Indianapolis shooting: Police ID killer in FedEx shooting as former employee Brandon Scott Hole, 19

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    Police scoured a FedEx facility in Indianapolis and searched the suspected gunman's home looking for a motive for the latest U.S. mass shooting. FULL STORY HERE:

    Published on 26 days ago


    1. Antonio Teal

      Just your usual suspect

    2. Whiskey Jack


    3. Mo Abdi

      Rip he was cute, I hope he got those ponies.

    4. Mo Abdi

      If he was Muslim the comments would he totally different

      1. Mo Abdi


    5. Mo Abdi

      Why does he look like kid

    6. zesar

      a normal day in the sick and drug addict usa

    7. mrmashedpotato

      I'm more of a fruit loops kinda guy

    8. Catalina Saintgermain

      I work security here 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

    9. Josh Horn

      I wonder why he killed those people!

    10. trucking shenanigans

      Doesn't look like he's from Chicago to me? Yet that's all I keep hearing these people complain about is Chicago bob shootings. Where they at now? They have nothing to say now?

    11. Artjoms Pugacovs

      Me in sweden. I'm more likely to die if lightning strike then a bullet

      1. sarah mika

        Sayhello to wally walrus forme

    12. bignoob 500

      At my fedex building we’re not allowed to have phones now I feel I’m not equipped to call police or loved ones if this happenes at my fedex

    13. Dee Jones

      Bang Bang

    14. Billy Bob

      Kid probably got bullied.

    15. Mikayla Lynn

      They went through his searches and he was searching “white supremacy” on his computer

    16. Jay R

      They should do mental evaluations for owning a GUN

    17. FIFA CHAMP

      Mannnn if this kid was black or Latino...they’d run this on the news for a year 😴😴 haven’t heard about this since that same day fohhhh 😴😴😴😴😴

    18. Courag Jesse

      😂 Imagine living in the US. Couldn’t be me.

    19. oiuet souiu

      Sid from toy Story was mad about not getting his rocket

    20. Per Keyser

      Who needs a motive?

    21. Macadam Blob

      god dammit sid

    22. John Geary

      Why is it that every time there is a mass shooting the assailant always kills him/herself? Do we see a pattern here?

      1. Mo Abdi

        They are angry people who want revenge and why would you survive to go prison for life?

      2. bcvbb hyui

        Ohhhh he's ugggllllyyyy

    23. Ryan

      So, as a result of bad people committing mass shootings, Liberals want to take guns away from the good people. Do they really think we're that stupid?! The truth is, good people who are gun owners can stop bad gun owners when they try to kill people.

      1. oiuet souiu

        Ohhhh he's ugggllllyyyy

    24. Mr. Spectacals

      This is the man who forever tarnished the brony community. The Fandom was on its death bed for years, but it has now happened.

    25. Deep River

      That guy looks 12 years old

    26. chief man

      Welcome! This is AMERICA.

    27. Shawn Lauderdale

      This countries government hates us and doesn’t care

    28. Stephen Dallas

      Guns don’t kill. People kill people. Evil people. Prayers for the families and victims.

    29. Mr. Wolf-Shepherd Enterprises

      You forgot The Applejack letter

    30. Jessica H

      Working for these corporations will make you think of these things, but most workers don't act on it.

    31. kamarulzaman bin Yahaya

      fun fact: the shooter "brandon scott hole" is actually obssesed with animated series called " my little pony freindship is magic" he posted to his facebook account and said "I hope that I can be with Applejack in the afterlife, my life has no meaning without her. If there's no afterlife and she isn't real then my life never mattered anyway." that his last facebook post showing a applejack photo

      1. kamarulzaman bin Yahaya

        @Emperor Alonzo ikr

      2. Mr. Wolf-Shepherd Enterprises

        @Emperor Alonzo There are some people who think Applejack is Best Pony (For me that would be Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity)

      3. Emperor Alonzo

        I'm just laughing that he was obsessed with the main character that fans rank lowest.

      4. Mr. Wolf-Shepherd Enterprises

        I swear of Netflix heard of this, they would take "My Little Pony" off the streaming service (and yet they're OK with keeping Cuties on the server)

    32. Willie Salder

      Simply people's forgot about praising most high God this type behavior is going to happing worldwide John 1:1 KJV

    33. Yann

      Lol the us is the biggest insane asylum in the world

    34. Byrd

      Low self esteem, pale, always inside hiding

    35. ALASKA 907 GAMER

      This is why most people ik carry to protect people around them

    36. 2 sweet 4 Life

      Why does he look so stinky?

    37. And Stu

      Ohhhh he's ugggllllyyyy

    38. seeni gzty

      full of sense entitlements so everywhere I go, I will always meet very difficult people but probably the degree will be different.

    39. Brian Lawson

      Last week they tried to get gun control, this week everyone buys a gun

    40. Griffith Uchiha

      Ban animes, they make those kids dumber and dumber

    41. Talitha Van T Ende

      Land of the free... and the dead

    42. Trenton

      Free my bro 🙏🏻

      1. Ray Ray

        He smoked himself 😂😂😂

    43. Ryan Leef

      Let this be a lesson to all people , no matter how much you lift weight and think your bad because you think you can fight! Just be cool and show common respect, because nobody but the army has a edge in today’s USA with being a able to kill! This kid was probably bullied and had enough, I tell me kids Dnt judge book by cover, cause it can get you covered- in sand 10 feet deep.

    44. Dare Veeler3

      This was probably a false flag in retaliation for someone mis behaving and being racist against Sikhs. Ordo ab chao. Problem reaction solution.just my opinion.

    45. Mel Mel


    46. Carlos Thorne

      Amazing, someone contact authorities about this sick twist and nothing was done. If this was a black man with a gun you better believe that he would of been gun down immediately.

    47. kyle robinson

      Is the motive that important?

    48. Robert Howell

      Angry Loser....if he was bullied, then this is what you get, horrible for those innocent people who had no contact with Brony Boy...

    49. Hiroshimaru

      These shootings are going to continue rather you like it or not criminals don't care

    50. Aris

      Is this guy alive? What am I asking, of course he's alive. He's as white as Wonder bread. Unless they kill himself.

      1. Ray Ray

        He killed himself

    51. Myles T


    52. Empress Macaron

      He looks like a grown up Stewie from Family Guy.

    53. Albla 19

      Wait, but white people don't commit crime; simply just us minorities are guilty of all the countries problems!

    54. WB

      Just drop a gun ban already gosh

    55. 2V WentVirtual

      Ppl losing they jobs my homie not tripping they all got what they deserved

      1. Maximum Karnage

        @xxyyz crux He's trying his hardest to be edgy and toxic.

      2. xxyyz crux

        Explain please

      3. 2V WentVirtual

        @Maximum Karnage happy 420

      4. 2V WentVirtual

        @Maximum Karnage too bad

      5. Maximum Karnage


    56. Lisset G

      Is nobody going to mention he looks like a straight up kid.

    57. Greencloud

      Gun violence? I don't think the guns themselves are the cause of all of this. They are just tools. I'm more interested in finding out what "caused" this man to use these tools against these people. What triggered him is the root, and the root must be cut off all at once. You can take away the tools but the problem would still be there if we don't acknowledge the root cause.

    58. Oscar Picaso

      spineless coward

    59. Cameron West

      Kamala harris said the violence must end... that's like saying drownings must end, car crashes must end, murder in general must end. It is such a general statement, not of leadership. Not even realistic in any sense


      Meanwhile, wag the dog border crises 🤷‍♂️? Look at the bright side, more mass shootings equals increased job opportunities...there’s always a silver lining.

    61. Bubbles

      Welcome to American democracy where u are allowed to do anything And this Americans give lectures to other countries about freedom Fking hypocrite

    62. billy T

      who drop the ball, not responsible gun owner, it was the state of feds, not me right it must end,

    63. GrimeyHonky Racing

      Slim Jesus went drill time for real

    64. A B

      Only happens in American - the land of free

    65. Jay M. R

      But thet were running they mouth about the guy who got killed in Minnesota and the 13 year old shot by police in Chicago. You should protest kids to not do mass shootings I’m sure the mom and dad are not the problem

    66. Genalation

      It's funny how they never mention all of the crime guns prevent. It's actually much more than any homicide that takes place

    67. Genalation

      Why don't you guys cover all the homicides happening in black neighbourhoods Chicago and Detroit

    68. Darth Vader

      The CIA/Mossad have been quite active.

    69. Chrístián Meelíøn

      He literally pulled off a deadass Randy Stair

    70. matt h94

      If the employees carried, these kinds of issues wouldn't happens its not the guns its the people with guns criminals will still find guns and if its not guns knifes not knifes forks spoons then hands....then what are you going to do

    71. Lejon Leonard

      fbi had concerns?????.... sounds like more sloppy police work.


      hope this doesn't delay my package

      1. GeNeRaL SPiCE


    73. Memeboi Lol

      My uncle was in this shooting and luckily didn’t die, rip to all those who died. They died so a random dude can fulfill their wishes of being with a horse. May they rest in piece.

      1. Riley Scott

        I'm so glad your uncle survived

      2. seeni gzty

        me wonder if all other work places are like this. I worked in another office, I had a boss who was a very hostile towards me, so I quit. The previous work was much better but f

    74. Anna Lepley

      Exact reason why we need to keep the police

    75. Martin Smith

      WHAT a A** B. HOLE ⚠️❗

    76. Yvette Ligon

      The motive is I'm white I can get away with it go figure

      1. Spärguß Spärguß

        @RedBoxGaming YT As long as the shooter's dead, his real motives still remain unknown.

      2. RedBoxGaming YT

        He did it because of a kid's cartoons character. I'm not joking.

    77. william horvath

      Maybe they let him go for whatever reason and gave him a bad reference making it hard for him to get another job!!!!!

    78. LeafyGreens

      We only ever hear from vice president kamala,Why don't we get to talk to president biden, if he's been interviewed so many time.

    79. joseph cristal

      Was he bullied and came looking for revenge?

      1. RedBoxGaming YT

        He did it because of a cartoon horse..

    80. 610 Hobbies

      They should just leave the flags at the White Househal-staffed, because I'm pretty sure this situations will continue as they have been for the past few years.

    81. Frank Kolton

      "19-year-old Brandon Hole’s since-taken-down Facebook page appear to indicate he was a member of the “Bronies” community - a group of mostly adult men who are extreme fans of the kiddie toys and animated television show, the Wall Street Journal reported." American culture went downhill fast after the mid 70s. Movies about comic book characters are now the most popular, grown adults still watching cartoons and playing video games. Adults playing pretend game with children's toys. A country of obesity and instant gratification. Believe it or not, years ago boys grew out of comic books and their characters by the time they were of high school age. Fat kids were a real rarity, many boys started earning money by the time they were teenagers by delivering papers, mowing lawns, working odd jobs for cash. We now are a nation of immature special snowflakes.

    82. Alhawaii

      The FBI let this happen... like they do with most incidents. So they can further push their Narrative.. gun control 😐

    83. Alhawaii

      Another shooting being shoved down your throat because it’s a direct fit for the narrative. What happened to the Arab shooter in Colorado? Swept under the rug because it wasn’t a “muH Yt peepo” ...

    84. Ant

      Stay away from grown men who are into my little pony

    85. A S Gen 1:27


    86. TK

      In America no lives matter. Let that sizzle in your spirit

    87. eipi plusone

      Just another day in the land of the crazies and the obese

    88. Ryan James

      Right Kamala. I’m surprised she didn’t laugh when asked about it.

    89. Red Stag

      Wow!!! Why is the media not saying the truth about his affiliation with Antifa look at his Facebook before they take it down... We do not have a gun problem we have a politician problem the kid should of received help especially knowing what the FBI knew....but they let it go for another reason and it’s sad.

    90. Meisem Sherwani

      I can not breathe

    91. Conservative American

      Did you seriously just say, "If you liked that video" at the end? SMH

    92. Burkey Burkey

      Wow America is so safe like 2-3 shootings last week great country 💯

    93. Bisdak Pinoy

      Kindness is not an option

    94. Robbie Claxton


    95. Alex Kim

      Soy Boy

    96. eRmaC

      Democrats: finally a white guy!

      1. JMo JMo

        there was another shooting like a couple weeks ago of a white guy shooting up random asian parlors killing 8 people

    97. muhnunn

      why is america like this

    98. Madlymaddog

      dude guns don’t shoot people.people shoot people

    99. I An I

      LMAO watch they say he's just sick let's let him go. 😩

      1. Kevin Sanchun

        @I An I they always break out the "mentally ill" card for people like him.

      2. I An I

        @Kevin Sanchun yeah, right now they're only worried about the families but what about what happens to this guy!? He should pay for what he did. But I do still believe they're going to pull one of those " He was sick" comments 🤷🏽‍♀️

      3. Kevin Sanchun

        You're the only person on here,I've seen speak directly about the suspect.Everyone else is leaving deflecting comments.Must explain why I'm your first and only like.

    100. Extraterrestrial Horse From Uranus

      when they take away pew pews they'll use acid just like in the UK

      1. KLeigh0110

        That’s even scarier to me.