GALACTUS EVENT (very cool)


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    galactus event was cool
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    1. Isla Craven

      He clicked his fingers


      The music is like x men xD

    3. Ilovefortnite C

      Best event ever

    4. netana iles

      It’s a BATTLE bus so why he used battle buses

    5. Gaming Sylas666

      This is going to be a new viecal

    6. Prithvi Sachdeva

      Use code lazar

      1. Prithvi Sachdeva

        Use code lazar

    7. Microman HC

      Epic mate

    8. Jeffrey Villatoro

      6:18 this dance O

    9. Jeffrey Villatoro

      you look dance pls how

    10. Rakael Daniel


    11. Precus Nexus

      Is it me, or does the whole Avengers x Fortnite thing remind me of Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy? They: -Both have a Giant Thing coming for the Earth -Have people prepping for the Arrival of the Big Bois -Have said Bois blown up by some form of Explosives However: Fortnite had Galactus Destiny 2 had the Almighty

    12. Brody-Jack Dickinson


    13. DaRK HYPER

      copy right music but ok

    14. Monster LOUGHLIN

      Predator is on Fortnite I saw a predator spray and I have it now my name on Fortnite is tjgfp

    15. Aryana Majed

      Mr beast 6000 ooohhhh

    16. Kemper Jenkins

      I don't know why but I was thinking about bananas the whole time I watched this

    17. HT1

      8:37 how it feels to chew mint gum and then put ice water in your mouth

    18. Ryan L

      Yo galactus, you want some chicken nuggets?

    19. toxic kids

      haha galactus go brr he also likes ya cut g

    20. Suwera


    21. Andrew Mclean

      Its avengers endgame but thanos is 10× his regaular size

    22. Fernanda Ceccato

      When iron man was like you are free I was like no I’m 2k$

    23. Chris R

      No worries sucked to

    24. Memeology

      Who thinks theres a new chapter after the galactic holds zero point and explodes?

    25. alan varghese antony

      ironman before event : killing us every time we land at stark industries ironman at the event : acting like nothing ever happenned

    26. mrskayboy


    27. Zaccai 2

      All the Dislikes are the Gorges and Galactus

    28. Mr Wo Wolken

      Galactus: Beware..... Has event on THE ONE DAY I CANT WATCH IT Guess I didn’t beware

    29. Gamer Kid 9999

      New vehicle a bus with a gun and bombs lol

    30. Brandon Florez Tapia


    31. Jayden Carr


    32. Jiho Lee

      Literally galactic is took weak like come on

    33. Jam eilla Hernandez

      When will you post again?

    34. phillip

      i thought it said cactus event for a second

    35. Red Justice Streams

      You think I’m concerned? h a v e a c r a c k l a d

    36. XxPotato_ ArmyxX

      At 7:40 you can see travis scotts astro world planet

    37. Mao

      The fatass is defeated

    38. the Harry corporation roblox subnautica and more

      Its like a trench run where my x wings

    39. Thackery Kent

      Galactus : sh*t pickle power

    40. Silent Clouds

      Laser beams character said hi to him and he didn’t even notice 😂 2:28

    41. Mia Van Rooyen


    42. sammy

      lasarbeam he looks like a dweeb...... 10 sescends latter where all ganna die

    43. Ninja Pokemon

      Iron man (thanked the bus driver)

    44. Danza Playz or dp for short

      0:07 I might make a song called have a crack lad

    45. Gogeta blue Yelling

      Remember when this was new

    46. Lacie Walters


    47. Iron Man


    48. Dizzy Wizzy

      “Thank You Bus Driver” - Iron Man (December 2020)

      1. Dizzy Wizzy

        @Armonie Vega-Cantarero ik but that was when he said it and when this was posted

      2. Armonie Vega-Cantarero

        Its 2021

    49. Vinny Daly

      Insult galactus in this comment HES rotten

    50. Michael Goodwin

      Galactus' first move I like to call the "I like ya' cut g'."

    51. Anne Smith

      Zero point got ripped

    52. Anne Smith

      Wow galactus so huge

    53. Anne Smith


    54. Anne Smith


    55. XMAN 812


    56. Buzzy boy


    57. Buzzy boy


    58. Saeed Muhammed

      That guy is💩🤣

    59. Saeed Muhammed



      loved every second of that

    61. Jasper Dickson

      lazer beam is the best!

    62. albert decastro

      heeyyy lazar did the pog face in the thumpnail pog!!!

    63. Ark NOOB

      Why show up to an event when you have USfilm

    64. DracoNinjaNugget

      Anybody else notice the planet from the travis Scott event next to Saturn?

    65. Found In An Alley

      Why is Galactus forehead so big? Is he compensating for sum?

    66. Commander Pixel

      I never got to see the event cause I had load shedding 15 minutes before the event was about to begin.

    67. Harrison Arnott

      This is gonna sound weird but I'm 5,9 13 and have a phobia of reply big things so I was a little reluctant to watch this also I'm scared of going in the shower cause every time I go in there is a very big this every time I look down

    68. Orange Bannanna

      All the heros do nothing whole season Iron man: 2÷3×12+666767÷666= iron man save fortnite.

    69. ExoticButtersStuffies109

      Galactis could just eat earth

    70. James Van Ness

      i hate fortnite


        Then why tf are you here , go away

    71. dogo 1

      Did anyone see the Astro world planet in the event

    72. SKE Dylan

      I did not see it

    73. wolf eye jack

      Damm I hate fortnite but this was a cool event

    74. M Jesse

      Pos at 7:40 on the rite is satro

    75. M Jesse

      I saw astroworld

    76. Topsie Marsh

      Galactus likes ur cut g 2:03


      :-D cool

    78. someone end me plz


    79. sofia green

      how the fuvk

    80. sofia green


    81. Jamie


    82. Shabraz Khan


    83. Beepbeeptozierxo

      has anybody realised Galactus wears an infinity gauntlet

    84. ryan nairn

      I was at the event:)

    85. stanley beaven

      Laser beam you are a disgrace to you tube you said the boys careers are dead may you burn in hell

    86. Liam Leonards

      When you got out of galactises arm there was travis scotts world on the side

    87. *D A T T E B A Y O*

      Avengers: New Gen Fortnite Part 1

    88. Tank gamer 305


    89. craig

      His a big BOi

    90. baoyuan gao


    91. Jacob Acido

      Omg man that was cool Event. Ever

    92. Anderson Diaz

      Hi :)

    93. Rlk Gaming

      20 years later, Zero point Still around, Fortnite season 55: Zero Point Unleashed

    94. Marcus Aurelius

      Thor’s be i shall help your divert strange wagon see galactius hand near me :oh no

    95. Pidgey Pancake

      6.9 million views nice

    96. Bill Jensen

      Lazar: what you gonna do mate Galactus: i like ya cut g ;) Lazar: shit Galactus: *smack* Lazar:(are you fuckin kiddin me mate)

    97. TheButterflyDiva

      My heart when I drink 5 monster energy drinks in 1 minute: 8:25

    98. ¡?¿star speaker¡?¿

      Why does galactus kinda look like that one monkey guy with no brain from power puff girls ( ; - ; )

    99. Malfunction laggy kid2.0

      This is the coolest event ever

    100. Adam Mirza

      this is not galactus