Chief Keef & Mike WiLL Made-It - STATUS (Official Music Video)

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    Published on 14 days ago


    1. Michael Jones

      “I got a drum he got a drum let’s have a beat war” 💯💯

    2. Kyle Williams

      Song kinda ass

    3. Richie Finesse

      Neck on lagoon boy yo shit be onna pond 😂

    4. LiL SLER

      Gbe baby

    5. mrundercontruction

      Yeah got a chain but u a punkkkk

    6. Grizzy TV

      Sosa you and durk need to get back cool g

    7. D Bucksss

      He Don’t ‘Miss 🔥🔥🔥

    8. Nathan Grimes


    9. Nathan Grimes

      Somebody said all the young boys fans get out 😭😭😭 couldn’t agree more

    10. Kartier 2700

      Sosa such a legend no kapp🅱️🩸🚦kap or die, Glory boyz 4L☀️☀️

    11. Miguel Hernandez

      Should I freestyle to this

      1. NSG YoungStunna 🤞

    12. Malik Grant

      Knock knock know bitch its FedEx

      1. NSG YoungStunna 🤞

    13. Joshua Garcia


    14. Joshua Garcia

      This the house from fool ya

      1. NSG YoungStunna 🤞

    15. Baton Rouge Rp

      Bro been in the game since 2011... Wat yall say bout bro fallin off?🤔🗣️💨

    16. Kelton Miller

      Yeah I’m Rich but don’t know homie “Quan” sneak dissing to NBA GANG

      1. Shauno Bukkz

        and who tf is nba gang?

    17. Isaac torres


    18. HermanHjorth


    19. Khadijah Morgan

      Changed my life

    20. Guddi Guddie

      2:15 Young thug slime season 3 cover

    21. Dakari Warren

      I listen to Chief Keef because he's still alive

    22. Nakiyah


    23. Justlifesmedia


    24. Quan Baych

      My name quan bruh Im mad asf im sorry on behave of the other quans for even havin the same name. King keef

    25. Artist Extraordinaire

      *Yeah I'm rich homie but ion know the nigga Quan*

    26. Official Big_9Torch8

      This where drill started he ain't back Sosa woke again !💯💯💯🤘

    27. Broke Boi Visuals

      This not even da hardest one

    28. Ices The Enchantress

      We love you Sosa BABY 😍❤️❤️

    29. Lil Blu Strip


    30. Burr Burr


    31. Kolteenn nneetloK

      Sosa the goal gets at least a mill on every video on his personal USfilm channel with almost 1.5 million subs he getting that USfilm money too !

    32. Ivan Vargas

      Almighty So🥶🥶🥶🥶

    33. YoungKingOni

      Moment of silence for them mfs who ain’t here from TikTok

    34. Nesh Michaels


    35. playboii 88

      no one me : SQUAAAALLYYYY

    36. Thomas Davis

      Still your favorite rappers favorite rapper No Kizzy my dawg never sold his soul 💯💯💯

    37. Derej M

      Is it weird that keef is the only one to do right ? Get out the Raq, don’t diss no one , and live to see tomorrow. Simple as that. Once you out you out don’t stay making gangbanging music

      1. Lord Reese

        @Ken Finch u stfu he’s speaking fax

      2. Derej M

        @Ken Finch Fen Kinch

      3. Ken Finch

        Bruh stfu

    38. Larry Leos

      Chief will forever be a legend

    39. tyvonne rodgers

      Drop Ketchup

    40. Joey Schmucker

      Bang bang

    41. Rest In Gucci


    42. 123out Side

    43. VondoBaby

    44. Deandre Berryhill

      Almighty sosa💯🅿💰😈

    45. Jalen Washington

      claim ur licke before ticktok gets here

    46. Christopher Exit

      sosa x kidexit bby

    47. Karon Golden


    48. sicwitdaflow

      Been the goat since 2011 🙏🏾

    49. Ant

      Chief Keef been one of my favorites since I was in 7th grade. Now I’m 19 and just got back into you and you my favorite artist rn respect from Youngstown 💯💯🔥🔥

    50. Zora Plays

      He acting like a killer he actin 🤫 rondo actin boy ain’t bout it

    51. GloNavyKahmir

      Chief keef is the best rapper

    52. Wesley Nance

      This shot firrrrrre

    53. Nikko

      No disrespect in the comments please. This man is the reason for alot of music today and and he is my childhood

    54. money man


    55. Nory Bandz

      Bars is definitely mediocre thoe

    56. Nory Bandz

      Mike will made it tried to recreate fineto

    57. Chad Bourne


    58. Lekgotla Tgae

      Let em know Sosa🔥🔥... You put extra glue on the roof , aint no falling off from there.. we the panels..never left❗️❗️bang bang🗣

    59. notAGod X

      Quando rondo boutta get dropped

    60. Lil J

      Goat 🐐 i dont like how he disses tooka just cuz tooka used to beat tf outta him but i fuck with chief’s music some of it

    61. Moc Hemoce

      From France 🇫🇷Big UP THE CHIEF🦾

    62. andre gordon

      I love durkio, but let's not forget who the original chiraq demon is ! 😈👿💯

      1. Ken Finch

        Durk not on sosa level

    63. savage Cabbage


    64. Lisa Browne


    65. Angeloplaysgamez


    66. Frederic Reid


    67. Keytown 21

      It’s 2020 and this nigga has yet to miss

    68. Pcy Tony

      Who else notice chief keef don’t act like he use to if YOU KNOW who he was before like 2012

    69. Connor Gray

      God this shit is to fuckin hard. Fuck

    70. PLUGGY 2DOPE

    71. Kamaree Wilkinson

      stop playin wit keef in a week a million veiws

    72. sam martinez

      every song he drops hits

    73. cameron canady


    74. Yezzirlulnig


    75. Fabio Abboud

      dr death aka kod # pig

    76. chriskoee

      “push her to the end like some credits.”

    77. vlslatt!


    78. Vlone Sauce 1017

      S1 mhg, digga d, ofb, V9...... Thanks Sosa

    79. Mo N

      Been rockin with Sosa since I was like 12 years old. I'm 32 now still rockin

    80. DB Random

      Ok dat robin hood line is tough.

    81. DB Random

      Life on Amazon? Wtf! 🤯

    82. DB Random

      I'm a public defender. Pressing charges for murder. Da BEATz family in mourning.

    83. DB Random

      Tryna fit em in car? Bottom in front. Rest in back. Rest on their laps. Giggity.

    84. DB Random

      Break my bad habits😨

    85. DB Random

      Lol ya ain't even try to hide da green screen

    86. DB Random


    87. DB Random


    88. MaK Chris

      Okay den👀🔥🙏🏾👍🏾

    89. nehemiah witchet

      But I dont know quan. 🤫🤫🤫

    90. Sheezy Beats

      Aye Mike Will

    91. E6DITSS !!

      when does sosa miss fr 😭

      1. Ken Finch

        He dont

    92. Jhony M

      Chief keef deserves more views this song to fire 🔥

      1. Magic Man

        They don't be streaming his new songs like that no more his views kinda declined

    93. beeny wright

      For von

      1. Ken Finch

        Not for von lmao

    94. Tucci Tucci

      This sh*t so raw made me shed a tear😢

      1. DB Random

        🤣. 👍.

    95. Allah Everett

      You know who he rides for. Real shit rack 💯

    96. Purplehat

      Rip chef keef goat 🐐

      1. Purplehat

        @Aidan Armando Ambriz how ima clout chaser I’m trying too make this too blow up if he every die

      2. Aidan Armando Ambriz

        Clout chaser, We know he’s not dead

      3. Ken Finch

        He not tf wrong with u

    97. Timeless Classic

      sosa is back boys

    98. Fetty Rekk

      Real banger

    99. Ivan

      when yo asz gonna slide on ATL foo???

      1. NSG YoungStunna 😥

    100. yesaiah

      VID GO HARD!

      1. NSG YoungStunna