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    Voice actors:
    Boo: Hayley Nelson - hay_lizz
    Mike: Ryantheleader
    Sully - Meat

    Background Artist: DaveCaveDraws - davecavedraws?hl=en
    Comp Artist: Molly Wright -

    Published on Month ago


    1. MeatCanyon

      First person to see randall in this video gets a $10 Applebee’s gift card 😏

      1. Connor Callahan

        @thecrazYmEn3 i think thats actually it

      2. Angelo Hernandez

        in the closet behind kitty

      3. Anzus

        2:12 the poster has his face smiling

      4. Heritic Slayer

        I just presume he's the voice in the end

      5. Wudupdoug

        0:46 on the mirror

    2. PHEONIX Official

      It really be like this tho



    4. Zeno Logic

      I want that ringtone

    5. Jay Gomez

      I just realized at the end that A Randall’s voice

    6. Horde Bucket

      8 (

    7. Josh M

      The fucking asmr at the end. HELP. CALL THE FBI

    8. Nely Lopez

      That rig tone is so good

    9. Mama Goose

      2:11 - Is that... A Corpse poster?

    10. 0 0

      Holy god no sleep for me

    11. TyNy De Leon

      eyes: treated history: deleted phone: yeeted holy water: needed

    12. Nicklexzzy


    13. Oceanic033blade

      I don't like it

    14. brunovibes

      I like disturbing things

    15. c.o.d god

      Holy mother of god

    16. Bleek Sama

      That sucked but it was funny I guess that’s your thing though

    17. Sophia Brielle Ricafort

      i vibe to the ring tone bruh-

    18. Hunter592

      Never knew Sully was a simp

    19. Alex Pilotin


    20. Haise Haise

      The corps poser got me 😂

    21. streetvybzswag 1.0

      it's all fun and games until the actual invisible guy crawls in

    22. Magala The Heretic

      I don't remember mike's voice sounding like it does and I also don't remember him saying sandwich I recall his voice being more nasal, he said hamburger instead of sandwich as well.

    23. Peachbutt23

      Sounds like al gore from south park

    24. Groshu

      This is the most scariest thing ever

    25. Natty 08

      gOd YoU MaKE mE sO HOt jesus my childhood gone

    26. Adrian YT

      At the end he sounds like garra 😂

    27. Hoping Loser

      *Kitty used bark! It’s very affective Boo is disturbed!*

    28. zxng

      This should be called Monster's Kink

    29. Irish Jester

      This is legitimate horror. Creepier than any horror movies coming out these days.

    30. Ashlyn Marie

      2:12 corpse on the wall,

    31. Jordan Spencer

      My sweet...uhm princess. Baby you are so beautiful princess your.... your.... what can daddy do for you... I love youuuuu. LMAO it's funny seeing the outline of Mike's face through the curtain standing there and smiling LMFAO this is how creepy these people are

    32. KittensAreNotFood


    33. Terrorist

      Why are these actual people

    34. Jace Rainey


    35. Grim

      Someone’s in the curtains

    36. Leonardo Jared Manzanillo Gutiérrez #21 3B

      Necesidad de arruinar mi infancia ninguna :(

    37. SteelingCable

      Zach Hadel's true form

    38. The Blue Bat

      Plot twist: The girl is boo, just older

      1. Kayla Randolph


    39. Este Insane_CB

      Lol I died from laughter with this

    40. Lunaplays 2007

      childhood ruined but funny as hell

    41. Noah Lake

      I'm deeply disturbed

    42. CeNuMo y Gemma

      Omg... this is so weird...

    43. •RC_Studios•

      This shit killed me

    44. TheGrateNoob

      Did anywon saw that corpes wallpaper hag on the wall

    45. Floating Villager


    46. Xx•Coffee_ Nerd•xX

      This Just Ruin My Childhood

    47. Caleb Fruin

      Number 1. Online dating gone wrongggggg

    48. lonk

      the end................. im physically ill.

    49. crissa albany

      "I want you to fart in your hand and eat it like a sandwich" got me laughing lol

    50. Luvimi Cloutnos


    51. Jonathan Teñoso

      2:40 Oh my, a quick glimpse of CorpseHusband

    52. Scarlet Jester

      Hello, SCP Foundation, it's me... I need a MTF asap. Kill-on-sight is highly encourage

    53. Sikenn ➐

      Bruh they made mikes face wrong

    54. noDicKdan

      Dude meat should totally do asmr

    55. Tristan Hoffmann

      Wait is that the girl

    56. *.angxlhxlo .*

      Now thats what I call Simps

    57. Christian Anderson

      I still can't find Randall :(

    58. FireK1212 FireK1212


    59. S

      Only 2 seconds of this video is funny. The mike part

    60. SSSnakeNinja

      She clearly didn't read the terms and conditions on onlyfans, they get to know where you live and they get the keys for your house.


      How I dream of him of him being in my closet

    62. Happy Acres


    63. Sprinting wolf Hill

      1:33 uh Shit your pants and throw them by the closet

    64. Lee Is Bad At This

      Corpse in the back lol

    65. sperm whale

      anyone else notice the corpse poster?

    66. Podest Melican


    67. coo8300 !


      1. Silent Night

        I do this to my 11 yr old all the time 😋

    68. Herobrine_50

      Monsters Inc. is ruined for me forever

    69. SACC

      Tbf, boo defo looking hot af

    70. Bayarjargal Khaltar

      that is creepy

    71. Johnny Boy

      You should post the music to your videos

    72. Lockwoodlame LAME

      Imagine his teacher of animation

    73. Simpシ

      *No one is talking about Boo’s corpse husband poster.*

    74. Anthony Walden

      Ik these videos ruin everything, but even though curiously kills the cat, I have 9 lives

    75. XDTheLaughingManXD

      This dead made me look in my closet lmaooo.

    76. janclem dingayan

      2:12 I SEE CORPSE

    77. Aljone Aj Joyo

      Corpse on the poster

    78. Tonuh


    79. Maze Runner

      This is so psychologically disturbing omg but i cant stop watching

    80. Josue Garcia

      Just toss the panties can't get them...1:40

    81. Judah Richardson

      Jesus loves you so much

    82. Cwistxl

      I hate you.

    83. gabriel07

      reminds me of the close up of sam hyde's face

    84. Charlie Laffin

      If you didn’t see mikes legs then look again

    85. Itz Pink Elephants

      im scared.

    86. Tylerthatpro 100

      Am I the only one who realized she had a corpse poster on her wall?

    87. Jack Your Friendly Gamer 2

      2:41 you can not only see a painting of Corpse in the background, but you could also see Mike Wasowski in the curtain.

    88. Cynic 8

      when he was searching for the panties I lost it 😂

    89. Jenn Darga

      Mike: I want you to fart in your hand and eat it like a sandwich Strippers: Never heard of that type of kinky

    90. The UnitedHood of Steel UOS

      2:43 “I want you to fart in your hand and eat it like a sandwich.”

    91. Thestinkycheeseman 33

      Imagine what the other monsters do....

      1. Thestinkycheeseman 33

        @Tora خيال الصحراء 😳

      2. Tora خيال الصحراء

        No I will not imagine

    92. Ashaunti Burch

      Coryxkenshin did a freaking sss spooky scary Sunday to this and I don't think he realized it was the girl from monsters Inc that they took care of

    93. Dahlia Sorensen

      2:13: anyone realize the chicken feet behind the curtains?!

    94. Stupid Rat

      oh satan

    95. julian lizzio

      this guy is the best content creator on youtube bruh

    96. Handa Sakura

      The Ending give me Chills.

    97. Austin Bridges

      Holy shit.... She looks...... Normal?

    98. Appalachian Mountains