New Rule: Hello, Douchebags! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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    Donald Trump may be gone, but there's a new generation of right-wing Republican nutjobs that you’ll be cursing out for years to come.
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    Published on Month ago


    1. Steve Bergeson

      Spot on again Bill.

    2. John Who has an opinion

      Fair well douchebags. Is right. DONT let the door hit you on the way out. You LOST a you piece of crap. Yep I’d like to hit him

    3. Deb wright

      The fact that Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are still in office is deplorable.😡😡😰😰

    4. RedRocket415

      Lauren Boebert dropped out of high school because she got pregnant. And never went back. Only the best of the best people who have proven they know how to make good decisions.

    5. Lynn Craig

      It's just so sad for America that all these self serving ignorant individuals are representing your government. America continues to be a political joke because of these people.

    6. silvino regalado

      Relax people, if youre reading this you be dead in 50-60 years and then no more problems, hallelujah.

    7. Alec T

      Republican standards for office holders is as big as a Texas Freeze.. must be a Trump boot lickers

    8. Angry Retail Banker

      That first picture of Madison Cawthorn looks like it would be a Google Image result for the search term "neo nazi rally speech".

    9. Jim Cummings

      mass political violence of modern Left clearly demonstrates looming tide of Left-wing hate & terrorism, #1 group in USA that's filled w hate is the Left, their hate has risen to levels which let them casually rationalize burning cities, ambushing cops, openly advocate assassinating ELECTED POTUS, that's #1 threat to USA now, Left has gone insane,

      1. Ron Carson

        "Somebody" has let Hannity tell them what to think.

    10. Jim Cummings

      evil times coming, mass political violence of the Left summer 2020, criminal anarchy, ambushes of cops in the night, takeovers of police stations/courthouses, mass looting & burning, constant implicit violence of Left and its apologists like TV bobblehead bill maher are feeding a vortex of national suicide, think ANTIFA, darlings of the Left,

    11. Jane Sirovica


    12. Cathy Purnell

      Thank to the director of the Department of Keeping it Real. Thanks for some truth Mr. Bill.

    13. derek west

      Fuck you! I can’t scream it loud enough

    14. derek west

      Get rid of bill Maher

      1. Ron Carson

        Aren't you people the ones whining about "cancel culture"?

    15. Subban Govender

      Maher for President

    16. SnowTiger45

      Freaking HILARIOUS. I'm almost pissing myself laughing.

    17. Vjitsu 888

      Josh Hawley: Far right JFK with a little dash of KKK 😂🤣

    18. eyemortaulslheap 1.perspective

      *Formulas, Tracing, 45-degree Shadows, and Mathematical Outlines:* "The Horology of Stars" "If I only had a brain." -The Scarecrow, "The Wizard of Oz" Perspective is everything. Its hierarchy is vast. Its climb is dangerous, and its breakthroughs require marked cunning. Education has only immediate inference being obversion and conversion and lacks opposition. 'Another way Freddy can add extra cards in his hand is with the drop. During the deal, Freddy will hold a break between the deck and the bottom two cards with his little finger. At the end of the deal, his right-hand takes the deck from above to place it to one side.' -How to Cheat at Everything Even the old masters were cheats. One only must look up one-point perspective or the camera obscura to understand their sly mathematics. In fact, Brunelleschi may have ushered in modern science with his cheating slits and mirrors and all their art has sacred geometry outlines. Sacred geometry means phi and that means a cheat for a pleasing measured balance. CETRIfICATE of COMPLEtION: X_______________________

    19. nobody that you know

      Marginal Margie. She isn't playing with a full deck.

    20. prometheus5700

      Bill, do a segment on the Lincoln Project, to do a deep dive into real douchebags

      1. Ron Carson

        He just did a dive into real douchebags. "Whatabout-isms" don't change that fact.

    21. ken holman

      Real time is the best 👌 💯

    22. walter guerard

      research article 5 of the constitution. support the convention of the states!

    23. scott madoff

      the douchebag is the guy who got the trump vaccine but says that nothing came out until he (biden) came to office

      1. Ron Carson

        @scott madoff Translation: You can't do it. Because it doesn't exist. What a surprise.

      2. scott madoff

        @Ron Carson google it, if you know how to use google you idiot. i just googled it so it is out there, he said so in a town hall thing.

      3. Ron Carson

        @scott madoff Naturally you cannot show a link to any interview, speech, or article that supports your idiotic claim.

      4. scott madoff

        @Ron Carson what didn't you know that biden, who got the trump vaccine 12/21 claimed a few weeks ago that the vaccine didn't come out until he took office?

      5. Ron Carson


    24. Meep Head

      Maher carries a firearm and is wealthy , yet he goes off on Hawley for being the son of a banker. Quite funny.

      1. Meep Head


      2. Ron Carson

        There was more to it than that, Gomer. Listen again and pay attention this time.

    25. Dr. Debra Lewis

      ALL criminals and Liars

    26. Lueva Jackson

      A dash. How bout from sea to shinning sea. 🧐

    27. Kiki

      The dumbing down of America and Republicans never miss the opportunity to exploit it.

    28. Rock girl

      requirements for elected officials than the average secretarial position.

    29. Geoff Hennessy

      "How is she not a teacher from Florida who fvcks her students". I laughed so hard Q anon came out of my nose!

    30. Geoff Hennessy

      The Newche Douches

    31. David Maxey

      You want low taxes and low priced gas you are labeled as some kind of winger, what a joke! China forbids indentity politics in China for good reason, they know it deeply divides the people. That is why China wants it here in America. Its a part of the shiny objects to look at in our media while they take America down. Dont forget only 6 people run the 90% of our media in America if not more.

      1. Rock girl

        Strippers but not Aoc tho👀

    32. David Maxey

      There are no Democrats and Republicans. The Dems are not for Democracy and the Repubs are not for a Republic. Trump helped shine the light on this. Now its all in the open. Now we have hey lets shut our oil down and buy from the Saudis instead. Tell the Saudis to shut there oil down they will laugh and spit in your face! But Americans buy into poohbutt concepts because commie media has there head spun.

      1. soiung toiue

        Strippers but not Aoc tho👀

    33. Elaine Berg

      They are deplorable and show the GOP is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    34. A B


    35. Tony Lawlor

      I would not be laughing, Biden is not that much better than Trump, but that would not be hard. Time for a third option in the USA.

    36. nieooj gotoy

      country if he gets any furthur than he is.

    37. Gerry Lau

      The fluffy acknowledgment thirdly lie because clave conceptually pretend around a incompetent margaret. highfalutin, zealous hardcover

      1. bouytt guyt

        expect you to know where your duty lies.

    38. Nathan Farr

      The nifty beret aboaly battle because seagull endogenously grin versus a mute gymnast. wise, hard men

      1. 99SamIAm99

        @bouytt guyt Why are you replying to a computer generated nonsensical comment?

      2. bouytt guyt

        ‘Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it’ (Tom Paine). Are you on the side of Reason, or Universal Deceit? In 1816, Jefferson warned: ‘If a na

    39. L. Lockleer

      "Intellectually, Tommy is a few yards short of a first down!" And it was he that trump called on the sixth about halting the certification!

      1. nieooj gotoy

        Once again, all about himself.

    40. L. Lockleer

      Hawley is a trump loving dud!

      1. soiung toiue

        Tommy Tubbervile, at least in that can actually visualize him already in a prison Orange jumpsuit. So weird.

    41. Jimmy Horner

      The biggest douchebag is BM himself by far.....

      1. 99SamIAm99

        I'm sure he knows that. But he's still funny. And his points are still right on.

    42. Nico

      I feel like this is a bit of an ironic segment.

    43. qopoy dnon

      "He's the far right JFK with a little dash of KKK" was absolutely genius!!!

    44. Olle Lundström

      WE THE PEOPLE see GOP as a Gang Of Psychos !

    45. Jelly Whit

      Tommy Tubbervile, at least in that can actually visualize him already in a prison Orange jumpsuit. So weird.

    46. Scomany

      Strippers but not Aoc tho👀

    47. rnvgdr boyhft

      The easy debt coincidentally blink because armenian microbiologically love between a ragged married. prickly, ruddy drizzle

      1. qopoy dnon

        The next generation . Who votes for these guys ?

    48. yasio bolo

      I love that “she thinks science and reasoning or conspiracy to trick people into thinking”

    49. Jeremy Two

      President Trump knows how to handle China. President Trump come back to the White House. I don't want to be a Communist cow. Is stupidity throwing away freedom and wanting to be treated like cows?

      1. Jeremy Two

        @al dEverything was made in China before President Trump. President Trump wanted to and actively tried to make it practical to have things made in America.

      2. al d

        Trumps stuff is made in China. WTf are you talking about?

    50. Max Hess

      I seriously thought the guy at 1:15 was Richard Spencer.

    51. salt pepper

      laugh until you cry. #RHELL

      1. yasio bolo

        ever conceived. Fools. They're all zero integrity. If they expect a billion people to turn off their radios and stop popping pills, they should have thought of that beforehand. Idiots.

    52. Patrick Glass

      THE REPUBLICAN SENATORS’ DUTY. ‘During times of universal deceit - telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act’ (George Orwell). Now, Republican Senators - It’s time for you to do your National Duty: impeach Donald Trump and own up to your complicity in the Big Lie of the ‘Stolen Election’. There can be no Moving On until you - singly and collectively - lance the boil of Misinformation. Fess up. You’ve everything to gain. The elephant in the room - the purveyor of 30,530 lies - has gone, and is now powerless. ‘Reason obeys itself; and ignorance submits to whatever is dictated to it’ (Tom Paine). Are you on the side of Reason, or Universal Deceit? In 1816, Jefferson warned: ‘If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was and never will be’. We’ll soon know which side you’re on. Your children and grandchildren expect you to know where your duty lies.

    53. Max Power

      Can’t get over Trump. He loves him.

    54. mike

      Once again, all about himself.

    55. Charles Baugher

      Actually can see it in the Siteth Chapel...of Divnccie...Boy I hope my spelling is correct... Don't ya hate when that happens.... See Ya Bro🍎✅🎄✅😎

    56. Carole Boots

      I hope his career is over ! Hawley you’re a traitor

    57. Elvira-Irina Reisinger

      Cawthorn will be the most dangerous American hipster Nazi magaphone

    58. Tom Worden

      why cant i comment?

    59. juan monge

      Guilty of douchebaggerry!

    60. bcvbb hyui

      that last joke about the florida teacher was freaking hilarious

    61. Eugene Brown

      The next generation . Who votes for these guys ?

    62. Erika Flores

      The rabid save aetiologically offer because flax postsynaptically battle till a ripe college. combative, difficult passenger

    63. Della Smith

      The Q woman is the freaking poster girl for crazy Karens.

    64. Julie Rose

      How the hell can you compare MTG to AOC? Bit of a douche there, Bill.

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Amazing Bill can make us laugh in the reality that these crazies are in our Congress. Keep reminding everyone Vote, Vote, Vote! Get them out 2024

    65. David Blu

      Because I hate liberals. I am in the process of creating my very own newspaper similar to the EPOCH TIMES. The newspaper will be called the BAYESIAN TIMES .. It is a newspaper to prove that conservative ideals are the true form of life and living and can indeed be mathematically proven to be valid which shall be based on BAYES THEOREM. The newspaper the BAYESIAN TIMES will explore extremely nerve-wreaking issues such as QANON, the election fraud, government waste, child pornography, RAPE, FALSE ACCUSATIONS OF RAPE, sex trading, prostitution, drug trade, the war on drugs, etc. The BAYESIAN TIMES will make the EPOCH TIMES look like the liberal New Yorker by comparison.. It will become the ultimate in extreme-conservative views.....

    66. zenocalgary

      Bill Maher is such a hypocrite

    67. Associates & GIvens

      Nut Shaming? Marjorie Taylor Greene, Trump (all of that family), Rudy G, McCarthy, Jimmy Jordan, Lindsey Graham and FOX News just to name a few! Regarding Bill’s assessment of MTG he quips; “How is she not a teacher from Florida who f*cks her students?”

    68. albert gonter


    69. oiuet souiu

      The world: Lets send our best and brightest to lead our country. GOP: nah, fuck that.

    70. Marcee Christensen

      Ok. Stop it. Stop. I am going to have to put you on pause because I am laughing so hard, I am about to piss my pants

    71. Marcee Christensen

      I am old enough to remember what a douchebag is...... my mom had one she used for some sort of vaginal cleansing

    72. Stella patchouli

      Vulgarity seem to pay off for weekly TV shows.

      1. oiuet souiu

        What about Matt Gaetz? Another white crayola crayon coloring white paper. Doing nothing!!!

    73. Stella patchouli

      Josh Hawley is a great American patriot.

    74. Jean Luney

      The Republican Party needs to purge itself of extremist and hate mongers, but I am not sure there would be anyone left.

    75. John Mikan

      Looks like a Nazi

    76. Zelda Williams

      Damn, if only Ted Cruz could be on that list! 🤨 Douchebag extraordinaire!

    77. Joey Grey

      Amazing Bill can make us laugh in the reality that these crazies are in our Congress. Keep reminding everyone Vote, Vote, Vote! Get them out 2024

    78. myfamilymatters

      You nailed this! It hilarious and very disturbing as the same time. So much for any of their parents raising responsible children. How horrified and ashamed, their families must be.

    79. Steven Jackson

      The flippant kitten anteriorly coil because search accordantly curve down a tender tense prison. three, earsplitting scarecrow

    80. Rychy St. Vincent

      Notwithstanding the plethora of ACTUAL AMERICAN CHALLENGES before 350,000,000 American citizens, what governing solutions would Republicans ponder if they stopped using the words Socialism, Islamic, China, Defund, BLM, Omar, Communism, Civil war, Stock Market Decline, Hoax, Fake, and Patriot? My dog Killa has never failed to heel when I call his name. Chances are I would have the same results had I named him Charm.

    81. Aristotelezz

      Marjorie Taylor Greene should be aware that socialism/communism is there, not because a lack of people who stop it, but because people who cause it. People like her and Trump are major causes for socialism and communism!

    82. Stephen Stuart

      Marjorie Taylor Greene is scary - she told supporters that Nancy Pelosi is guilty of treason, and then reminded them that treason is punishable by death. This was greeted by cheers. After Trump's "let's got to the Capitol" ended so well, this outburst about Pelosi is dangerous incitement. She's not funny - she's dangerous.

    83. Wayne

      The comment about the Republican not knowing the 3 branch of government. To be fair AOC could not get it right on an interview so it is fair to say we have nutjobs on both sides

    84. soiung toiue


    85. jpnese17

      takes a nutjob to know a nutjob

    86. Ailsa Ni

      “ ‘I’m not good with the numbers’...Did I mention he wants to be one the Senate Banking committee.”

    87. Aaron Swafford

      At least pence showed some in the end. Josh there is no name for that thing

    88. Tom Bowling

      Your disgusting, Hawley towers over you in class and honesty, give up people really are leaving you in droves

      1. Ailsa Ni

        Lauren Bobert REALLY fucking likes guns. Stay the hell away from her or she might murder you in self defense.

    89. Stephen Beacham

      Notice they’re going after a scum bag House Rep Not Harvard and Stanford lawyers in the Senate.

    90. Rust on Wheels

      5:08 That Günther would be denied to play a roll in a Nazi movie because he would actually torture the protagonists. Look at him, sporting brown wool and leather. Man, has America turned out to be the wet dream of all who fled to Argentina back in the fourties or what? Henry Ford and his Austrian political friend would be proud. Making America Segregreat Again! Please, Canada, can you invade the axis of evil south of your heaven? They desperately need some help with democracy.

    91. kaylw80

      The douchebag from North Carolina should take a long wheel chair trip off a short pier.

    92. Nathan E

      You should do a show about the RED SHOE CLUB. Then tell everyone here who doesn't know what it means all abut it. Then tell them why you are going to be put to death for it. TICK TOCK

    93. Candace

      Who started Quanon? The Russians?

      1. 99SamIAm99

        I wouldn't be surprised. They made the most out of Hillary's emails.

    94. Valerie P

      I know the 1st pic of Madison Cawthorn is just one moment in time, but doesn't he look very Naziesque?

    95. Colleen Williamson

      I have lost all respect for you Bill Maher

    96. kirk lamb

      Bill's balls are still chafed because he bet a million of his own money on Clinton!!

    97. bouytt guyt

      “ ‘I’m not good with the numbers’...Did I mention he wants to be one the Senate Banking committee.”

    98. jvmh79 !

      I see the programming, and the audience loves it. Dont worry daddy hefner is proud

    99. Jeff Thomas

      Put yourself on the front page

    100. mick james

      so we can bid a DOO DOO to these people who r full of....DOO DOO!