I Finally Got My Own Show | Dixie D'Amelio

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    I'M BACK!!!! The Early Late Night Show returns bigger and better than ever!! I'm so excited to air this second season of my talk show. It's all because of you that the Dixie D'Amelio Show evolved into this. We have some awesome episodes and amazing guests this season I cannot wait for you to see! Every Sunday at 10AM PST/1PM EST!!! Thanks for watching!
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    Published on 13 days ago


    1. Dixie D'Amelio

      i can't wait for you all to see this season!

      1. Philip Hes


      2. Amal Roy

        @Choco Cookie she doesn't care

      3. Choco Cookie

        Lol I can wait

      4. Amal Roy

        @Милана Слюсаренко 🤡

    2. Genesis Kornegay

      I bet that Noah paid her to say that about her.

    3. シ pengali シ

      kinda cringe tho ngl lol.

    4. Adison Coffey


    5. Sophia Fernandez

      Dixie, I'm DEAD 😂 You're hilarious

    6. K Jayanth

      Nice video keep it up make more related videos

    7. Carolina Moutella

      its actually so good

    8. Sahara Byrne

      WAIT... is the other Dixie Charli??

      1. Maddie Hayes


    9. Calvin Lapsys

      She really thinks she's all that


      charli was acting like dixie thats cool


      wait what two dixies

    12. David


    13. Emma Q

      What qualifications does she have to be a host ? Being pretty and that’s it ?

    14. Chloé LeBel

      Here we go again about Griffin like come on Dixie ily but move on from his name and relationship... Noah is so much better caring than him.

    15. lilly strong

      OMG congrats! SO happy for you def. will be listening

    16. Nageena Eidi

      Wait is she acc trying to have a talk show now?

    17. Ivona

      The set is so cool and pretty 💗🔥

    18. Kelvin Tan

      Dixie interviewing herself🤣

    19. Ailsa Ni

      This is the most Covid friendly video I've seen this year

      1. Rosee Pretter

        Same lmao

    20. Olivia Stott

      wait dixies interviewing her slef about noah how COOT

    21. Ooopsie_ me

      i love dixies personality❤

    22. Krystal Marie

      Hate you

    23. Hjjjkjbxxv Jhabvala

      I’m so prouuuudddd of herrr!!!

    24. Shea 101

      Yo this is so hilarious! Dixie keep it up girl !!!! I love the D’Amelio’s!!!

    25. Monserrat Camarillo

      Dixie: "Carry the show in emotion humor..." Me: not the snail 😂

    26. K J

      at 4:48 in the video you can see charli doing dixies double


      Linda maravilhosa 🥰😍❤

    28. Sophia Rivera

      It took her to get a studio and a fancy intro for her to look decent on camera

    29. Evandra Goncalves

      I love you Dixie your my idol ❤️

    30. Shiba Nizar.

      I am proud of her

    31. Bella a já

      Charlie is rip? 😭😥😢

    32. Milky Butt

      bruh i thought it was like an joke just to asked things but u litteraly changed it into a whole dam real show ;-; bruh

    33. اكره الكورونا واهل الكورونا عندك مانع؟ -_-

      No comment........ 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    34. Baby Cute Playz

      I love video and song

    35. MV - 07PY 756895 Calderstone MS

      11:33 CHARLI AGAIN?! 😎😂😮💕👍👋✌👏

    36. MV - 07PY 756895 Calderstone MS

      The REAL STAR is the FILPIN DOG!!!

    37. MV - 07PY 756895 Calderstone MS

      4:48 CHARLI? !!!!??💕💕💕😂😎😮

    38. sehhi vooty

      this video is literally me at 1 am pretending to be a famous person and interviewing myself 💀

    39. Trys M

      Her hand gestures and facial expressions doing the most is annoying.

    40. fatemeh nikjoo

      wow hilarious 🤣

    41. Ninignit Deita


    42. dana al babtain

      I love how she was complementing herself and roasting herself at the same time , it makes it so much more laughable is the word

    43. Vicki Granovsky

      Dixie you are the best D'Amelio i love you so much good luck in everything

    44. Nessaa Marie

      She’s grown so much 🥺 I’m living for season 2 of this show !

    45. Brianna Alarcon

      I honestly think she will make a good host

    46. Brina A

      I saw Charlie in the white suit at 4 mins and 49 seconds

    47. Ginger Cat

      Oh god...

    48. Arisha Sajjad

      By the end I actuallythought that there were two differentpeople

    49. Ioannas Channel

      Charli:🖕🏻 (no hate it’s for fun [this comment is for fun])

    50. Dj Fruci

      L' eucemia sla sla

    51. princess oz

      4:40 this my fav part

    52. Lyn Lawrence

      No one chari: Thankz I know 😘

    53. delilah

      Society officially lost my respect.

    54. Chilly.Maisha

      the way she is trying to make this funny is just funny it self 😂😂

    55. Kelan

      the intro is not it.

    56. Zakary and Kylie Play

      lol so funny dix

    57. eioshen boboi

      Dixie: No guests? Fine I'll interview myself

    58. y. m.

      This girl really thinks she is kendall jenner

    59. amethyst garrick

      this is why i love dixi

      1. eioshen boboi


    60. Team Leethœ

      The white dress Dixie is I knew She is her sister Charli 🧐😂😂

    61. Rajani

      Yesss queen

    62. Esha Lavie

      the most uncreative title the early late night show??

    63. Esha Lavie

      dis a joke?

    64. Enikő Kolbányi

      Two Dixie!

    65. Ashley Dahlgren

      Anyone else know that charli dixie in the whit outfit and just has edited dixies face in it and a voice over chars

    66. Tisha Goel


    67. AML Glass n Glazing


    68. Butterfly !!!

      The Real Star tho!

    69. Brie Harps

      I’m confused if Dixie was singing or charli

    70. Elma Metjahic

      at 4:48 Charli appears... I had to rewind, lil video mistake I guess

    71. Aaliyah Gutierrez

      Who see charli book

    72. Kelly Sudyatmiko

      4:44 can anyone explain? Like is that charli or Dixie singing🥲

    73. Hailey Glenn

      i kind of love this im kind of living for it,... its kind of iconiccccccc like yas gooo leo bestieeeeeee,... queen did an interview w herself im ibsessed i can't

    74. Liams single Kidney


    75. Liams single Kidney

      Liam is amazing so is Dixie 😌

    76. Ligia Castellanos

      Dixie eres una joven muy emprendedora amable humilde sencilla y sobretodo tu belleza es haci al natural saludos desde Guatemala🙏🏼

    77. Fajr Al-rashidi

      I love this so much

    78. Da Sashaa

      This is a 100000 out of 10

    79. Da Sashaa

      U came back stronger queen like u always do

    80. Da Sashaa

      I loooooooooooooooooved it so much

    81. Chapinchido

      Wtf people this is a show Sad times we live in

    82. bayley

      no this is actually really funny i love this so much

    83. -_- stfu

      no one: absolutely no one: Dixie: interviewing herself**

    84. Jaiden Rose

      me at 4 am:

    85. Karen Arreola

      4:48 Charlie was Dixie haha was I the only one who caught it. Anyways love ya

    86. X x Roblox Girl x X

      4:48 Charlie?!

    87. caca balls

      dixie:*sings* dixie:wow thats sounds great charli:thank u

    88. -Amelia Thompson-

      why didn't she keep the name dixie d'amelio show? that's better than "early late night"

    89. Lizzie Roads


    90. Joe Vainikka

      why does she need such a big set

    91. I have no name

      I would DIEEEE to see Kylie Jenner in your show like literally 😍😍😍😍

    92. I have no name

      This video is so well done! And I love that you don’t let the hate destroy you keep going girl focus on your fans and the ppl who loves you❤️

    93. Sophie Burley

      this is 110% amazing

    94. festus ewere

      Good one

    95. oiuet souiu

      Dixie: No guests? Fine I'll interview myself

    96. Sam Fatah

      Wait I am so confused how are there two Dixies

    97. Toddbot

      I would rather watch grass grow than this braindead shit

      1. oiuet souiu

        Yoo I so Charlie

    98. Marlie

      Who else saw charlie?

    99. Rubaiya H.

      dixie is bold BOLD.

    100. Amaya Lepiani

      Um wait how did she do that.... is charli one of the dixies?