Minecraft, But All Ores Are Potions...


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    Minecraft, But All Ores Are Potions... (Challenge)
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    This is a Minecraft (1.16) challenge in which I am trying to speedrun Minecraft and beat the enderdragon, however, every ore can be made into a SUPER POTION! This is not a Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter, but a 'Minecraft but' challenge... This one was really strange.
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    Published on 28 days ago


    1. Wisp

      comment if you saw the little easter egg ;)

      1. powerblazt _32

        I didn't

      2. Maya Jusszel


      3. Riji Khylle Pactol

        @Bethany Cha i dont think they are easter eggs

      4. Jude’s Channel

        I did

      5. SPOKY

        do minecraft but you have infinite reach :)

    2. PandaZ

      I mined straight down and died

    3. Just a Tiger

      What does a Netherite potion do?

    4. GlamxEden

      Hmm... mite find that eaSter egg

    5. Rehana Ashraf

      Hey Wisp! Try this idea! Minecraft but you can tame any mob...

    6. tina jordan

      you forgot the netherite potion

    7. GodOfGames178

      10:56 His wood just turned into gravel lol

    8. Komal Gupta

      He forgot about quartz

    9. Ellis Oosterhuis

      Wisp: this is why you dig down Me: falls into lava

    10. Olivia Cullen

      Me digs down dies Wisp DIG DOWN IT GOOD

    11. Planet

      Where’s the link to this mod?

    12. war tijah

      hi,I'm from a indonesia

    13. Agentrubberduck

      so wisp requested a potion, that, if you twerk, you heal sounds about right

    14. Alexander the Gamer

      He should’ve had drank a lapis lazuli potion when he is wearing diamond armor

    15. Vs Tk


    16. Lukepar3 Gaming

      Everybody gangsta till wisp starts doing potion drugs

    17. B Cosmetics

      I. Like. You

      1. B Cosmetics

        I. SkiBe. To. You

    18. Carter Cilluffo

      Isn’t the same way to craft a bottle the same way to craft a bucket “glass bucket mod?”

    19. Carter Cilluffo

      👀 netherite potion👀

    20. Mickyolol

      You should’ve went to bastion for netherite

    21. Diego da Silva

      today i dig dow in MC and i found diamonds

    22. •Ace Gemini•

      Me: always dig straight down! My sister: digs straight down- dies- me: finds diamonds-

    23. Jorja Jones

      Also u know wat defines the rules of MC? THE DRAGON CONNECTING TO THE CRYSTALS! IT CIRCLE! that is why u look at the comments for info!

    24. Jorja Jones

      Do a vid in what I missed then we know what u didn't do because once I saw "I love how u forgot ancient debris" I wanted it straight away please do it

    25. Jorja Jones

      Your vids are always perfect, I wish I could be on a server with u but. I'm on bedrock and ur on Java... 😭

    26. Elijiah Mireles

      So no one is going to talk about diamonds getting burn on 14:49

    27. Muffin_Original

      who wants this to be a mod?

    28. Riley Lawlor

      Wisp: can we get 2 likes Us: gets more Wisp: nooooo so close

    29. Arpana Basu

      You are copying Barhi

    30. Selin Gokgoz

      Yes, you should always dig straight down :)

    31. MarshmelloSoft

      He didnt make netherite and i almost ragequitted this video.

    32. Mandeep singh

      Wisp is the best youtuber

    33. Bionicbananas22

      I've almost seen all the mod videos ;-;

    34. Mega Bear

      No one cares about ancient debris

    35. Layla Hearts gacha

      wisp: 2 everyone: 226k

    36. Saira Andleeb

      He said yellow instead of hello

    37. Kaeson Weiner

      Netherite potion

    38. Kaeson Weiner

      Ntherite potion

    39. BBoy_bram

      netherite ingot?

    40. Rudy Alfred Gayafranca

      Wisp if you drink gold potion you have INFITE GOLD you can trade on piglins

    41. Radek Palinker

      Netherite potion?

    42. nino masxulia

      i have good no its super idea evry mob and ore give you the food😁😁🤞🤞🎂🎂🤓🤓🥗🧀

    43. Artinist

      diamonds in minecraft are 100% carbon...

    44. bryant nguyen

      let’s thank the like goal

    45. Lance Kristoff C. Lantin

      netheright ingot dude'

    46. Mehreen Mussadaq


    47. Ali Ahmed

      I love your channels

    48. Addison Teichman

      Dude it's pronounced Bah-shgon!

    49. Riley Whittaker

      I love ur vids wisp

    50. Ileana Armenta

      Did not you see that he said coal to diamonda

    51. Buzzsaw Boss

      Yes wisp. I always dig straight down and nothing bad ever happens to me. I have actually mined straight down at least 250 times and never once fell in lava 😂

    52. gdrut300

      You forgot netherite!


      Wisp: "Let's go for 2 likes" *225k likes*

    54. Leighton's ASMR Gaming

      Can we please have the download for the mod :(

    55. Desert Eagle Gaming

      Dragon will be wondering from where he got elytra

    56. Hudson Rossi

      Imagine drinking food...

    57. Gaming CZ

      congrat you to 3 mil subs

    58. Blackshiny


    59. Roblox Roses

      Fastest speed run time?

    60. Bryce Davis


    61. Arianette on a long break

      “We’ve made every potion!” Me: What about gold?

    62. Anks Gusain

      He didn't notice that his diamonds were increasing😀

    63. Steve Gibson


    64. Joely EU

      where and how do u get ur mods

    65. Stefan Villanueva

      “NEVER dig down in Minecraft oooo iron always dig down in Minecraft” lol

    66. Cool Kitty 2 ツ

      The *super slow stone tools* will never die

    67. Nicholas Zichelli

      What about netherite

    68. Tyler2o1

      What about netherite........

    69. Logan Dickson

      Dude I'm going I need to be careful You can make2 nl E

      1. Logan Dickson

        Grow health bars but dangerous bars

    70. 🐷pig🐷pug🐷pog🐷

      i defat ender dragon today with no mods and the pillars was sooo hardd

    71. Mr.Depression

      Weres the gunpowder potion When drinking the gunpowder potion you self destruct

    72. C3M


    73. Sunita Babu

      Is any netharite potion

    74. Sundro - BS

      @Wisp on the intro u are drinking normal diamond ingot

    75. plushy gang

      I thought you can already make potions of red stone

    76. Meredith Antunez

      I did LOL

    77. ̊Wolf World ̊

      “ Minecraft but every time you take damage u earn hearts “

    78. MicheleP 101

      hiiiii wispppppppppppppppppp

    79. ;-;ItzNiyahh;-;

      “Never dig down in Minecraft, it’s the worst thing you can- never mind(finds ores) this is the best thing you can do! Always dig down in Minecraft” 😂😂😂

    80. sillylittelflower UvU

      A ĐÙ

    81. Rizky Abidzan

      dont dig straight down in minecraft wisp found an IRON ORE oh no no, i take it back ALWAYS DO THIS last time i do this i fell into spawner with 5 skeleton on it (armorless)

    82. Zara Bowden

      Whisp: what am I doing Me: your fighting the enderdragon

    83. not a bot

      i wished that when you drank the diamond potion it turns anything in your inventory into diamonds

    84. Diddy Evans

      You should make a series about this srsly plz do

    85. Paula Coloma

      I wonder what does netherite do

    86. What Is Aim

      If TapL does this challenge he will make all the potion effects last 100 mins and give the brewing stand the ability to make 3 different potions with a single blaze powder

    87. *-Just Me-*

      What about a netherite potion?


      He asks for 2 likes but he gets 200,000 likes

    89. John Jameson

      You so funny

    90. Mcmss gaming

      You could have made 6 emerald potion with 2 emerald

    91. Emi Playz

      bruh people Wisp said only 2 likes not 224k likes

    92. Nelia Manio


    93. Tyrone Perkins

      I love in the intro when he gets surprised he screams OoOoOoH

    94. Beep Beep

      Love your vids

    95. gipsy danger

      The diamond didn't really have as cool effects as much as the intro

    96. Kevin_kommt_ zu_mir_spielen

      Ez Callange

    97. Isaac Munchieface

      Wisp will die if you don't subscribe

    98. adrian adrian

      drink mob potions

    99. Kenneth Lehrman

      Nobody: Wisp intro: AAAAAAAAA

    100. Tenny Xavier

      Hey yo! I'm new here can anyone suggest me about his videos?