John Hinton

      Sorry to hear about your trouble, don't worry, you're a good guy, everything will work out just fine. Hopefully 2021 is better. Love the channel and keep up the great work.

    84. Harvey Helms

      Hey shawn that's a shame you worked your but off building that log cabin and everything else and then some butthole comes and disturbs all your dreams of what you had there I'm sure Karma will come back on them for what they have done to you good luck with your new place

    85. Matt

      If you haven't mentioned it how did you establish the water and electricity? I have a similar problem with a small piece of property in Colorado with a rancher nest door who is disputing property lines.

    86. Douglas White

      Wow, the world we live in.... Thank you for showing us all that you have shown us! Thank you!

    87. Jesus Dominguez

      Man i hate people like that keep your head up

    88. 127maeme127

      People are awful,i hope you find your solitude again.

    89. maureen brophy

      You have the right attitude, trying to ignore them. Sound like horrible human beings. Perhaps no life of their own& obviously very jealous of you Looking forward to. Seeing ur wife & adult children visiting without fear. All the best m

    90. Barbara Jeffries

      My husband and I are First Nation from Northern Ontario, we love watching your videos, and we are sorry to hear about the harassment from these people that are just plain jealous, and you’ve worked so hard to make yourself and your family a very peaceful place on the land , you have a lot of respect for the land, the land takes care of you, obviously they are very disrespectful and have no family values , we are wishing you the best for 2021, and keep moving forward and may the great spirit guide you and your family.

    91. maureen brophy

      Best luck with ur new adventure. Brave man , also wishing you & wife& girls Happy new year. Maureen iteland🇮🇪💕💕💕

    92. James Johnson

      How much you want for it

    93. Wooley689

      Dang Shawn, they were stalking you. That is a crime right there.

      1. Amy Johnson

        Based on Canadian laws? What about disturbing the peace? Harassment? Noise ordnance? Heck, in some places, threatening one's family is enough for criminal charges and a visit from an uncle ...just saying 😇

    94. Vernon Vest

      How many miles from one homestead to the other .

      1. Amy Johnson

        None of your business 🙄

    95. Blessings Daybyday

      So sorry to hear this...Why cant people be nice...be blessed. Be safe

    96. Daryl Deforge

      That suks... I live in a fairly quiet area and I wouldn't even think of doing something like this to anyone. Why would I waste my time inconveniencing myself just to inconvenience you.... That's dumb! Been following the channel for a couple years... Best of luck at the new place! Looking forward to it!

    97. E

      Hate you are having to move..people are crazy and apparently will do anything out of spite..jealousy or whatever sick motive they choose..good luck to you and your family on the property you will be moving to..BTW..love your channel!

    98. John Jacob

      Sorry to hear you are having such issues. The whole reason to move off grid is perrsonal, solo reliance...you dont want neihbors close enough to see or hear from (at least in my opinion).

    99. Deibert Miner

      The hulking bacon fortunately bow because jellyfish karyologically memorise on a spectacular ukraine. divergent, wanting distribution

      1. Steve T

        Try again in english.....

      2. April Henline

        Wtf? Stop drinking!