Get Ready With Me and Maddie Ziegler | Charli D'Amelio

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    hi everyone. maddie and i had so much fun doing our makeup together. it's always great to spend time with friends and just do normal everyday things. thanks for watching.

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    1. Sports Guy 55

      I love you maddie and chari

    2. Olivia Pederson

      I’ve read a lot of the comments and they are all about how Maddie carried the video. I think that’s super rude. Charlie made the video and all of you are saying how Maddie is just so much better than her. You all say how Charli didn’t look at Maddie once but she did multiple times and maybe she just doesn’t look directly at a person when she talks which is fine. I really think it’s just rude to do that. But I respect both girls

    3. DoahBearz

      Y'all, Maybe Charli felt uncomfortable, Like if I was uncomfortable I would've done the same thing.. Watch what you say on the internet.. Please..

    4. • Mari •

      I’m mad that people are saying Charli is being rude, you can tell she’s just really shy. She isn’t trying to be rude

    5. Valentina Gonzalez

      I was so uncomfortable watching this video lol

    6. Kimberly Cornish

      Like your pink hair

    7. Addyson Vilo

      Charli has safety pins in her ears

    8. Guillermina Figueroa

      Mis dos idolas 😗

    9. nari

      for shOre

    10. Natalia Cabrera


    11. wAsSuP WaSsUp

      charli is just quieter and probably has more social anxiety thats all

    12. Cool Beans

      I think charli is like so shy with people she doesn’t hang out with a lot

    13. Jodie Lim Pei Yaw

      I didn’t even know that my TikTok idol ( Charli) know my fav dance mom kid (Maddie)

    14. Chimari Hada

      Wouldn't most of us be like Charli when meeting new people??

    15. iar u

      maddie i love youuuuu 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇫🇦🇷

    16. iar u

      i love yoouuuu madddieeeee

    17. iar u

      maddie i love youuuuu

    18. iar u


    19. Alexis Prieur

      You guys have to realize that Maddie has been on camera since she was little. Charli is going to be more uncomfortable and not as talkative because this is still new to her

    20. Katherine Knight

      The innocent font dolly charge because teeth impressively talk out a nifty magic. interesting, enthusiastic toy

    21. iiAngelStxrs

      Guys don’t hate Charlie is Charlie and if Maddie really didn’t like that she would have made a tweet or something maybe.. but don’t hate on them online or in real life ***(BECAUSE THEY ARE HUMAN TOO)*** and Charlie was just fine, and she is in frount of (MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ON WHAT SHE IS SAYING DONT GIVE HER PRESSURE!) She is really amazing AND (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT TELL PEOPLE TO KILL THEM SELFS OF BODY SHAME THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING BEAUTIFUL! AND IT DOESNT MATTER ABOUT THE OUTSIDE IT MATTERS ABOUT THE INSIDE! SO JUST STOP! ILYSM Charlie and don’t let it get to you and there are a lot of haters but there ARE MORE FANS THAN HATERS! ILYSM as well Maddie! BUT CHARLIE STAY STRONG YOU ARE BOTH MY IDOLS! byeee! ***(Please pin this if you see it Charlie or post it somewhere for awareness!)***

    22. Cess Calunsag

      I love how every body's talking about Maddie XD

    23. ivanae1

      Hmmmm when did this happen????

    24. DunkinQueen_ Charli

      Charli and Maddie are both so beautiful🤩

    25. Thina Moreira d' Costa

      Charli and Maddie I loved your makeup

    26. Dixie D’Amelio


    27. Alexa Anne

      wow... two queens

    28. I Like Ya Cut G Xp

      Ya'll make a big deal out of EVVERRRYYYYTHING. Charli probably isn't as social as Maddie, I'm like Charli I don't talk much at all. Let Charlie be

    29. Azuri Morrison

      Hi I love your hair

    30. kasim Ali

      Can any one tell me what is charli's exact eye color some times it's look like brown and sometimes it's look like Hazel

    31. Sofia ._.

      Hi Charli

    32. Mia Rose

      when I told you I ran to the comments -

    33. Chrlisoom D'amelio

      OMG ai am your bog big fan charli D’amelio🌟

    34. Qingchen LI

      Of course because Charli have so much talent in terms of dance.

    35. Nightcore cute

      I love you charli I am your biggest fan hope you notice my comments charli your so pretty 💖

    36. România Countryball

      Charli is not a male name?

    37. rejane diniz

      I Love kkkmkk brincadeira sou brasileira oxe

    38. Lily Haley

      I swear if I had a 1,000 dollars every time they said for shoreee

    39. Hamilton Stan

      i wonder if charli is a dry texter

    40. Dre

      This is why I will always Stan Maddie more than charli period

    41. Kayla Kiddos

      Maddie def carried this video but you have to rember char is only 16 and Maddie has been on camera since she was like 7

    42. Ellie

      maddie has changed so much since dance moms

    43. Aniiaz

      Im a bug fan if you charli

    44. Estephanie Navarrete

      Charil am getting the morphe 2!!!!

    45. maysa acosta

      What your's preferit Charli or Madie

    46. JDA Games

      I love Charlie's earrings

    47. pasty allen


    48. Marija Kuskinska

      You do not need make up

    49. Marija Kuskinska

      You are beatiful

    50. Ben

      I have cancer

    51. Max Bourne

      so peng

    52. jynette barro

      When someone mentions the word "Maddie" first thing that literally pops in my mind is Dance Moms- 0-0

    53. h4rmony

      Are you guys even watching the same video as me😭 charli is looking at maddie yall dumb as hell

    54. Emeli Pineda

      maddie is the best

    55. wrigley

      am I the only one who doesn’t think this video was awkward? like charli is obviously just ✨shy✨, plus Maddie has been on camera for years, and charli has only been on camera for about 1 and a half.

    56. Karen Velasquez

      Is it just me but - When I look at charil she looks older then - Maddie - oof just me -

    57. Maddie Berman

      welcome to a 15 minute ad for morphe products

    58. Nermin Musa

      Can yall stop judging people have anxiety and get nervous...

    59. Jaydon Stinnett

      Charli are you ok from lovely peaches

    60. Party with Maya

      Hi charli my dad’s friend knows you. you know that business call you had with that guy? My dad asked him if he knew if I could meet you somehow he said he does not think so. I need everyone to like this so charli can see this so I can meet her someday.

    61. Anna Capstick

      Now we need Dixie and Kenzie to make a video! They're both amazing singers!

    62. Anna Tarnet

      love you charly

    63. Barbara Suvajac

      I loved the video I have waited for the collab for sooo long but I did feel that there was some awkwardness going on but maybe it's just because they haven't spent much time together. I saw some coments be like they aren't suitable for USfilm but I don't think that's true eighter. I will say that Charlie on tiktok seems like a whole nother person but maybe she's just more comfortable on tik tok. But it was a great video.❤️ Still waiting for the dance collab do.

    64. Camila Stewart

      charli's voice is so soft it just calms me

    65. Camila Stewart

      maddies eyes are so beautyful

    66. Hayley Marie

      this was so low energy i almost fell asleep

    67. Ashley

      Charlie isnt being rude you can tell she’s nervous by her hand movements 1:29 btw Im no ones fan here. but you guys gotta remember she was a regular girl who randomly blew up on tiktok. It can be intimidating for someone who doesn’t have the highest confidence especially with the judgement of millions!!! Maddie has been on camera for years and obviously knows how to talk to anyone.

    68. Ximena García


    69. Isobel Whitley

      guys maddie has had her whole life filmed since she was about 7, of course she’s more comfortable in a camera, she’s always been a confident girl too, charli hasn’t been in the spotlight long and is very shy, let’s not compare🤍

    70. Suresh Cm

      She's telling the word like more than anyone

    71. Rylee Gamingz

      You guys are so pretty!!!!!! n 3∆07 !

    72. glen coco

      Charli is so introverted and it shows 😂 I feel her

    73. S Kay-Crile

      i feel like this is just a commercial for morphe lmao

    74. Atlistic Memes

      Maddie is better then charli maddie has more talent.

    75. 5:16 pm bella

      tik tok charli

    76. Greta

      Taking a shot everytime Maddie says like

    77. Vivien R.

      It’s so weird cause they both have very big personality’s but are so mellow

    78. Tallis Carlson

      I know this was posted a long time ago but I just want to say that Charli and Maddie are both incredible dancers! Just because Charli is maybe socially awkward in front of the camera doesn't mean that she is not suitable for youtube or doesn't have a personality. Don't get me wrong Maddie is awesome both of them are awesome! I love them both!!

    79. XV


    80. Miley Paffett

      Watch the comments be all about maddie

    81. Lindsey Romania

      This video really made me dislike Charlie. She has no communication skills at all, I couldn’t even hear her. She has no talent.

    82. Elian Coello Gonzalez

      That eyeliner tho ✨👁👄👁😂✨

    83. Katie Fagan

      yall shes a child and shes a quiet person leave her alone

    84. Elizabeth Kelleher

      Y’all being a little harsh.... like yeah Maddie is incredibly confident and great and comfortable being on camera but that shouldn’t undermine Charli’s personality. Just because she isn’t as loud spoken or theatrical in this video doesnt mean she’s rude. Chillax everyone lmao she’s just fine and can hold a conversation fine like did y’all ignore her whole part talking about dance competition lifestyle becoming mainstream like that was interesting..? Give her a break jesus she’s 16

    85. kacie_

      bruh maddie was legit looking and listening to everythinf charlie said, and charlie barely made eye contacts or bothered to listen.. 😒

      1. Briahna Jailin

        Okay but you don’t need to be rude about it’s okay to have an opinion, I also think that Charli should talk more but maybe she is shy around new people would you be shy if you met Maddie?!

    86. Gaming and Flaming

      Y’all should dance together next👌

    87. Fayrouz Moussa

      It’s so cute how there so naturally improved

    88. Fayrouz Moussa

      They’re literally the same person

    89. King Maher

      Hahaha whato

    90. Jana Alattal

      Soo awkward charli is just quiet while Maddie is trying to talk /not hating btw

    91. Mayra Hernandez


    92. FITIM DOMI

      omg hey charli i made an edit for you on tik tok and i hope you like it it took me a long time to make

    93. Unstoppable AωA

      I still love watching Maddie in Sia's music videos

    94. Adni Zafirah Binti Mahadir

      HI Charlie

    95. Ayisha Safi

      Yo ar de best Charlie

    96. Remas Ahmad

      Love Charlie💕

    97. Rojan

      *This is how many times Charli said, “For sure.”* 👇

    98. Sonia Ortega

      Charli is more shy then maddie

    99. Jojo Siwa

      Ok so I want to say I know u had alot of hate going around and I know it's hard to deal with it I honestly don't know why somebody would tell u to harm yourself over a opinion idk who raised these people but there bad influences and they need to get checked this is from one of your biggest fans and I want u to really feel what I'm saying cause 2020 has got hectic but don't listen to hate and don't let it get to you Love u! ♥️😌💯

    100. Anjana Murthy

      why is it that we let influencers get off the hook of social distancing and wearing masks around each other? Like why is their job more important than any other working job. All other workplaces have adapted, yet influencers hang around each other like there isn't a pandemic. And then they preach staying at home--