Matty Hunts Moose In Newfoundland


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    Rang and Matty pick up where they left off in Episode One but this time in Newfoundland. The dynamic duo’s tour ends up with moose hunting.
    Watch Season 1 of Dead Set on Life here:
    This episode originally aired on VICELAND in 2016
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    Published on Month ago


    1. K Mac P

      Rang needs his own show.

    2. K Mac P

      that woman at the fish and chips place is just like "dafuq have i stumbled into the middle of..."

    3. Ari Rauf

      Music at 17:00 ?

    4. Christopher Jensen

      The phrase "Name a more iconic duo" was coined for Matty and Rang

    5. Mohamad Amerul Zufar

      'The day is a good day'

    6. Schedule1ne315

      His voice makes this tough to watch

    7. D A

      Anyone got the name of the song featured in this episode? Shit was soothing

      1. Pablo

        Wear you down is what the song is called.

    8. Censordat

      Matty & Rang Show! That's what we need ASAP!

    9. Robert Bradford

      I like these episodes with matty and rang

    10. Jobroni RMZ

      Big dude sound like Ralphie May

    11. Juuk

      I feel sorry for rang :(

    12. Jaden Flores

      These are weird for me at some points but I push through that lol and always end up enjoying great content

    13. Shifty


    14. funkingitup

      What does he say at 21:12?

    15. Russel Narciso

      I hope they have their own USfilm vlogs

    16. Esther Yi

      Love the dynamic relationship between rang and Matty more videos of them togetherrrr

    17. ChrisTripp

      We just have to wait and be *Matty interrupts* patient!

    18. drownthedays

      Dear Rang, you are somebody. Yours truly.

    19. Hannie

      This ep was so real. Thx for the content. Appreciate the invite into their lives. Much luv learned a lot

    20. #670

      "She didn't say she love you though " Matty u betch 🤣🤣😅

    21. Karl Berg

      Did a élan (moose) bourguignon this weekend, excellent 👌

    22. Your Uncle

      I now want to hunt moose in Newfoundland more than anything else in the world.

    23. J

      A loving family, praying over dinner and feasting together. What else is life about?

    24. Joe Blow

      This is just beautiful.

    25. TheBobcatlover

      I came here just to see how he pronounces Newfoundland

    26. E

      This is too wholesome man i cant even.

    27. Ismael Figueroa

      What is the song from the intro?


      Rang and Matty. Match made in heaven.

    29. Efren Cardoso

      The editing got me dead lmao Great episode btw.

    30. pUPPY Kicker

      A legion of pencil legged soy boys wearing boots that walked out of an Oliver twist storyline all realizing for the first time where meat comes from....and I approve vice, thanks!

    31. maxwell price

      Why do I ned a vpn to watch this tho? Not available in canada?

    32. Don

      They reposting old stuff now ...

    33. Thys Dreyer

      That steak is so raw I can hear the moose crying

    34. Neon Reaper Mk. VII

      lol those two together are fucking amazing

    35. Sophia Rodriguez

      Master Rang taking selfies with the rifle is iconic

    36. FPV Pig

      the 2 are like ying and yang, absolute dudes!

    37. Lennart Jensen

      This was great

    38. ASH *

      Matty thank you for sharing this with the world! It was a really amazing episode> Your friendship with Chef Rang and the experiences you share are truly moving! Thank You!!

    39. Nicholas CECERE

      that boy rang fried

    40. Rafael Montalvo


    41. Trevor Smith

      No offense... but I can already tell Matty is not going to be killing anything. He's kinda a beta.

    42. mohamed said

      why is this girl randomly the most beautiful girl i have seen 3:46

    43. Emil Bjergaard

      isnt that tenderloin a bit on the raw side?

      1. Turk Wilson


    44. jimboy ilarde

      Just my kind of guys, much love from the PH 🇵🇭🇵🇭

    45. KaleTornado

      What's the song at 17:35?

    46. Evan Clarke

      I wish somebody would slap him every time he swears. It’s not funny.

      1. Turk Wilson

        you don't have the same sense of humor oh no :(

    47. Matt Jones

      I would die for Master Rang 😭🖤.

    48. Adam Brommel

      Not going to lie- it’s really refreshing to see Matty turned down to a normal level. Cuz he’s turned up to 11 on Homestyle Cookery, and like 58 on Just A Dash season 2

    49. Brandon Lewis

      Amazing food 😋

    50. gummybearchel

      Matty is the only man I think I would let yell at me besides Gordon Ramsay.

    51. Layz_ her

      damn what a fight scene.

    52. #walk Away

      These are awesome people. Love and friendship.

    53. Buck James

      Master Rang is a movie star now IRL!! HBO Perry Mason season 1 episode 5 @ 15:18 He’s riding in the back of the truck with Perry Mason!! Awesome!!

    54. Anthony Phung

      Rang Foster Sister sounds completely Irish.

    55. Morongo Valley

      Right on the road, so lucky. No carry out.

    56. ash S


    57. 100 Beats Per Ohm

      Omg dude stop yelling haha

    58. STUCHI TV

      anyone know the song when they are cutting in to the moose ? :p

      1. Jeremy morgan

        The song is called wear you down

      2. Jeremy morgan

        It’s wear you down

      3. Jeremy morgan

        That’s what I’m trying to find out

    59. Samuel Hur

      matty and rang cooking adventures. NETFLIX!!!!!

    60. Nick Taylor

      He got him to smell the moose poo

    61. Daniel Shaw

      Beautiful! Nothing but respect for the produce!

    62. smoker-T-washington


    63. Willem P

      His going to cry..I`m sobbing like a girl here....

    64. Ethan Donald '20


    65. Jose Vera

      Make a movie

    66. Jay See

      I find it amazing how he has been in Canada for so many years and at such a young age that his accent is still so heavy

    67. pif pat

      What’s the song that plays at 17:20?!!!

      1. sun bro

        Wear you down

    68. Darnell


    69. Vandy

      “That’s right”

    70. 1974spr

      These two are awesome together. Need more Rang.

    71. Saul Allen

      I aspire to have a friendship like Matty and Rang

    72. sinners

      more matty on the screen pls

    73. Nephalem


    74. Ashton Walters

      I was hoping with a hunty trip would mean a quieter Matty. Nope.

    75. Chloe Schlossmann


    76. Cameron Phillips

      WE ALL NEED A RANG. im crying

    77. Damien Alexander

      3:56 meanwhile look at the color of that fucking oil. good god almighty. it's a black FRYday there, everyday.

    78. heresjoc

      Thank you for saying Newfoundland the correct way :D

    79. Robert Ramirez

      This is gold 😂

    80. Unlicensed Memes

      Amazing, love the respect, technique, and proper kill of that moose. Also Rang is weird and funny, but weird is good. :)

    81. EY _B0SS

      I swear they both radiate chaos energy

    82. Jake Rickels

      Classic Matty wearing full camo and a florescent hat

    83. HAMELINK

      getting emosh?

    84. knp77

      I don't want to turn this political.. but ... This is how to deal with world relations, immigration issues. With love. Meanwhile on Facebook Qanon, Anonymous and a thousand different other 'groups' are just stirring hate. Just hate. ✌️

    85. Adam Lackey

      I am convinced my wife married the wrong guy. I am so not as cool as Matty!

    86. Tc1

      Not for nothing but the moose tenderloin was raw at the end lol

    87. lianne marie guevara

      wait is he the master rang that matty says who gave him some juice when he had a hangover, when he was making that oxtail pho in "just a dash"?

    88. breker19er

      That was a great post!!!

    89. pillarofdawn

      Name a more iconic duo...

    90. Lord Ree

      Ah shit...this entire video hit hard. Such an important concept its teaching. Nice ass video for sure.

    91. Rasmus Petersson

      YO WTF WE DONT EAT THOOSE BIRDS?! we aint savages

    92. MistahKen

      Matty has a lof Chriss Pratt faces he cycles through lol

    93. Sara Deemon

      This was so wholesome

    94. Sofie Ramos

      I love that rang just takes all of mattys weirdness and doesn’t care ahha

    95. TheMomWithTheThroatTattoo

      It makes me sad to hunt animals but every time I see anything with Matty, it makes me feel better. He appreciates nature and everything about life so much. I know the animals did not die in vain. ❤️❤️❤️

    96. Matus Dubrava

      all of this . literally the nicest stuff on youtube . straight to the point, not too much political correctness, just raw good stuff that teaches you the most.. I really hope people will understand what it means to eat meat, to kill, and how big of a sacrifice is that. aaand also just stay connected and honest

    97. Austin DeRose

      im cracking up matty and rang are like fucking bulk and skull from power rangers

    98. Gosh Jibbs

      21:10 that shit looks raw af in the middle

    99. Johan Leirnes

      What part of the moose was it that they threw in the woods. I hunt moose in Sweden and to see any part of that Beautiful animal thrown away is kinda a waste :)

    100. Lyle Chipperson

      3:29 bruh lmao